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GA LaShata Grayson Guides NPHC in

their first NPHC Retreat

Someone who is dedicated, hardworking, transparent, credible, and passionate about the

National Pan-Hellenic Council is the kind of person coordinator that NPHC deserves. “Support

for Black Fraternities and Sororities can be expanded though a NPHC retreat that focuses on

cultural competency, faculty staff involvement, and hazing.” says LaShata Grayson, the

Graduate Assistant for the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) at Southern Illinois

University at Edwardsville. She also said that the retreat will allow higher education

professionals to gain a better understanding about black experiences, struggles, and the needs of

National Pan-Hellenic Council. Before Ms. Grayson became the Graduate Assistant at Southern

Illinois University at Edwardsville, she took note of the need for NPHC’s leadership

development skills and decided to make it her personal priority to fulfill those needs. The

National Pan-Hellenic Council is mainly known for strolling and stepping which consist of an

organization dancing as a unit to signify the bond that the organization has. However, Ms.

Grayson aims to help NPHC grow and inspire the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville


After seven months of advising as the Graduate Assistant, on February 17, 2018, the

National Pan – Hellenic Council at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville completed their

first NPHC retreat. Ms. Grayson was the host of this event and she made sure every qualifier and

member was present for the NPHC retreat. Ms. Grayson made it a priority of hers to create and

complete this event with the help of the active NPHC members. At this event, there was a
handful of professional speakers, teachers, advisors, and president’s over other organizations in

attendance. As Ms. Grayson stated in her previous quote, the National Pan-Hellenic Council was

able to utilize other resources and professionals on campus in order to gain the support and

information needed to take the NPHC community to the next level. Ms. Grayson says, “Research

suggests that it is important for Black students to be exposed to and to connect with Blacks who

have been successful in higher education (Burrell, 1980; Sedlacek, 1987; Willie & McCord,

1972), as these connections have been linked to increasing their self-efficacy and create a

connection between faculty and staff”.

All because of Ms. Grayson’s concern, passion, and dedication for the growth of the

National Pan-Hellenic Council, every organization was able to come together as a unit and work

towards the future goals at the NPHC retreat. This retreat gave all the members of NPHC to meet

each other and collaborate on ideas. At the NPHC retreat members, faculty, and staff was able to

enhance their leadership skills, create community service events, and gain a better understanding

of each member. The NPHC retreat was a great event and it is now in the bylaws to be an annual

requirement for all active NPHC members. Ms. Grayson works day in and day out to further

develop the business aspect concerning NPHC with a smile on her face. Sending this Feature

Story to Alestle News Paper at SIUE would introduce and inform the public about what NPHC

has been doing to positively impact the campus.

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