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Annual Employee Performance Review

Evaluation Year: 2019 Evaluation Date: March 9, 2019

Employee Name: Agency:

Shana E. O’Hara Citi Field/Aramark

Dept. Supervisor Name:

Server Porsche Grille Roger Mock

Hire Date: ID#

April 2016 000267575

Executive Summary:

I am an extremely hard worker here at the Porsche Grille and I take my server position

with pride. I always try to ensure that I am giving guests their best and most memorable

experiences. I believe that I am a very strong server who has excellent customer service abilities,

communication skills, work ethic, and a great deal of knowledge on how this club runs on a day

to day basis. I do know that there is always room for improvement and development in the

service industry as trends are always changing. I am prepared to improve my knowledge of the

menu items and my post service abilities. Most of all I am always trying to improve all the

aspects of my service.


I have accomplished a great deal in my fourth year of being a server at the Porsche Grille.

Not only do I believe that I have excellent customer service in my abilities to communicate and

give the customers what they need, but I also know what it means to deliver enriching
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experiences to the guests. Whenever I greet a guest I always make them feel welcomed, respect

their wishes, and put Citi Field’s values first.

I am always a hard worker from the minute I clock into the minute I clock out. I always

get to work on time in uniform, and am always ready to work. I complete all of my post services

well and in a timely manner. I have been told by my supervisors and fellow employees that I am

one of the only ones that take pride and do my post service well enough for service.

I am very proficient with our computing systems for putting in orders and know how to

do the more complex splitting of checks as well as know how to write in orders for the chef

when problems with a customer’s food do arise. Most of all, I take initiative and solve problems

that I encounter efficiently and effectively. However, if I do come across a problem that I am

unable to fix on my own, I am always able to find a manager to help me figure out how to solve

these problems in the future.

Areas of Improvement:

Although I have accomplished and learned a great deal in my four years of working at

Citi Field, there are still some areas that I can improve on. I plan on improving my knowledge of

our club’s food and drink menus. Even though, I do know the beer and other alcohols that we

serve the wine list can be difficult to remember. I will work on my pronunciation of the more

foreign wines and understand where they come from. Every year the Porsche Grille will add

specialty items to their market tables and to their dinner menus. In the past years I have had some

difficulty remembering these new menu items by memory, but this year I plan to remember them

without having to look over the menu before every service.

I can also always improve on my post-service work. At the end of the game when all the

tables are cleaned and all the guests leave, we have to go over all of our checks. This is where we
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count all of our earnings and ensure that the money that the guests paid with cash and card add

up to the final cost of our service. This can always be a little tricky and takes me longer than

some of the more experienced servers. However, I do believe that I improve this skill every time

I complete a post service.

Areas for Continued Learning and Development:

As I continue as a server here, I will continue to improve my service skills. I will do this

by freshening up my knowledge of our menus, performing better post-service work, and

continuing to develop my customer service techniques. I will also continue to uphold Citi Field’s

values and standards to ensure that I am providing guests with the experiences they expect.

Final Thoughts:

Every day I come to work I will ensure my service is at its best and will continue to give

the guests memorable experiences that they deserve when coming to watch a Mets game. I will

continue to learn and develop my skills in service such as setting up, welcoming guests, taking

and delivering orders, getting checks ready, and cleaning up after service. I plan on keeping and

improving my position for the future in order to move up in seniority. I know that I am a hard

worker and I will continue to be so in this upcoming season.

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