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 BA in English Philology (1995). UB

 Postgraduate Certificate in Education (CAP) (1995). ICE

 Teaching Spanish as a Second Language course (2001) Instituto Cervantes

 1st & 2nd Course of Degree in Psychology (2013-2015). UNED

Teacher Training and Webinars

 Teaching Spanish Online. Training course to teach Spanish online. (2017)

 Class management course from International House (2017)

 Lesson Planning of Spanish for foreigners. Training course about lesson

planning of communicative lessons. (2018). Con Movimiento ELE

 SIELE Exam certified tutor (2019) Instituto Cervantes.

 Curso Online de formación para la Enseñanza de Español como Segunda

Lengua (2019). Certified by the University Rey Juan Carlos.

 Webinar ¿Cómo se adquieren las diferencias semánticas en ELE? Certified

by ProfedeELE. 15 february 2019.

 Webinar. Detrás de las palabras. Personaliza la enseñanza de ELE.

Editorial Difusión. 27 february 2019.

 Webinar ¿Cómo integrar la pronunciación en la planificación de aula?

Certified by ProfedeELE. 22 march 2019

Work Experience
 Social Organiser and teacher of young children (January to October 1993)
Trythall English Language Centre, Salisbury.

 Teacher of English and Spanish for foreigners at Oxford House (1994 –

1998) Vilanova i la Geltrú.

 Translator and interpreter at Guardia Civil (June to October 1999) Ministry of


 Teacher of English, Catalan and Spanish at Several nonstate schools.

(Secondary Education and Baccalaureate). (1999 – 2003)

 Owner and Teacher at Novaform Centros de Formación (2003 – 2005)

 Translator from English and Proofreader of Spanish texts. (2007)

Museo-Biblioteca Victor Balaguer Vilanova i la Geltrú.

 Production Editor at Scifiworld magazine and Sci-Fi magazine (2004-2009).

 Advisor at the Recognition and Evaluation Service for Individual Awards

from Overseas (Spanish NARIC in Barcelona) (from September 2006).
Ministry of Education in Catalonia.

 English and Spanish Consultant at Catalan Style Country Linedance. (2016-

 Tutor of Spanish as a Second Language in Spanish with Angeles (2016-


 Scifiworld numbers 2 and 3. January-April 2006. Writer

 Online (magazine of the TV channel in Spain). Production Editor.

Numbers 1 to 20 (2006-2008).

 Special Issues for Magazine. Production Editor and writer of the
whole issue. (July 2006, October 2006, February 2007)

 Special Issue “Series” for Writer and proofreader (May 2006)
 Festival de Sitges 2006 Special Issue for Sci Production editor, writer
and interviewer. (October 2006).

 Scifiworld Magazine numbers 1, 2 and 3 (2008) Inquedanzas Editoriais.
Production editor, interviewer, translator and proofreader.

 “Historias Asombrosas 1”. 2008. Proofreader. Editorial Scifiworld.

 Translation into Spanish of Ramsey Campbell’s short story “Just behind

you”, in “Historias Asombrosas” vol. 2 (2008). Editorial Scifiworld.