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1. In the following diagram, C is the largest circle with the radius of 2. What is the length of line AB?

2. John is allergic to water and is rowing up a river with a current with 2 mph. He starts going upstream a river at
11 mph for 3 hours. Then he turns 180 degrees and goes downstream for 7 mph by rowing for 5 hours. He starts
getting some symtoms from his allergy and has to row back to his starting point for medsications. If he turns 180
degrees again how long will it take him to row upstream to his starting point at 14 mph?
3.The Cookie Monster bought 100 cookies from Targets. He decides on the first day he will eat x cookies. Every
subsequent day, he will eat one more cookie than the amount from yesterday. If he finishes all the cookies in a whole
number amount of days, how many cookies does he eat on the first day if x is a positive integer between 1 and 10?

4. Sr. Cactus is watering his pet cactus with a tube of special, magical water which gives his Cactus brawling
power. The space inside of the tube is 1 inch radius and a height of 5 feet. How much water would fit inside of the

5. A bag has 4 marbles, 3 yellow and 1 blue. What is the probability of pulling out 2 yellow marbles from the bag
simultaneously? Simplify your answer to the lowest terms.

6. What is the area of an equiangular hexagon ABCDEF, where AB=CD=EF =1 and BC=DE=F A=4?

7. Aubie the tiger is playing Big Al in a variatoin of Yahtzee where you need to roll a certain amount of dice with
the same number to win. For Big Al to win the game, when rolling 5 dice he needs to roll at least 3 dice with the
same number. What is the chance of Big Al winning?

8. Johny is doing math in not-math class. When he is doing his work, his teacher sees he is doing math and gives
him a problem, ”Determine prime numbers x, y if we know that: 19x + 18y = 2019?(Put x and y in a coordinate
pair)”. Johny couldn’t solve it so he posted it on AoPS. AlphaPranav got the right answer. What was
AlphaPranav’s answer?