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Ildefonso P. Santos Jr.

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This article is about the Filipino Architect and National Artist awardee. For his father, the Filipino
poet, see Ildefonso Santos.

Ildefonso P. Santos

Born September 5, 1929

Malabon, Rizal, Philippine Islands

Died January 29, 2014 (aged 84)

Manila, Philippines

Nationality Filipino

Alma mater University of Santo Tomas

University of Southern California

Occupation Architect


National Artist of the Philippines

Patnubay ng Kalinangan; Parangal ng Bayan (1988);

Outstanding Professional for Landscape Architecture

Ildefonso Paez Santos Jr. (September 5, 1929 – January 29, 2014), popularly known simply as "IP
Santos", was a Filipino architect who was known for being the "Father of Philippine Landscape
Architecture." He was recognized as a National Artist of the Philippines in the field of Architecture in
He was the son of Filipino poet Ildefonso Santos and Asuncion Paez.[2]

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Santos graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas in 1954 with a degree in the field of
architecture. He then pursued a second degree in Architecture, as well as a Master of Architecture
degree at the University of Southern CaliforniaSchool of Architecture.[3]

Santos pioneered the profession of landscape architecture in the Philippines.[4] He was bestowed
with the title of "national artist" for his outstanding achievement in architecture and allied arts on
June 9, 2006.[5]
Among the locations that comprise IP Santos' body of work are the landscaping of:

 Cultural Center of the Philippines complex

 Bantayog ng mga Bayani
 Manila Hotel
 San Miguel Corporation Building
 Nayong Pilipino
 Paco Park
 Rizal Park
 Loyola Memorial Park
 Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club
 The Orchard Golf and Country Club
 Magallanes Church
 Asian Institute of Management

Santos died of heart failure at 10 in the morning on January 29, 2014.[6]

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