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A mini-report on the key-players behind today’s top Emerging

Technologies and their most interesting advancements

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Linknovate is a Data Analytics and Competitive Intelligence platform that helps companies identify
emerging technologies, technology-enabled markets, and the key players behind them.
Our Discovery Engine crunches tons of open data coming from scientific and technology literature (i.e.
scientific publications, conference proceedings, grants, news, patents, monitoring the web).


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Today’s Tech Leaders 4

1. Artificial Intelligence Leaders 5

2. Self-Driving Cars Leaders 12

3. Smart Cities Leaders 19

4. Virtual Reality Leaders 26

5. Blockchain Leaders 33

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Who are today’s Emerging
Techs’ Leaders?
Technologies change rapidly and surprise us. It’s incredible
difficult to figure out what’s next, which companies and
technologies should you be following, or what are the
different fields and cross-industry trends that are relevant
to your business.

Let us do the sweating

In this mini-report we analyze five of the emerging
technologies that are disrupting today’s life. For each and
every one, we’ve created different visualizations so you can
• Top Organizations and Countries
• Top Trends
• The technology’s Evolution
We’ve used Linknovate to analyze 5 top emerging
technologies of the moment. But you can use our Discovery
Engine to analyze any industry just the same. Follow us 4
The United States dominates the world of Artificial Intelligence, although
China and India have been closing the gap in the last years. Private
organizations are the ones bringing out more records, with Microsoft,
Google, and IBM on the lead. Follow us 5
Artificial Intelligence
If there is a technology trend that is in everybody’s Intelligence.
mouths (and startup pitches) that would be Artificial
Truth is there isn’t barely any tech company that
Intelligence (AI). From job loss and government
doesn’t use AI algorithms. Hence, the high number
control controversies to Zuck vs. Musk beef, AI’s
of organizations and records in the subject.
debate is hotter than ever.

The bigness of AI

Since 2010, there have been 124K records issued

from 32K different organizations. On their own,
those numbers don’t say much, but when compared
with similar fields, we can see the bigness of AI.
Big corporations such as Google, Apple, Amazon,
or Microsoft have their own Intelligent Personal
Assistant (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana)
but that’s just the most popular side of Artificial Follow us 6
Top Organizations
Name Score Pubs. Confs. Grants Patents TMs News Webs
Microsoft 10726.1 159 568 1 12 1 859 –

Google 3017.1 69 176 – 5 3 878 –

IBM 2243.3 138 578 – 43 1 354 1

Up to 60% of the organizations
working in AI since 2010 are private Facebook 1900.5 9 36 – – – 572 –
companies. Massachusetts Institute of
1770.0 181 452 10 – – 344 3
Only one of the top 5 entities is a
Carnegie Mellon University 1474.4 196 775 14 – – 86 –
University, MIT, and only one of the
top 10, Nanyang Technological LinkedIn 915.9 4 12 – – – 268 –
University, isn’t based in the USA. Stanford University 846.9 176 293 5 – – 81 –

Nanyang Technological
738.8 270 402 – – – 10 –

Tencent 960.0 4 1 – 1 1 81 –
Top 10 Entities Working in Artificial Intelligence. Source:
NOTE: Since we are constantly updating our data, results may vary. Click on the link for more updated results. Follow us 7
Artificial Intelligence Leaders

As they stated in their last Microsoft

Build Conference, Microsoft intends
to infuse AI into every product and
service they offer.
Besides Azure, this includes Xbox,
Windows, Bing, and Office; which
explains the great growth they have
been experiencing in 2017. Follow us 8
Top Countries

Clearly, the USA is the country with

the biggest number of private
companies, both corporations and
SMEs, working in AI.
However, China and India have been
closing the gap during the last years,
especially on the academic side
(research centers and universities). Follow us 9
Top Trends

Algorithms & Computational

Artificial Intelligence are the most
repeated topics in AI during the last
5 years, mainly because of Microsoft,
Google, IBM… and
Cylance developments. Follow us 10
Artificial Intelligence Evolution
It seems AI interest reached its peak
in 2015, and the number of
documents has been decreasing
since then.
That’s because Universities and
Research Institutes have been
publishing less documents, as private
companies have began to dominate
the field.
AI’s curve looks like the hype cycle,
an indicator of market readiness.
When compared to PubMed‘s data,
which takes only into account
medical & healthcare scientific
documents, we can see that the hype
cycle has moved back a year, which
reinforces the decrease of academic
activity interpretation. Source: Follow us 11
Google, Toyota, and GM are the main self-driving car leaders
worldwide. The United States, China, and Germany are the top
countries behind the innovations. Follow us 12
Self-Driving Cars
Connected cars, self-driving cars, autonomous cars,
driverless cars… Whatever you may call them, they
are unambiguously revolutionizing the automotive
This is a nascent but fast-growing industry that’s
expected to have its first street-ready full driverless
vehicle by 2021.
We are already witnessing a fierce war for self-
A Fierce Race driving car leadership.
Last may, South Korean government granted
Business Insider even estimates that there will be Samsung permission to test its autonomous cars
10M cars with some form of autonomy by 2020. on public roads.
Although it may not be much in the context of
more than 1B cars worldwide, it represents a Waymo has invited Phoenix neighbors to test its
meteoric progress from its start just a few years driverless prototype.
ago. And then there’s Tesla, a car firm specialized in
electric and connected cars. Follow us 13
Top Organizations
Out of the top 10 self-driving car
leaders, six are car manufacturers Name Score Pubs. Confs. Grants Patents TMs News Webs
(GM, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Google 3695.1 2 9 – 139 2 688 –
and BMW) and three are big tech General Motors 3675.9 15 45 1 1,054 5 358 –
corporations (Google, Microsoft,
and Samsung). Toyota Motor Corporation 3458.3 11 11 1 1,674 1 96 5

Ford Motor Company 3456.1 17 40 – 1,013 5 127 –

Only one organization of the top 10
isn’t a private company, but Microsoft 3446.2 7 2 1 4 – 277 –
a national traffic administration
Honda Corporation 2088.7 4 5 1 1,427 – 2 1
Hyundai Motor Company 2086.7 7 5 – 1,467 – 11 –
Throughout the last 10 years,
BMW AG 1849.3 13 30 2 235 – 388 2
Toyota has filled almost 1700
patents. Nowadays they are mainly Samsung 1787.6 9 12 1 352 – 136 –
focused on finding solutions for
NHTSA 1435.0 – – – – – 182 4
unexpected and complex
Top 10 Entities Working in Artificial Intelligence. Source:
environment driving. NOTE: Since we are constantly updating our data, results may vary. Click on the link for more updated results. Follow us 14
Self-Driving Cars Leaders

Although they publicly talked about

expanding to an auto and mobility
company at the beginning of 2016,
Ford‘s bet on self-driving cars has
been a long distance run.
They’ve formed the Ford Smart
Mobility LLC. and are investing in
the mobility services industry. Ford
has partnered with Motivate to
launch Ford GoBikes and has
acquired commuter shuttle
service Chariot. Follow us 15
Top Countries
China’s leadership has been growing
year by year, since driverless cars
might be the answer to efficiently
reduce greenhouse emissions and
mobilize such an overpopulated
Audi (DE) has recently signed an
agreement with Alibaba, Baidu,
and Tencent to cooperate in areas of
data analysis, internet-vehicle
platform building, and urban
intelligent transport.
And LeEco wants to be the
Chinese Tesla. For that they’ve
partnered with Faraday Future
(USA), although more details have
yet to be disclosed. Follow us 16
Top Trends
Numerous connected-car startups
and SMEs that aim to disrupt the way
we travel are blooming.
Airbiquity (USA) enables driving
centric services with the continual
collection and analysis of vehicle
diagnostic and driving behavior data.
Lyft (USA) is the fastest
growing rideshare company in the
U.S., and is available in more than 200
cities. They’re big in software for
coordinating transportation, freight,
and delivery services by autonomous
Google’s spinoff, Waymo (USA),
improves transportation by building
on software and sensor technology. Follow us 17
Self-Driving Cars Evolution

The general trend looks like the

sector peaked in 2015 and the
number of records has been
decreasing since then.
This is because the field has been
evolving and getting closer to the
market, and SMEs and startups have
begun to take over the Universities’
work. Follow us 18
Microsoft, Samsung, and IBM are the main Smart City leaders
worldwide, while the United States, China, and the United Kingdom
dominate the world of Smart Cities’ research. Follow us 19
Smart Cities
Despite the definition of a smart city is an under-development
concept, experts all over the world agree that Smart Cities are
the quintessence of the Internet of Things. It’s the use
of sensors to generate data that can be communicated,
integrated and analyzed to improve sustainability.
The IESE has taken into account those 10 dimensions
that determine sustainability and quality of life in 180 key world
cities and has put together the IESE Cities in Motion Index.
The results show that New York is the world “smartest” city,
followed close by London, Paris, and San Francisco.
But those leading smart cities wouldn’t rank so high today if it
wasn’t for the previous work and innovations of many different
Here we analyze the companies and organizations that will
shape up the smart cities of the future. Follow us 20
Top Organizations
Name Score Pubs. Confs. Grants Patents TMs News Webs
Microsoft 2693.2 2 4 2 – – 141 –

Samsung 2609.6 – 6 – 177 – 46 –

Only two out of the top 10 entities Verizon Wireless 1165.3 1 - - 1 - 65 -

worldwide leading the race for the
IBM 800.4 19 41 5 1 1 83 –
smart’ cities future aren’t private
companies: the Fraunhofer Society Semtech 603.6 – – – – – 59 –
Research Organization (DE) and Siemens AG 582.7 4 21 11 – – 25 –
the Moscow State University (RU).
Huawei 504.7 3 8 1 – – 63 –
Samsung stands out with 177 smart
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur
cities’ patents filled since 2010. Their Foerderung der Angewandten 480.4 – – 25 – – – –
research revolves around topics such Forschung E.V.
as smart electronics, power Moscow State University of Civil
466.9 – 161 – – – – –
consumption, or access networks. Engineering

Silver Spring Networks 408.9 – – – – – 47 –

Top 10 Entities Working in Artificial Intelligence. Source:

NOTE: Since we are constantly updating our data, results may vary. Click on the link for more updated results. Follow us 21
Smart Cities Leaders

Samsung has been the undeniable

leader in Smart Cities ‘ innovation.
However, Microsoft has managed to
surpass their efforts in 2017, due to
their Smart Cities for All
Toolkit, for building accessible and
inclusive cities.
Also worthy of mention is IBM‘s
trajectory. Out of the top 5 smart
cities’ leaders, they have been the
most steady ones. They were
amongst the first ones making Smart
Cities a reality and they have been
issuing records since 2010. Follow us 22
Top Countries

As customary in regards to emerging

technologies and trends, the United
States is the country that is leading
the innovations. However, countries
such as China, India, and Spain are
in a higher position in the ranking
than usual.
For example, Sterlite Tech (India) is
leading the end-to-end design,
development, and management of
the first city in India, Gandhinagar,
with citizen-centric Smart City
services. Follow us 23
Top Trends
Smart Cities’ main industry trends
comprise City Management,
Sustainable Development and, of
course, IoT applied to city monitoring.
Fundamentally, startups and SMEs are
the driving forces that pull the
research, innovations, and
As relevant examples, we find All
Traffic Solutions (USA) on the one
hand. They bring connected solutions
for intelligent traffic management.
On the other hand, Libelium (Spain)
designs and manufactures wireless
sensors for Smart Cities and IoT. Follow us 24
Smart Cities Evolution

When looking at the aggregated set

of records Linknovate has collected
for Smart Cities, we can see the
evolution of the topic draws a
beautiful, exponential growth curve. Follow us 25
Microsoft, HTC, and the always secretive Magic Leap are the
companies in a better position for the time that the VR & AR hype
strikes. The United States is the country that clearly dominates this
growing technology that struggles to conquer the mass market. Follow us 26
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality’s hype hasn’t become
a reality yet, although the emerging market of headsets is
showing some activity.
The big tech corporations have all launched their
headsets (Microsoft’s HoloLens, HTC’s Vive, Samsung’s Gear
VR, or Oculus’ Rift) but haven’t been able to generate much
traction. And even the cheapest models like Spectacles
(Snapchat) or Cardboard headsets haven’t achieved much
general public success.
Yet, we are surely about to witness the rise of this technology.
According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle, Virtual Reality and
Augmented Reality are the emerging technologies closer to
the plateau of productivity.

First come, best served

No wonder why the race for Virtual Reality leadership has

grown in fierceness during the last couple of years. First
come, best served in a market that is expected to reach $40B
by 2020. Follow us 27
Top Organizations
Seven of the top ten Virtual Reality Name Score Pubs. Confs. Grants Patents TMs News Webs
organizations are based in the USA,
two in Asia (HTC, Samsung) and one Microsoft 17141.6 40 114 – 156 9 963 –

in Europe (Nokia). HTC Corp 12209.1 – – – 17 11 884 –

A tiny (in comparison) and secretive Magic Leap 5986.8 – – – 214 43 199 –
startup, Magic Leap, sneaks in the
Oculus 5879.9 – 3 – 65 17 789 –
top three, right in front of giants such
as Oculus, Samsung or Google. Samsung 5714.7 27 60 – 173 14 720 –

Notice anyone missing? To find Apple Google 4946.2 12 40 – 64 16 864 –

you have to go down to the 93rd IBM 1577.2 36 141 1 83 – 76 –
position. Although they’ve launched
Facebook 3527.3 1 4 – 4 – 663 –
much expected AR features within the
iOS 11, they’re well-known for their Qualcomm 1960.1 9 15 – 92 14 189 –
arriving-fashionably-late strategy to
Nokia Inc. 1675.9 24 89 1 73 1 194 –
emerging industries and techs. It
remains to be seen if this works out Top 10 Entities Working in Artificial Intelligence. Source:
NOTE: Since we are constantly updating our data, results may vary. Click on the link for more updated results.
well for them this time. Follow us 28
Virtual Reality Leaders

Microsoft‘s bet on VR is clear when

looking at the chart. 2017’s growth is
due to several HoloLens
announcements… and no less
than 27 VR, AR, and MR patent
filings (hint, the most of them, 16,
are related to AR).
As for HTC‘s growth, it has to do
with their latest announcements (and
developments) about a completely
new kind of mobile VR device. Follow us 29
Top Countries
One giant to rule them all
USA is the country leading the VR &
AR advancements, not only in the
private sector (Corporations and
SMEs) but also in the Academia
(Research Institutes and Universities).
China‘s second position is due
to Huawei‘s and Xiaomi‘s
developments, but also the top
universities in the country are
conducting numerous research on
the topic.
As for the United Kingdom SMEs,
they are mostly focused on the
design and development of VR video
games. Follow us 30
Top Trends

Computer Devices, Virtual Games &

Virtual Software are the topics that
grew the most during the last years.
This is due to the work of key SMEs
and Startups such as Aurasma
(UK), 2MEE (UK), or Metaio
(Germany, acquired by Apple in
2015). Follow us 31
Virtual Reality Evolution
Linknovate’s data mirrors Gartner’s
Hype Cycle predictions. VR & AR
reached their peak in 2015, and the
number of records issued since then
has been decreasing.
The general public tends to tie VR with
leisure and video games. But perhaps
what’s most interesting about this
technology are its possibilities in fields
such as Medicine & Healthcare and
What PubMed’s data tells us is a quite
interesting, totally different trend. The
number of documents is increasing
every year, and this means that we will
soon see new beneficial uses of VR &
AR in our hospitals and classrooms.
Source: Follow us 32
Collaborative projects, Startups, and FinTechs are the ones leading the
Blockchain innovations. Microsoft, Blockchain Inc., and JP Morgan are
the companies at the front of a technology that is changing digital
relationships as we know them.. Follow us 33
Back in 2008, an anonymous person or group and thus “has the potential to create new
known as Satoshi Nakamoto conceptualized the foundations for our economic and social systems.”
first distributed block chain. The following year, However, the article also stated that it will take
Blockchain was implemented as a core component decades for Blockchain to seep into our economic
of the digital currency Bitcoin. and social infrastructure.

A revolution was born. Here we analyze the key Blockchain leaders that will
make change happen.
In short, Blockchain allows people to secure digital
relationships that were impossible before. Data is
being disclosed differently, secured differently and
recorded differently.
This is changing digital relationships, creating the
ability for them to be automated in code via smart
Just like Harvard Business Review suggested early
this year, Blockchain is a foundational technology Follow us 34
Top Organizations
Name Score Pubs. Confs. Grants Patents TMs News Webs
Up to 85% of the entities worldwide Microsoft 2780.2 – 1 – – – 103 –
working in Blockchain since 2010 are
private companies. It catches our eye Blockchain Inc. 748.1 – – – – – 110 –
that multinational consulting firm JPMorgan 676.9 – – – – 1 28 –
Accenture has filled no less than 4
Hyperledger 451.0 – – – – – 34 –
Blockchain patents for selecting
commodity suppliers. Massachusetts Institute of
347.7 - 4 1 - - 28 -
Open source collaborative
IBM 338.0 – 6 – 4 – 33 –
project, Hyperledger, released
earlier this summer its first Digital Asset Holdings 227.2 – – – 4 – 11 –
blockchain code that can be used by Accenture 225.3 – 1 – 4 – 20 –
any large businesses to build
187.4 – – – – – 60 –
software. Since then, IBM has CME Inc

already announced that will use Blockchain Capital 186.5 – – – – – 12 –

Hyperledger Fabric for its blockchain Top 10 Entities Working in Artificial Intelligence. Source:
applications or solutions. NOTE: Since we are constantly updating our data, results may vary. Click on the link for more updated results. Follow us 35
Blockchain Leaders
Blockchain Inc. is taking over
Microsoft, at least during the
current year. It’s such a novel field
that startups and small companies
are still more determining than big
As for the only banking and financial
holding on the list, JP Morgan, has
recently launched a payment
network using blockchain
technology. They seem to be the
ones that have better understood
the true potential of distributed
ledger technology for the Banking.
We are certain this blockchain-
strategic positioning will mean
(even) more competitiveness in the
years to come. Follow us 36
Top Countries

Being Blockchain a powerful

technology for Banking, there’s no
wonder why the countries with the
most powerful Banks worldwide (the
USA, UK, Germany, and China) are
the ones leading the blockchain
innovations. Follow us 37
Top Trends

Blockchain’s main industry trends

comprise Digital Currency
Transactions, Peer to Peer Networks,
and Smart Contracts.
This is due to the work (and boom)
of mainly American FinTechs such
as Gnosis, Alphapoint, or Factom. Follow us 38
Blockchain Evolution

The general trend looks like the

sector is skyrocketing.
Even though this technology exists
since 2008, it boomed in 2014, when
we can start to see relevant activity
in the field.
Since then, Blockchain interest has
only increased. Especially during
2017, when Blockchain technology
has been mass applied in banking
and finance. Follow us 39
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