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Comprehensive Plan Date: Je’Nariah Scott 4/3/19

All Attendees and Organizations at Kathryn Smith, Andrew Maffei, Danielle Swenton, Mary DeSantis, Stephanie Pooler, Christina Hough, Emily
Meeting Scheutzow, Je’Nariah’s mother
1) Phonics/Decoding 2) Sight Word Recognition 3) Place Value Understanding
Target Concern(s)

Kindergarten, Unit 6 46 out of 91 words 12%

Baseline Measurement

Je’Nariah will increase her CKLA unit Je’Nariah will increase her sight word Je’Nariah will increase her proficiency
to a Kindergarten, Unit 8. recognition to 54 out of 91 words. with this specific skill to 20%

Updates from 4/3/19: Updates from 4/3/19: Updates from 4/3/19:

Je’Nariah is now reading at a CKLA Je’Nariah recalled 57 sight words on Je’Nariah is now at 17%, which is a
Grade 1, Unit 2. She has met the goal the most recent assessment. She has 5% increase.
set for her. met the goal set for her.
New Goal from 4/3/19: New Goal from 4/3/19: New Goal from 4/3/19:
Je’Nariah will begin to approach a Je’Nariah will increase her sight word Je’Nariah will show another increase
mid-first grade level by increasing her vocabulary to 70, increasing by 13 of 5%, which will put her at 22%
CKLA level to a Grade 1, Unit 5. words. proficiency.

Beginning Date 4/3/19 4/3/19 4/3/19

5/29/19 5/29/19 5/29/19

End Date

Support Coach(es) Pooler/Hovey Pooler/Hovey Pooler/Hovey

- Phonics and sight word intervention - Phonics and sight word intervention - Modified small group instruction to
with reading interventionist (25 with reading interventionist (25 focus on targeted standards and skills
minutes daily) minutes daily) - Zearn
Description of Strategy/Strategies - Imagine Learning (20 minutes daily) - Imagine Learning (20 minutes daily)
- Sight word intervention 1:1 with - Sight word intervention 1:1 with
teacher (5 minutes daily) teacher (5 minutes daily)
- CKLA small group intervention using - CKLA small group intervention using
ARG (30 minutes daily) ARG (30 minutes daily)
Across all classroom environments Across all classroom environments Across all classroom environments
When/Where Will Strategy Take Place

Staff Responsible Pooler/Hovey Pooler/Hovey Pooler/Hovey

ARG Assessments Sight Word Progress Monitoring STAR Assessment

How will it be monitored?

Je’Nariah has been receiving small group interventions in the classroom since the beginning of the school year. She
Summary of School-Based Actions
also receives small group, targeted interventions with an AIS interventionist.

Summary of Family- and

Community-Based Actions
 Updates to intervention plan (new SMART goal, different strategies, etc.)
 Progress monitoring notes
 Parent Contacts
Updates from 1/30/19:

Pooler (teacher):
- Je’nariah is a very young 2nd grader, she just turned 7
- Je’nariah is easily distracted in a whole group and needs a lot of reminders to get back on task, she benefits from being seated right next to the
teacher for whole group
- She recommended retention at the school data meetings but because she was not making growth at that time, she was told retention would not
benefit her
- Mom is supportive of retention and just wants what is best for Je’nariah, Mom has also expressed that she feels guilty for not helping Je’nariah better
along the way
- She is currently reading at a Level B independently

- Je’nariah has been coming to her kindergarten room for a small group CKLA intervention
- She is working on Kindergarten Unit 7, she just passed Unit 6

Swenton (social worker):

- Inquired about the possibility of setting Mom up with FSSS
Updates from 4/3/19:

Pooler (teacher):
- Je’Nariah has been distracted and somewhat off task in the classroom
- She believes that Je’Nariah’s progress is inconsistent and her retention of learned skills is also inconsistent (even when she is taught a strategy
repeatedly, she still reverts back and doesn’t use them)
- She is doing well with adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers by regrouping
- They have just started working on a math unit that is beginning multiplication and Je’Nariah is doing well with this
- Je’Nariah is showing response to the interventions in place, but she is still working considerably below grade level expectations

Hovey (AIS teacher):

- She works with Je’Nariah for reading
- In the beginning of the year, Je’Nariah was able to read CVC words but struggled with CVCC words (getting only 1 out of 10)
- She has made a lot of gains since the beginning of the year and is now working on a Grade 1, Unit 2 but her concern is that the class is on Grade 2,
Unit 5 so she is working much below where the class is
- Je’Nariah does a lot of guessing when she is reading instead of slowing down to chunk and decode words, such as she will say blake instead of black of
wins instead of swims

- She believes that Je’Nariah is doing OK, she does ask for help with her homework and completes it without too much help
- She said that when she tries to help Je’Nariah more, she gets frustrated
- She inquired about the possibility of holding Je’Nariah back to repeat 2nd grade, Ms. Smith explained what we’d be looking for to retain a student and
Je’Nariah wouldn’t quite meet the requirements