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Tyler Grigalis

Professor Boyd

ENG 101



Technology is one of the greatest things that has ever been created. It has helped our

world with so much. Technology has given us easier ways to communicate, it has changed the

way our educational system works, and some would even say that technology has helped our

health. Ever since the “wheel” technology has had significant changed throughout the years, in

today’s world, we now have cars that run on batteries, we have cars that can drive themselves.

We live in a world where the only way for us to stay connected, we have to check social media

every day. Technology makes the world go around in today’s world, but will that ever change?

Technology, in my opinion controls us. We feel the need that we have to check Twitter,

Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat. We feel like we miss out or we feel like we have been

excluded out if we don’t check these platforms. My biggest concern is, these companies that

have created these platforms, know that they control us, so what will they do next?

Social media is probably, if not already, the most popular thing we do on a daily basis. It

is the only way that we stay connected. I think that social media has taken over the world. For

example, when Instagram first became a big thing, I remember specifically that in my middle

school, if you did not have over 500 followers you were considered “not cool” or you weren’t a

part of the “500 club.” It sounds ridiculous, but that’s how our world is today. Social media isn’t
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all that bad though, it is also the new way people use marketing. Social media has helped a lot

of businesses become a big business. Social media allows different types of businesses to get

out there and market their stuff, and it is really easy to do so. Social media has also created one

of the highest paying jobs in today’s world, and that is being a entrepreneur. Entrepreneur’s

make millions of dollars throughout the year and that is simply because most of the time, they

use social media to make their business blow up. There are people in todays world that can

make millions by just posting a video up on a website. Social media isn’t a terrible thing that has

happened, it has created many jobs and it does help us in a positive way. A long with all of

these positives, there are some negatives. Social media has also created cyber bullying. Cyber

bullying is something terrible that has been created, and it has caused a lot of people to take

away their own lives, it has made people lose all respect for themselves and it has even

impacted people so bad, that their lives change forever.

Cell phones are another thing that has been improved over the years. Everyone today

either has the newer iPhone or they have a Samsung, either way a majority of the people have

some sort of smart phone. Cell phones have made a huge impact on us and our society. They

make it a lot easier for contact with others, they can save lives as well, but they can also take

away lives. Even though cell phones are something great and they help out a lot of people in

many different ways, they are a huge distraction and they can really hurt the society in that

way. Texting comes a long with cell phones, “if done well, Turkle and other experts said, texting

can improve interpersonal relationships.” This was said by Hannah Natanson and she brings a

good point. Texting was created for a way easier way to communicate, but people use it in

other ways. Texting while driving is a huge problem, that a lot of states have made it a law that
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you cannot text and drive. Texting and driving have taken away a lot of lives, and it tends to be

the younger kids who are the ones to do it. We all are responsible for doing it, we all have done

it at least once. But the people that have created texting, need to find a way around texting and


Internet. The internet is something that once again, we all use. The internet has taken

over the world, some could argue that the internet is the reason for the world “dying”. The

internet has created some crazy stuff, like chat rooms. Skype was created. Skype was

something that you could use to talk to other people around the world, or with your friends and

this was something also to make communicating a lot easier. Another chat room that was

created was Omegle. Omegle was something very popular when I was younger. It was

something us kids would do when we are all together and we would hop on it and just talk to

random people. People then started to use it in a way that it wasn’t created for. Some people

would take advantage of younger people and use it for getting their personal information or

anything related to that. The internet isn’t as bad as people make it out to be though, this has

helped us get a lot things done in a lot less time, it has also helped us create online payment.

The internet has made it possible for us to do anything from anywhere, for example you can

now pay your bills or anything like that anywhere.

Computers are also a major type of technology that a lot of people use. For a while,

everything in the work place was all hand, but today a lot of companies, big or small use

computers every day. Computers of course were designed to make our daily lives a bit easier,

but some people took this piece of technology and use it for some things that it shouldn’t be

used for. For example, a lot of people today know how to hack into a lot of different things.
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Computers have given people the power to be able to do this, and some would argue that we

have hackers in our military and in our special forces, but some people that are not involved in

any of that use it to hack other things. I know a lot of people that there bank accounts have

been hacked and it has turned into a serious problem. I personally have been hacked, and it is

something very hard to overcome. Some other drawbacks from computers are that some

people complain that since people leave their computers on all day, It takes up a bunch of

energy and some people are not a fan of it. I believe that computers have helped us with so

much and they have made it possible to do anything from anywhere and they will continue to

help us.

Technology is used in our everyday lives, for good causes and for bad causes. I feel as it

is almost impossible to take away the drawbacks because there’s always going to be a handful

of people that will take advantage of certain types of technology and use it for other things that

it shouldn’t be used for. I feel as technology has turned into something that in today’s world,

we all “need”. There are a bunch of people that don’t agree with all of the technology that has

been created, and there are a lot of people that do agree with the technology, and it has

created conflict between those people and has turned into a big argument. I feel as technology

is mostly used for better causes and it truly has helped us out a lot. Our military has some high-

tech items and I feel as that it has helped tremendously. Technology will always be popular,

whether people like it or not and it in future, more technology will be created, and some people

will take it for granted and some will use it for the better. I do not think we would be where we

are today without it.

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“I honor Parkland’s core values by affirming that I have followed all academic integrity

guidelines for this work.”

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