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Activities Art Assembly

Writing Literacy Games Individual Work
Growth Mindset Recess Fruit Time

Mat Time Celebrations Choosing
Church Circle Time Hymn Singing

Silent Reading Computers Cooking
Art and Craft D&T Dance

Design and
Dance and Movement DVD Time technology
Geography Guided Reading Golden Time

Group Work News PE
Handwriting Health and Wellbeing History

Home Time Religious Education Games
Investigation ICT Languages

1+2=3 1+2=3

Language Numeracy Number Work
Literacy Lunch Time Mass

1+2=3 1+2=3

Mathematics Maths Mental Maths
Outdoor Activity Outdoor Activities Modern Foreign

Music MFL Library
Personal, Social and
Personal, Social and
Emotional Development Health Education Phonics

Phono Graphix Play Time Practice
Role Play Science Show and Tell

Singing Singing Practice Snack Time
Thinking Skills Speaking and Special Activity

Spelling Story Swimming
Toilet Tidy Up Time Topic

Writing i-Pad Trip Out
Visitor Wake and Shake Washing Hands

World Around Us Drama Carpet Time
SPaG Religion