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under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020 Project co-financed PROGRAMMA UNIVERSITA, DEGLI STUDI oe eZ FIRENZE OPERATIVO REGIONALE We want to design and develop a framework for analysing, montoring and connecting people in large facilities such as arenas, convention centers and stadiums. MICC are leading the com- puter vision tasks such as people detection, flow analysis and anomaly detection, and user profiling for social networking. The module will serve several application scenarios for the eSERVANT platform which span from the estimation of flows of people to prediction of trajectories and detection of anomalies. Through the use of cameras we want to predict the behaviour of aggrega- tions of people within the facility and to create a statistical model of the typical be haviour ofthe public. "por ee CreO 288x200 ‘The social networking module of the eSER- ANT platform will regard the creation and recommendation of groups for pre and post-event activities (with particular attention tothe similarity of profiles and preferences be- tween users) and car sharing (which will in stead take greater account of geographical land sensing information concerning people ‘who will participate to the event) ‘The indoor routing module will provide users with multilevel routing, maps and routes Vist alsation inside the facility. The module expose es APIs for system integration, provides man agement of multiple buildings and rooms Methods for optimisation and customisation of routes have been designed in order to take in account data coming from the Video Analy- sis Module, PROJECT HEAD ~ QUID CO icc | 2. reponse