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Samantha Lilly

LLT 530

Sphero Robotic and Coding Porposal


During this open lab opportunity, I am propositioning the use of a codable

robot. Students will be able to code and use Sphero (a robotic ball) to maneuver
the makerspace area. Students will design the code program via a downloaded
Chromebook friendly app to tell Sphero what directions to go and even when to
stop moving.


This workshop will allow participants the opportunity for social interaction,
learning how to code, and using a robot. Students will be placed in groups
depending on how many participants and Spheros we have. Working as a team
will require students to use their social skills to problem solve, listen, and even
Students will work individually or within a small team to code directions for
Sphero to explore the Library. The small amount of code that students will learn
will give them incite towards possibilities in a coding career. These careers can
include web designer, computer network architect, computer programmer and
many more.
Also utilizing a robot is an up and coming evolution of the world’s
technology. Manufacturing companies, ATMs, household vacuums, artificial
limbs, and even the Bomb squad use robots for repetitive tasks. They vary in size
and ability each performing their task that could otherwise be dangerous or
mundane to humans. The utilization of Sphero will allow students to create those
connects and think about their future.
Besides the career path, Students will also have opportunities to create an
obstacle course in which they will be able to navigate. Again using team building
strategies to create these courses. These obstacle courses can also be used for
a bit of competition for each group.
Samantha Lilly
LLT 530

Computer Science
2.CS.01-Recommend improvements to the design of computing devices,
based on an analysis of how users interact with the devices.
2.CS.03-Systematically identify and fix problems with computing devices
and their components.
2.DA.07-Represent data using multiple encoding schemes.
2.AP.14- Create procedures with parameters to organize code and make it
easier to reuse.

Materials Needed:

Chrome laptop
Connection cables

Project Budget:
Sphero has already been budgeted into the makerspace for this year.
However, if the budget is not passed, then permission to borrow Spheros from
Slatington Elementary’s Technology class will be requested. An allotted time
frame will be determined for the length that the Middle School will possess and
utilize said technology between the two departments.