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Mareoavast 57/57 Moree Svea Peetu 250} oolman & posbue PO Box 21087 Noordoug 2522 Potchefstroom BIW/ VAT: 4810242844 Tel: 018 297 8789 Faks / Fax: 018 297 0387 ‘ienaar Inc. PROKUREURS @ ATTORNEYS mt BABUELED! (Ons verwysing/Our reference: MR H J MOOLMAN & MS. C PIENAAR J TVDW / MAT843 U verwysing/Your reference: MR N RAMPERSHAD EXTREMELY URGENT! 10 May 2019 INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION CENTURION Dear Sir/Madam, VARIOUS POLITICAL PARTIES / INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION 1. We confirm that we are acting on behalf of the following 27 political parties: 1.1 Forum 4 Service Delivery; 1.2 African Content Movement; 4.3. International Revelation Congress; 1.4 African People’s Convention; 1.5 Ecoforum; 1.6 Better Residents Association; 1.7 CPM; 1.8 South African National Congress of Traditional Authorities; 1.8 Women Forward; MAN LB & CLARISSA PEAR LLM TaCOM LB DIREKTEURE | a ime | Registion nue: 200 SEE Councate Naber, EMELOSES0995 Lew Page 2 4.10 Land Party; 4.11 ATM; 1.12 PAU; 1.13 SRWP; 1.14 Alliance for Transformation; 1.18 COPE; 1.16 Airican Renaissance Unity; 1.17. African Security Congress; 1.48 SANCOTA; 1.19 AASD; 1.20 Compatriots of South Africa; 1.21 NPA; 1.22 IRC; 1.23 NAPF; 1.24 NFP; 1.25 PAC; 1.26 PRM; and 1.27 African Covenant; ‘We confirm that our clients have already raised certain formal objections (which may be amplified at a later stage) with the IEC and that our clients have further taken note that the IEC is willing to conduct an audit on its own, by virtue of the veracity of these complaints received. The complaints relate to various irregularities that occurred during the 2019 General Elections (the “Elections”) which, according to our instructions, casts serious doubts as to the credibility of the whole election process and the outcome thereof. For your ease of reference, we attach hereto a letter that was addressed to you by some of the representatives of our respective clients. We record that they have raised various issues that are not only only material to the outcome of the elections but by the very nature thereof, cast serious doubts over the credibility and the freeness and DIREKTELRE / DIRECTORS: HANS JURIE MOOLIAN LL & CLARISSA PERRER ULM ‘Bjgetoon deur Assstec by: JAN RRL B.COM LL egvasanermet {Registonnurlet” 2007/02505321 BEE Cafeste Numbers EMELOSESDEIS vel # Page 3 very nature thereof, cast serious doubts over the credibility and the freeness and fairness of the 2019 General Elections. The complaints raised are, inter alia, the following 4.1. There are various instances of people who voted multiple times. The full extent of this will never be known no matter how much sampling is done 4.2. The people accused of this and incarcerated for it are more than likely victims of political bullying and abuse 4.3. Voting stations opened late and one not at all 4.4 Many voting stations ran out of ballot papers and people were asked to come back later, go to another voting station or given one ballot paper and told to come back for the other later. 4.5 Many indelible ink pens did not work and could be rubbed off very easily. 4.6 Many VD's did not have scanners or scanners did not work. By virtue of this dysfunctionality, the IEC was, amongst other things, in no position to determine: 4.6.1. whether a voter who represented him/herself at the voting station was a registered voter; 4.6.2. whether such voter has already casted their vote on the same day at a different voting station; or 4.6.3 whether such person is ordinarily registered in a different province than the province where the vote was in fact casted which is not allowed. 4.7 Many ballot papers were not stamped at the back, DIREKTEWRE / DIRECTORS: HANS-URIE MOOLMAN LLB & CLARISSA PIENAAR LM Bjcetoan deur sodstea by: AN KRBT B COM LLB Regiartenonener | Ressvaten number: 200/028059/2 BEE Cenfeste Nombe’EMELOSOS0535 evel 4