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Climate Change Essay

Fossil Fuels. We use them every day for almost everything but turns out

their gonna harm us more than anything. Most commonly we use them for

transportation, factories, and electricity. And those are some main causes of

climate change.

We use powerlines and power plants almost every day, but sadly they both

cause fairly a good amount of harm. Harm to what? Harm to climate change. In

the article Electricity and the Environment by eia, it says “Vegetation near power

lines may be disturbed and may have to be continually managed to keep it away

from the power lines. These activities can affect native plant populations and

wildlife”. Most food comes from vegetation and power lines are able to harm the

vegetation, this is significant because this can make the vegetation harmful to

human health. Also in this article, it states "Most large power plants require land

clearing to build the power plant. Some power plants may also require access

roads, railroads, and pipelines for fuel delivery, electricity transmission lines, and

cooling water supplies”. This is significant to the environment because not only

are they cutting away trees which give us oxygen but they are also using tons of

fossil fuels for all their transportation needs, which just continues to make

climate change worse. So what can we do to help? We can start using solar

energy to power much more than just houses, we can also reduce the number of

power plants or just put the power lines underground.

Transportation as expanded over the years it is now everywhere. It is used

every day, but sadly it affects climate change just as much as electricity. In the

article Cars and global warming by the Union of Concerned Scientists, it states

“In total, the US transportation sector—which includes cars, trucks, planes,

trains, ships, and freight—produces nearly thirty percent of all US global warming

emissions, more than almost any other sector”. This is significant because due to

all the transportation we use today and all the fossil fuels that are being burned it

causes it to be one of the most effective causes of climate change. Also in this

article, it states “Our personal vehicles are a major cause of global warming.

Collectively, cars and trucks account for nearly one-fifth of all US emissions,

emitting around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases for

every gallon of gas”. This quote is explaining that we are the reason all these

gases are being released. Not only is transportation becoming more effective

over the years, but it also continues to grow which can cause this to become a

bigger issue then what it is. We can make transportation less effective if we begin

using less oil, and using unconventional oils.

Factories are places where we get most of the items we need to survive.

They continue to make most of the needed things in life, but they too affect

climate change. In the article How Can Factories Affect The Environment by it says “As a result of the pollution that is created from toxic and

dangerous materials into our environment, not only does the planet’s ecosystem

come under threat, but our own health is potentially at risk too”. Pollution has

been an issue for years and most of it is caused by factories they burn so many
fossil fuels to create the things we use almost every day. This article also says

“The toxic gases that factories release into the air, combined with those added by

automobiles on the road, mean that we have an increased risk of developing

chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, heart disease, and many other illnesses,

diseases, and conditions”. These can be important to climate change because it

burns so many fossil fuels that we are physically able to see them being blown

out of factories, which just shows us that so many fossil fuels are being released

into the atmosphere which just increases climate change. For factories, it is much

harder to make them less harmful due to the fact that we are far from being able

to do small things to help, but the most common things are just to stop burning

so many fossil fuels.

Somethings we use every day may harm us more than ever before. We go

to school and learn about the issues of climate change and what it can do but we

never realize that we need to be aware of these issues, we need to help these

issues. Due to not believing in this issue, we are far beyond doing little things to

help. Now we either do something or it can be the end of our population as we

know. What will you do?