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Mapua University

Ecology and Environmental

Pollution Control

ESE 152

Engr. Bonifacio B. Magtibay, PhD

Course Description
• Explain the concepts of earth systems and its
relationship to ecology.
• Determine the types, causes, sources, and effects of
environmental pollutants to ecosystems.
• Deal with the sources and effects of the physical,
chemical, biological and microbiological pollutants on air,
water, soil/land; sources and effects of noise pollution.
• Appreciate sustainable development goals relevant to
ecology and environmental pollution.
Course Objectives
• To understand the fundamental concepts about Earth
systems and different ecological principles and
processes affecting it.
• To be familiar with the types of environmental pollutants,
its causes and sources, and its impact to ecosystems.
• To be familiar with various international and Philippine
standards for measuring level of environmental pollution.
• To understand various control measures for mitigating
• To understand sustainable development goals relevant
to ecology and environmental pollution.
Course Coverage
Week 1-2
• School Mission and Vision;
• Course orientation, requirements, grading
• Introductory concepts and principles
- Earth as a system
- Ecological principles and processes
Course Coverage
Week 3-4
Pollution and Pollutants
- Types, Causes, Sources
- Effects on Ecosystems
- Impact on Health
Course Coverage
Week 5-6
Standards and measurements
- Global (International), Inter-continental,
-Air, water, land/soil, noise
Course Coverage
Week 7-9
Mitigating measures for controlling pollutants
Course Coverage
Week 10
Sustainable development goals
- Air, water, land/soil, waste, chemicals,
Green building principles
Course Coverage
Week 11
Submission of Individual Case Study
Final Exam
Course Evaluation
The minimum requirement for a passing
grade is 70% of the final grade average from
the following:
• Quizzes 50 %
• Final Examination 20 %
• Others (Case Studies, HW, SW) 30 %
TOTAL 100 %
Classroom Teaching Strategies
1. Lecture notes are provided thru the Blackboard or google group.
2. Web discussions, submission of class requirements and
announcements are facilitated thru the Blackboard or emails.
3. Group dynamics are done thru group works such as group oral
reporting, group assignments, group quiz.
4. Assignments and quizzes may be done by group or by individual.
5. Seatworks may be by group or by individual.
6. Additional points for quizzes and assignments may be granted
from the following:
-reaction paper for relevant seminars attended
-reaction paper from relevant newspaper clippings
- reaction paper from relevant films/movies
7. Oral group reporting could be done thru LCD/powerpoint or video
Classroom Rules
1. For a one and a half (1.5) hour class per day, less
than 15 minutes not in class is considered late, more
than 15 minutes late is considered absent. 3 lates is
equivalent to 1 absent.
2. Students caught cheating will have an automatic
grade of 5.0
3. Every group shall have a leader and a maximum of 5
4. Special quiz/exam will only be allowed for students
who were absent during the day of quiz/exam due to
sickness upon submission of an excuse letter from
parents or guardian and a medical certificate from the
attending physician.
5. Every student should have an e-mail address.
6. Missed classes due to holidays or absence of the
Instructor will be compensated by lecture notes or thru
Blackboard sessions.