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Snuggle in with the Lord

and focus on Him.

Hear Him speaking to you!
Taken from Erin’s Daily Devotional
My Beloved

October 4

“I have proclaimed glad tidings of righteousness in the great congregation;

behold, I will not restrain my lips, O Lord, You know” (Ps. 40:9).

Beloved, have you been proclaiming the goodness and righteousness of the Lord
amongst the believers? Or, do you instead have nothing but complaining, worry,
and fret to share with those who you beg to “pray for you”? Oh, Beloved, get
alone with the Lord. Allow Him to change you. Rehearse your praises by counting
them one by one to Him in your prayer closet. Look at all He has done for you,
and you will easily explode with glad tidings.

Oh, the sad and miserable state of most believers: downtrodden, bewildered,
lacking. Is it any wonder that your loved ones have chosen the things of the world
to make them happy? Why choose the Lord when you proclaim doom by your
countenance and your ill reports? Why would they choose what you have when
you make it seem like a prison sentence, not at all what it should be?

Beloved, it is because you have chosen neither sin nor the fullness of the Lord.
For in His fullness there is joy. You sit, lukewarm, in the middle, not embracing
the Lord. So how can you show the awesomeness of the Lord when you don’t
have enough of Him to transform you, your countenance, and your life to be a
proclamation to those in the world who are lost and dying and running after sin?

Beloved, today run after, embrace, yearn for, hunger for, and crave Him and only
Him. Get rid of anything that will not bring you closer to Him. Then you will see
transformation, and your lips will not be able to withhold the glory and goodness
of the Lord!

Read how God is blessing and
answering the prayers of
others to strengthen
YOUR faith in GOD!

Submitted by Priscilla in Texas; I've applied and am a RMIOU Minister in


First I want to give all Glory and Honor to God for all He is doing in my life and if
it wasn't for Jesus I would not be.

The Lord has been doing some really wonderful things in my life this past week
and I would be foolish if I did not declare His great works! The work that I want
to declare is there is hope for you yet! God loves you and don't give up on
God. He is more than able to do all that He said He can do and just trust and
believe that if God has done marriage restoration for all the women that have
submitted praise reports to this ministry of what God has done for them, know
that He can and will do the same for you and me but in HIS time not ours. For
that I am encouraged and I am excited! You might ask why? Well that is exactly
what I want to share with you so that you can be encouraged and just as happy
and excited as I am!

See I found this ministry July 1st of this year and I was so relieved that I had. I
was so eager and desperate for my marriage to be restored because I just
knew if it was finally restored things would get easier and better for me and my
children and I could have my "life" back. I was so determined to do everything
right and follow all the principles because I was tired of "suffering". Lol. How
foolish I was. Well because I was so sure that I wasn't going to suffer anymore
and my worst days were behind me I started to slip in the area of submission to
my earthly husband and I started letting my flesh get in the way of what God
was doing. (My tongue was very loose). Well anyways because of my actions I
lost all 4 of my precious children the youngest being 2 months. God allowed for
them to be placed with their father on the other side of the country so He could
get my full attention and work out some things in me. What the Lord has been
doing for me is amazing and it took a broken and contrite heart for Him to do.
"The sacrifice of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God
thou wilt not despise." (Psalms 51:7) See in my brokenness God has shown me
how He has answered my prayers to be made whole, to be put back together,
to be a new creation in Him. This was my true heart's desire and I thought that
if my marriage was restored that I would be whole from that but boy was I
wrong. "Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him, he has put him to grief....he shall
prolong his days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand." Isaiah
53:10. See God has shown me that in my brokenness, in my pain and suffering,
He is able to have His way with me and pick me up, shape me and mold me
into what He wants me to be! That makes me excited, it makes me happy
because I'm becoming a new person in Him! I have never had so much joy or
peace in all my life! I have never smiled so much and I have never seen myself
as beautiful or loved! Since God removing my husband and just recently my
children I have experienced all this! " For thy maker is thine husband the Lord
of hosts is his name......" Isaiah 54:5

See God and God alone puts a smile on my face these days! He brightens my
day! He gives me joy and peace that's unspeakable! I mean He does
something to me something that I just can't explain! I want to encourage
readers don't fight what you're going through don't resist the heartache instead
embraced it! Take it to your Husband your Maker and let Him know how you
feel. Let Him know your worries and your doubts. Let Him know it all. He will
take care of it for you. Matthew 11:30 look it up read it and take it to heart. Trust
God’s Word concerning your situation and just know that because things are
not happening how you want them and when you want them doesn't mean God
is not working! There is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing going in my
situation that points to the promise of God for my family (My husband just
asked where he can send the divorce papers right before I started typing this
but I went to my Husband my Maker and I gave it all to Him and I walked away
encouraged by the hand of my Lover my God) I don't doubt Him. I don't doubt
His Word, I thank Him because He has broken me and has shown me what I
needed more than my family and that was His love for me. He has shown me
that He loves me best and I don't need anything or anybody else, I can be fully
satisfied in Him. Trust me I am and I have all the joy in the world. I'm stronger
and I'm more alert to the schemes of the enemy " Be of sober spirit be on alert.
Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to
devour." 1 Peter 5:8.

I'm able to reflect on the lessons and principles and put them into practice
through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and lean not on my own understanding
for things but just trust that if I'm obedient to God and I go to Him for everything,
He will give me what I'm lacking and that is exactly what I have been doing. So
if it wasn't for this "hard" time I wouldn't be able to say that!

Be encouraged women of God and know that this could be the greatest time of
your life! Being broken, hurt and alone. Allow God to get the glory in this and
just ask Him to help you. Ask Him to fill you with whatever it is you are missing
and He WILL do it. When He does it is amazing and trust me you will keep
running back to Him every time! Trust me I have been and He has not failed me
once since I started. Remember though it took a broken spirit and heart for me
to get to this point. So rejoice if you’re hurting because you are in the perfect
place for the Potter to put you back together again! Be ENCOURAGED!!!!!!

More Amazing PRAISE from Priscilla in Texas….

God is awesome! Ladies everywhere PLEASE BE ENCOURAGED! Trust God

in all things and know that when you are following His ways and not man's He
is working things out for you even when you can't see it!

Today is Sept. 4th, 2013 and today when I read the encourager for the 2nd time
and I read the testimonies for the 1st time since starting my day I saw that my
praise report I submitted sometime in July was used and it was PERFECT
timing by God. He allowed that just for me! Back in July when I was first came
to the ministry I started applying all of the principles to my life and being
submissive was the one that really had me. Nevertheless with the help of the
Holy Spirit I was able to submit to my husband because I was submitting myself
to the Lord!

I had to sign over custody of our children to my husband and although this hurt
to do in just signing the papers it hurt even worse when the day came and they
were taken the way they were. I have trusted God though in all of this and I am
actually still following the principles and making plans to move closer to my
family (husband and children) the first of October. My husband wants me to
move up, so I am out of obedience. I have come to perfect peace in the Lord
and have truly taken Him on as my Husband and He is the one guiding me
through this all. See in my present situation it looks as if I'm about to be
homeless, divorced and paying child support for our children. It seems horrible
and it looks really bad for me in the world’s eyes but thank God I don't have to
worry about what the world thinks because I'm following my Lord and I know He
has my best at heart. God has allowed all of this for my good. He used my first
ever praise report for such a time as this to let me know that He has me in his
hands, He has it ALL in His hands because that is where I took it in the
beginning to Him. And to top all of this off the lesson I am on today the key that
I said I needed to put into practice on my journey I am able to do right now. And
that is Encourage others, share of Gods goodness, be a blessing to someone,
sow hope!

So I thank God ladies and BE ENCOURAGED!!!!!!! God is faithful to do ALL He

says He will do. No I do not have a restored marriage but I can tell you what I
do have, A Husband who loves me for me, who has my best interest at heart,
He never leaves me, He is always here to hold me, He wipes all my tears away
and He gives me a radiance like no other! The Lord of Host is His name! For
this I am complete and restored to who I need to be! I know without a doubt it
has all been worked out for my good!

And again Priscilla wrote in to share more WONDERFUL PRAISE…….

I want to thank God for just loving me and showing His love for me in the little
things that end up having such great impact!

Yesterday was my 7th wedding anniversary and I was of course alone. My

husband and children are on the other side of the country. I was feeling kind of
down just a bit because I miss them all. Anyways I was talking to My Husband
the Lord and I was telling Him it would be nice if I could get some sort of sign or
something that my husband cares or is thinking of me, anything like that. I got
nothing though. So I asked the Lord to forgive me for longing for anything other
than His love. As I watched the clock closing out this day my mom came home
from her church service right before midnight and said here the First Lady
wanted me to give you this. It was a bottle of scented body lotion! It made me
smile and rejoice because I knew it was from My Husband telling me He loves
me, He cares about me, and He will supply all my needs. ( I had just said
earlier today Lord I need some more lotion I'm running out! I like scented lotions
and body creams but they are usually pricey and I have no money to buy any.)
Well here was God answering not one but two prayers and confirming and
letting me know he IS MY HUSBAND! Seeing the Lord move and work like that
for me just keeps me in awe of Him. I was blessed today with an anniversary
gift inspite of my situation and I was given a refreshing in Him.

Be encouraged ladies! God loves you and longs to be your everything! Let him!
Take your eyes off of your situation and focus on God. I know it can be hard
sometimes but when you catch yourself longing for your mate or your children
ask the Lord to take it away and feel your heart and mind with Him! He can and
will do it. Just trust and believe that He has it all in His hands working out for
you if you gave it to Him. Soon enough you will reap your harvest just stay
faithful! Thank God for what you have with Him now and press for an even
deeper relationship. That's what I have been doing and He has been keeping
me ever since!

~Priscilla in Texas

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