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K-5 Lesson: Fossil Pinch Pots

artist/inspiration examples

student/teacher examples
K-5 Lesson:
CREATING Essential Questions: How do archeologists find ou
VA:Cr1.1 Encouraging creativity and imagination helps social
☐ development.
EU:We can learn to be more creative.
VA:Cr1.2 Experimentation with materials and ideas develops creativity.
☐ EU:Artists follow and break traditions.

VA:Cr2.1 Making art promotes experimentation and develops problem Performance Descriptors: Students will practice m
☐ solving skills
EU:Artists experiment
VA:Cr2.2 Encouraging creativity and imagination helps social
x development.
EU: Artists are safe and responsible while they experiment:
VA:Cr2.3 Encouraging creativity helps children learn to explore and
comprehend their environments.
☐ EU: People change things around them to fit with their lives.

VA:Cr3.1 An artist never stops learning. The artistic process helps to Activities and Strategies: Day 1: Students will wat
x teach reflection and growth.
EU: Artists improve through practicing and refining their work.
VA:Pr4.1. Looking at and talking about art develops a critical eye and
☐ personal aesthetic.
EU: Artists consider many things when selecting artwork for
VA:Pr5.1. Preparing a work of art for presentation is an important
artistic and life skill.
☐ EU: Develop technique for presentation
Refine technique for presentation.

VA:Pr6.1 Art history is an important tool to inspire, teach us about the

x past and techniques
EU: Art helps us understand different places and times

VA:Re7.1 Creating and reflecting on art encourages art appreciation
as well as brain development.
x EU: Understanding art helps you understand yourself and the world
around you.
x VA:Re7.2 Art is all around us. By learning about art you can also learn
about other Art
people, groups, and cultures.
VA:Re8.1 Criticism helps develop an understanding of art and Materials & Resources: Different small objects and
☐ improves critical thinking skills.
EU: Artwork can have a meaning, and we can figure out the meaning.
☐ VA:Re9.1Critical thinking skills and self evaluation can be improved by
developing criteria to evaluate art.
EU: People can judge art in different ways Foundational Skills & Vocabulary: fossils, archaeo
CONNECTING history, texture, pattern, pinch pots, kiln, fire
VA:Cn10.1 By creating art, an artist will think in depth about the
meaning of the art. This can lead to a better understanding of their
☐ experiences, surroundings, and culture.
EU: Artists create work about things they experience

VA:Cn11.1 By interpreting works of art you can develop an 1Q 2Q 3Q

understanding of a particular period of time, culture, or the artist’s
x personal experiences and opinions. Sequence:
EU: Learning about art helps people better understand history and
heologists find out abou

ts will practice making a

Students will watch and

small objects and texture

: fossils, archaeology,
ts, kiln, fire