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Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Curriculum Planning and Development Division
Multicultural Music Programme Unit
Education Towers, No.5 St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad
1-868-622-2181 ext. 1220


Class: Standard 1
School: Sangre Grande Government Primary
Secondary School
Age Range: 7 - 9

Curriculum Area: Visual and Performing Arts

Subject: Music

Topic/Lesson: Time Signature: Barlines

Duration of Lesson: 30 mins

Date: 14th March, 2019

16th May 2018
Previous Experience: Student are not familiar with Time Signature: Barlines.

Previous Knowledge: Students are familiar with the Carnival: Music Icons.

Resources: whiteboard, whiteboard markers. ,

, projector, external speakers,
Outcomes: Understand the functions of barlines. (single and final)

Disposition: Develop a critcal thinking/analytical skills. Enjoy participating in musical

activities. Begin to refine their creativity.

Skill: Describe functions of different types of barlines.

Set Induction: Plays piece of music from a familiar music icon.

ll songs are local to Trinidad and Tobago)
Speakers Teacher will identify one Students will listen and give
national icon per genre. (Sundar any responses toward the
Popo, Lord Kitchener, Ellie genre or music icons.
Mannette, Ras Shorty).
Speakers Teacher will play a short piece Students will listen and give
of a music icon (Ras Shorty - their responses
Iron Love). Teacher will ask if
they recognise the music from
the local artiste.
YouTube, Projector, Teacher will play video of one Students will sign a line from
video/songs. national icon per genre along any one of their songs.
with showing their picture.
Teacher will ask students to
sign a line from any of their

Closure: Recap lesson then ask questions.

Evaluation/ Elaboration: Show pictures of local musical icons and ask students to
identify them. M
lultiple choice exam.
Continuation/Follow-up lesson: Time Signature: Barlines.