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Anantha Sai Gadamsetty

Mobile: +91-7013828925


Obtain a position in your esteemed organization where I can deliver the best of my technical proficiency
for growth of the organization and thereby amend my knowledge.

Professional Profile

2+ Years of professional experience in design, development and implementation of business applications


● Experience in Siebel IP 14 and Siebel IP 17.

● Customization of User Interface to meet the client’s requirements.
● Extensively worked on Siebel Configuration, Scripting and Workflows.
● Excellent Analytical and programming skills.
● Experience in extending the Siebel database tables and columns.
● Extensive experience in interacting with onsite clients during onsite deputation, understanding
the requirement and resolving the issues in the given time.
● Excellent team Player and Active participant in knowledge sharing.
● Experience in troubleshooting configuration and escript issues.
● Decent knowledge in designing Workflows and Business Services.
● Decent knowledge in Telecom and Order Management.
● Experience in Performance tuning of application.

Professional Experience Details

● Working as Siebel Consultant at Tech Mahindra, Pune since March 2017 to till date.

● Worked as an Associate Software Engineer at Sensiple, Chennai from October 2016 to March 2017.

Technological Skills

PRIMARY SKILL CATEGORY Siebel Configuration, eScript, Workflow

SECONDARY SKILL CATEGORY 1 Siebel – eCommunications


SUB DOMAIN eCommunication, Siebel Sales and Call center

Academic Profile

. B.Tech from JNTU Anantapur, Kavali in 2016.

Project Details

PROJECT # 2: Spark, New Zealand. (March 2017 – till date)

Client Spark Telecom
Role Developer
Team Size 25
Environment Software Tools : Siebel e-communications, Siebel Tools,
(with skill versions) Workflows, e-Scripts, Siebel Administration
Database : Oracle 10g

Spark New Zealand is a New Zealand telecommunications company providing fixed line
telephone services, a mobile network, an internet service provider, and a major ICT provider to NZ
businesses. It has operated as a publicly traded company since 1990.
Spark Telecom Siebel is implemented to support order & service mgmt. of Prepaid/Postpaid
Mobile, Wireless & Fiber services. Promotion based ordering is used to launch automatic & bundled
System has various integration touch points like product availability check, address match, Order
feasibility, billing & order submission with backend Concept Wave provisioning & Single View billing
In this Project we are helping the Spark Telecom to build the application that helps them to
Keep track of their Customers and Services provided. Easy the processes to let Customers switch
between services, providers etc. Created Dashboard to track all the Details of the services provided, Test
the connections, Log Tickets for the complaints and resolve them. Like this helping them to strengthen
their customer relationship management.

Responsibilities :
● Attending daily stand up call for the development updates and discussing ongoing development
● Configuring Siebel tools by using work space option provided in IP 17.
● Designed and Developed Views, Applets within the estimations given.
● Developed the workflows for various requirements.
● Involving in End –to-End testing of the Application and involved in Bug fixing.
● Worked on multiple ordering journeys.
o New Offer
o Modify
o Change offer
o Move Address
o Change Ownership
o Terminate
● Currently spark is involved in Agile way of working and having good knowledge on Agile
methodology like sprint planning scrum meetings etc.,

PROJECT # 1: BELL-Contact Center. (October 2016 – March 2017)


Bell telecom has an existing application to perform journeys to create Service Request, Activity, Order,
and Order Line Items application. The primary aim of implementing this application is to serve the
customer queries by logging SR and activities. Also, application caters the Order functionality.


 Analyzed the Requirements document for process flow and prepared the high-level design
 Created the low-level TTD based on the functional document.
 Performed administrative tasks like stopping the services and starting the services.
 Involved in support and enhancement estimations efforts.
 On time delivery of CR/enhancements.


I, the undersigned, state that the above-mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge.
Reference and more details furnished upon request.

Place: (Mr. Anantha Sai Gadamsetty)