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Student Evaluation of Teacher Effectiveness

The following is an assessment that will be used to help evaluate my overall teaching performance. Your
honest opinion is appreciated and your comments will not influence your grade. The responses are
anonymous. Please do not write your name on it 

Directions: Using the following scale place the number (1-5)you see fit next to the statement.

1 Poor -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Outstanding

_____1. The instructor organized course material effectively.

_____2. The instructor communicated course ideas in a clear and understandable manner.

_____3. The instructor demonstrated interest and enthusiasm in the subject.

_____4. The instructor demonstrated interest in, and concern for, the students.

_____5. The instructor encouraged questions and discussion when appropriate.

_____6. The instructor encourages students to analyze ideas and to think critically.

_____7. Grading criteria were explained clearly at the beginning of the course.

_____8. Announced grading criteria were followed.

_____9. Course objectives were explained clearly at the beginning of the course.

_____10. Announced course requirements and policies were clearly followed.

_____11. The required course materials were useful.

_____12. The instructor provided appropriate feedback about my performance all year.

_____13. Graded exams and other course materials were returned to me in a timely fashion.

14. What was your favorite part of the class?

15. Is there an activity you want to do in class related to the material?

16. What specifically can I improve on?