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10. Puck is the root behind all of the problems in the play. (give 3 reasons why)

The play A Midsummer Night’s Dream written by William Shakespeare is a romantic comedy
which portrays the adventures of four young Athenian lovers and a group of amateur actors in the
moonlit forest, and their interactions with the fairies who inhibit it. In the play, there is a very
important minor character whom we cannot forget about his existence, that is Puck. Puck is a
loyalty servant to the king of fairy, Oberon. He is also a mischievous fairy in the forest who loves
to play pranks on others. He plays an important part in creating the ups and downs of the play.
He is also said to be the root behind all of the problems in the play because of his carelessness,
naughtiness and loyalty to Oberon.

First and foremost, Puck is regarded as the root behind all the problems because of his
carelessness in putting the love potion on the wrong person. On this occasion, in the play, Oberon
instructs Puck to put the love juice on Demetrius so that Demetrius would fall in love with Helena.
He knows that he has to put the love juice on the man who is wearing the Athenian clothes, but
what he is unaware of is that there are actually two young man wearing the Athenian clothes in
the forest. So when he first sees Lysander, without hesitation and confirmation, he mistakes
Lysander as the Athenian man mentioned by Oberon and casts the magic on him which makes
him leaves Hermia and falls in love with Helena. Later, Lysander even fight with Demetrius, who
is also under the enchantment of the love potion, to get Helena. Hermia who feels heart broken
also nearly challenges Helena to fight before Puck leading them away by mimicking their voices
to restore the situation. In brief, such a chaos is created due to Puck’s unawareness and
carelessness in confirming the identity of the Athenian man before casting the spell on him.

Besides that, Puck’s naughtiness makes him become the root of all the problems. In the
play, Puck is a mischievous and naughty fairy. For instance, he transforms Nick Bottom’s head
into an ass or known as a donkey’s head. This happens in Act 3 when Puck sees a group of
Athenian actors rehearse “Pyramus and Thisbe” and gets shock by their awful acting. He decides
to give Bottom a donkey head as he is the most foolish and the worst actor. Subsequently, Titania,
the Queen of fairies who is awakes from sleeping immediately falls in love with Bottom. It is
because her husband, Oberon squeezes the love juice that could make people fall in love with
the first person he/she sees on her eyes. In short, this example obviously shows that how naughty
Puck is and makes things complicated.


Last but not least, Puck’s loyalty towards to his master also leading him to make problems
happen. Puck is an attendant of Oberon, the King of the fairies. As Puck says, his duty is to "jest
to Oberon and make him smile" in Act 2. For example, Oberon asks Puck to help him. He orders
Puck to squeeze the love juice on Demetrius’s eyes so he will falls in love with Helena when he
wakes up. However, being confused by the Athenian’s clothes, Puck mistakenly squeezes the
love juice on Lysander’s eyes and makes him falls in love with Helena. Problem occurs as
Lysander initially loves Hermia and now changes his love towards Helena due to the love juice.
To conclude, we can see that is not Puck who wish to make problem occurs but he has no choice
as it is his master’s order.

In conclusion, Puck’s carelessness, naughtiness and loyalty towards his master make him
as the main culprit behind all the problems that have occured in the play.