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The ITEC program has provided me with several opportunities to develop my

knowledge of student diversity and how to promote it. I have completed research into the
learning styles of diverse students. When creating lesson plans, I now take into account that
many students need visual, auditory, and kinesthetic delivery of content as well as
traditional text based instruction. I learned that ELL students benefit not only from
applications that allow for text translation, but also from visual examples. These examples
help them make concrete connections to new concepts. I have also gained a new
understanding for how Universal Design Principles help students with diverse needs gain
digital equity to online learning platforms. I learned exactly how much of an impact a
students, race, gender, and socioeconomic status have on their learning needs.

During this program, I developed many skills to help promote diversity and needs of
my students. I am now able to design my online learning platform to include elements that
make it easier for students with diverse needs to successfully access and complete online
assignments. I have created a list of applications and software that fulfill diverse student
needs. I have the ability to help troubleshoot issues my students may have while using the
available technology. I have also gained the necessary skills to help coach my peers in the
best practices of technology integration, which will in turn help meet diverse student needs
at Pepperell Middle.

As a result of the lessons and experiences I have had in the ITEC program, my
disposition in regards to student diversity has grown in a positive manner. I have gained an
understanding for the difficulties that students deal with in a typical school environment.
Many students feel overlooked and hopeless because they do not understand the
information being presented. Lessons should take into account the diverse needs and
backgrounds of each student to be effective and engaging. My motivation to help these
students has grown as a result of the ITEC program.

Diversity Activities
● Digital Art Portfolio
○ Provides students the freedom to exhibit their art online and share thoughts
and feelings about the creative process.
● Art History Webquest
○ Students have freedom of choice on what artist they wish to research
○ Students choose what application or method they wish to use to present their
research to the class.
○ Students collaborate in a small groups of their peers
● Kahoot, EdPuzzle, and Plickers
○ Applications that meet various needs for diverse students (Visual and
● Online Learning Platform (Google Classroom)
○ Provides for multiple learning styles
○ Facilitates collaboration and student communication
● ELL Field Experience
○ Provided visual examples to help ELL students make concrete connections
with new vocabulary
○ Used culturally relevant material to help access prior knowledge.