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1. Change The adaptation of business objectives, 12. Change at - Steve Jobs > Tim Cook 2001
strategies and operations to accommodate Apple - Scott Forstall 2012-2013
changes, both internal and external, within - Move to fashion markets
the dynamic business environment - Adaptation to trends such as environment
and diversity
2. Culture Ideas, customs and social behaviour derived
from different values and backgrounds that 13. Culture at - Small teams working on projects, strong
influence stakeholder motivations and Apple team spirit and motivation
decisions - Innovative, clean image with professed
3. Ethics The socially accepted moral principles that
- Enthusiastic and friendly staff; 'pushing for
govern behaviour and decision-making
better'; embrace creativity and excellence
4. Globalisation The process by which world's regional - Selective system creates environment of
economies are becoming one integrated exclusivity and dedication, contracts of
global unit secrecy
5. Innovation The introduction and implementation of new, - Self-motivated staff over a micro-managing
radical and improved products, processes or boss, freedom, laissez-faire, task culture
ideas - Moderate combativeness, less extreme than
Steve Jobs
6. Strategy Significant long-term planning decisions that
organisations make in order to meet the 14. Innovation at #1 innocative company globally with constant
needs and wants of their stakeholders Apple new products and business models
- Innovation in both products and software,
7. Set-up of - April fools day 1976, incorporated in 1977
match aesthetic (and culture)
Apple with 2 out of 3 of the original founders
- Focus on culture of creativity and new ideas
- R. Wane sold his 10% shares for $800,
rather than process
which are now worth $60B
- Streamlining to perfection before release to
8. Project-based - Effective, flexible working of small teams avoid failure like Samsung
organisation - Self-motivated employees over a micro- - 'Thinness war' risk
CULTURE & managing boss
15. Thinness war Competition between companies to create
STRATEGY - Limit opportunities for third-party
the thinnest phone, focus on aesthetic
communication resulting in unanswered
- At detriment of battery life, goes in against
9. 2001 Steve Jobs replaced by Tim Cook, new
16. Strategy of - R&D emphasis for continuous innovation
CHANGE & approach
Apple - Focus on recognition, loyalty and image for
CULTURE 1. Hands-on with China
continued support from customers
2. Smaller, cheaper products
- Broad differentiation and constant
3. Moderate combativeness
10. Scott Forstall, 2012-2013 - Perfection before release
Maps Fiasco Scott Forstall, valuable asset in development - Product-driven, consider demands but
CHANGE & of products but self-oriented and rude prioritise vision
STRATEGY - Responsible for Maps Fiasco of 2012 yet - Lack of communication in social media
refused to apologise strategy
- Fired & replaced by 3 employees for - Standard, global and guerrilla marketing
different elements (AI, mapping, aesthetics) with standardised approach to products
- Lead to better coordination and
17. Product- Consider demands but only to a minimal
driven nature extent
11. Shift to 2014, purchase Beats electronics of Apple - Follow own product development to create
fashion - Signify shift to combination of fashion and STRATEGY & demand and with success, such as the portrait
markets technology with changing markets and INNOVATION camera in the new iPhones
CHANGE & trends - Creates prestigious image
STRATEGY Former Burberry CEO influence marketing - Trust loyalty of customers
- Advertising in fashion magazines like
- Market Apple watch as an accessory
18. Social Media - Lack of communication is the social 25. Globalisation - Multinational company known in mostly all
Marketing media strategy at Apple MEDCs
strategy of - 'Customers come to Apple idea' - Simplicity of product and advertisement has
Apple - Result in sense of superiority and worldwide appeal; standardised approach
STRATEGY & exclusiveness results in strong, universal brand identity and
CULTURE effective marketing
- Stores fit culture: local employees, protocol
19. Guerrilla Use of standard, global and guerrilla
tailored to region with a personalised
marketing of marketing to exploit circumstances in the
approach with designs fitting to region (e.g.
Apple market; gain competitive advantage
Haussman style in Paris for local interests)
STRATEGY AND - 'Leave the world better than we found it'
- Outsourced labour minimises costs and
ETHICS - 'Here are some ideas for everyone to
maximises profit, yet has ethical implications
20. Zero Waste at 2015 - Zero Waste facility at Tech-Com
Apple factory in Shanghai
21. Ethics at Apple - Removal and replacement of harmful
(environment ) chemicals
- Invest in environment and renewable
systems in data centers
- Guerrilla marketing campaigns
- Tim Cook's shutting down of anti-
environmental investors
22. Ethics at Apple - Diverse and inclusive workforce
(social - Labour accusations, especially in China:
responsibilities) respond with investigation and
confirmation, blame suppliers but still
improve monitoring and training
- Intense workflow in West justified with
'challenge but reward' but detriments
health of Western workers
- Tim Cook's sponsoring of Human Right's
- Value of customer privacy, refusal of
monitoring of government
23. Apple's strategy Hands-on approach of Time Cook with
in China visits and recognition to gain access to
STRATEGY & great market
GLOBALISATION - Dangerous market with unstable
environment, yet opportunity of growing
middle class
2015 - enter middle class market with
premium product; attraction of customers
with appeal of brand and product by
- Sign contracts with China Mobile
24. Apple's strategy External change: new law requiring
in China content storage on Chinese servers
STRATEGY & - Major drop in sales concern investors
CHANGE - Share sales and shrinking revenue with
drop in sales of product, yet remained
high with population size