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Understanding Learner Interview Questions

John Low: Middle School Guide teacher, Science teacher and Social Studies teacher.

1. Did Laura adapt rapidly to Doulos’ Expeditionary learning?

I would definitely say Laura did a great job adapting and getting used to the different styles,
coming from a different school and a different style. It was very exciting to see how well she not
only got along with her classmates but she learned to adapt and overcome outdoor education and
with our different programs and requirements.

2. Would you consider Laura a flexible person?

Yes, Laura’s class has changed a ton over the years; big classes, classes with more boys, classes
with less boys, and loud personalities. There are a lot of personalities in her class, and seeing
how well she’s adapted. Rarely have I ever had a student who’s frustrated or having issues with
Laura, and I think a large part of that is just her kindness and flexibility and being able to deal
with any solution and just being easy going in a lot of environments.

3. Did Laura effectively adapt to the different expectations for her as a Doulos

I definitely think so. Doulos is very different than most schools, so it’s not always an easy
transition. But I feel both academically, socially and just in general she understood. She was easy
going and really worked with the flow and was able to adapt to the different expectations we
have here at Doulos.

4. Are there any memorable moments in which Laura reacted positively to a change?

Yes, I can think of one in particular. So, Laura and myself we’re at Valle Tetero and Laura at the
time wasn’t the biggest fan of hikes. And we had some different bridges and some different
difficulties in the hike, even though it was hard or difficult for her, I don’t think she was used to
going on outside trips or doing on long hikes in past, she handle it really well and she was super
courageous in just the work she did and being perseverant even when things got very difficult.

5. Are there any memorable moments in which Laura reacted negatively to a change?

I cannot think of them of the top of my head.

6. Did Laura persevere when difficult changes arose?

That question is harder for me to answer since its being a couple years since I was Laura’s
teacher. I would say as a class, her class has had difficult challenges over the years and I have
seen her as a positive force of change, and I think positivity in the way she values her friends,
she is incredibly loyal and I think she really values and cares for our school.
7. Did Laura cause a positive change in her classmates?

I would totally say Laura caused a positive change in her classmates: her humour, her flexibility,
her kindness, her creativity. I think she naturally helps her classmates feel more comfortable and
be more positive and enjoy things more.

8. Did Laura cause a negative change in her classmates?

I can’t think of one from the top of my head. Everyone has bad days, but I cannot think of a
specific way in which she caused negative change.

9. Did Laura successfully transition from one learning target or one expedition to the

I would definitely say Laura successfully transition from one learning target to the next.

10. Do you consider that Laura is going to successfully transition from high school to

I am very excited to watch as Laura continues to grow. I think with her flexibility and her
perseverance she’ll have no problems transitioning to university and just really flourishing