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One is said to be unique if one is one of it’s kind . If one is

unique , one can do anything ( making huge profits from it ) , because now - a – days
the recruiters ( in general people ) are in search of ones who are different from others
and want them to represent their firm and this makes it easy for the person who has
some of the different skills which one can’t find generally to get selected the firm .
These days there are few myths about the Uniqueness in the market we wander
around .
The myth is that , Uniquess means only to have the different
style or the skill . Its not limited to that . Even the qualities of one must be unique
like one among many has the habit of being punctual , then he/she will be considered
as unique . So , in this way one can be unique . Some of the skills like swimming ,
driving , riding also fall under the unique list .
The second myth is that one feels it to be more diificult to
become unique . It takes only a single quality or the skill or the habit of yours to be
unique .
The first and the foremost thing one must do is to have the
self – confidence ( not over confidence ) because confidence plays an important role
in doing anything . The second thing one need to do is take all the negativities
(discouragement ) from others and try to turn them to the encouragements as much as
The most important is that one need to be aware of the
usage of the unique skills like for an example : one’s unique quality is anger (
impatient ) but peaceful , now one need to know when and where to use one’s anger
in a peaceful way .
Many do forget that “There’s a slight difference in between
Attitude and Ego .Attitude defines us , whereas Ego describes .( Here Ego is
metamorphised as excess of Attitude ) .” One who gets this difference will always
win hearts of people around ...
The most important and the difficult task one thinks
to be is to focus . Focus is the most important aspect . “ Focus on whatever you like ,
because whatever you do without being foccused will blur that,just like it blurs a
picture if nor foccused .”
One thing to remember is to never judge a person ,
because one may be bad in your point of view and that does’nt make one bad .
Always “ Have a smile on your face , as it reduces one’s fury , because when Words
can’t , Smile can ..”

( NOTE : All the quotes written in bold are my own thoughts ...)