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23 King’s Road

Britania Raya

2909 London Inggris

10th October 2018

My Dear Lovely Gaby

Hi Gaby ! How are you? Are you fine? You know I miss you so much. How about you?
Do you miss me? How about your family? You know, London is a beautiful place. I wish you
were here. If you are here, I will invite you to go to Big Bang, London Bridge, Buckingham
places, and other place. I always remember five years ago you said to me someday we would be
go to London. You know on the January 1st 2019, I will back to Indonesia. I want to see you
again. I miss your smile, your laugh, and all about your stories there. I always pray for you, I
want you feel better again.

If you are healthy, I promise to take you to London, I’ am sure you will not forget that
moment. I belive you can fight your illness, I always support you. So wait for me to come back. I
hope I can hug you.

Lost Of Love


P.S I’m bringing you lost of picture.

Adila Humairah Afadil

15th November 2018

82 Dewi Sartika

95433 Sulawesi Tengah

My Dear Friend Beni,


How are you, bro? it been a long time since you’re move to Palu. I know you can’t take vacation
in Palu. When idul fitri. I just want to show you the situation in here. which is fine, the others
miss you too bro. I miss when we go for traveling together. I wander how you move to
Makassar while your brother stay in here. It is because you’re afraid. If your parents worried
about you and your brother isn’t. and how are things in there? Is it fun for your? Are you happy
there and where do go to school?

You know? Tomorrow is your birthday and I know it’s too early to say happy birthday and I
want you to bring me a souvenir. And you will get your driver license card and I have to wait till
I get my card and please go home . I miss you

Lots of cake


PS : I bring you present

Ahmad Rizgifan
28𝑡ℎ august 2018 Dewi sartika III street


84412.Central Sulawesi

Dear, my old best friend egi


How are you,bro? Do you still remember me?, we were elementary school friend, do you still
remember the time when i stepped your back when you were sleeping and there was cracking
sound. And in that moment you look like very angry and on i miss that moment and then,there
are many things we have to talk such as your collage life. And many other. Maybe we can meet
somewhere. May be i will invite you come to my house. I will prepare for food and drink, so
calm down. And it’s ok if you come to my house everyday. Just call me and i will serve you. I
have to go, i will see you soon

I miss when we play together


P.S : I’m bringing you a lot of food

Ammar Abdurrahman
27 Pearl Herbour

New York

94664 Amerika Serikat

6th April 1885

My Dear Lovely Sister

Hello! How are you, sister ? I wish you were fine in there. I know you’re worried about
me in here, but as long as this war going I still alive in here and I’m fine. I just have bit pain in
my arm. The doctor said I’m just need to take a rest right now before the next war.

I promise you, sister. I’ll be back as soon as possible. I’ll back home alive and I’ll attend
your graduation party. You just need to pray for me and my friends so we could be safe in here.

Lots Of Love

Your only brother

P.S Don’t forget to serve food when I come home

Andi Ghefira Nur Syuhada

24 Palupi Permai


94222 Sulawesi Tengah

28th September 2018

My Dear Lovely Afiah,


How are you doing, my lovely sister? Long time no see you since you’re in college. I
know you are very busy because there are many assignments and you seem very tired. So i want
to support you and hope you stay to be the best in your college. And grab your future.

We know that, tomorrow is the last day for school. I want to invite you to go to sombori
island in morowali; it is a beach on south of morowali. The place is awesome. It is so beautiful. It
is so interesting. I can’t believe my eyes. There are beautiful Corals. We will go for snorkling
and diving and see many kind of fish. Thank you my sister you are the best

Lots of love

Bang Amad

P.S i’m bringing you lots of souvenirs and

pictures and enjoy the trip

Andi Muhammad Tsaqief

22 BTP
1209 Sulawesi Selatan

23𝑡ℎ January 2019

Hello, Assalamu’alaykum !

How’s your study in university ? I think it’s nice, I’m so sorry for I didn’t come to your
graduation. Because I had final examination and I couldn’t leave it and congratulation for your
degree and I hope 2020 you have your second graduation and I’ll go there. Do you know? I have
confused to choose university and I hope what I choose is the best for me. By the way, when will
you go back to hometown ? we miss you and when we meet our big family they always asked
about you and they thought after you’ve graduation you would go back to hometown but actually
you didn’t. in here we just hope that you are okay there and you’ll do the best.
Lost of love

If you go back to hometown we will go for dinner 

Andi Nabila Sovana

26 King’s Harbor


75091 West Europe

7th January 2017

Dear My Bestie Nana…

Hello sweetie! How are you? I hope you are always okay. I heard from your sister that
you are approaching your graduation? Do your very best sweetheart; I know you can do it very
well. I am glad to see that you are getting mature now. And I’m also glad to have you as my
bestfrien. Don’t forget to stay healthy.

Oh and I want to tell you that Me and Rara are planning about next holidays. We think it
may be nice to go camping in Bogor Campsite for a couple of weeks. Do you want to join us? we
can plan everything about the days. I will ask the answer when I visit you on Monday.

I love you and miss you; can't wait to see you on Monday.

Lost of Love

Your one only bestie in the world

P.S :

Don’t forget to serve food when I came on Monday, okey? See you soon baby.

Aqila Vidya Madani


Jln. Braga No.45


Hello! How are you ? How are you there ? How is the atmosphere of Bandung now? I hope it's
still the same as when I was there last time. You know, there are a few things I want to tell you.
But before that, forgive me because we have lost contact for 3 months. So, that time felt very
sudden. I just wanted to go to the bathroom to perform ablution that afternoon, before the tile I
stepped on, shook so hard. Well, maybe the story about the disaster that happened in my city is
what you used to see on TV or the internet. So, I want to tell you about my busy life now. Lately,
there are so many things that I take care of. Starting from donation activities, organizational
activities to meetings that I often follow. My classmates often grumble because I often go out of
class during lessons and it makes it difficult for them to pay for class cash. But despite all that, I
really enjoyed the things I did lately.

Your Bestie,


Ps: I'm waiting for your reply. and also don't forget to tell about your activities lately.

Aun Ramlah
Jl. Pasoso no. 11


47622 Sulawesi Tengah

13th February 2019

My best cousin

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokatuh.

How are you cousin? I know you are angry at me because i didn’t come to your house in
Solo last ramadhan. I’m so sorry. You know, my city is on a disaster. So i can’t leave my family
alone. I hope you understand my condition. I’m sorry i have to broke our promise. You really
miss me and i really miss you so bad. For nine years we’re never communicated. I promise i will
buy a smartphone when i have enough money. Really, i miss you so bad from the last time we

May Allah SWT allows us to meet again next time, and hopefully it will be next year.

By the way, sorry for reply to your letter over late. Because i had your letter yesterday on 12 th
February. There might be an error from the delivery party.

Lost of love


Mb. Rara

P.S. Don’t forget to make our holiday trip, when i arrive there

Aurelia Rizka Azzahra

BTN Hartaco Indah
1234 Sulawesi Selatan

22𝑛𝑑 January 2019

My dearest friend
Hello, how are you? I heard that you’re getting better, hope you can comeback home really soon,
i miss you so much, I miss the time we spent together.
Do you eat well? Is the hospital boring? Do you have a new friend?
When you’re back home, lets make a little celebration. We can eat together, don’t worry I’ll pay
for you
I think that’s all from me, I love you.

Your friend
p.s. my mom bought me a new macbook, I hope we can use it together.

If you go back to hometown we will go for dinner 
6. Marowo


20320 Sulawesi Tengah

16th February 2019

My best Friend Alex

Hello! Alex

How is your life, it’s been a long time that we don’t see each other, I know that you miss me and
so do I,I really miss you bud. Our other friends miss you too here exactly in our beloved village,
marowo village. I remember our funny memories not only was it fun but also bad and sad
memories, usually I laugh when I think about it and because you’re not here anymore it’s just

Yesterday me and my friends are playing together, we were playing kites and other stuff
that we played together, we played together since Afternoon till Evening, but you know without
you here its very lonely and boring we hope that you happy with your new place in Sydney, we
want you to never forget us, your best friends, wewill always miss you, A lot greetings from

Lots Of Love and Happinesss



P.S I will always send you letter

Muhammad Febryan Nasir

23th December 2018 16 Dewi Sartika


67892 Sulawesi Tengah

Dear my Bro,

Hai Bro !

How are you, Bro ? What are you doing there ? I know you are so busy there, but I hope
you don’t forget me. You know that in my school there are so many tests assignments but I’m

You know Bro, last week I went to a place in Sulawesi Tengah;it is Morowali. I went to
Morowali with my big family, cause my family wanted to throw a party of gratitude for God.
And then we went to dinner. You know Bro Morowali has an island, we can called it Sombori,
the island is very beautiful Bro. But, I cancelled to go there. I was so sad Bro. But I’m okay Bro.

Bro, I hope you be a successful man there. I know Japanese is a place where you live.
Don’t forget to pray Bro, don’t forget to study, be a smart people bro. I want to see you in Palu

All the best,

Fajar Adhitia P.

P.S. I want you to reply this letter and send your picture.
15th February 2019 12 Benteng Raya

My Best Friend Palu

92358 Middle Sulawesi

Hello !!!

How are you ? I know you are happy now because you get Japan’s Scholarship. I am
proud of you. I am sorry, I can’t come to your presentation to get scholarship because I’m in
Singapore right now. I try to get scholarship in Singapore, you are my motivator. Although, we
aren’t together, I hope we can still communicate.

You know, I choose Singapore because it’s your suggestion and the distance is not so far
from Indonesia. Life bill in Singapore is cheaper then in Japan, it also becomes my purpose to
choose Singapore. My collage is in Nanyang Technology University if you visit Singapore,
please meet me.

I am sorry because I didn’t tell you about my scholarship, when the last time we met in
Indonesia. Friends, your family, and teachers in our’s senior high school will be very proud of
you. I really want to see you.


P.S. I’m bringing you lots of souvenirs from Indonesia, I will send it to you.

Muhammad Fauzi Alifka



94664 Sulawesi Tengah

24th November 2018

My Dear Mom

I love you my strong woman!

Hello Mom, how are you? I miss you so bad. I Hope you’re okay there. Don’t worry I’m
fine here. Anyway 3rd December I will take final Examination please Pray for me. Without
you’re prayer, I can’t face the final examination. After I passed the final examination I’ll visit
you, then I’ll spend my vacation and New Year with you. Dad is really Miss you too Mom, He
can’t move on with your food that you cook. He always says to me to cook like you.

Maybe I’ll Alone Again because Dad busy with his work and he said he want to go first
to visit you. I promise I’ll get best score in final examination and make Mom and Dad proud of
me. Please wait me.

Your Girl


P.S : Please say to Dad don’t leave me and I’ll come to visit you by motorcycle with my friend,
and don’t forget to cook kaledo for me.


7𝑡ℎ January 23, jl. Woulter Monginsidi , Poso

My lovely mom 720025 Sulawesi Tengah

Hello my superhero !

How are you mom? I hope you fine and alays happy. I’m fine in here , i have awesome
friends , they are Ciwang , Irul , Fafa , and Sekar. We often hangout together , i really lucky to
meet them. Ciwang is a funny person , Irul is the smartest student in my class , Fafa, she is
beautiful , and Sekar is the quiterst person in the class, but i thought she is just shy.

So, when will you visit me? , i miss you so much , and i can’t wait to introduce them to

Lots of love


P.S.: if mom come to my place , please bring some

Souvenir for me.

Muhammad Ivan Ramadhan

I Gusti Ngurah Rai

15thFebruary 2018 PALU

My Lovely Sister Sulawesi Tengah


Long time no see you,my little sister,i so very miss you. How are you? I hope you are ok there.
Because i know it is winter in your country. Maybe we don’t go to there,because there were
disasters here. After disasters the situation in my city is not really good. But don’t worry we will
be okay. Maybe next year we will go to your country.

Pray for us so we could go to your country,South Korea. Take care :)

See you sister.

Love you!


P.S. You must to reply this letter!

Name : Maghfira Sagita Dewi

Pochinki Street


7896 Russian

3rd January 2019

My best friend Ai!

Hello, how are you? I heard that you’re getting smarter. Hope you can come back home
really soon. I miss you and I miss the time we spend together. Are you healthy? I hope your ok.
When you’re back home let’s throw a small party. We can eat and drink together. I’ll pay
for you.

Your best friend, Ciwang!

P.S : My father bought me a new playstation, when you’re back we can play together.

Muhammad Mufshirwan
21𝑡ℎ december 2018 101 Lagarutu street

Dear, my old friend fiskar Bekasi

85009 west java

How are you, my friend? Do you still remember me? I am your friend from elemantary
school, junior high and also senior high school. Do you still remember remember that time when
you punched my face and my face went all red. Yeah that was very hurt and i cried a lot. And do
you still remember our headquarters? Where we spent a lot of time together with ciwang,ivan
and the others. Yeah that place is my house.

Now i live in Bekasi and i have a lot of friends in here. I wish i could introduce you to
all my new friends soon. So in this letter i want to invite you to chill and hang out together with
ciwang, ivan and the others on 25𝑡ℎ december 2018. Cause i want to go back to palu on 24𝑡ℎ
december 2018. I wish for your attendance. Thanks a lot my friend.

From your old friend


P.S Im bringing you lots of food and souvenirs

Muhammad aksyal R
45 Hill Garden


76057 France

14th January 2019

To my beloved friend, Raghdah!

Hello Raghdah, how’s life? Still remember me? Hopefully you are fine. It's been a while
since you left me here alone, huhuhu so sad. It was great to hear from you after so many months.
You seem to be having a nice time in Swiss.

How is Swiss? I guess it's very beautiful. Winter is coming soon right? But, most
importantly, please wear warm outfits and don't get sick. I am writing to you from beautiful
Eiffel tower. This is the best place that I ever seen.

When is your college starting? Do you like the place you are living in? You know, I must
continue my study here for 4 years. I will be starting college soon as well. That reminds me if
you need anything let me know. I will gladly help. Have fun and I miss you so much!!!!!

Take care and stay safe. Write as soon as you can.

Love always,


Nia Audita
01 R-Old town


14023 Europe

21st January 2019

My Fav Person, Nia!


Are you feeling good? I wish you become the happiest person. Now, I’m in Swiss. I’m very
happy now, there are many event that I had already done. One of that was when I went Alpen
mountain for holiday. Now,it’s winter time. I wanna try playing ski and playing cable car.

In swiss, there are many beautiful views. You can see clear lake, the highest mountain with
the snow and feel the taste of some food in swiss. ;

You know what? I arrived in the little city of Alpen and it’s quiet city with humble people.
Nia ,I actually wanted to go ski, so I prepared that I need. I went to the top mountain by cable
car. Suddenly ,when it’s in a half way there’s loud wind. And the man said that we can’t play ski
cause of the weather.

But, it’s not problem,cause I can see a beautiful night with stars in the sky. So,I wish you
were here. Accompany me, to holiday in swiss.

I’ll see you sonn, Nia!

Lots of love


P.S I’ll be back to Jakarta in new year!

Raghdah Audyah

2451 Bali

20th November 2018

My dear Amelia

Hi Amel!!! How are you? Are you fine? I miss you so much. How about you? Do you
miss me? You know, Bali city is a beatiful place. If you are here, I would invite you go to Kutai
beach, take photo together, and swim together. You know on December 1st I will to back in Palu
city. I want tou see you again. I hope some day we can be together in Bali city. So want for me to
came back.

Lost of love


P.S I’m bringing you lost souvenir of Bali!

Ridha Zafirah
Angkasa Street

17th july 2016 PALU

My cousin ana Sulawesi Tengah

Hello, how are you doing ana?, I miss you so much, what about your school?. We haven’t
met for a long time. The last time we met when palu city was hit by disaster. I really want to
walk again with you, to the beach together while enjoying the sunset. Surely in the city of bali is
very exciting is not it?, every day we can see the beautiful scenery. How is the family in bali
city? Are they okay?. Leave greetings to the family there. I’m here also praying for you, be
healthy all the time, and take good care of yourself, hopefully you can meet me soon.

See you!


P.S I’m bringsing your favorite food(kelor)

Name : Sri Ayu Suci Maharani

Btn Anugerah indah 131


92241 Jawa timur

10th January 2019

My beloved friend, Brandish

Hello 😊

Are you feeling good? I hope you have a good holidays. I wanna tell you about my
holiday. Do you know i go to Uzbekistan with my family. This is the last vocation in the

You know what when i arrived in Uzbekistan the weather it was so cold because it
was winter in here. I was very happy because when i went to my hotel the snow come. I
like snow very much because if you touch the snow it turns to water and it is awesome. And
if you want to go out you need to bring umberella i tryed to sleep on the snow and it so

I am sorry i didnt’t write a long letter because i want to tell you face to face. I wish
you were here with me.

From your beloved friend



I will be back soon and bringing you lots of souveniers


15 Garuda


67892 Central Celebes

12th January 2018

My best friend Dude

How are you my friend? A long time no see you since we graduated from senior high
school. I heard from your friend in your university and I heard you have become the best student
and the best graduated and that make me proud. And your mom told my mom you will continue
your post graduate In united Kingdom and I want to continue my post graduate in united
Kingdom too and I hope we will Live together in there.

We can help each other people and maybe we will become the best graduates in the
university. And I know we have the same dream to become success entrepreneur.


P.S please send your picture to me

Wayan Nugraha
14th January 2006 15 Jl Garuda

My Amazing Friend Leo, PALU

14022 Sulawesi Tengah


How are you my friend? Do you still remember me? If you still remember me, it will be
amazing. I’m Wisnu, your old friend when we were at kindergarteen. It’s been along time since
we’ve met, right? I really want to see you again.

I’m sure you will be happy to hear that I will go to London next holiday. I hope we can
meet again and spend our time together there.

Yeah. I just wanna say that, ‘cause I don’t know how to write a long letter. Hope you’ll
always happy and hope we can meet again.

Lots of Amazing


Wisnu Rafsanjani

PS: I’m bringing your favorite drink (Kelor Tea)




11150 Sulawesi tengah

15th November 2020




How are you my love? Are you okay? I hope you okay there. You know i miss you so
much. Why dont come here? You dont miss me? My familly always ass about you. You know in
here there are many people gather for the party . and like you know, i hate crowds. But i think if
you were here i can have fun with you in the party.

You know, the day after tomorrow we go to mall for shopping dress and others. You dont want
to come and shopping with me? We can buy many things together and of course we can have fun
together, right?

So, I wait for your attendance in here. I hope you want to come and i will see you with your
beautiful dress in the party.

Your love


P.S. “ i will treat you here if you come. But not much:v “
Name : Wulan maharani

13 january 2020 Lagarutu street


Midle Sulawesi

Hi, long time no see since we graduate from senior high school. How is everything?! Is
everything good?! If you are fine, let’s go chillin on this Sunday. I will invite the whole class,
but just for the boys.

There are many thing we have to talk about. Maybe we talk about your new friends, or about
your college life, or about a girl you like in your class, or about your new girlfriend and many
other things .

I hope all of us will come. So we will chillin at my house. I will prepare for food, so calm down.
You can come here anytime and I will be here allday

See you at m house

I miss when we always chill


P.S. If you reply this you will get more food

Muh Nurhidayat


74001 Central Celebes

14th January 2019

My Best Friend Rezy,


How are you, Rezy? I know you are very sad because of the disasters yesterday. My family and
I always pray for your family to be healthy and have a new house. I hope you and your family
can be happy and smile again. I miss the time we study and play together at Perumnas Balaroa.
If you have many time, you can go to my house and then we can study and play again like 4
years ago.

From your old friend

Ridho Pratama


I have a gift for your family

Ridho Pratama
RE Martadinata Street
Fakfak City
14022 Papua Newguinea

14th January 2018

Dear my lovely friend Sri Ayu Suci
How are you Suci ? I know you love me because I am so handsome, I am so sorry
because I am writing to you after a long time. I am in Papua Newguinea now exactly in Fakfak
City. I know you need me around you, I know I left you in sudden.
I know you love me since elemtary school, so I sent this letter fot apologizing, I want to
invite you to dinner together in five star restaurant on February 18th, because I want to go back to
palu on that date, I wish for your attendance. I can’t wait it anymore. Thank you for your
attention Sri Ayu Suci, see you Suci.

Lots of love

Muhammad Aulia Fiskhar

P.S. “I will give something important to you ”

Name : Muhammad Aulia Fiskhar



6411 Sulawesi Tengah

30th December 2018

My lovely daddy

I miss you!

How are you daddy? Long time no see you. As you know this is my birthday. In my birthday
present, I just want to see you! For two months, I haven’t seen you. And this my first birthday
you didn’t go home; and gather with your family. You know, in this my 17th birthday, They were
many people congratulated me and also gave me gifts. Not like the past year. I just want you to
come home. But it’s no problem, because you have congratulated me. In here, in my holiday I
was joined some charity activated with my organization that is RISMA. You know, in my
vocation we gave some donation for children in TPA Nurul Khairat at Labuan Salumbone. We
went to Labuan by a pickup car, and some motorcycles which have ridden by the boys. We were
so exited, and when we arrived in Labuan we were so happy to see the smile of the children in
there. They were so happy when They got a new book and Al Qur’an. In there we tried to gave
some trauma healed to them, like make coloring competition and gave them presents for the
winner. After that we must go back and it’s so sad to leave them. And we hope we can came

You know, I am very happy in there. And I hope you can go home soon, and I pray for your
work. I hope you always healthy and happy.

From your daughter


P.S If you’ll go home I want to take you to Labuan.

Dewi rahma ayu