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States of Matter and the Phase Changes

Doodle Notes

These Doodle Notes are a graphic organizer for your students as they master the
concepts of the States of Matter and the Phase Changes. Students can complete the
notes individually or in pairs after learning the concept. There are two versions of the
States of Matter page for differentiation. The KEY pages can be used on a document
camera (Elmo) or projected onto a screen for students to check their work. I suggest
having students choose a color for the addition of energy and a color for the removal
of energy and coloring in the phase change arrows appropriately. This will help them to
understand that the overall energy of matter and the state of matter are inseparable

These graphics and images are a part of my Energy of

Matter and Phase Changes Cornell Doodle Notes, which dive a
little deeper into this concept by explaining the kinetic energy
of matter (thermal energy) and temperature as a measure
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S ta t e s o f M a t t e r

Super high energy ionized gas
particles colliding violently.

High energy particles moving at high
speeds in random directions. Has no
definite volume or definite shape.

Close-together particles slip-sliding
around one another. Has a definite
volume but no definite shape

Packed together particles vibrating
in place. Has definite volume and
definite shape.

Bose-Einstein Condensate
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Super-cooled matter.

Absolute Zero
Temperature at which all motion would theoretically stop.
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Phase Changes
Phase changes occur when a
The gas with an electric
substance changes from one current running through
state of matter to another. it in a plasma ball is an
example of ionization.

Dry ice (solid CO2)

is an example of

The droplets of
Frost on a water on the inside
windshield is an of a window is an
example of example of
deposition. condensation.


f reezing
Evaporation and
boiling are both
examples of
The formation of icicles is vaporization.
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an example of freezing.

Ice turning into water is

an example of melting.
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S ta t e s o f M a t t e r





Bose-Einstein Condensate
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Absolute Zero
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S ta t e s o f M a t t e r

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Phase Changes
Phase changes occur when . . .

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