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Step by Step Action Plan for a Mineral Water Plant Once you decide for a Mineral Water Plant [Packaged
drinking Water Plant], you will need the practical steps to Completed.

Step No.1 –

Decide the Location : As Water becomes the Principle Raw Material for your Plant, the location of your
plant should be such that it is very close to an existing water source; that is a borewell. However , river
water is not allowed by the BIS.

Step No. 2 –

Get your Water tested : The BIS suggest some 63 Parameters for Packaged Drinking Water, First at least
test basic parameters like TDS, Hardness, PH etc. consult your turnkey supplier. He will help you get your
water tested. However I strongly recommended you to do it yourself from a local municipal lab or you
can do it yourself with a water testing kit .

Step No. 3 –

Prepare the Plant Layout : This will depend upon the size of your plant. Your turnkey supplier or
consultant will give you all machinery details. Then you can approach your local Architect to prepare a
Proper Layout. However; it is advisable to Consult your BIS consultant or the BIS office.

Step No. 4 –

Make Financial Arrangement : Your project will need money right from beginning to the end. At every
point you will require to pump money in. Otherwise there will be a delay in Completion. This is major
reason why Mineral Water Plants fail.

Step No. 5 –

Prepare a Detailed Execution Sheet : Almost 90 % of failures take place because of not having a proper
detailed Execution Plan. Here are some Guidelines in preparing execution plan. 1. The Plan should be
preferably prepared in MS- Excel Spreadsheet. 2. Write down each & every step involved in your plan .
For this you can take help of your supplier 3. Identify the process Cycles involved: It means that there
are various types of project & sub project involved. Identifying them will help you asses which work can
be done in parallel.

Step No. 6 –
Document Everything : Although we can not resolve everything with paper work , we can defiantly
reduce our mental work, if there are supporting documents available . They can be like Purchase Orders,
Inspection Reports, Packing List etc.

Step No. 7-

Create a Project Office : I don’t expect this office to be a large office. Rather it can be a single or just two
rooms with all your Project Material. It should have a computer with latest configuration & an Internet
Connection. You will also need a project coordinator who will be your right hand in the initial stages.
Preferably he should be a graduate with reasonable Communication Skill & having Knowledge of MS-
Word, Ms-Excel & Internet.

Step No. 8 –

What “you” should do? As an entrepreneur, your job is to own the tools and information. Then you
make finance available & get the work done from your Project Coordinator. Suppliers & other agencies.
You should mainly immerse yourself in to do better value added things like marketing, joint ventures,
new opportunities etc.