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Essay 1

Describe how pursuing a Master at EADA relates to your career goals.

In May 2017, after returning to Dominican Republic from NYC where I lived for 5 years, I
realized how behind the country was in terms of practices and policies that regulates product
manufacturing in a sustainable way. The Dominican Republic -which is an underdeveloped
country- has become the chosen hub for international manufacturing companies to lower their
production costs by taking advantage of inexpensive labor, and lack of practices and
regulations, i.e. how the waste is handled, the energy and the water are used.

As utopic as it might seem, it is our responsibility to save our planet and reverse the devastating
effect of the climate change -one of the biggest challenges humanity ever faced- which is
caused by irresponsible and destructive human behavior and the lack or poor production
techniques across the globe that harmonize economic, social and environmental aspects.

Pursuing a master degree in Sustainable Business and Innovation at EADA, would gear me up
with a solid knowledge, to encourage and put into practice new environmental policies at
companies that are moving towards responsible ways of managing the business. With the
practical knowledge obtained at EADA and their distinguished leadership program, combined
with my own set of leadership skills, I will be driven to transform businesses culture and make
impacting positive changes. Changes that will be long lasting when it comes to reduce or
mitigate global issues and factors caused by the consumerism our modern society suffers from;
promoted and fueled by brands which falsely associates happiness and wellbeing with
possessing more -a manipulative practice- which has devastating impact on the environment.

Through EADA holistic approach, participative classes techniques, and Triple Bottom Line
principle, I am sure I will be prepared to solve businesses and world, social and environmental
issues that we cannot underestimate any longer.

Essay 2

What qualities make a manager successful?

There are many dynamic concepts regarding the question of the traits that make a successful
manager. A successful manager is a person with leadership skills, determination, charisma and
empathy; someone who leads and inspires people while fostering growth and productivity, that
also knows how to guarantee the system stability, and administer resources.
Being a good listener and knowing how and when to ask the right questions, are key traits of a
successful manager, besides the excellent communication skills that this person must possess.
Awareness of being organized and sense of direction, helps the manager to clearly define the
object and the scope of projects to improve a specific area within the organization; these two
abilities are essential to elaborate strategies for short- and long-term goals, and to convey to
the team what the required work is, along with the deadlines, and the resources needed.

Successful managers have their team’s trust, keep their words and want the team members to
succeed as individuals and as team. Providing feedback and knowing how to identify the team
members’ weaknesses have become a must in today’s managerial strategies and skill set due to
employees’ expectation to be developed in their weaknesses and be given a purpose within the

Managers must also know how to overcome obstacles and failures as well as develop the
required emotional intelligence needed to handle difficult situations while striving for
excellence. Although a combination of leader abilities and management qualities are difficult to
achieve, when both are skill sets are combined, the result is a successful manager and

Essay 3

What values you look in the company when applying for a job?

According to Brene Brown: “Organizational values reflect the collective judgment of what is
important in an organization. When organizational values are operationalized, lived and
communicated people know where to put their attention”. To me, besides this, corporate
values are peoples’ own set of values, identified in a business. Consequently, employees’
actions will be driven by companies values and their own.

When I am applying to a position, besides the job requirements, and the pay/benefits package,
I look at the company in a holistic approach, looking at the corporate culture -defined by the
mission, vision and values-, opportunities for growth and life and work balance.

The main values I look in a company are: company’s ambition to make significant contribution
in their industry and the value to their employees which are reflected in practices that makes
the employee feel, heard, cared and valued.

Based on how the company tries to make a significant contribution to the market, I have a
clearer understanding of my role, how I can contribute and what attitude I need to perform at
my best. It also determines how committed I am to the organization. On the other hand, the
level of importance that the company gives to their employees’ engagement and sentiment of
belonging it is very crucial for me as well. Because when an organization put high value in their
employees, ideas from all different levels are welcome, issues are solved quickly, everyone is
treated with respect, employees are recognized and are offered career advancement
opportunities, resulting in a more engaged employee. An example of this is Medtronic which
besides the excellent compensation package, offers career advancement, trainings, organize
activities to test the work environment, gives employees birthday off , among other activities
that makes the company a great business to work for.