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Name: Arpit Gupta Enrollment No: 18BSP4041

IBS Campus: IBS Pune Mobile No: 7976295500 Email Id:


Project Proposal
I. Project Proposed: My summer internship program is in SHREE CEMENTS
LIMITED. In this internship I will be dealing with the order procurement process as
well as will be how sales and marketing of cement is done .
II. Description of Project in brief: My SIP is all about how to book order as well as how
sales and marketing of cement is done. Also my guide will be taking me to some
client such as builder , industrial buyer, government buyer to know how deal is done.
Also guide is also planning to have a visit to rmc as well as to main plant in beawar to
gain more exposure regarding manufacturing of cement as well as regarding how
shree cement operates logistics.
III. Objective of the Project: The main objective of the project is to know about sales and
marketing of trade and non trade segment in cement industry. This includes
 Order procurement through ORACLE software.
 To know how to deal with clients i.e both trade and non trade through face to
face interaction.
 To know how cement is made as well as how logistics are operated.

IV. Methodology : The Project will include:

 Face to face interaction for deal as well as for marketing.
 Telephonic interaction regarding rates, quality, quantity, servicing.
 Software to book order.

V .Schedule:

 SIP starts from 19thfeb and is upto 24th may.

Step 1: Taking all knowledge regarding what is company all about, knowledge regarding
the cement. Also learning how order procurement is done. (19th feb to 5th march) .

Step 2: After learning period gets over, I will start working on order procurement.

(6th march to 30th April)

Step 3: In between this work, guide will be taking me to some clients to know how
marketing is done. As well as we are also planning to visit Cement plant in beawar to
know more about cement and logistics. (16th April to 15th may)

Step 4: Analyzing all the activities done during internship. (15th may onwards)

Step 5: Making the final report and submission. (24th may onward)

VI. Limitations of the Project:

 Since company mostly deals with commercial buyer rather then end
customer so interaction with end customer is less.
 To learn oracle software is time taking as its is more complex then other
software. Also Order procurement through this software is very slow.
 Company focuses less on digital marketing in established area. So chances
of getting exposure in digital marketing is very less.

VII. References: Brochure, Booklet, charts of company regarding, sales, revenue, profit,
marketing etc.

Faculty Guide Name: Dr. Archana rathore

Company Guide Name: Mr anshul kumar garg

Date: 12.03.2019