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Kealan Neal-farr

When reading my Emergenetics profile, I was not surprised whatsoever with the results.

These results showed me exactly what I needed to know. Mainly, it says that I can find new

solutions to old problems. I am also more intuitive to and most likely to try to make my ideas

work with others in the same field as I am. The profile also said that one of my major strengths is

that easily take charge and get things done as soon as I receive them.

When taking a deeper dive into the way I solve older problems by bringing new ways to solve

them, I tend to see that this is a very much talked about idea in the profile. For example, with

older productions like Shakespearean plays and plays written in the Grecian era, I tend to bring a

more modern flare to each of them. In a leadership sense this allows me to be open minded when

taking in suggestions for ways to work out each situation.

Based on my Emergenetics© profile, one of my main areas of growth consist of relying on

others for approval in my outlandish ideas that I can create. For example, my profile states that I

feel as if I do something that is considered out of the box, I will try to conform to the norm. I feel

as if I do this constantly, which can lead me into not being able to completely realize certain

concepts that I have envisioned for myself. Like for my production of The Giver, I wanted to use

so much movement and stage pictures that would’ve looked very interesting and would’ve added

another dimension to the already interesting production but, was limited due to the fact that I felt

as if my cast would’ve been like “What?”, “That’s cool and all, but”. This in turn let the show be

as interesting without all of the extra theatrics.

Another area of growth my profile mentions, is that I can be too flexible when it comes to

certain tasks needing to be done. For an effective leader, in my eyes, a leader needs to say no

when no is an appropriate answer to a certain idea. But, I do agree with the profile and it saying

that I could bend too easily and not be as firm in what I want. This is also relevant because I tend

to not care when certain actors are absent from a rehearsal and that can lead to me getting

completely bulldozed and my opinions not really cared about in that kind of situation.

The last major area of growth that I noticed was that I can tend to be very indecisive in the

way I lead and the overall vision that I have about a certain project. For example, I can

sometimes come into a rehearsal and then immediately change the way I want a certain scene to

go and feel. I can also be the type of person to completely scrap entire set choices and start from

scratch with the way I want everything to look.

Mostly this assessment told me that I tend to be quick and direct about how I go about getting

projects that I have connections with done. It also says that I am more people oriented and want

to please the people that are under me, in a sense. Which can lead me into two seperate directions

when it comes to my overall grandiose idea or concept for a certain production or project.