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Greg Rubini
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1. William Barr:
my rst impression is that he will be an excellent Attorney General.
he is a nice guy. and smart.

Barr is a longtime friend of Mueller (for 30 years)

Mueller is working (undercover) for Trump,

hunting the WITCH.

Witch Hunt: who is the WITCH?

2. Rod Rosenstein was nominated by Trump.

Rosenstein is working (undercover) for Trump, as well.

Rod Rosenstein knows Barr since many years ago.

Rod Rosenstein, William Barr, Robert Mueller.

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connect the Dots.

3. Trump made an excellent choice.

4. if some of my followers still do not know that Mueller and Rosenstein work (undercover) for Trump,
this means they have not read my [THREADS]

I wrote 4 (FOUR) Threads on this topic, since May 2018.

search my Timeline.

5. question: why are all demsss senatorsss so LowIQ ?

(I will not use the Idi*ts word)

you take 30 Dem senators,  Tweet  Share

join all their heads together
and you still cannot build even a 1/4 of a brain

if you have an answer, please let me know

6. about Rosenstein: DeepState asset?

or working (undercover) for Trump?
[THREAD] here (Part 1 and 2):

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Greg Rubini

1. WHY did Rosenstein sign the renewal of the FISA warrant in

June 2017?
This is the KEY to everything else...
1,123 6:00 AM - Sep 16, 2018

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7. Mueller: DeepState asset?

or working (undercover) for Trump?
[THREAD] here:

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Greg Rubini

Trump said: "I will appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate

Hillary Clinton"
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he said this LIVE on Oct 9, 2016. You can watch the video below.
What if...
What if this Special Prosecutor is Mueller?
and the witch is HRC ?
947 5:44 PM - Dec 5, 2018

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Greg Rubini Greg Rubini

@GregRubini @GregRubini

3 days ago 4 days ago

1. [THREAD] my educated guess is that Peter Strzok (fmr do you want the Ruth? or do you want the Truth?
FBI), Andrew McCabe (fmr FBI Deputy Director) are under
prosecution at the Military Tribunals secret trials - NOW as this is the Winner:
well as: Sally Yates (fmr DOJ) Susan Rice (fmr Nat. Sec
oh my! can't stop laughing...
Advisor) under trial since Jan 2, 2019

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Greg Rubini

4 days ago

I have the complete list of the 9/11 perpetrators, with specific

roles and activities, plus the Mil. and CIA Dept's involved. I
will publish at the proper time, not now,

(I will publish unless I get killed in the meantime) I have

everything backed-up and locked in safe places, with
instructions to publish given to certain persons in different
locations - just in case...

I will publish at the proper time, unless someone in the

Trump/Mil Intel Team advises me not to do it yet in that

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The Strategy Bin NotMyPresident

@StrategyBin @ironstowe

11 days ago a month ago

06/01/2019 - 78 years ago today, the longest-serving THREAD Andrew #Weismann #Muellers pitbull
#UnitedStates #President, #Franklin D. #Roosevelt (#FDR)
addressed the 77th #Congress with his "#Four #Freedoms" 1.#Weissmann served as @FBI’s General Counsel Under
speech with the intent to shift #US #foreign #policy from #Mueller Mueller and Weissmann go way back. A 2015 press
that of #neutrality to #interventionist. release from #DOJ announced that “Andrew Weissmann has
been selected as the Chief of the Criminal Division’s Fraud
Section.” #Mueller #Weissman

2.#Weissmann has dedicated the majority of his 30-year

professional career to public service and #DOJ and taught

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Aabhas K Maldahiyar 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 NotMyPresident

@Aabhas24 @ironstowe

2 months ago a year ago

#Thread on #Hindu #Hinduism & #Hindutva. I saw this as THREAD Short Thread on Dana Rohrabacher-Putins favorite
an imprudent need & hence the thread as below cc Congressman.
@vivekagnihotri @RatanSharda55 @Sanjay_Dixit
@_NAN_DINI @GitaSKapoor @sankrant @DikshitSmita 1.During @RepRohrabacher congressional trip to Russia
@Shubhrastha Pic: Trimurti Sadashiva sculpture on back in April 2016, @RepRohrabacher was given a photo
Gharapuri Island copy of the same document that was handed to
@DonaldJTrumpJr at the infamous Trump Tower meeting.… … #MuellerTime

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a year ago
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1.Zainab Ahmed Ahmed is an expert in prosecuting terrorism
and organized crime, Zainab Ahmad previously served as an
assistant US attorney for the Eastern District of New York.
She joined #TeamMueller in the summer of 2017.

1a)Ahmad has worked on the case of Flynn: She was one of

two prosecutors who signed Flynn’s charging documents and
was also in court for Flynn’s guilty plea in December 2017.
#MuellerTime #TeamMueller

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