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How to install Mikrotik in GNS3

hi friend, thank you for visiting my blog Now I will make the article "How to install Mikrotik in GNS3".
because many students who have difficulty in learning networks because the price is so expensive
hardware,This is the best solution for learning networks.Sometimes, we want to make some proxy
network topology and test how it works, to For example, we want to make some test with 4-8 routers to
real estate and network with routerboard. We need It money to make a real laboratory.



 Graphic Network Simulator

 Open Source Software

 Running on Windows, Linux

 Simulate complex network topologies

 Running multi vendor devices

 See detail at

 Known as Quick EMUlator
 Open source software

 Emulates full system (usually a PC)

 Launch a different OSIf you already download gns3 all in one, you don’t need to download Qemu

 See detail at

3.Mikrotik iso
 Has Mikrotik license level 0
 Made for x86 hardware architecture

 Usually burn in to CD

 To install MikroTik in to PC or power PC

 See detail at

4.Virtual Box
 VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware, targeted at server, desktop and
embedded use.
 See detail at

5.Operating System ( Windows /Linux )

 download os to be made in the virtual,search for free os

Note : preparations are complete,install first your software GNS3 dan Virtual box,qemu software will be
automatically installed when you install GNS3


1. After download All tool & ISO file, move ISO file to the folder where the GNS3 program
located. Go to command line and move to GNS3 folder.

C:\Users\admin>cd C:\Program Files\GNS3

C:\Program Files\GNS3>

2. Then run the command to make the image file, for example named mikrotik.img

C:\Program Files\GNS3>qemu-img.exe create -f qcow2 mikrotik.img 256M

Until a successful image-making information

Formatting 'mikrotik.img', fmt=qcow2 size=268435456 encryption=off

3.Install ISO file to the current image, I assume that the ISO file name is
“mikrotik.iso”, you can adjust file name to match with the following command

C:\Program Files\GNS3>qemu.exe mikrotik.img -boot d -cdrom


4. Qemu will show MikroTik installation process similar to when we install it

using CD-room

5. After the installation is complete (indicated by RouterOS reboot), close the

window and try boot from image

C:\Program Files\GNS3>qemu.exe mikrotik.img -boot c

Qemu will boot and run routeros until see the login promt MiroTik routeros.

Sometime file “mikrotik.img” that we already create not found in GNS3

folder, you need try to search it first in drive C, and copy it to GNS3 folder.

This Mikrotik already be in use, to setup and run them topoloy you should read the next article.