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1. Room Procedures
a. Teachers desk and storage
b. Student desks
c. Sharpen pencil at the beginning
d. Go to the bathroom before class
e. Clean up your own supplies
f. Stations and computers at the back of class
2. Transitions in and out of class
a. Come in
b. Sit down
c. Write todays objective then do the bell ringer
d. Leave with exit ticket,I dismiss you do not line up
3. Out of room Procedures
a. Bring homework to class
b. If it happens once no big deal
c. Re-occurring will not be tolerated
d. Fire drills meet where I show you the first time
e. Bathroom and water fountain only when not in instruction
4. Procedures for Whole-Class Activities
a. Participate
b. Attention at the beginning by shutting the door
c. Talking stops
d. Hand supplies out at the beginning
e. Raise hand for help do not walk up to my desk
f. Make up work in folder
g. Beginning to hand back assignments
5. Procedures for Small-group
a. Stay on task
b. Everyone participates
c. Don’t touch each other unless instructed
6. Other General Procedures
a. Take attendance at beginning
b. Sign In/out