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You observed that many pupils in your class were reluctant to write and seemed

dislike writing. You decided to conduct an educational research to study this


1) Analyse this situation & identify research problem

Writing is a challenging skill particularly in ESL contexts where students need a lot of
practice to master the skill. Writing well in English demands cohesion and
organization of ideas, logicality of content and good use of vocabulary. Sometimes,
writing is also considered a part of teaching and learning grammar and syntax. From
that, writing is an extremely difficult cognitive activity and it generates a lot of writing
problems. One of the factors that generate the issues in writing is the pupils’ personal
interest where students lack of motivation in writing. Hence, to rectify this issue, the
research problem is that the pupils lack of motivation and interest in writing.

2) Explain your choice of research design , the objectives, research questions

and significance of the study.

Research design that will be used is action research. Through action research
teachers can reflect their own teaching practice and figures out what works best for
the pupils to rectify the problem. The process of action research allows teachers to
analyse classroom scientifically and objectively based on detailed evidence. Teacher
also can note down how is the method is implemented at class. From the data
collected, teacher concludes and interprets effectiveness of the method.

Objectives: To investigate the factors that affect the interest level in writing among
Year 4 pupils

Research questions: What are the factors that affect the interest level in writing
among Year 4 pupils?

Significance : This study benefits both teacher and pupils. Pupils who have interest in
writing are able to demonstrate their developing knowledge of written language
functions. In terms of teachers, they are able to discover effective teaching strategies
that work well to help pupils in their writing.