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Demo Day 2019

Bushnell Performing Arts Center
April 26, 2019
We look forward to welcoming you to Hartford InsurTech Hub’s Demo Day
on April 26th, 2019, from 12pm-5pm. This event at the Bushnell Theater attracts
a broad group of innovative insurance organizations, startups & investors, which
will highlight the City of Hartford as the InsurTech capital of the USA!
As we continue to build on our global efforts to identify young insurance & technology
companies that will become the next group of innovators, we see patterns emerging across the
InsurTech landscape. InsurTech is not only about insurance & emerging digital technology, such
as Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Blockchain, it is also about adjacent industries realizing that
innovating in insurance could yield great returns.
After three months of intense acceleration, 10 startups will present their progress to you & will
offer a unique take on problems they are passionate to solve. Acceleration is hard work! Startups,
as program expects, wake up early in the morning & leave late at night. They must show
determination & commitment to go through this intense process. Many of them were astounded
as we took them right back to beginning principles to help them shape sustainable businesses.
They had to revise business models & propositions, develop minimum viable products & learn
to communicate effectively to engage in the right pilot projects.
This year, the startups were supported & guided by an amazing group of insurers that aim to
accelerate their innovation agenda by engaging & collaborating with startups across a multitude
of business lines. Many have forged stronger links with insurers & are planning to launch pilots
with them.
Demo Day is more than introducing our teams to investors & more potential corporate partners.
It is about continuing what was ignited by the program last year & amplifying it in 2019!
To all our investors, insurers, subject matter experts & journalists, please plan to stay after the
pitches in the Bushnell Theater’s main hall & engage with the entrepreneurs. They are eager to
show you how they intend to contribute to our InsurTech ecosystem in years to come &
celebrate their achievement with you.
Seats are going quickly so reserve your ticket today!

Dawn M. LeBlanc
Managing Director - Hartford InsurTech Hub
Startupbootcamp InsurTech
Demo Day 2019
Date: 26th April 2019
Location: The Bushnell Performing Arts Center (Belding Stage)
166 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Refreshments will be served

12:00-1:00pm Arrival and Networking
1.00pm Welcome
1.03pm Opening Words - Mayor Luke Bronin
1:20-2:00pm Startup Pitches
2:00-2:15pm Break
2:30-2:45pm Keynote Speaker
2:45-3:15 pm Startup Pitches
3:15-3:30pm Wrap up, What’s Next and Thank you
3:30-5.00pm Networking/ Startup Connections/ Drinks

Please register for Demo Day here:


The purpose of a Demo Day is to enable the community to interact with innovative InsurTech
startups and each other. Hartford InsurTech Hub is excited to offer the matchmaking app,
Brella, for our Demo Day. The partnership will provide all attendees with the best possible
networking experience.

Please click here to see a preview of the 2018 Demo Day video:

Parking details
If you're planning to drive to the event, please park your car at one of the following locations:
1st Lot: 94 Hudson St Hartford, CT
2nd Lot: 50 West St, Hartford, CT
3rd Lot: 222 Hudson St, Hartford, CT
Startups Selected
Demo Day will welcome 10 startups that are positioned to change the way you
think about insurance.  Please consider that each startup can potentially explore
alternative use cases outside of the adjacent areas/ sectors included in the proposition.
Be curious. Challenge the status quo.


Areas of expertise: Health - Senior Care (Specialty and Commercial Lines)

CareValidate’s non-contact Quality of Care Monitoring provides an alternative source of
underwriting data to insurers that carry professional liability coverage for senior living facilities.
Data is generated through an unobtrusive, inexpensive, and proprietary IoT device placed in
resident rooms called SafeSense which uses pulse doppler radar to monitor caregiver activity
and establish quality of care metrics in senior living facilities. The proprietary technologies
behind the SafeSense IoT device rely on sophisticated machine learning. SafeSense software
analyzes more than 1000 micro-movement features to create a distinct resident profile, while
also monitoring staff performance.


Areas of expertise: Claims - Personal Lines – Auto ; Life, Annuities, & Retirement
ClaimSpace is a platform that bridges the communication gap between customers, insurers, and
stakeholders during the claims process. Their platform complements existing claims
management systems as a front end for customers and a productivity tool for claims teams,
freeing them from manual and repetitive tasks. Initially focused on medical and disability
claims, they have recently extended to include auto claims and are exploring other expansions.
ClaimSpace believes key differentiators are: A) easy integration of their platform into legacy
systems, allowing them to work with insurers to redesign claims processes without changing
them entirely; and B) better process flows to enable third party sharing, adding another layer of
connectivity to their offering.
Dream Payments

Areas of expertise: Payments, Cloud

Dream Payments is an award winning Fintech startup that powers digital and mobile payment
services for business customers. Leading financial institutions, including TD Bank and Chase
Paymentech, leverage Dream's Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) Cloud to provide white-label
payment offerings, including mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions, B2B payments, and value-
added services to their end customers.

Dream’s has a first mover position as a Payments Cloud for insurance carriers. With our open
cloud, an insurance carrier can focus on its core business and does not need to invest in
expensive nor lengthy IT projects to deliver next generation payments to customers. The
insurance carrier's customers access Dream powered payment services, while still being able to
do business with the insurance carrier they know and trust. Dream has also launched the first
Claims Payment API with Mastercard in the insurance industry that enables instant payout of
claims to 97% of debit cards in the USA.


Areas of expertise: Contractors - Personal Lines – Property & Casualty

handdii is a digital platform that automates the property insurance claim process from FNOL
through to claim finalization. handii solves communication and workflow sequencing challenges
by connecting insurers, brokers, customers, and repairers via a smart and easy to use digital
platform, ensuring that all stakeholder needs are met while the customer’s property is
successfully repaired. Insurers can manage and monitor work progress throughout the claims
journey seamlessly and in real-time - thereby expediting the claims process, providing
transparency on claims costs, and streamlining customer and contractor experience.
handdii is a SaaS connecting contractors directly to insurance claimants. handdii provides
everyone with transparency across repair work progress and cost while automating
administration requirements for the insurer and contractor. This digital experience optimizes
the claim life cycle, removes cost by going direct to the contractor and improves the customer

Areas of expertise: Health - Healthcare, Medical Records

Medyear is a social network for healthcare collaboration. They connect consumers to over
190 health systems and 700k doctors for real-time chat, secure email, micro-blogging, and
personal health records. Medyear offers users real time access to their own medical records and
the ability to transfer and interact via real-time chat with medical professionals.

An all-purpose communications platform for healthcare. Having a meaningful online

consultation about a health concern requires the ability to reference one’s medical records - but
a consolidated view of one’s records is elusive because of poor interoperability. They aggregate
medical records from 200 hospital systems and 700k doctors and enable accurate, real-time
healthcare collaboration. Competitive advantage is the extent of their offering. Currently there
are competitors in each segment of their offering, but no other offers a composite solution that
has telehealth, PHR, and messaging in one.


Areas of expertise: Microinsurance, P2P insurance, Personal Lines

Pineapple offers a fair, transparent, and affinity based P2P insurance product that gives full
insurance coverage without eroding trust in the insurance process. Users download the app, take
a picture of what they want to insure, and AI determines what the insured item is, and
immediately underwrites and provides a quote. Premiums then go into the customers "pineapple
wallet" so that whenever a claim is paid, they are broken up into tiny pieces and distributed
across networks so that everyone pays out together. In this way, Pineapple insures people while
also creating incentives to decrease risk as a community. Their decentralized insurance offering
allows for speedy underwriting and coverage and incentives for customers who create their own
risk pools, and who also mitigate one anothers risk as payout is based on risk and how connected
you are to others. By allowing users to keep leftover “premium” they couple customer savings
with risk mitigation thereby making a sticky and risk tolerant insurance offering. This unique
offering allows them to make deductions about fraud and risk profiles and feed the trust score
back into the underwriting process so that when a claim occurs they can initiate payouts
Pitch Gauge

Areas of expertise: Roofing inspections, Specialty & Commercial lines

Created to meet the demands of the roofing industry, Pitch Gauge is a roofing property
inspection software that is used by over 100,000 roofers a month. Through their software,
professionals can personalize roof reports, schedule any necessary meetings, personalize
material orders and take pictures of the project. Pitch Gauge's goal is to make claim processing
and project management safer and easier. They are helping limit the number of injuries when
one has to work on steep roofs and by creating a safer work environment. Insurance companies
and contractors want their employees safe and this will help lower workers compensation costs
for construction businesses.

See Your Box

Areas of expertise: Supply Chain Logistics & MGMT, Specialty & Commercial lines
See Your Box (SYB) provides Industrial IoT tools to digitize supply chains. SYB is a tech-service
platform that collects, analyses and extracts information related to goods across all steps of the
supply chain. With a platform built over 60 different services ranging from temperature control
to real time pattern recognition, SYB offers the ultimate one-stop solution to all customers in
need to acquire detailed information of goods travelling, stored or used around the world.
Data is collected through a proprietary Internet of Things enabled device, processed in real time
by an online artificial intelligence engine and transformed into smart data capable of triggering
real-time alerts for people and goods. Smart data can then be used to continuously improve
logistic processes and assess new risk profiles connected to the behavioral pattern registered by
their goods. SYB provides transparency to the supply chain based on real data that generates
value for both manufacturers and insurers. To date, they have collected ~1B data points and have
a 99% success rate on the monitoring of activities. SYB's core competency and main focus is on
recording data in order to be able to draw patterns related to what and how goods are shipped. In
this way, they have begun developing more advanced models to predict goods "behavior" when
shipped all over the world. They believe this data and the advanced algorithms they have built
on top will insulate them from the rising competition.

Areas of expertise: UBI, Specialty and Commercial Lines

SkyWatch is a licensed insurance broker in all 50 US states offering a holistic software solution
for on-demand risk-aware solutions for connected, moving platforms. In the US, SkyWatch
partnered with the largest aviation insurance company in North America, Starr Aviation, for their
first product in the emerging drone industry. Through SBC program, Skywatch intends to
explore the applicability of our InsurTech platform to additional on-demand/risk-aware
insurance verticals. Their platform leverages the fact that drones are connected devices to collect
a variety of data sources and analyze drone flight risks. For example, in DJI drones, these include
more than 30 different drone sensors, hyper-local weather, 3-D airspace, ground hazards, and a
proprietary crowd density prediction. By using those, SkyWatch assess the risks but can also
predict and prevent potential failures before they ever occur.
SkyWatch is the only on-demand insurance solution for the drone industry that relies on the
drone telemetry data to analyze and price risks

Talem Health Analytics

Areas of expertise: Musculoskeletal injury, Auto, Workers Comp

Talem provides data driven insights on bodily injury claims costs. The Talem platform utilizes
machine learning to predict recovery timeframe for musculoskeletal injuries. Their Machine
Learning technology provides insights such as cost analysis for rehabilitation and medical
expenditures for BI claims. Additionally, injury severity and risk analysis of claim is provided.
As bodily injury claim cost is increasing and defining severity of injury and treatment specificity
is difficult, the Talem platform provides predictions on injury severity, recovery time, treatment
specificity and claim cost from onset. Reducing BI claim cost and predicting risk in real time.
The platform separates itself from larger analytical tools by providing key data impacting
recovery and settlement. Identifying real time insights on recovery and providing all
stakeholders with information on injury severity, predicted recovery and associated risk
impacting the life cycle of the claim. Different from other platforms, they evaluate risk of
recovery and influence on claim life cycle.
About Hartford InsurTech Hub powered by Startupbootcamp

The InsurTech Accelerator powered by Startupbootcamp is the first component of Hartford

InsurTech Hub, an initiative established in 2017 by Hartford insurance companies, the City of
Hartford, and CTNext. Focused on addressing the need for attracting new technologies and talent
in insurance and technology into the City of Hartford and the local ecosystem, the program
partners include Aetna, Cigna, Capgemini, The Hartford, Travelers, CTNext, USAA, White
Mountains and Clyde & Co. It will stretch its reach to other cities in Connecticut to create a
thriving spirit of collaboration and innovation between the program partners, entrepreneurs and
investors, while leveraging Startupbootcamp’s global network of capabilities and a structured
delivery approach.

About Startupbootcamp Insurtech

Launched in 2015, Startupbootcamp InsurTech is the leading insurance accelerator that focuses
on identifying globally-located disruptive and collaborative insurance and technology
innovations, and the only program of its kind to attract a wide variety of industry support from
multiple international players. Based in London, the program is supported by: The Admiral
Group, Allianz,, DAS, ERGO, HDI, Intesa Sanpaolo, Lloyds Banking Group,
L’olivier, LV=, Metropolitan, MJ Hudson, MMI Holdings’ Exponential Ventures, Momentum,
Munich Re, Old Mutual, PwC, Route66 Ventures, Scottish Widows, Swiss Re, Talanx, Tryg,
UnipolSai, XL Catlin, and Zurich.
Startupbootcamp InsurTech and Hartford InsurTech Hub are part of Startupbootcamp (SBC),
the award-winning global network of industry-focused accelerator programs. With 20+ programs
in Europe, Asia, North & South America, MENA & Africa, selected startups gain access to the
most relevant mentors, partners and investors in their industry.
SBC Colab InsurTech is a new type of programs launching at the end of 2018 to help more
advance insurers co-create with startups and ecosystem partners.