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What if #Q , #QAnon and

#TheGreatAwakening are Real?
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Jul 30, 2018 · 41 min read

Written by:Robert Patrick Lewis

What if #Q, #QAnon and #TheGreatAwakening are Real?

By this point you may have heard Q mentioned online, whether in

conservative circles or somewhere in your social media feed. You likely
didn’t pay too much attention to it, as many of us have known for a long
time that nefarious, shady and corrupt elements exist within our

If you’ve looked into anything regarding The Clinton Foundation you

probably made a reasonable guess that she had been likely selling her
presidency since her time at the State Department, but perhaps you
didn’t go much further down the rabbit hole to see exactly who she was
selling favors to, nor what those favors were.

And though it was rather quiet when Q rst began posting, as of late
there has been a full-court press by the Mainstream Media [MSM] to
establish him (them) as a conspiracy theory as the
#TheGreatAwakening grows from a small underground group on
obscure websites to a full-blown movement.

But some strange coincidences have been occuring in our lives here at
Heroes Media Group lately, and as someone who’s seen too much of the
world to believe in coincidences I decided to dig deeper into what was
going on.

First, there was the interview with General Flynn, former head of
the Defense Intelligence Agency on Straight Outta Combat Radio
here on Heroes Media Group. We received a lot of both positive and
negative engagement from that, and it was a bit puzzling for me. As the
Chief Marketing O cer for HMG I pay a lot of attention to high levels of
engagement to our website and our social media channels, and let’s just
say there were some interesting data points that came from it.

Shortly after that, our CEO went to a small conference regarding cyber
terrorism and some very bad things that people are using the internet
to do. For a long time those bad actors were able to hide their actions
through various proxies, and as he learned at the conference it seems
some of those bad actors may have had help from a few major tech
companies to hide their actions.

Adam was approached by some interesting individuals at the

conference with a few potential opportunities to promote the great
things our military intelligence units are currently doing to combat bad
actors, and when he and I discussed our moving forward on these
opportunities I began to do a little research.

As I dug into what’s been going on I found QAnon.Pub , a site that lists
every single “data dump” that Q has posted since October 28th of last
year (2017) along with “answers” from the Anons (anonymous users
on 4Chan and 8Chan) who have been helping research his cryptic
riddles and provide cross-referenced answers, links to news stories,
YouTube videos and other data points to verify the conclusions and
provide “proofs.”

[Note: if you have an inquisitive mind and want to go have a look at the
website yourself, take care to read in chronological order. It’s set up so
you need to scroll all the way down and read posts from right to left,
from bottom to top. This is very important, and you can check the date
& time stamps on each to ensure you’re reading in order. You may want
to start with the YouTube video by Praying Medic QAnon for
Beginners which explains much more than I can in the con nes of this

If you’re an especially cynical person such as myself, you will likely

demand proof that these claims are true and not just an extremely
intricate and well-planned LARP [Live Action Role Playing, the online
version of cat shing or a hoax]. Thankfully there are thousands of
researchers and “Anons” [Anonymous users on 4chan, 8chan, Reddit,
Twitter and others] who have taken to researching every single line,
question and proposal from Q to ensure validity and connect the dots.

And as Q has asked us, “at what point does it become mathematically
impossible to be a coincidence?” I beg you to look for yourself and
decide. As with many things in life, taken in isolation many of his
“proofs” could be written o as coincidence. But when you take a
macro view and look at the totality of his predictions and proofs, we are
way beyond that mathematical “point of no return” already.

And it seems as if he’s just getting warmed up.

If you don’t have the time to research yourself, or even read through
the answers provided on , check out this “Q Proofs” video
by Praying Medic on YouTube (the same person as listed above). Of
all the soldiers enlisted in the QAnon ght, Praying Medic seems to be
the easiest to understand and best at breaking it down & connecting the
dots in an easy to understand format for we “normies” [people who
aren’t tech savvy enough to spend much time on 4chan or 8chan or
who haven’t taken the red pill yet].

However, if you consider yourself a logic ninja, able to solve puzzles &
crack codes with the best of them, Serial Brain 2 on Reddit is just
genius enough to make your head hurt. But in a good way.

Having only seen tidbits of what Q had put out previously via my
Twitter and Facebook feeds, nding was an avalanche of
information. I had always been skeptical, but in legal terms we could
refer to these dumps, when read in chronological order along with
cross-referencing and answers, as a “preponderance of evidence.” I was
blown away.
I’m the type of person who wakes up every morning and reads the Wall
Street Journal to begin my normal morning routine, adding bits and
pieces from other news sources throughout the day to ensure I’m not
getting all of my news from one place. And I began to see pieces of a
puzzle emerge as I read further into the website.

Who is Q?

While Q has taken great care to remain anonymous, he (or possibly

they) has given enough clues for us to surmise that he is either a
member of the Military Intelligence community or NSA. Whichever is
his true posting, he has made it painfully clear that he is somehow
extremely closely connected to President Trump.

He has proven this through multiple methods: posting pictures from Air
Force One or of The President before they’re made public, giving
speci c details about things President Trump will say or do (sometimes
months before they are made public), posting pictures of executive
orders before they are made public and even working speci c phrases
requested by the Anons into some of President Trump’s speeches and
Twitter posts for veri cation.

One of the most amusing is a Twitter picture posted celebrating the

electoral college victory on Air Force 1 with President Trump and
several sta members. I’ve seen this picture deconstructed in several
ways, with one Anon discovering that if you connected the thumbs of
each of the people in the picture, it forms a Q.

But digging a little deeper, if you inspect the data le of the picture
itself another coded message is hidden in the le name, which includes
“Do it Q.” Twitter is supposed to assign a random lename to each
media le uploaded, and I’ll leave it to you to construct the statistical
chances that a lename uploaded by President Trump has “Do it Q” in

But those are far from the only “proofs” that Q has given us. As I’m
nishing this article, it’s just become mainstream information that
Huber was appointed by Sessions to convene a grand jury outside of DC
to work on prosecuting “The Swamp.” But those of us who have been
paying attention to Q have known about that for quite some time.
The recent news that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of
Twitter lost nearly 20% each on share price was also foretold many
months ago by Q, as many of his hints indicate these two and their
companies are entirely complicit in the alleged masterpiece of deceit
which Q has shone a light on for us.

What is Q Telling US?

So that’s the “who” in Q, but what is he telling us? Ultimately, he is

breaking down the cast of characters, methods, locations and missions
which make up the leadership of what has been named “The Deep

He’s not the rst to call out some of these characters, and many a
conspiracy theory has emerged that names some of the most notable on
his target list: George Soros, Saudi Prince Al-waleed bin Talal, Evelyn
de Rothschild, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Barack Obama, James
Clapper, Paul Brennan, James Comey, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi,
Maxine Waters and many others.

But what is he telling us they’ve been up to? There are far too many
plots and missions listed in his drops to cover everything in one article,
so I’ve done the best I can to capture the “40,000 foot view” with a few
of the most notable examples below.

In the macro sense, it all leads to the same basic premise: the Deep
state has existed in our nation for a very long time, comprised of the
Senior Executive Service (SES), corrupt politicians, rogue intelligence
agents and foreign powers attempting to either usurp power from the
US or brainwash our populace to do their bidding.

Q tells us this has gone relatively unchecked for decades, with many of
these plots culminating in a string of Manchurian Candidates running
for (and several winning) the o ce of the President of the United

Connecting the dots with the drops from Q, it does not seem that
Barack Obama was the rst (he’s not a fan of George W. Bush or John
McCain either), but these bad actors were so assured that Hillary
Clinton would win the rigged election that they got sloppy and didn’t
take enough countermeasures to cover their tracks well.
Why would they do that? “She wasn’t supposed to lose” is a frequent
comment in Q’s riddles, indicating they expected so fully that she
would win that they didn’t believe any of this would ever come to light
as those most complicit were elevated to higher positions of authority
and the size of the Deep State grew deeper and stretched further across
the globe.

It does seem that the rising divisiveness in our nation was planned, and
there was to be a culmination of many plots coming together under the
Hillary Clinton presidency. If you’ve noticed the extreme rise of racial
division, social justice warriors, corruption and slanted media stories,
Q tells us that none of that is a coincidence; it was all planned and has
been in the works for a very long time.

Some may have trouble understanding why any group of people would
come together for such a nefarious plot, but you have to take a truly
open look at who the cast of characters named in the Q drops are:
people who owe allegiance to no nation and are megalomaniacs, more
concerned with power and money than morals.

If you’ve ever wondered why George Soros has been a central gure in
so many conspiracy theories, a large part of it has to do with his
character and what he’s done in the past (proven conspiracy facts, not
conspiracy theories).

While there is a vivid debate about the claims that he was a Nazi
sympathizer when his home in Hungary was occupied as a child, there
is no question about his role in attempting to “break” the Bank of
England and destroy the British currency for his own pro t. He,
like some other successful investors, is very keen at making money from
chaos — which may be a key as to why he is linked to many of the social
unrest movements in this nation.

Why Now?

So why now? If this Deep State plot has been in the works for so long,
why has Q waited until now to surface and alert the public and patriots
to their evil plot to destroy the nation?

As Q tells us, the recent rise in technology (both for personal use and
intelligence gathering) has led to the ability to track many of these
nefarious individuals and collect enough evidence of their plots and
crimes to nally put an end to it.

But despite the preponderance of evidence, there was still another

piece of the puzzle needed to enact justice upon those who would harm
our nation for their own pro t: we needed someone who could take on
the the Deep State and put an end to their plans.

An important Q drop that tells us why this is happening now came in

the form of a simple rhetorical question: “was Trump asked to run for

Trump has been speaking about political topics and the need for
America to have a strong leader who puts her best interests rst for
decades. He has had close ties to and been a strong, vocal supporter of
the military for a very long time, and when the 2016 campaign
planning began it seems some of the patriots who saw what was
happening to our nation decided he would be the man to right the
wrongs that have corrupted our nation’s leaders.

Kabuki Theatre and Podesta Misdirection

One aspect of Q’s drops that even some of his most fervent supporters
have a hard time taking on faith is his constant reminder that
everything we are currently seeing is Kabuki Theatre; the congressional
hearings, meetings abroad with former enemies (of which Q tells us
that all negotiations were nalized before the rst public meeting),
public ghting between Trump and his cabinet (especially Sessions)
and other parts of the “movie” as Q calls it, are merely for show.

Again, taken in isolation many of these ideas don’t seem to hold much
water. But once you’ve seen the entirety of what Q has been putting
out, it all begins to fall into place and make sense.

One of the key strategies outlined by Sun Tzu in “The Art of War” is to
ensure that you have won a battle before you begin. This is highlighted
time and again by Q, who tells us that President Trump and his team
already have everything they need to win this war, but that things need
to occur in stages not only to follow the letter of the law, but also to
slowly warm the American public to the level of conspiracy and evil
deeds that have been visited upon us.
But why go to such lengths? Partly, he tells us, because the American
public could neither comprehend nor mentally accept the dark reality
of who has taken over our nation, how long they’ve had dark minions in
place and just how nefarious their actions are.

The Podesta Emails and Russia Hoax are one of the clearest images
of Kabuki Theatre we’ve seen so far, and the one that makes me the
most upset. You have to give it to the DNC…even if Trump is the
ultimate 4D chess master as Q would have you believe, the DNC are the
ninjas of misdirection and reframing of issues.

Here’s the key point that everyone seems to have forgotten: nobody
from the DNC, not Podesta, Hillary or any others have said that the
emails were fraudulent. They have successfully redirected all of our
attention to Russia and the hoax that Russia hacked their emails (and
somehow the election), but they’ve never come out to say the emails were
not authentic.

Why does that matter? In case the Russia hand-wringing and gnashing
of teeth has made you forget, the Podesta emails were full of code
words that even the FBI admits are used by pedophiles and human
tra ckers.

The DNC emails clearly show that the Democratic party not only has
signi cant disdain for the very people they pander to every 4 years for
votes, but that they rigged the primaries to knock Bernie Sanders o
the ticket and let Hillary through.

Forgot about that, didn’t you? Don’t feel bad…again, they’re the ninjas
of reframing and misdirection.

But Q hasn’t let us forget.

And lest you forget due to the complete blackout from the MSM, not
only have the people who delivered and posted the leaked emails
(Julian Assange and KimDotCom) stated emphatically that they did not
come from Russian sources, so have a team of former NSA and CIA
tech analysts named the VIP’s who showed through various forms of
technical analysis that it absolutely must have come from an internal
leak…someone who could have taken the data via a ash drive rather
than remote hack.
The Patriots

If Q is correct, Admiral Rogers (former head of the NSA), General Flynn

(former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency), Je Sessions and
many others have been writing a symphony of destruction for the The
Swamp & Deep State since long before Trump announced his

Admiral Rogers was the rst person it seems who became privy to the
knowledge that something shy was going on speci cally with the FBI.
In 2015 an auditor with the NSA noticed irregularities with the
surveillance being conducted by the FBI, which was meant to target
foreigners in the US but also, by proximity, collected intelligence on
American citizens.

At Rogers direction the NSA began a full audit of the irregularities and
found that the FBI had been collecting information on candidate Trump
and sharing that information with private contractors (allegedly from
the Democratic National Committee and Fusion GPS).

Admiral Rogers went to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

[FISC] to alert them to these irregularities (and that they had been lied
to in the FBI’s surveillance requests), and although the court issued a
99 page opinion titled “The Improper Disclosure of Raw Intelligence
about Americans to Unauthorized Individuals” in April of 2017 the
MSM didn’t even pick that story up and have buried it far away from
their current narrative.

The paper was highly redacted before being released to the public, and
as it is quite long I’ll give you a little help: if you want to get to the good
stu , skip to page 83, section D titled “Issues Arising Under the FBI
Minimization Procedures.”

While the version we can see is highly redacted, the version that
Congressman Devin Nunes has in his possession is not; he has seen the
names, and if you’ve ever questioned why he has so much re and
fervor in his attacks against the Deep State, FBI and DOJ you needn’t
look any further…the focus of his attacks can give you a pretty good
idea of how to ll in the blanks when looking at the redacted version.

If you don’t want to toil through the entire 99 page document as I did
researching this article, you can watch this 30 minute interview with
former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova who breaks down the entire
timeline of events and signi cance of the court’s’ opinion.

Are you wondering why you’ve never heard about this paper from the
mainstream media, even after the opinion was released as unclassi ed
by the court and is now a public document?

Welcome to the game.

Admiral Rogers understood that if candidate Trump had been

improperly spied upon by the FBI, who had in turn been allowing
civilian contractors (allegedly from his opposition party) access to the
data there must have been some form of a plot to use any intel

Rogers made an uno cial visit to Trump in November of 2016 (shortly

after the election) to brief and alert him to these actions by the FBI,
DNC and Fusion GPS. It was the very next day that Trump moved his
entire sta out of Trump tower (which Rogers had informed him was
bugged) to Bedminster, New Jersey where the transition team stayed
until Trump tower was de-bugged.

The point needs to be made that when Trump made the announcement
this was going on he was openly mocked by the media, rebuked by
Obama himself and became the butt of many a joke in DC and on left-
leaning talk shows. Keep reading to understand why this tactic is so
integral to the left & the Deep State with their constant need to retort,
reframe and redirect the truth.

Moves and Countermoves

When James Clapper (DNI) and Paul Brennan (CIA) discovered that
Rogers had reported their activities to now President-Elect Trump, they
immediately went to Obama and asked that Rogers be red.

It should also be noted that Brennan and Clapper have been some of
the most vocal opponents of Trump, and it was Brennan who rst
brought up the idea of Russian collusion (now proven to be completely
false) after receiving questionable intelligence from an eastern-bloc
country (so he says — we haven’t actually been given that intelligence),
which led to the wiretapping of Trump tower and creation of the now
infamous Steele dossier (which has been shown to have been funded by
the DNC and comprised of zero corroborating evidence).

Understanding the restorm that would erupt if Obama red Rogers for
being a whistleblower during his last days in o ce, Obama refrained
from taking any action and the DNC instead conspired with the MSM to
re-frame the issue and begin an all-out attack on Trump and his

But while the MSM and Deep State were beginning to formulate a plan
to attack Trump and hide their own nefarious actions, Trump and his
team began enacting the blueprint they had already created to take
down the Deep State.

Between Trump’s contacts, experience & associations in elite circles of

wealth and power, understanding of messaging and entertainment to
keep an audience’s attention and Rogers & Flynn’s knowledge of
“where the bodies are buried” they brought a team together to begin to
bring our nation back to its’ true intention and path: to Make America
Great Again.

And again, because the team had collected all of the evidence they
needed through the DIA, Military Intelligence and NSA, Q tells us that
most of everything you are seeing right now is nothing more than
Kabuki Theatre, meant to prepare the public for what is going to

In a strategy that seems to have come directly from Machiavelli and Sun
Tzu, the team has been brilliant in feigning weakness before an attack,
misdirecting their opponents from their true intentions and keeping
their cards very close to their chests as Sessions has quietly amassed
nearly 40,000 sealed indictments, arrested multiple human and sex
tra cking rings totaling nearly 3,000 arrests and “cutting the strings”
of funding for many of the corrupt politicians who have put America up
for sale.

But enough of the who, when and why. What exactly has Q been
spilling the beans about? I’ve captured all that I can in the article below,
and I ask that you please research this on your own in order to get the
full picture. I’ve included as many of the high-level concepts as possible,
but there are so many micro-pictures and plots that it would take a
novel to capture them all.
Yet even if only one of the plots outlined below were true and the rest
were purely disinformation, it would still be enough to try the
conspirators for treason.

Why Has President Trump Surrounded Himself & His Cabinet with
Marine Generals?

Due to the intelligence at his disposal and evidence of just how large
the Deep State had grown, Trump knew that he had to be very careful
about who he could trust. Given that powerful members of the Deep
State were present in the FBI and CIA (who he already had evidence
were spying on him), congress and the senate, President-Elect Trump
knew that he had to surround himself with patriots and people whom
he could trust.

An important factor in his strategy is understanding the hierarchy of

various aspects of the intelligence world. The CIA (which Trump knew
had rogue agents) and FBI both answer to Congress as their “boss,” but
there is a key alternate title for the President of the United States which
shows exactly who owes him 100% allegiance: Commander-in-Chief.

While a corrupt congress has oversight over the military, their true boss
lies in one person: The President. Knowing that he could maintain
complete oversight and leadership over the military, Trump sta ed his
cabinet with Generals and former Generals whom he knew he could

In terms of intelligence, thanks to a change in post-9/11 missions

Trump still had an array of powerful intelligence assets under his
control. The military intelligence network, in both MI units, the
Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA — formerly led by Flynn] and
National Security Agency [NSA, which falls under the Department of
Defense] were all assets that he could directly control, lead and trust.

One major bene t of using Military Intelligence over their counterparts

also lies in the punishment for leaks: a military member leaking
intelligence to a journalist will carry a much more serious o ense than
their counterparts would, and as we have seen from the FBI and their
connections to many of the media leaks the MI units were the only ones
he could trust.
Have a look at the June 16 drop from Q to get not only a picture of
the hierarchy of “leaked” reporting, but also a full list of journalists
reported by Wikileaks as having colluded with the DNC and Hillary
campaign in the 2016 election cycle.

Furthermore, the Commander-in-Chief has executive authority over the

Marine Corps, which he can task for special duties under certain
circumstances. This lead to his preference for Marine Generals and
even replacing some of this Secret Service agents with Marines until he
knew who he could trust within that organization.

The Plant (Manafort) and Who Really Ran the Trump Election

The only public charges to come from Mueller’s investigation thus far
are laughable: General Flynn for lying to the FBI (about actions that
were completely legal and have been recognized to not actually have
been lies) and Paul Manafort for actions that he took long before
becoming a member of the Trump campaign.

So rstly, why would General Flynn plead guilty to a crime that wasn’t
actually a crime, and charges for which he has been proven innocent
of? This seems to be a bit of a conundrum, but Q has made drops which
shed light on this issue: it’s all part of the plan, and was the only way in
which they could get Flynn’s testimony about bad actors in the Deep
State on the record without alerting their enemies that moves were
being made against them.

Remember, as head of the DIA and a member of the Obama

administration Flynn had been privy to everything from Benghazi to
the OIF/OEF wars and any other intelligence the MI complex got their
hands on. As has been said many times by the Anons, Flynn knows
where the bodies are buried.

The most interesting Q drop, however, is that Manafort was a plant

intended to take heat o the true campaign manager and to let the
Deep State believe they had or would get some dirt on Trump.

As Sun Tzu said, “feign weakness and draw your enemy to attack.” If you
think back to the campaign, the constant drumbeat was that Trump’s
campaign was always on the ropes, just one more resignation away
from utter collapse.
But if you believe Q and the research dug up by the Anons, that was all
part of the plan.

By having a constant changing of the guard in terms of campaign

managers, the Trump team e ectively did two things: rst, they
allowed their enemies to get lazy and overcon dent, believing, (as the
MSM did) that there was no way he could possibly win with a
campaign that was in so much chaos.

But the most brilliant success of the plan? The constant focus on the
changing campaign managers allowed the true campaign manager
(Jared Kushner) to do his work without interruption.

And by having such an allegedly sleazy manager as Manafort, well

known in DC for a lack of morals, Trump knew that all of the focus and
many of his enemies e orts would focus solely on Manafort…who has
stated in interviews that he didn’t do much for the actual campaign.

Bring a new campaign manager on board but sterilize and

compartmentalize him as he collects heat like a scandal magnet?
Sounds like a brilliant move that both The Prince (Machiavelli) and The
General (Sun Tzu) would be proud of.

Saudi Arabia and America for Sale

Do you remember the recent shift in power in Saudi Arabia, bringing

the news that many high-level members of their government had been
locked in a hotel for interrogation with many nding themselves later
in jail? I read about it when it happened, heard a few reports on NPR,
noted that it was strange and let it fall out of my focus as it dropped
almost entirely from the mainstream media talking points.

But if you believe the Q data dumps there is a lot more to that story
than our media and its reporting on the incident would have you
believe, and the rabbit hole goes very deep. Quite contrary to the media
narratives of this story, the Q data dumps have cross-referenced links to
the speci cs to show you the “5 W’s: who, what, why, where and

Let’s dig into that rst point; why would the media be inclined to either
skew that as an event unrelated to interests here in the United States, or
let it drop o our radar entirely?
Follow the money.

There is one particular individual, Prince Al-waleed bin Talal who was
rounded up and held under armed guard at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh
back in January, along with 10 other princes and hundreds of Saudi
businessmen. The charges: corruption.

Another important point to make before we get into the speci cs: it was
reported that Jared Kushner made an unannounced visit to Saudi
Arabia just days before the corruption probe locked their targets up in
the Ritz Carlton. Q tells us this was not a coincidence: he reports that
Kushner required a face-to-face meeting with Crown Prince
Mohammad bin Salman to inform him of those corrupt individuals who
were plotting to usurp his power.

Now you have to ask yourself: just how corrupt do you have to be in
order to be charged with corruption in a kingdom which is probably
known more for its massive corruption than the oil that the money
comes from? What sinister act could the Prince Al-waleed have done to
require the $1 billion bail that was set for his release?

More importantly, what type of corruption was he involved in? There

haven’t been many talking points in the US media discussing the
speci cs, but the Q dumps have provided quite a few, including links to
his massive donations to The Clinton Foundation, Nancy Pelosi and
her foundation, Maxine Waters and her foundation, John McCain’s
foundation and many others (McCain is considered so traitorous by Q
that he is simply referred to as “we don’t say his name,” and along with
the prince you will see donations from the Soros “Open Society
Foundation” to McCain listed via the link above.”)

The last one begs an important question: why would a Saudi billionaire
be donating many tens of millions of dollars to the foundations of
speci c, powerful US politicians? Unlike a campaign contribution these
don’t have to go directly to the campaign and the amount isn’t
regulated like regular campaign contributions. What do these
foundations do that would have such a warm spot in this man’s heart?

And is it a coincidence that those Democrat politicians (and “we don’t

say his name”) who took bribes…I mean “donations”… from the prince
are the ones yelling the loudest and most vicious anti-Trump rhetoric?
Q tells us there are no coincidences in this game of 4D chess.
Q put his Anons on the trail of these politicians by asking one simple
question, which you will never see answered by them and will be re-
directed any time it’s asked: how does a civil servant, on a civil
servant’s salary, become a multi-deca-millionaire while serving in
o ce?

He speci cally lists the multiple multi-million dollar homes owned by

each of these politicians (especially Maxine Waters, who doesn’t even
live in her own district), and simply asks us to reconcile how in the
world their net worths became so high on a civil servant’s salary.

Have you ever wondered why, under the guise of “religious freedom”
over the past few years an American high school will re a coach for
praying with his players before a game, yet show Islamic indoctrination
videos to its students? It seems as if Q is giving us the answer.

What else would the prince be involved in regarding crooked politicians

and ensuring that the narrative they wanted to push was the only one
propagated in the minds of the US populace?

As it turns out, the prince owned 34.9 million shares of Twitter along
with a bevy of other media and social media companies. His portfolio
for Kingdom Holdings also included a large ownership of satellite tv
networks, Newscorp, Citigroup and a large number of other tech
companies here in the US.

By virtually owning our media, social media and politicians through

stocks and “donations” to foundations, this man has found the most
vile way to spread his faith imaginable: by in ltrating a nation through
its most corrupt politicians.

As it turns out another name very popular in conspiracy theories pops

up as a large owner of several social media companies in George Soros.
So why did George (GS) sell his holdings in US tech & social media
companies (Twitter, Facebook, Apple & SNAP) after the election?

How does Twitter play into this story?

Twitter, Facebook and Google

Have you wondered why the social media giants have taken such a
strong stance on demonetizing the videos from conservative speakers
(and even Joe Rogan, who would be a far cry to label as conservative),
even taking to labeling them as hate speech for merely portraying
conservative values or questioning liberal and social justice warrior

If you follow the Q drops, this is not something they came up with on
their own. Q has even gone so far as to say that the people who we have
been told created Facebook & Twitter (Zuckerberg & Dorsey) aren’t the
people who actually created the technology, but rather that it’s nothing
more than a tool for nefarious characters to spy on us.

Let’s start with Twitter. While many in the media and on the left have
lambasted The President to no end for his use of Twitter, those of us
who follow Q understand exactly why he does it. President Trump has
taken great pains to show us that most of the major networks
(especially CNN) are “fake news,” and as Q tells us this is all on

Have you noticed how many retractions CNN and Time magazine (both
owned by the same person, with large investment holdings from the
Saudi prince mentioned above) have had to make for publishing
incorrect, staged or outright fake stories since The President was
elected (see: kids in cages)?

Knowing that the MSM will skew and spin anything he says, The
President and his team have opted to use Twitter as his voice directly to
the people, allowing him to send clear messages to the public without
the media having a chance to spin it rst.

His use of Twitter also gives him a chance to send codes to those of us in
The Great Awakening.

The “covfefe” tweet was the rst I heard of The President sending
cryptic messages, and the following statement by Sean Spicer (as
published in the Reuters article linked above) should have let us know
that he was up to something:

“I think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he
meant,” Spicer added when asked why the Tweet remained uncorrected for
so long on Trump’s personal @realDonaldTrump account.
But most of us didn’t take too much notice, as after the left triggered
and ran out of steam the media moved on to another outrage du jour
and it fell from the headlines. But Q has shown us that almost any time
The President misspells a tweet or sends a cryptic message that most
don’t understand, there is an underlying meaning…usually explained
to those of us following Q days, weeks or even months in advance.

Do you remember the story of the Secret Service telling The President
that he had to stop using Twitter for fear of security concerns? Did you
ever stop to think about why a tweet could be such a threat to The

It’s not the nature of the tweets, but what Twitter really does behind the
scenes: highly targeted geo-tracking, with an ability for Twitter (and
the CIA, as Q would tell you) to know exactly where you are at any
time. Why would Twitter need that ability to simply post 140 quirky

Q has even taken to posting alleged snippets of alleged conversations

between Pelosi and Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter), with Pelosi
informing him of the various agencies taking interest in his technology
and the protection she can provide him.

And then there are the secret accounts Q tells us the members of the
Obama administration had on Twitter, provided by @Jack (Dorsey) to
allow them to communicate in private…but, as Q eludes, thanks to the
NSA [No Such Agency in Q speak] nothing is truly private, nor is
anything ever truly deleted.

Which brings us to Google.

Not only has Google been the spearhead of the social justice warrior
movement, ring one of their engineers for merely writing a memo
questioning some of the companies anti-conservative practices, but as
Q tells it they have been up to some rather nefarious practices and are
complicit in many of the Hillary Clinton scandals.

Q states that although the Clinton email scandal made headlines, not
much has been said about Google allowing members of the Obama
administration to communicate in what they thought were secret
communications (by logging on to a single Gmail account and
writing/reading “drafts” rather than sending anything to try and stay
o the NSA radar — which Q tells us did not keep them o the radar at

Q routinely tells us that the “No Such Agency” [NSA] hears all, sees all
and has all. He further explores the history of Edward Snowden,
showing that Snowden actually worked for the CIA before going to
the NSA via Booz Allen and that the purpose of his “leaks” was not to
expose what the NSA was doing, but to re a salvo in the “behind the
scenes” intelligence war that has been raging between our intelligence
agencies. I’d love to go down this thread with you here, but
unfortunately there just isn’t enough time…please check out to catch up on this thread, as it’s extremely interesting.

One of the common themes and requests from Q is to track the

resignation of CEO’s, politicians and others who have voiced their
desire not to seek re-election. Q attributes this to the understanding
that the Deep State conspiracy goes so deep that if everyone were
thrown in jail for their actions it would harm the nation and our view of
her institutions irreparably.

As Q frequently tells us, 80% of the “draining of the swamp” is being

done in private, with only 20% slated to be made public in order to
retain a semblance of order and not taint the entirety of our political

If you aren’t tracking the resignations of politicians and CEO’s since the
election, here’s a good list from one Anon who is and has put
everything into an easy to view Tableau dashboard. You’ll notice
that several high-pro le execs from the Google team have resigned
recently; I’ll note that while this cannot be considered proof of
anything, it is peculiar.

Eric Schmidt may be one such casualty, as he stepped down from his
position as chairman of Google parent company Alphabet in December
of 2017. Q talks about Schmidt quite a bit, asking us to look in to why
he [ES in Q’s drops] was in North Korea [NK]?

And in yet another interesting coincidence, Schmidt resigned his

position the day after President Trump signed his executive order on
human tra cking, which allowed law enforcement to seize any and all
assets of human rights violators. Perhaps this is just coincidence, but it
is interesting timing for something that Q has speci cally asked his
followers to track.

As Reuters reported about Schmidt’s trip there was quite a bit of

speculation and public disdain from the State Department regarding
his decision to be there. Another strange wrinkle is the claim from the
same report that o cials from the North Korean government visited
the Google headquarters in 2011.

There have also been a few headlines lately of Google employees

voicing their disdain to the leadership about their projects with the
DoD and CIA…and here’s an article from Wired detailing just how
deep that rabbit hole goes.

Which Finally Brings us to Facebook

One extremely interesting Q drop for anyone who’s become cautious

about the social network comes in a simple listing of dates. As shown
in this article and the Facebook corporate information, the CIA
(through DARPA) killed its’ LifeLog project (a database to track a
person’s entire existence) on the same day that Facebook was formed.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why Facebook is entirely built upon
asking you to divulge every aspect of your life, how you’re connected to
di erent people and where you are at all times? If you’re even slightly
tech-savvy, you understand what their Pixel beacons are, and the ability
it gives Facebook (and anyone else inside of their database) to track
every single thing you do online, whether on the social networking site
or not.

And Prince Al-waleed also owns 30 million shares.

Why Snopes & Wikipedia are Not to Be Trusted with Fact Checking
(even if Facebook say they are)

While the Snopes connection isn’t mentioned by Q, it should be noted

that Facebook, which Q has warned us about, is partnering with
Snopes to provide “fact checking” for posts and articles. I recently read
this article in Forbes titled “Fact Checking the Fact Checkers” which
outlines just how reluctant Snopes is to tell anyone what their fact
nding process is, or who their fact checkers are.
This Daily Mail article will give you some background on the type of
person who steers the ship at Snopes, and if you’ve had a look at their
website in the past year it’s pretty obvious what side of the political
spectrum the owner falls on.

If you are a follower of Q, you’ve been told numerous times that social
media is not your friend and that nefarious characters are attempting to
use it in order to in uence your opinion and control the masses. Many
may see that as a stretch, but when you look at the common
denominator in ownership of all of these companies, coupled with their
recent anti-conservative bias at the very least it should make you begin
to question whether they are acting in your best interests or someone

The MSM Mockingbird Media

Why have there been so many retractions and outright false stories
reported by the media (mainly CNN) since The President took o ce? Q
has told us exactly why CNN is considered “fake news” by The
President, and this may very well be the hardest pill of all for many to

Q often refers to the MSM as the “Mockingbird Media,” and that is not
by chance. Have you ever heard of Operation Mockingbird?

The video linked above is from a House Intelligence Committee hearing

in which the Director of the CIA admitted to having agents submitting
articles for publication in major American news journals, but will not
go on the record in the open hearing as to whether they have agents
placed in the management of said organizations.

The head of CBS in the same video, however, has no problem admitting
to their presence and oversight. This video was from a hearing several
decades ago, and although the CIA has stated they discontinued the
program you have to stop for a second and ask yourself: do you really
think they would stop a program that was so successful?

More importantly, does our current state of a airs in the media seem
like something shy is going on? The left constantly parrots the term
“the credible media” to attack any non-MSM stories that nd their way
to the public, but how many detractions & fake, planted stories have to
be discovered before the title of “credible” media loses all credibility?
I studied behavioral economics (the study of why we do what we do
and how we make decisions) during my time working for Omnicom,
and the thing that rst clued me in that we were not getting the whole
truth from our media was their constant use of behavioral economics
tactics to reframe issues and beat whatever message they wanted to get
across into our heads.

I’m sure many of you have seen the “this is what mind control looks
like” video making the rounds on social media. How would they all
have the same exact talking points, and why would all MSM outlets
(save for Fox news, typically) break the same stories at the same time
on the same days, an unhealthy portion of which are quickly
discredited or dropped?

Do you believe this is just an unwarranted conspiracy theory? Just ask

former CNN journalist Amber Lyon, who discovered the levels of
treachery in the MSM when she attempted to report on the beginning
of the Arab Spring in Bahrain.

Wait, wasn’t the Arab Spring in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Tunisia? Amber
tells us there is a key reason there wasn’t much reporting on Bahrain,
which by her accounts was much worse than anywhere else with the
violent government crackdown on protests with lethal force.

The reason: the Navy’s 5th eet is stationed there, and not only did our
government not want any bad blood between the US and Bahraini
government, but she reported that CNN openly takes money from
governments who wish to stay out of bad news stories.

Listen to her interview on The Joe Rogan Experience where she

discusses the entire escapade and it will help you understand that our
MSM was bought and paid for a long time ago.

And why is it that every single time a major bombshell revelation

against the left is made public, some form of public outrage, tragic
event or outright fake news story buries it from the airwaves?

Q tells us this is because the MSM are checking Secure Drop (see:
Apache) and getting messages from their handlers at 4am every day.
Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that both founders of Secure Drop were
found dead of alleged suicide.
And this is the key to using behavioral economics against a population
today; regardless of how scant the evidence or improbable the
argument, by using every form of communication you encounter to
parrot the same story over and over they trick you into a false sense of
security, and the repetition forces your brain to believe that it must be

Especially when you see the same narratives parroted when you step
away from the MSM and look at your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Still having trouble believing this? Here’s a great case study: did you
know that both kidnappings and gun violence have reduced over the
past few decades? No, you probably believe that you and your family
are in more danger than you’ve ever been because the media has told
you so. This thought is compounded when any event actually happens
and it dominates the airwaves for days on end, becoming the only news
story you can nd anywhere.

But is the CIA still involved in our media today? Q tells us in no

uncertain terms that they are, and it should be noted that even CNN
darling Anderson Cooper has admitted to spending 2 summers working
at the CIA while he was at Yale. After graduation, with a degree in
political science and no background in journalism he chose to follow
the path that led him to his position as a trusted news source today, and
it should at least lead you to question: is he authentic?

With the constant rhetoric espoused by CNN these days, the constant
drumbeat of division, fear mongering and anti-conservative views
which have become a mainstay of their programming in addition to
their multiple retractions for publishing outright lies it should be
enough at least to make you wonder.

Is CNN really fake news? And if so, is there a purpose to it? Again, a
major ownership by Prince Al-waleed and drops from Q would elude to
the possibility that there very well is.

The Tarmac Meeting Between Bill Clinton (BC) and Loretta Lynch

Another notorious headline that has made the Q drops refers to the
infamous “tarmac meeting” between Loretta Lynch (then AG) and Bill
Clinton. Lynch and Clinton had reported the meeting as a “chance
encounter” that had not been planned…stating that it was just a
coincidence that their planes ended up parked next to each other at Sky
Harbor airport in Phoenix just hours before the Benghazi report was
released and in the middle of the Hillary email scandal.

Sure, just a coincidence.

It has since made the news that the meeting was anything but a chance
encounter, as Lynch’s handlers had made advance preparations with
Bill’s handlers to coordinate the meeting. But Q sheds a little more light
on that story.

The Q drops state that this meeting was not merely the discussion of
“grandkids and golf” as Lynch told the media in her press conference,
but rather a promise from Bill [BC] to Loretta [LL] that if she were able
to make the Hillary email investigation go away, perhaps the SCOTUS
seat of Antonin Scalia would be hers.

Here’s a video of an ABC a liate report of the encounter which

includes LL’s version of the story, but perhaps the more interesting
video is the one that Q shared with us directly. The video from Q is
not the o cial story, but rather one captured by a reporter whom he
alludes was tipped o by his team in advance of the encounter.

The Q video shows Bill walking to LL’s plane between two mystery
women, but Q also shines some light on who one of them is: Amanda
Renteria, a top Clinton campaign aid who also had ambitions to run for
Governor of California.

Renteria has denied any and all claims that she was present at the
meeting, but Q’s version says that she was actually the bridge between
LL and Bill Clinton. There are unveri ed reports of an email between LL
and Renteria stating that “she [LL] wouldn’t let the Clinton
investigation get too far,” but they have been vehemently denied by
Renteria (in 13 separate tweets, no less) although Comey has stated
that the claims “may not be false.”

Bill & Hillary

And now we come to perhaps the one aspect of the entire Q movement
that has the most people interested: Hillary Clinton. She is one of the
strangest examples I can think of where a large amount of the public
was willing to forgo mountains of evidence of corruption and crimes
simply because they were told by the MSM to like someone.

My rst encounter with underground dirt on Hillary was in my

freshman year of college, when my dorm roomate printed and showed
me a thick packet on all of the supposed crimes committed by Bill &
Hillary while they were still in Arkansas, including a rather high body
count of people close to and/or testifying against them who committed
suicide under very strange circumstances.

How someone can commit suicide in the woods by shooting themselves

twice in the head while their hands were tied behind their back is still a
di cult one for me to decipher.

But even as excuses come up for Bill & Hillary, from Whitewater to
Haiti to Benghazi, one must remember the adage: “where there’s smoke,
there’s re.”

The laundry list of alleged crimes committed by Bill & Hillary is not
only long but has been reported (by non-MSM sources of course) ad
nauseam, so I will focus on the one most pertinent to Q’s drops and
which seems to be the real estate upon which is focusing for her coming
trial: Uranium One.

Uranium 1, Pay to Play & Treason

If Q is correct, this is the most brilliant act played out by Trump and his
team. As the DNC and MSM scream Russia collusion and claim treason
that President Trump has even met with Putin, the nails are slowly
being hammered into the Clinton & MSM co ns.

We should also remember that one of Podesta’s leaked emails clearly

shows that the re-framing of the issue to Russia was his idea, as polling
indicated that was where Hillary was weakest given her involvement in
Uranium 1.

But, according to the MSM, that’s not newsworthy.

It should be noted, as often is on the Reddit The Great Awakening

board and by Q that President Trump never asks a question that he
doesn’t already know the answer to, nor makes a claim that he doesn’t
already know is true. Just take a quick look back in history since his
campaign for President: every claim that he made was immediately
lambasted by the MSM, who were eerily silent when that claim turned
out to be veri ed as true several months later.

How are Trump and team using this to their advantage for the alleged
future prosecution of Hillary?

The more the media & Democrats portray Putin as the ultimate enemy,
the more di cult it will be for them to distance themselves from the
Uranium 1 [U1] deal in which Clinton allowed the sale of 20% of US
uranium to Russia allegedly in exchange for $140mm in donations to
the Clinton Foundation.

This is another story that has been reported on ad nauseam, and not
always from the sources you would expect. If you’ve been hiding under
a rock and don’t know much about it, here’s a great article covering
the ins & outs of the U1 scandal, outlining how Loretta Lynch
threatened whistleblowers to the deal, Clinton pocketed huge sums of
cash and helped move the deal along while she was at the State
Department and a smattering of other terrible, treasonous crimes.

But there is one aspect of this story that isn’t being reported much, and
Q does a great job of ensuring we don’t let it drop from the social

Mueller and Rosenstein

Have you ever heard of a judge or prosecutor recusing themselves from

a particular case? This is typically done when that individual is a party
to something involved in the case, and as such cannot be considered to
give a completely unbiased e ort. Sessions recused himself from the
Russia investigation, and while the President acted out a beautiful
scene in the alleged Kabuki Theatre, we must question why other high-
pro le members of the U1 investigation did not.

Namely, Bob Mueller (head of the Special Counsel investigating the

now-disproven Russian Collusion) and Rod Rosenstein (Attorney

Both of these men, having both in positions to have been a party to the
U1 investigation and having had the authority (which they passed on)
to prosecute those actions, should never have been allowed to conduct
the special counsel investigations.

Wait, didn’t you know about that? If you’ve been getting all of your
news from the MSM, most likely not. This is another example of news
that is 100% open source and public domain knowledge, yet we’re
supposed to believe that none of the highly intelligent and diligent
investigative journalists in the MSM have put those pieces together. Or
perhaps they just didn’t think it was newsworthy to report on that fact.

Again, possible in isolation. But when taken in the greater context of

who owns the companies for which they work and the greater drops
given to us by Q it becomes highly unlikely that this was mistakenly

But if this is truly all Kabuki Theatre, it gives us an explanation for

while they are still in place, and perhaps why the “feigning weakness”
strategy is being played again, as members of Congress have asked to
impeach Rosenstein while Sessions defends him.

If Q is correct, there are 1 of 2 reasons for this: either team Trump has
dirt on both and can keep them in line, or the very appointment of
Mueller (a former Marine) was made speci cally to allow the guilty
parties to believe they had one of their own on the inside and would
not face prosecution.

So that begs to question: aside from everything discussed above…if the

Russian collusion was completely disproven long ago, what would
Mueller still be investigating? Could it be that the Russian story was
merely a feint to take the attention o his true investigations?

This also brings us to John Huber, a US attorney from Utah who has
been appointed by Sessions to lead his own special investigation. Yet
again, while this information has just recently been made public, those
of us following Q have known about his appointment for months, along
with the 40,000 sealed indictments (exponentially higher than the
typical number of sealed indictments) which are currently awaiting

Are they working together, on separate cases, or is one merely cover for
the other? I believe we shall soon see.
Iran Deal Used as Nothing More than a Money Transfer

The Iran Deal was highly touted as one of Obama’s nest

accomplishments, yet President Trump has made no qualms about
stating, very publicly, just how much he disliked this deal. I wasn’t a fan
since the beginning, as during my time in Iraq we knew that Iran was
helping in the proxy war against us there, sometimes very openly. If you
spent time in Karbala as I did, you know there were parts of the country
where Iran didn’t even attempt to hide their involvement.

Here’s the rst interview I saw with a former CIA operative

discussing just how bad of a deal it was for us. If you listened to John
Kerry or Obama, this was a shining beacon of light putting our nation
back on friendly ground with Iran. But if you listen to Mike Baker in the
interview above, not only was it a terrible deal but we also had zero
way of keeping them accountable.

And if you listen to Q, the entire operation was nothing more than an
illicit money transfer, never authorized or discussed in Congress and
made completely by executive order. Here’s a great story by Politico
on what a debacle this entire deal was, and just how much it
crippled our nation’s investigations into shady members of the
Iranian intelligence apparatus.

Why would Q tell us this was nothing more than an illicit transfer of
money? Aside from no Congressional oversight, there is perhaps a
much more damning “smoking gun” to the entire incident: if what Q
tells us is correct, the money was own on separate planes, and not all
of them went to Iran.

What Comes Next?

If you are still with me at this point, I thank you. Many people have
questioned what the point of Q really is, given that none of us are
actually prosecuting the guilty parties and we don’t have the
wherewithal to do so.

So what is the point of Q and what is he doing here?

If you are still reading this article, I believe this point was the precisely.
If Trump, Q and their team already have all of the dirt needed to
prosecute everyone for these terrible crimes, our part of this story
doesn’t come in helping him nd evidence, but rather in helping our
own American brothers and sisters discover just how deep the rabbit
hole goes.

The MSM has proven time again that they are entirely unwilling to
cover many of these stories factually and would rather spend their full
force and e ort on trying to spin, re-frame or change the stories.

But I believe the entire point of Q was for him to drop crumbs of
information and put the ball in our court to dig deeper, do more
research and discover on our own exactly what has been going on. As
the nation loses more faith in the MSM every day, this becomes
extremely important. If you can’t trust CNN or any other members of
the MSM, how would they possibly get this information out there, so
that one day seeing politicians and powerful CEO’s being perp-walked
into Guantanamo Bay doesn’t blindside us?

This is where the true genius of Q and the movement come in. By
utilizing the “autists,” “anons” and researches on 4chan, 8chan and
Reddit, Q has given us the power to do our own research.

And unlike the MSM, these researchers don’t merely give us

information and tell us that we must believe it.

Quite the contrary: many of them give the direct links they have found,
cross-reference answers and most importantly, tell us where to go nd
the evidence ourselves. I believe this is not only the purpose of Q but
also the death blow for the MSM; now that the power of information is
back in the hands of the people, we are quickly losing our appetite for
those who try to force feed a narrative down our throats with little to
no evidence.

So what can you do now? As I’ve asked above, I beg you to do your own
research. I have only been able to cover a small number of the totality
of Q’s drops here, but tried to stay to those which have already been
veri ed and many of which have come out as public knowledge.

But now that you know where to look, you have the power of
information. Go, research, pay attention to what’s really going on vs
what the MSM tells you to believe, and most importantly spread the
message if you are beginning to see what is happening.
“Where We Go One, We Go All” is more than just a Twitter hashtag
[#WWG1WGA] or a catchy line from a movie. It is a rallying cry to let
you know that you are not alone, that we have the power in numbers
and that we will not take this sitting down.

And we nally have a President who won’t either. #MAGA

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th
SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and author of
The Pact & Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss
for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War. Follow him @RobertPLewis on
Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.