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Alana M.


Professional Objective
To obtain a long term employment position as a School Counselor.
Educational Background
Masters of Arts: School Counseling
Heidelberg University, Tiffin OH, May 2014
5 Year Professional License- Pupil Services: School Counselor
GPA 3.84 on 4.0 scale - Graduated with Honors
Bachelor of Science in History and Science for Middle Childhood Education
Ashland University, Ashland OH, May 2008.
5 Year Professional License
GPA 3.28 on 4.0 scale – Graduated with Honors
Additional Certifications
▪ School Counselor Supervisor, Malone University
▪ Mentor Teacher, Ohio Department of Education
▪ Management Crisis Planning, E-based Academy
Counseling Experience
▪ Bowling Green City Schools, Bowling Green High School, Bowling Green, Ohio. (08/18-07/19)
 Designed and presented Honors Diploma information to administration, educators, counselors, parents and students
 Organized and Presented at 8th grade parent night
 Served as the CCP District Coordinator
 Managed student scheduling and school record keeping using PowerSchool, SCUTA, IEP Anywhere
 Initiated the creation of BGHS Crisis plan in the event of a student loss
 Served as the College Board and NCAA coordinator
 Assisted in OST testing tasks
▪ Madison Local Schools, Madison Comprehensive High School, Mansfield, Ohio. (08/13-05/14; 08/16-05/18)
 Delivered Classroom Guidance Lessons significant to various topics that support student development
 Effectively communicated with school board members, administration, teachers/staff, parents through regular
 Worked cooperatively with staff, and administration in completing needs assessments to deliver appropriate services
to the student population
 Managed student scheduling and school record keeping using DASL, SCUTA, Parchment programs
 Implemented an Advisory Council for the Counseling Department
 Implemented an ACT Awesomeness program
 Served as the Testing Coordinator for AP and ACT ; worked cooperatively with co-counselor on EOC and OGT
 Assisted with the RTI, Leader in Me and Career Advising programs for identified at risk students
 Awarded $1050.00 grant money for school counseling program
▪ High School Counselor, Seneca East High School, Attica, Ohio. (08/14-06/16)
 In charge of quarterly grade cards, honor and merit role awards, failure letters and individual counseling
 Served as the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) point of contact for distance learning and credit recovery
 Organized and assisted with various testing sessions for High School students – PSAT, ASVAB, OGT, EOC
 Responsible for revising and upholding the Program of Studies Book
 Mentored students and parents with decisions that related to their academic development and future pathways
 Responsible for Scholarships: reviewing, posting, advertising, collecting and returning
 Awarded $250.00 grant through AAA 2015 Year End Event Program
▪Tiffin City Schools, Krout Elementary/Noble Elementary, Tiffin, Ohio. (01/13-05/13)
 Gained experience with the dog therapy program for Tiffin City Schools
 Provided counseling services to second, third, fourth and fifth grade students individually and in groups
 Delivered classroom guidance lessons and interacted with teachers and administration daily
 Awarded a $1,200 grant through the Tiffin Charitable Foundation for counseling program materials. Practicum 100
Classroom Experience
▪ High School Science Educator, Madison Comprehensive High School, Mansfield, Ohio. (08/13-06/14)
 Effectively taught 130 students Physical Science
 Responsible for creating and posting innovative lessons that integrated inquiry learning experiences
 Participated in field testing for new PARCC assessments for high school students.
▪ High School Science Educator & Science Department Chair & Mentor Teacher (Grades 6-12), Horizon Science
Academy Toledo, Toledo, Ohio. (08/10-06/13)
 Successfully taught over 150 students in Integrated Science and Physical Science.
 Administered standardized testing procedure and test data analysis
 Coordinated Teacher meetings as well as organized and lead student, parent, teacher collaboration conferences.
▪ Substitute Teacher; Permanent Substitute and Long-Term, Bellevue City School District, Bellevue, Ohio. (8/08- 06/10)
 Maintained classroom management while carrying out educator’s lesson plans for the length of their absence. Long-
term leave was a period of eight weeks.
Grant Work
▪ Richland County Retired Teachers Association Awarded 04/2018: Awarded $200.00 of Grant money to be used for
behavior incentive program organized by the Counseling Department.
▪ AAA End of Year Grant. Awarded 04/2015: Awarded $250.00 of Grant money to be used for Substance Free Year End
Event hosted for Seneca East High School Students.
▪ Walmart Foundations. Awarded 02/2014 : Awarded $750.00 of Grant money to be used to jumpstart a group and resource
room to be utilized by the counseling department and outreach program at Madison Comprehensive High school.
▪ Tiffin Charitable Foundation. Awarded 05/2013: Researched, organized, wrote and earned $1,200 for Tiffin City School
Counseling department. Funds were used to purchase and implement a play, actively involving teachers, students, and parents
in the “Bucket filling” philosophy.
Additional Experiences
▪ Mohican District Science Fair Council Member, Ashland University-Ashland, Ohio. (01/14-current)
 Organized and set-up for the Mohican District Science Fair Event for 300 area students to compete
▪ Evaluator for Ohio Assessment of Educators (OAE) Standard Setting and Confirmatory Item Validation
Committee. Ohio Board of Education- Columbus, Ohio. (04/13)
 Evaluate the new Pearson Middle School Science assessment for its accuracy and appropriateness in licensing
professional educators. Invited by the Ohio Board of Education.
▪ Mentor Teacher, Horizon Science Academy - Toledo, Ohio. (2011,2012,2013)
 Trained and certified by the Ohio Department of Education
 Scheduled weekly meetings and monthly observations; fulfilling all requirements to complete resident educator
▪ Staff Member of the Month: January 2019. Recognized by Bowling Green High School PBIS program
▪ Staff Member of the Quarter : Spring 2018. Acknowledged for hard work and dedication to Madison Comprehensive
High School in the counseling department.
▪ 2014 Outstanding MAC School Student Award. Recognized by Heidelberg University’s Masters of Art in Counseling
staff for exemplary scholarship, leadership and professionalism.
▪ Staff Member of the Month : May 2014. Acknowledged for hard work and dedication to Madison Comprehensive High
School in the classroom and counseling department.
▪ 2013 OSCA Graduate Scholarship Program. Recognized and awarded $1000 to support furthering my education and the
profession of school counseling.
▪ Nominated Concept Schools Teacher of the Year 2013. Nominated by the administration team at Horizon Science
Academy-Toledo K-12 as their staff member most deserving of the award.
▪ 2012 Teacher of the Year: Most Positive Attitude & HSAT Teacher of the Year. Elected by the student body,
recognized by the Director of Horizon Science Academy - Toledo during teacher appreciation week.
▪ 2011 Teacher of the Year: Most Positive Attitude. Elected by the student body, recognized by the Director of Horizon
Science Academy - Toledo during teacher appreciation week.
▪ Top 15 Evaluated Teacher in Concept Schools Network, Based on 2011 annual evaluation using Bullseye technology.