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Special Offer on HP & Acer Notebooks & Desktops

(HKUST Notebook/Desktop Ownership Program 2010)

Welcome back School! And preparing for the new academic year and considering to
buy a new notebook for learning or research? This special offer may be the right
program for you!

This annual program is organized by Students’ Union (HKUSTSU). This year we

have selected the most attractive offers which are from Hewlett Packard & Acer. They
both hire Helix Systems as the fulfillment partner for this program. HP & Acer
notebook computers and PCs are available at a special price to all HKUST students,
staff and alumni. LCD displays, printers, software and accessories are also on offer.
Departmental purchase via this program is also accepted.

For HP, a choice of 16 latest HP notebooks/netbooks (~$2,280 to $10,680) and 4 HP

desktops (~$3,880 to $6,220) are available for your selection.

For Acer, you may consider a choice of 10 latest Acer notebooks/netbooks (~2,592 to
$11,964) and 3 Acer Monitors (~$916 to $2,181).

You can enjoy an effective discount (off retail price) starting from over 20% up to

HP printers and Acer smartphone are also offered in educational pricing in the

Below are major highlights of this year's program arrangement:

Online Web Ordering -- from 26 Aug - 30 Sep, and serves as a replacement for
counter-based ordering to avoid unnecessary waiting at long ordering queue.

Roadshow Period -- there will only be ONE single roadshow period from 26 Aug - 10
Sep (excluding Sundays). You may take a glance at the Academic Concourse (near

Notebook Distribution -- for orders placed in the roadshow period, with around 2 to 3
week lead time for notebook pick-up or delivery upon order confirmation.
"Cash-n-Carry" arrangement is NOT available.

For this limited-time special offer till 30 Sep, each eligible person is ONLY allowed to
buy at most one notebook, one netbook and one desktop computer. Note that you are
NOT allowed to change ownership of your notebook bought through this program,
NOR allowed to transfer your privilege to a third party within the warranty period.
The vendors reserve the right to claim those offenders the difference between the
market price and the special program price.

An optional 12-month installment plan is available, and all installment orders need to
be completed at the installment counter during the roadshow period.

HP and Acer are the only brands endorsed by the University management and the
Students’ Union in this program.

For further details, please refer to the program leaflet available at the roadshow
counter, or visit HP & Acer's designated program web site at:

Program Hotlines:
8208 8991 (HP)
8208 8333 (Acer)

Hotline Opening Hours:

10:30am – 7:30pm (Monday to Friday)
10:30am – 2:00pm (Saturday)
(Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)

Thank you for your attention.

HKUSTSU, ITSC & Purchasing Office

24 August 2010