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Human Trafficking scandal taking over Duluth

McKenzie Filipek
Posted for College Writing 1120 for Kristine Koyama
Posted on 28 April 2019
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The community of Duluth has taken some hits when you hear about trafficking scandals

happening. This type of news has been around for a while now, but it seems that it is happening

more and more than many people may have realized. The questions are; how is this happening?

What will the future look like? How often is this happening? Why should you care? And will

anything fix this issue? This can all start by visiting or living in a place like Duluth where many

individuals like yourself can be trafficked. Not only is this happening to younger females like

people think, but it is happening to everyone and it is happening all around the world.

It first started around 2010 when things started taking off with people getting involved in this

issue. In 2010 A man here in Duluth, Minnesota opened a shop called “The Hip Hop Candy

Shop” that dealt with music and candy. This man knew that it would attract girls, therefore, he

ran this business while trying to get pictures and use some girls for other things. This man then

later said to have been trying to sell these girls for sex before he got caught (Collin, 2011). This

is just one of the scandals that have taken place here in Minnesota.

What happens with other victims though? Well it has been said that many people that get

trafficked in Duluth, are taken by ships. These people get taken to different ports around where

these ships may stop, along with being traded on ships through a system known as

Transshipment. Transshipment is the exchanging of goods and resources at sea. With this

process of transshipment, it makes it easier for the workers on these ships to trade people

illegally. This is happening all so easily due to the lack of security that is actually needed. Duluth

needs more security around town with cameras almost everywhere. These people aren’t just

taken in certain areas. It can be in plain sight or having people get lured into “helping” someone.

In a report by Dean (2013), it states “Girls were sexually abused and raped. Boys were forced to

masturbate while wearing plastic skirts and showering together. Children were stropped, beaten

with all manner of objects and were put in the electric chair; for punishment, for no reason at all

and for simple entertainment.” This isn’t the only thing, these people might be abused and not

fed very often due to poor work performances (Szmanda, 2017). This is what some people have

to deal with if they get trafficked along with some people being forced to have sex all day long

just to pleasure someone.

The future right now on this topic isn’t looking so bright as of how things seem to be going.

Although Duluth’s City Counsel knows this is a big problem, recent and past efforts show no

improvement. Duluth has over three million visitors each year to see what a wonderful city it is

and all the beauty it has to offer. With the rise in tourist or a steady rate of close to three million,

it is no doubt that some of these tourists could be taken too. Nearly 20,000 cases get reported

each year around the world and many of these cases happen in places like Duluth. Many people

don’t realize that this is happening right next to them and that they could be next.

Opinions have been said and concluded that something needs to be done. But what could that

option be? Putting cameras on ships is one way that this problem could be solved. With

transshipment, security can’t see what is happening such as the trading of people. This makes it

easier for people to be transferred places every day and make it easier to never be found since

they can be transferred to far places.

If the world ends up turning for the better on this issue, then there will be many things that would

be taking place. In order to fully eliminate human trafficking, the Duluth community will have to

start enforcing more laws that might deal with this issue, along with the United States and

Minnesota start laying down laws. More security in the Duluth community as well. This means

that there need to be more people looking out for the community whether it is the community

itself, or the police too. Along with people comes more cameras and other types of measure that

can be taken to ensure a safer community. When it comes to the shipping areas, Duluth needs to

make a measure to ensure that the community and workers stay safe. This would require cameras

on and off the ships. By doing so, there should be no trading being done along with anything that

is dangerous or illegal.

Everyone should start caring about this issue because it is happening all over the world, not just

in Duluth. Not only that, but it is happening to everyone boys and girls of all ages. With

everyone’s help of looking out for others and something being done for more security, then this

world could make a turn for the better.