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Uncover 1 Unit 6 Standard Test

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1. Circle the correct answers.
1. We don’t have any / some fruit at home.
2. I always have a / any snack at school in the afternoon.
3. Dan has any / some rice with his fish.
4. I always have an / any egg for breakfast.
5. I don’t have any / some carrots to eat.

2. Complete the sentences with is, are, isn’t, or aren’t.

1. There any apples in my lunchbox.
2. there any crackers left?
3. There any eggs in his shopping basket.
4. there a sushi restaurant in your town?
5. There an orange in my lunch because I don’t like fruit.

3. Complete the sentences with much, many, or a lot of.

1. How milk do you drink every day?
2. I drink milk.
3. How bananas do you eat a week?
4. How cheese do you want on your pasta?
5. I like my pasta with cheese, please.

4. Circle the correct answers.

1. there a sushi place near here?
a. Has b. Does c. Is
2. Do you have apple?
a. an b. a c. any
3. I eat a every day.
a. rice b. banana c. bread
4. I go home for lunch because there a cafeteria at school.
a. are b. is c. isn’t
5. A: Is there any bread for dinner?
B: Yes,  .
a. there is b. I have c. we do

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Uncover 1 Unit 6 Standard Test

5. Label the pictures.

bananas carrots cheese fish meat

1. 2. 3.

4. 5.
6. Complete the food words.
1. This sandwich is made of beef. b
2. This dessert is very cold. i c
3. This dish is made of vegetables. s
4. This vegetable is yellow. c
5. You can drink this at breakfast. j
7. Complete the sentences. There is one more word than you need.

apple dessert dinner fish lunch snack

1. At 1:00 p.m., I have soup and salad for .

2. We have at 7:30 in the evening.
3. We sometimes have for dinner.
4. I sometimes have a in the afternoon.
5. I like having after dinner – usually a piece of cake.
8. Circle the correct answers.
1. I usually have eggs in the morning for .
a. breakfast b. snack c. dinner
2. Sushi is and fish.
a. rice b. milk c. meat
3. is my favorite meat.
a. Taco b. Sushi c. Chicken
4. I don’t eat because I don’t like bread.
a. pasta b. rice c. sandwiches
5. We usually have oranges as an afternoon .
a. lunch b. snack c. dinner

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Uncover 1 Unit 6 Standard Test

Useful language
9. Complete the conversation between Josh and a waiter in a café. Choose from the answers (a–e).
Waiter: Hi. 1 a. Can I have a sandwich?
Josh: 2
b. What can I get you?
Waiter: Of course. What kind of sandwich would you like? c. Anything else?
Josh: 3
d. I’d like a chicken sandwich,
Waiter: 4 please.
Josh: Yes, some apple juice. e. Oh, and can I have some
Waiter: OK. cake for dessert?
Josh: 5

Waiter: Sure.
Josh: Thank you.

10. Listen to David and Laura talking to a waiter in a café. Circle the correct answers.
1. David wants soup / a sandwich for lunch.
2. David asks for some nuts / crackers, too.
3. Laura wants a cheese / chicken sandwich.
4. The waiter says they have two drinks: milk / water and juice.
5. Laura and David want apple juice / orange juice to drink.

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Uncover 1 Unit 6 Standard Test

11. Read the article.

Teenagers Talk About Food

I’m from Japan, and I often eat a lot of rice and My family and I eat a lot of pasta. That’s what
fish. But my favorite food is tacos. Sometimes I Italy is famous for, and pasta is really yummy!
go out for a burger with my friends, too. Kyoko I don’t mind chicken or fish, either. Giulia

People eat a lot of meat in my country, as well When I go on vacation with my family to
as vegetables like carrots and beans. Our family Florida, I always have meat with rice or pasta,
gets them from my grandpa’s garden! The food’s or burgers, but no fish. I hate it! Sarah
a little boring here – but I don’t mind it! Dylan

In the summer, we eat a lot of cheese from

all different countries. We often have meat or
fish, too. My family always has lunch and dinner
together. Cassia

Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1. Kyoko doesn’t eat meat.
2. Giulia likes eating Italian food.
3. Dylan hates the food from his country.
4. Sarah doesn’t mind eating fish.
5. Cassia and her family eat dinner together.

12. Write about a special event that has a special meal. Use the questions to help you.

Write 25–35 words.



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