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The mission of

mathematics Ms. Abigail
department is
to provide an Herman
Course Description: This course is
where students designed to emphasize the study of

To whom it may concern

can learn and the properties and applications of
common geometric figures in two and
become three dimensions. It includes the
study of transformations and right
competent triangle trigonometry. Inductive and
deductive thinking skills are used in
users of problem solving situations, and
mathematics applications to the real world are
stressed. It also emphasizes writing
and proofs to solve properties of
117 Evergreen Drive Loretto PA 15940

geometric figures.
Saint Francis University
Materials Required for Class God used beautiful
Everyday: mathematics in creating the
 Textbook or NetBook
- Paul Dirac
 Completed homework assignment
 Homework
 Class Notes
A course outline in content:
 Pencil and Eraser
 Red Pen  1st Nine weeks
 Paper appropriate for Class Notes o Chapters 1-3 (Tools of
and for Homework Geometry, Reasoning and
 Graph Paper Proofs, Parallel and About Me:
 Calculator Perpendicular lines)
 2nd Nine weeks My name is Abigail Herman. I am a
o Chapters 4-6 (Congruent certified secondary mathematics and
Instructional approaches and
Triangles, Relationships in special education teacher. I grew up
activities: Triangles, Quadrilaterals)
on a dairy farm in a small town
 3rd Nine weeks
There will be an activity Lab that called Canton outside of Williamsport
o Chapters 7-9 (Proportions
goes along with each section, and Similarity, Right PA. My dad was a high school math
sometimes more than one. Triangles and Trigonometry) teacher for 36 years, and also was a
Tradebooks, Field Trips,  4th Nine weeks basketball coach some of that time,
Competitions/Fair, Clubs, Projects, o Chapters 9-12
along with running the farm. My
Manipulatives, Assembly Program/ (Transformations and
mother was a nurse, along with
Symmetry, Area and Surface
Guest Speaker, and Computer being a college nursing instructor. My
Area of Polygons, Circles)
options are also forms of activities sister currently teaches high school
that may occur throughout this math special education, and asking
course. me for any sort of help in her
classes, which is helping me learn
about what is happening in the
classes now.