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We are looking for


Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Key requirements Package and Benefits

 Good knowledge of HACCP regulations  Competitive Salary and Service Charge
 Must have knowledge of local (Maldivian) and  CCR Training and Career Development Programs
regional cuisines  Friendly living environment with various
 Good experience cooking for high number of recreational facilities such as: Football,
staffs Volleyball, etc.
 Previous experience in a remote island location  Accumulate off days and public holidays. Paid
is an advantage Annual Leave + Ticket to home island/country
 Ability to communicate effectively in written and and other mandatory paid leaves
spoken English  Accommodation, meals and laundry service
 Other benefits to be discussed when hired

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Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

About Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Meeru Island is located in North Male’ Atoll accessible via boat from the International
Airport. The island features 284 rooms, four large F&B outlets, extensive water sports,
diving facilities as well as a large fleet of vessels. This beautiful island was one of the first
resorts in the Maldives and offers a vibrant and rich heritage; it is Simply Maldives.