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Caleb Elijah

Mr. Farrell

6 June 2016


Diversity in NYC

New York City is a place where all people from all over the world come to turn a new

leaf and to give the children a better chance but is that really what happens in our city. It ends up

that most parts of the city gets claimed by races. This is not helped by the fact that some races

look down onto others. This diversity had a direct impact on some people's opportunity in a

negative way.

This city has very many races and religions from all around the world . There were many black

writers, actors and sportsmen and women. Langston hughes and J cole are two Lyricist ; how ever one's

breakthrough was in the 1920/30s and the other was in 2007 but they both have something similar to say

even though they are in completely different times. They both speak about how some groups of people

have been given all the power and how other groups have very little hand have to rely on other was to

gain power. Langston hughes wrote“sometimes a crumb falls/from the table of joy/sometimes a bone/is

flung.” This quote shows that some groups of people may have power and not be willing to evenly

distribute the wealth. We can assume that because of the time period of langston hughes wrote this poem

he was speaking for the african american population. It is interesting that someone in a time period farther

ahead would say something so similar. J cole states “Wall street got black slaves Blood stains Which

means We built this city And never got scraps while the devil got fat.” I believe J cole wrote this with the
thought that the blacks have built this city as slaves and never got any economic power. Two writers born

many many years apart.

This city had very different views about the races in 1947. Jackie Robinson was the first african

american major league baseball player in history. His appearance changed the whole game as many teams

tried to break Mr Robinson. Even his own team was optimistic about playing with Jackie but Brian

Helgeland had this to say to his players. “ I don't care if he’s yellow or black or has stripes like a zebra; if

Robinson can help us win … than he’s gonna play.” This was a very similar message to Nelson George

speaking about the south bronx. At the time the bronx was seen as a burnt borough with very little things

other than poverty. The bronx changed overnight becoming the headquarters of the new hip-hop music

type. Nelson stated “Behind the decay and neglect (The bronx) was a cauldron of unnoticed, and quite

visionary creativity.” This new music made a huge impact on the world we know now. Both men seem to

come out of left field. They both had a small chance of opportunity because of their race.


Learning Goals 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 0.0

PROBLEM I can create an I can create an I can select a With help, I Even with
FORMULATION: original original Personal can select (or help, I cannot
Formulates testable,
researchable, and Personal Personal Essential create) and select or
relevant questions, Essential Essential Question answer a answer a
problem statements,
or hypotheses that
Question Question (PEQ) and Personal Personal
demonstrate clarity (PEQ), take a (PEQ) and describe the Essential Essential
about the nature of position, and develop an relationship Question Question
the task. justify that argument in between my (PEQ). (PEQ).
position as the response. selected topics
best amongst and themes.
other positions.

Collects information investigate
I can classify With help, I Even with
and data necessary outside I can identify
to solve the problem textual can identify help, I cannot
sources for textual
as formulated, evidence as textual identify textual
drawing evidence relevant textual evidence as
support for evidence as evidence as
from informational evidence to support for my
claims and support for my support for my
texts, conducting an support claims claim.
investigation, or counterclaims. claim. claim.
generating data.
and rebuttals.

I can
accurately I can
Even with
INTERPRETATIO analyze and accurately With help, I
N: I can use help, I cannot
use relevant analyze and can use
Synthesizes multiple relevant direct use relevant
and sufficient use relevant relevant direct
sources of data to evidence to direct
support a claim, direct and and sufficient evidence to
answer my evidence to
solve a problem, or inferential direct evidence answer my
question. answer my
answer a question. evidence to to answer my question.
answer my question.

I can introduce
and establish
clear I can introduce
relationships and order
Even with
among ideas ideas and I can introduce With help, I
COMMUNICATIO help, I cannot
and information and groups can introduce
N: introduce and
Incorporates ideas information within and ideas and and groups
groups ideas
and supporting within and across information ideas and
evidence across paragraphs through a information
purposefully using information
paragraphs and use basic use of through a
structures that through a
and use transitions in a paragraph basic use of
demonstrate the line basic use of
of reasoning. transitions in a way that allows structure and paragraph
way that the audience transitions. structure.
clarifies the to follow the
reasoning and argument.
logic of the

PRECISION: I can submit a I can submit a I can submit a With help, I

Assures that the final final product final product final product can submit a Even with
product meets all
that meets or that meets all that attempts final product help, I cannot
standards for exceeds all ELA standards all ELA that attempts submit a final
language, terms, ELA standards for language, standards for ELA product.
expressions, rules, for language, academic language and standards.
terminology, and
academic vocabulary, conventions.
vocabulary, and
and conventions.
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