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👇🧐 Put on your Priestap pants.

Part 5: What's the Matter, With This Matter?

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Priestap starts off with a bang, here.

First, saying that he doesn't recall being told about evidence on HRC's server, yet ALSO saying that they were
trying to determine if it happened.
So...he's trying to find evidence of evidence he wasn't aware of being told about.
Got it.

Here, Priestap is explaining the possibilities of a sophisticated hacker (ie. Guccifer) or a State Intelligence agency
being able to hack, without leaving evidence.
Like any thief, the more skilled, the less evidence provided.
The question below, is telling.
He was "aware".

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Priestap's memory is alarming here.
If he's lying, it's obvious as to why. Strzok was briefed and did nothing, and Priestap needs to play dumb about
If he's telling the truth, he's an incompetent moron, incapable of running counter-intelligence.

In regards to the Strzok/Page texts:

In knowing that McCabe was supposed to handle this, and not Rod Rosenstein, the context should be a lot more
Bill needed to confer, in order to answer whether or not he knew about this subject matter?
This subject matter, matters.

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Here again, we talk about the chain of command. It's important, because any intel agency worth a salt, would have
And the committee wants Priestap to know, that they know that.

ANYTHING that would be going on in this investigation into this 'matter', would go through Strzok, or Priestap.
No matter how casually Bill might try to talk that down.

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Yes, what are those sessions?

A serious matter, being treated casually, yet so seriously.


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Towards the end, we talk about how Director Comey wanted some free flow input.
Sounds like no one really wants to own up to who was in charge of all of this.
Even though we already know.
They've all been fired.
And have testimony to give.

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ICIG warned Strzok of the 'anomaly' on Clinton's email server.

Strzok did nothing.
Strzok handles the email case.
Can't move without Priestap's permission.
Priestap struggles to remember these important matters.
All part of Comey's tightly run ship?

Funny, how nobody remembers..

but everyone was cool with the final decision, about no charges being brought.
What a difference a tarmac meeting can make.

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More to come.

Stay tuned.

End of this thread.

Thread Reader, below.

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Good morning, Patriots. A message to 👇🧐Stretch your hammies. It's time 👇🧐 Priestap Part 3: The Jacket-less
all the haters. to get down. Priestap Part 4: @Jim_Jordan interview.
Guccifer's Travels
Some talk going AROUND ABOUT We start off by asking about Mr.
ME BEING A 'PAYTRIOT.' So, let's Priestap's travels. He approved travel
do it. Like adults. a lot, but did not like to travel,
himself. The redacted locations? Not
yet sure. The United Kingdom?
Specifically, London?

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