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12 beneficios del aceite de sanguijuela para la salud


beneficios del aceite de sanguijuela para la salud
Los beneficios del aceite de sanguijuela son cada vez más populares, es muy buscado por los
hombres que desean aumentar su vitalidad. Leech ha sido conocido como un animal repugnante,
incluso aterrador. Debido a que los animales que tienen el nombre latino Hirudomanilensis e
incorporados a este tipo de gusano en Fillum Annelida , además de tener múltiples genitales
o hermafroditas también es un animal hemotófago o un animal chupador de sangre.
Sobre sanguijuelas
Aunque la forma es repulsiva, las sanguijuelas son en realidad animales que tienen muchos
beneficios, tanto para la naturaleza como para los humanos. La historia registra que el tratamiento
con sanguijuela se conoce desde hace cientos de años, desde los días de la antigua India hasta Grecia
y que continuó en los siglos XVIII-XIX en América y Europa, la sanguijuela se ha utilizado como
método de tratamiento. En la propia Indonesia, desde los días de los reinos antiguos, este sistema de
tratamiento también se ha conocido en medio de la sociedad.
Contenido de sanguijuelas de aceite
Investigación científica
The use of leeches as a means of treatment therapy since time immemorial, attracted the attention of
health experts, so conducted a variety of research and scientific research to examine what substances
contained in leeches that are beneficial to human health. Through research and research, it was
discovered that leeches contain beneficial substances as follows:
1. Nitric Oxide
Through research conducted on leeches, Robert Furchgott, Prof. Louis Ignarro and Ferid Murad won
the Nobel Prize in 1998. Based on research conducted by the three researchers it is known that there
is a linkage Nitric Oxide (NO) on the leech type Hirudo Medicinalis that can be used for Viagra
herbs. NO naturally released by leeches can help with erectile failure suffered by men up to 90%. In
addition NO can also provide stimulus to the nerves that can spur passion and provide sexual
stimulation of women when touching the vagina and clitoris.
2. Hirudin
Hirudin is a substance that can neutralize the ability of blood to clot. That’s why this substance is
widely used to restore clogged blood so that blood can return flowing smoothly. With that ability,
elements of Hirudo medicinalis widely used in the process of small nerve surgery, as in the palm of
the hand, in order to make blood continue to flow.
3. Histamine
Substance contained in the saliva leech has a function as a developer.
4. Hyaluronidase
Hyaluronidase which is also present in the leech saliva is an enzyme that has a function like an
5. Thrombin
In addition to increasing freezing, thrombin can also activate fibrinogen conversion. Keep in mind
that when the body is injured, one element in the blood called thrombosa found in the blood vessels
will try to freeze blood flow. With the help of thrombin owned by the leech, the blood clotting
process can take place quickly.
6. Anti Collagen
Anti collagen is widely used as a cosmetic ingredient, because this substance has the function of
blood circulation and prevent premature aging.
Content for item 2
Making Leech Oil
Making Leech Oil
With the beneficial substances contained in the leech that, since ancient blood-sucking animal is
widely used as therapeutic treatment, either by placing leeches to the skin surface, or by extracting
the leech into powder and oil. Leech extract powder is the use usually consumed, whether mixed into
the drink or wrapped in capsule form. However, this method is less popular than the second way,
namely by extracting the leech into oil, known as leech oil.
Types of Leeches
Indonesia, which has a large area with typology of each different region has a variety of leeches that
are quite diverse, so that there are known oil leech papua, leech oil Borneo, Madurese leech oil,
black leech oil, oil leech, and so on. Although each region has a distinctive way of collecting leeches
into leech oil, but in general the leech processing system so that it becomes leech oil, almost exactly
the same, that is with the stages as follows:
1. The leeches to be made oil are mature leeches with a size large enough. The
leeches are then cleaved and washed thoroughly. There is also not directly process
the selected leeches, but let the leech first for about a month with no feed, in order
to sterilize the blood element in the body of leeches.
2. After being washed clean, the leeches are then mixed with various spices and
stirred long enough to completely blend.
3. Furthermore, leeches that have been given spices are divermentasi inside airtight
containers so as not to be contaminated with bacteria from the outside. This
process of vermentation usually lasts about a month, so the body of the leech
becomes crushed and mixed with spices. The leeches’ vermentation with the
spices is then cooked with coconut oil. Finished cooked, then there are oil leeches
that have various kinds of properties.
In accordance with the substances contained in the leech coupled with the ingredients that
accompany the processing, oil leeches have a variety of benefits, including the following:
1. Oil Leeches To Enlarge Male Vital Devices
Benefits of the most popular leech oil in Indonesia is its usefulness to enlarge the vital tool. Among
the various benefits contained in oil leeches, the most widely known benefit is to enlarge the male
vital tool, due to the presence of histamine substances that have a function as a developer. So do not
be surprised if most of the leech oil sold in the market, in the promo always highlight the benefits of
this one.
2. Oil Leeches Increase Vitality of Men
Leech oil is believed to increase male vitality and overcome premature ejaculation because the
content of Nitric Oxide (NO) in leeches has a function as a Viagra herb, as well as the hirudin
content that can accelerate blood flow.
3. Overcoming Frigidity in Women
Libido or very low sexual arousal in women can be overcome with leech oil, because Nitric Oxide
(NO) can provide stimulus to the nerves that can spur passion and provide female sexual stimulation
by applying oil leeches on the vagina and clitoris.
4. Tighten and Enlarge Breasts
Through a massage made with leech oil in the breast, will be able to stimulate motor nerves, so as to
enlarge and tighten the breast.
5. Oil Leeches To Treat wounds
Oil leech can reduce pain in the wound because of the substance hyaluronidase that serves as an
anesthetic. It also can accelerate wound healing, because of the hirudin that launched blood flow and
histamine that serves as a developer, so as to accelerate the growth of new cells.
Good for wounds:
 Benefits of coconut oil
6. Leech Oil Treating Spots and Acne
Spots and acne can be cured by applying leech oil regularly on the skin of the face, because of the
hirudin and histamine content it has.
7. Prevent Premature Aging
The content of anti-collagen in oil leech besides can launch blood circulation also can prevent
premature aging.
Good for premature aging:
 The benefits of exercise
 Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics
 The benefits of swimming
8. Smooth and tighten the skin
For women who have rough skin, dull and wrinkled, can apply leech oil regularly to smooth and
restore skin elasticity.
Essential for skin:
 Benefits of orange peel
 Benefits of watermelon skin
 Benefits of vitamin E
9. Oil Leeches To Prevent Diabetes and Heart
Diabetes and heart disease are generally caused by unhealthy lifestyles, causing clogged blood
vessels. To prevent both diseases can be done by applying leech oil regularly to the whole body.
10. Leech Oil Reduces Risk of Hypertension and Stroke
The anti-inflammatory effects as well as anesthesia in leech oil can help normalize blood flow,
thereby reducing the risk of getting hypertension and stroke.
Important for stroke:
 Benefits of taking a nap
 Benefits of avocado
 Benefits of melon fruit
11. Improve immunity
The bacteriostatic agent contained in leech oil can boost the immune system so it is recommended to
be used by patients who are recovering from illness or those who have HIV / AIDS.
Good For The Immune System:
 Benefits of duck eggs
 The benefits of carrots
 Benefits of kale
 Benefits of salmon
12. Treating Diseases Caused Blood Circulation Disorders
Various diseases caused by blood circulation disorders, such as flatulence, stiffness, hemorrhoid,
colloid, migraine, dizziness, shortness of breath, varicose veins, and others can be treated with leech
oil that serves to smooth the flow of blood.
Essential for blood circulation:
 Benefits of blood donation
 Benefits of lemongrass leaves
 Benefits of water
 Benefits of mahogany
In addition to various diseases as mentioned above, there are many more diseases that can be
prevented and cured with oil leeches. However, because treatment with leech oil is an herbal
treatment, then the benefits can not be directly felt, but it takes a long time and must be done
regularly and repeatedly.
Note: Use should be careful, and doctor’s recommendation
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