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f=) PRESTO! TERMINAL UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION {slamabad ~ Kohat ~Peshanar Lahore SSS stndent Name: Reg. Not Course Code! MT-3241 Course Title: English Grammar Program: BS (Mathematics) Semester: Fall 2016 id consists of review questions only, review questions. ‘This is a three-hour examination You may attempt not more than t Q.l a). Write short notes on the following i. Pronoun fi, Adverb ili, Noun iv. Adjective 1b) Change into negative: i. The tall boy is good student. ii, That woman comes fom Africa ili, He is ready, iv The children are in house. v. Ahmad and Amna are students, Q2) Use That or These. i story is very interesting re ‘women from Islamabad? Do, ‘boys know the answer? Tall boy is very handsome. v. Dothey study "book every day? b) Change He of She to i. She knows the answer. fi, He suites letters every day. ii, He is a student in that clas, iv. She doesn’t have a ca. v. He is quite hungry now. 3.8) Use the continuous present tense of each verb. i. Workers drop the boxes on the floor. fi, All the students begin the lesson, ‘The students write the new word. 7 iv. Amna and I earry the chairs v._ Those Boys play in the yard ') Fill in the blanks by using right preposition. i. You write leters them everyday. You are reading, ‘that book. Are they paying attention the teacher? Isthere a picture The wall? ¥. Do you come ‘Afghanistan? Qa) Select the correct verb foreach sentence, i. Are they (take, taking) a course in Chinese? fi, Do they always (learn, leaming) the new words? ili, He (likes, liking) that pen, iv. Ishe (work, working) today? ¥. Do you (wateh, Watching) football games? otro 1) Change these statements into questions. ‘They ike tea He is studying Prec ili. He speaks very fast. iv. Teis raining now. v. You are working hard 5a) Add Much, Many, oF Very in the following sentences: i. Are there people in the room? “The weather in August is hot. i, Is she putting sugar in the tea? iv, He lives in the big white house. vs. People wear hats. by) Add A Little or A Few in the following sentences: i. Hehas fiends here, - ii, There is medicine inthe bottle. fil, There are plates on the table iv. Sana i eating ice pudding now. ¥. ‘There are students inthe room, Q6) Write Yesterday, Last or Ago inthe following blanks. i. Did they finish the work night? ii, Las there for along time. Did you borrow the money month? i, Were they absent from the class 2 v. We visited aunt Amina ‘weekend. ') Write By or With inthe following: ‘We traveled to France boat, ji, Did you tavel__ the other students? ill, studied the wrong lesson mistake. jv. Do you usualy study ‘Riad? ¥. Toften eat luneh ny sister. : Q.78) Change the position of Direct Object. She gave the box to me. ji, The teacher read the story tous. iil, He brought the books to them. iv. Did he lend her sister the books? v. Hegave Ayesha the tickets, by Use Too, Too much, or Too many. ‘That red house ‘There is Itis____ fot taday. “There were ‘studeints in the classroom. v. The children are making noise 8.4). Write the correct possessive form ofeach underlined words: i. (Sara) sister is prety ii, took that (girl) pencil by mistake. i, Are the (gels) coats inthe closest? iv. The (students) paper ison the desk +. ‘That (man) Work was very good. Use the correct tense ofthe verb in each sentence. i. He (work) right now. fi, She (ike) paintings iil, We (walk) inthe park yesterday. iv. The boys (go) to the Football game last evening, -¥. We (open) the door an hour ago. Q9 Use Was, Were or Did in your own sentences. Bach should be used in at least five sentences, QUO Use the future with going to i. Twill see it tomorrow. ii, Sara willbe at home tonight, iil, 1 wil finish our home work tomorrow. iv. She will arrive in Detroit next week ¥. His parents will return at midaight. vi, Will they go by plane? vii. Will many people altend the meeting? viii. Will he assist you with the work? there be a conference next month? x. Will you finish the work for him? Q.11a) Use “Whose, What or Which i kind of food do you prefer? ofthe slips did she choose? Ihe has two choices will he take? iv happened in your class today? v. Tedoesnt belong to her. is it? by Use How, How much, or How many. i "wide is that room? ii Jemon do you wantin your tea? i, expensive is that watch? iv, quarts of milk do need? v. does he get this? Q.12 Use these Idioms in your own sentences. In arow, On time, Make fun of, Without doubt, In spite of /At once, Pay for, Fond of, Well to do, Put away. Q.13a) Use only the Past Tense of the correct verb, i. Theat _ the door. 1 ‘a preity necktie from ple We hhim of his promise We eight hours ina week in that store, v. She: the new word in the sentence, +b) Use the Present Perfect Tense of the verb. We (see) that movie already. 1 (read) that novel ‘you ever (eat) a that cafeteria? iv. Not __never (walk) across it UG ‘work about two days ago. Pages