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Date issued- 19th

March 2019 Final Deadline- 7th

June 2019 Lead internal Verifier: Sarah Wilson (All classes)

External Verifier: UAL Senior External Moderator for subject

Creative media Production and Technology

Level 3 Extended Diploma

Unit 8: Developing a Creative Media Production

Raindance is a competition dedicated to fostering and promoting independent
film around the world. It is the largest film festival in the UK and it has been
recognised as "one of the world’s unmissable film festivals". The competition
starts on the 18th of September and ends on the 29th of September this is a
good time as I will have finished the music video by this time. I would enter in
the music video category as I am doing a music video. The entry and
submission fee for entry are both £25. If you win the competition you get and
award that says that you have won this could be like a trophy or a certificate
but In addition to this you gain a lot of popularity which could lead to you
getting more opportunities in higher parts of the media genre.
The categories in Raindance are;
 Narrative Feature
 Documentary Feature
 Narrative Short
 Documentary Short
 Animation Short
 Music Video
 Queer (Feature)
 Virtual and Augmented Reality Experience
 Web Series
I would enter myself into the Music video category because that is what i have
chosen to do for my final major project. I feel like I could win this competition
because I can really show my editing skills and also my camera skills in music
videos so I think if I these very well it can work well together to make a really
good music video. I also believe i can win this because i believe that my idea
for my video is capable of winning the competition as i think i can create it in a
visual way and make a very effective and all around great music video.
Final Idea
It was hard for me to choose between my second and my first idea
so what I have decided to do is create a music video to Wow by Post
Malone and throughout the video there is going to be a lot of clips of
what you would see in a standard rap video, but including this I will
also add a little bit of narrative but instead of there being a huge
story throughout the whole video there is going to be a little story
through the video. I will make the actor lip sync at least 40% of the
lyrics, I will do this because it makes it look like the actor is actually
the rapper and it makes the video look much better. I will make the
visuals match what the lyrics are saying, i will do this because then it
allows the audience to understand the lyrics through visual and
hearing them. At the start it would be an introduction to the main
actor, this would consist of a few clips of some behind the scenes
maybe or a few clips with the start of the song. Throughout the video
the story line will be about how a boy is with a girl but she always
goes away and is with different boys this will be shown in the chorus
as the song is named "Wow" I will use that as an expression so
whenever it happens to the main character it cuts to him saying
"Wow“ as if he is surprised. Alongside this story line there will be a
few clips of just the actor lip syncing and dancing to the song. The
song will end and it will correlate to the main actor ending it with the
girl and not being with her anymore because he is sick of the girl
leaving him and then coming back.
Submissions will be accepted from 12 September 2018. The early
deadline for all submission is on Friday 26 April 2019 the regular
deadline for all submissions is on Friday 17 May 2019 the late
deadline is Friday 31 May 2019. Early entry is encouraged but does
not guarantee acceptance.
Films must be submitted via online screener ONLY. We do not accept
films sent over by DVD. We do not accept subsequent cuts or more
complete versions of submitted films, therefore changing or
updating the originally submitted link is not accepted.
All submissions must have been completed after 1 January 2018.
Rain dance requires at least a UK premiere for any feature film.
There is no premiere policy for short films and music videos.
Working-progress and films with distribution are accepted.
Feature Films must be at least UK Premieres: they must not have
been released in the UK on any format, nor screened publicly online.
If, after you submit, the premiere status of your feature film changes
rendering it no longer available for at least UK premiere, please let us
know immediately and withdraw your film from submissions. - There
is no Premiere policy for short films and music videos, they may have
screened at other Festivals and/or online.
All films screened during the Raindance Film Festival receive a blank
18 certificate from Westminster Council (London). This means we
cannot accept anyone under aged during any screening of the
Festival. Please take this into account when submitting to Raindance.
All submissions for Raindance are to be paid through Film Freeway
platform. The submission fee is non-refundable. 7. Shipping - for
selected films ONLY
Target Audience
The target audience for my music video is people aged in-between
16-26 I have chosen for this to be the target audience because at this
age a lot of the people listen to rap at this age. I think the clips and
the music will be something that people at this age listen to and
would expect to see in a rap music video. In my music video there is
a story of cheating in a relationship and I think this fits perfectly as a
lot of people at this age say they fall in love with someone but really
don’t know the real meaning of being in a relationship.