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April 12-18, 2019

P ERM IT NO. 203
CA 91910

Vietnam quietly upgrades Spratly Island outpost — report by Patricia Lourdes Viray, Phil-
PHL, US soldiers conduct
Destiny | MANILA, 4/10/2019

Balikatan in Mindoro
— While China sent its maritime
militia in response to the Philip-
G MA News | MANILA, specifically re uested by the pines' upgrade of its facilities on
4/11/2019 -- The Armed F orces from the U S military. Pag-asa Island, Vietnam has also
of the Philippines (AF P) and " We requested this type of train- been ex panding its facilities on
their U S counterpart conducted ing because based on our assess- its outposts in the Spratly chain in
a Balikatan ex ercise in Lubang ment, ito ' yung isang bagay kung the South China Sea.
Island, Mindoro on Thursday. saan kailangan pa natin i-increase Washington-based think tank
According to a report by Chino ' yung capability ng ating armed Asia Maritime Transparency
G aston in G MA' s 24 Oras, the forces," said Lt. Col. Jonathan Initiative reported that H anoi has
ex tended its runway on Spratly

troops participated in a simulated Pondanera, Director of the Ex er-
operation to combat foreign en- cise G roup Land Balikatan 2019. Island, its largest outpost and
emies who invaded the airfield o Pagasa Island is the only Ma- administrative center in the area.
an island and rescue hostages. nila-occupied island in the West Contrary to China' s industrial-
The soldiers used military simu- hilippine ea that has an airfield. scale dredging on features in the
lation ammunition to facilitate a H undreds of Chinese vessels Spratlys, Vietnam used construc-
realistic operation. were spotted by the Philippine tion equipment to dredge up the
The training program on re- military in the area from January reef surrounding the island and
spondin to airfield sei ure was ( C ont i nue d on page 7) covered it with sand.
The report noted that Vietnam' s
process was more time-consum-
Cebu’s delicacies take the spotlight C h a p te r 9 3 o f “ D e s tin y ” b y S im e o n G . S ilv e r io , J r. ing and less environmentally
disastrous than what China did.
in new Netflix series ‘Street Food’ H anoi' s runway on Spratly

Island has been ex tended to 1,300
C e b u C ity is a m o n g th e 9 The Philippine episode will dive harlie Buendia did not take Eva Marie to bed right away. As he did with meters from 750 meters, the
A s ia n c itie s to b e fe a tu re d in into Cebu City’s history as a trad- other pretty girls to whom he promised stardom, he made her comfort- AMTI reported.
the first season of the upcom- ing hub, and how that, combined able at first. " Since 2017, H anoi has put the
in g d o c u m e n ta r y s e r ie s with the fresh seafood and easy “ We have to teach you to behave like a movie star,” he told her. “ We’ll give you a ten- finishin touches on the ends o
access to produce, has made its thousand-peso monthly allowance so you can maintain a movie star’s lifestyle. Where do you the airstrip. In the middle of that | MANILA, street food unique. live?” year, it completed two large sets
4/11/2019 – A new series on Net- It also features local culinary “ With my mother in Angeles, Pampanga,” Eva Marie replied. of hangars at either end of the
i is set to shine the spotli ht on heroes, including F lorencio “ En- “ F rom now on, you have to live by yourself in a nice and secluded apartment here in Q uez on runway," the AMTI said.
Cebu’s culinary treasures, and the toy” Escabas, whose local eatery City, where you can project a prestigious image on movie reporters and fans.” The hangars on the Vietnam-
people who make them. has helped reverse the cycle of She understood what he meant. Nobody should know she was a daughter of a poor prostitute controlled island are likely to host
Street F ood, the upcoming series poverty for his family and com- in a bar outside an American military base. PZ L M28B maritime aircraft and
soon to air on the streaming munity; Leslie Enjambre, heiress “ We’ll provide you such an apartment until you’re able to pay for it yourself with your talent CASA C-295 transport planes in
platform, will ex plore street food to a lechon Cebu (Cebu-style fees from the movies you’ll make.” the future.
culture across the world, begin- roast pork) legacy that dates back A secluded apartment would suit Charlie’s purpose, a secret love nest that nobody would Vietnam also had communica-
ning with 9 cities in Asia for the to the 1940s; Ian Secong, who tions facilities installed on the
( C o n tin u e d o n p a g e 6 )
first season. mon them is the runs a popular restaurant bringing island, as well as new buildings
Philippines’ own Cebu City. ( C ont i nue d on page 7)
topped with solar panels.
Aside from Spratly Island, H a-
Actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez El Nido, Palawan limestone towers set stage for noi had upgraded its facilities on

now a Carmelite nun? renowned cliff diving World Series 2019

Pearson Reef with the construc-
tion of a helipad, solar panels and
planting of vegetation on its new
by Niñ a V. Guno, Inq as of this writing, with netiz ens The G NP Team | MANILA,
Actress Chin-Chin G utierrez , landfill.
praising “ Sister Lourdes” for her 4/11/2019 -- The world’s best
who has long left her showbiz The Southeast Asian country' s
choice of vocation. H owever, it cliff divers converge in El Nido,
career, is now reportedly a nun. facilities on surrounding reefs,
is not the first time that such a Palawan in the Philippines for the
A F acebook post last March such as Petly and South Reefs,
rumor has surfaced. Red Bull Cliff Diving World Se-
29 from one Vicksay M. Josol have also been ex panded with
In 2013, the same rumor cir- ries. Credit: Red Bull Cliff Diving
lauded her decision to become a new structures since mid-2017.
culated online, which was then El Nido, Palawan will be the
Carmelite nun who is supposedly " It seems that regardless of
debunked by G utierrez ’s former stage for the 11th Red Bull cliff
known as Sister Lourdes. ex ternal factors, whether amid
manager, Angela U reta. diving world series on April 13,
G O D re a lly w o r k s in w a y s w e c o u ld negotiations and relative calm or
U retasaid in a May 2013 2019.
h a rd ly fa th o m !C o n g r a tu la tio n s fo r tensions and threats of violence,
F acebook post that G utierrez is The free-fall diving competition
a n s w e r in g th e c a ll to V o c a tio n S R . H anoi is committed to a steady
L O U R D E S . P R A Y E R S … an “ ecological lay worker who that includes stunning acrobatics
but modest ex pansion of its capa-
P o s te d b y V ic k s a y M . J o s o l o n collaborates with many religious is coming to the Philippine island
bilities in and around the Spratly
T h u rsd a y, M a rch 2 8 , 2 0 1 9 institutions as part of her advo- that has been acknowledged as
Islands," the report read.
The post has gained 8,000 likes one of the world’s best travel des-
( C ont i nue d on page 7) ( C ont i nue d on page 4) ( C ont i nue d on page 4)

圀䔀 氀攀渀搀 礀漀甀 䴀伀刀䔀℀

5 pm
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | April 12-18, 2019

Meet the Cebuano designer who will represent the Philippines in the World Fashion Week 2019
book account on March 11, 2019, Cebu Daily News Digital. H e believes that the Philippines for the World F ashion Week 2019 as
Monday, that his brand H anz Based on the screenshot photo he has a lot of talented designers and this will launch his career to a differ-
Coquilla Couture was nominated shared on his F acebook account, the everyone deserves to be given the ent height.
by the organiz ers to represent the event will showcase “ eco-collections right platform. Coquilla admitted that there are
2020” to international buyers, ce- “ What makes my brand unique is some challenges like raising at least
country. lebrities, and the international media that I always forecast what is hot 14,000 Euros (or P900,000.00) for
that can reach an audience of around nex t season. I always do research the registration fee that will go to the
“ I am honored to be nominated by 200 million. and also do at least one show abroad models, hair and makeup, and venue.
the World F ashion Week organiz ers The event will also “ focus in the every year,” Coquilla added. “ But we are not closing this just
to represent the country in the said contribution of fashion towards A native of Barangay Kamputhaw, yet. We have months to raise funds.
event. I owe it to my partner, Ichael, women and girl empowerment in Cebu City, the 36-year-old fashion But for now, being nominated to
for diligently communicating with Africa and the end of female genital designer has been in the fashion represent the country is something to
the organiz ers. H e started talking mutilation (F MG ) as well as social industry for 18 years. be thankful for because not everyone
with them last year. H e is the one and environmental responsibility.” Coquilla is also hoping for the best gets the chance to,” he said. /bmjo
who answers all the emails,” he told

C e b u a n o fa s h io n d e s ig n e r
H a n z C o q u illa w ill re p re s e n t
th e P h ilip p in e s in th e u p c o m -
in g W o r ld F a s h io n W e e k 2 0 1 9
in P a r is , F r a n c e in O c to b e r. |
P h o to b y M a tt P in g k ia n
Cebu Daily News

Cebu City, Philippines — Ce-

buano fashion designer H anz
Coquilla will represent the Philip-
pines in the upcoming World
F ashion Week 2019 at the Palais
Brongniart in Paris, F rance from
October 24 to 26, 2019.
Coquilla announced on his F ace-

Tasty Food : Definitely the best Korean

BBQ place I’ve been to in San Diego.
Hottest Place: Great Korean BBQ
Lunch: $15.99 restaurant/ bar in the Westfield Mission Valley Mall. There are a
variety of seating arrangements to choose from; tables, outdoor
Weekend Lunch: $22.99 patio and bar seating options.
Full Dinner: $26.99 Fabulous Mood :This Korean BBQ restaurant is located in an area
Thursday-Friday, buy 3 get 1 where you would least expect it–inside the Westfield Mission Val-
free. ley Mall next to Buffalo Wild Wings.
Beautiful Interior : Time to eat ….. if you want to experience some-
Free jumbo shrimp thing good and Great food come to 365 F. The ambience it’s amaz-
Hours: (Valid March 31, dinner only) ing and it’s a great place to enjoy a new korean experience.
Lunch:- The Best Korean Restaurant in San Diego356 BBQ & We are a
11:45 am - 2:45 pm unique and sumptuous dining experience nestled in the heart of
1640 Camino Del Rio N., downtown San Diego. At 356 BBQ and Bar you’ll be in for a treat
Sun-Thur Ste. 206, when you taste our famous Korean BBQ made with prime meat cuts. 356 BBQ & BAR is a Ko-
(5:45 pm - 9 pm San Diego, CA 92108 rean barbecue restaurant that serves a range of food and beverage items. The restaurants menu
includes Angus prime steaks, beef , chicken, pork, shrimp and noodle soup.
Fri-Sat (619) 295-9774
(5:45 pm - 9:30 pm 1640 Camino Del Rio N., FSU12, SD CA 92108, Tel. 1-619.260.0356 - 356bbq,com
April 12-18, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 3

California Communities
The Metamorphosis
success that they o ten aunt. n
so many ways, I was still the same Consultants from California and Texas charged with
visa fraud and conspiracy
unsophisticated barrio boy, the hard-
by Ernie Delfin working Ilocano who enjoyed read-
ing and writing and watching and
observing people like ants working Eleven-Count Indictment States Citiz enship and Immigration 18 U .S.C. § 371, and ten counts of
all the time or li e that o a butter y Services. A petition and associated substantive visa fraud, in violation of
hoppin rom one ower to another.
Alleges Defendants’ Staffing
Company Submitted Fraudu- documentation must confirm the 18 U .S.C. § 1546(a).
Read previous articles by Ernie Delfin My happiness emanates from within ex istence and duration of the job The defendants were arrested
at ww.asianj that is augmented by occasional lent Applications for High-Tech waiting for the worker, and describe yesterday in their respective towns
trips to the movies, live shows and W o r k e r V is a s key details including the wages as- of residence. Dattapuram and
plays in theaters. also find enjoy- sociated with the position. Aswapathi made their initial appear-
Extra-curricular activities giving ment in regular travels, locally and
abroad. I enjoy travelling because
U | SAN JOSE - A fed- In this case, the defendants alleg-
eral grand jury indicted Kishore edly used Nanosemantics to sub-
ances in federal court in San Jose and
Austin, respectively. G iri made his
purpose and meaning to my life
it is a first-class education by itsel . Dattapuram, Kumar Aswapathi, mit fraudulent I-129 petitions and initial appearance today in federal
Social interactions with like-minded and Santosh G iri, charging the obtain H -1B visas for workers that court in San Jose. All three defen-
people with regular people in church
“ S e r v ic e to h u m a n ity is th e ics, then! I was elected as the Vice or cultural and literary groups and defendants in a visa fraud scheme, the defendants could later place at dants entered pleas of not guilty and
b e s t w o r k o f life !” President that year, and thereafter involvement in community benefit announced U nited States Attorney local companies. By maintaining
a group of available workers, the
were released on bonds. Defendants
are nex t scheduled to appear at 1:30
became the President of an all white organiz ations like Rotary or G awad David L. Anderson and Depart- defendants would gain a competi- p.m. on May 13, 2019, for a status
— O n e o f th e lin e s o f th e J a y c e e member clubs, the first sian that Kalinga are very rewarding times ment of H omeland Security, tive advantage over consultants that conference before the H onorable
C reed ever became in our club. I was also that I enjoy greatly. H omeland Security Investigations properly applied for paperwork only Judge Edward J. Davila, U .S. District
active then in our newly organiz ed Q uality family time to parks, Special Agent in Charge Ryan L. a ter matchin a ualified wor er to Judge.
professional association of Philippine museums or anywhere that titillate and available job. According to the An indictment merely alleges that
Since grade school, we were nstitute o ertified ublic ccoun- the minds of our two children when Spradlin.
taught to have the Catholic prac- tants-Southern California Chapter indictment, several of the I-129 peti- crimes have been committed, and
they were growing up was also very According to the indictment, tions submitted by defendants stated all defendants are presumed inno-
tice of “ Ex amination of Con- and eventually became its president important to me. . Oftentimes, they Dattapuram, 49, of Santa Clara, that particular wor ers had specific cent until proven guilty beyond a
science” before we go to confes- in 1986 . A couple years later, I was were the only kids in my profes- jobs waiting for them at designated reasonable doubt. If convicted, the
Aswapathi, 49, of Austin, Tex as,
sion. o to have a ood re ection also elected president of our young sional association meetings it was and G iri, 42, of San Jose, operated companies when, in reality, the defendants face a max imum sentence
of my own ex tracurricular activi- F ilipino American Chamber of Com- a “ lesser” evil than leaving them Nanosemantics, Inc., a Santa Clara- defendants knew that these jobs did o ten years, and a fine o , ,
ties, ever since I was a toddler in merce of Orange County during for with the baby sitters even on based consultin firm whose services not ex ist. F urther, the defendants plus restitution if appropriate for
the economic boom and business weekends.
the barrio, is relatively very easy. ex pansion in California. included placing skilled foreign allegedly sought the cooperation of each violation of 18 U .S.C. § 1546(a)
During this H oly Week 2019, F rom active participation in our workers at software and technology third parties to conceal their fraud. (visa fraud); and a max imum prison
In the 80’s once a Jaycee member city’s elite civic community organi-
during my slow recovery from a reached 35, he becomes a “ roasted” companies in the Bay Area. Accord- F or ex ample, defendants allegedly sentence o five years, and a fine o
z ations, I was also invited to become ing to the indictment, the defendants orchestrated payments by Nanose- , , plus restitution i ap-
serious open heart surgery, I have Jaycee and just become an “ honorary engaged in our H oly Spirit Catholic
been pondering over my life of member” and most of us eventually worked together to submit fraudulent mantics to at least one individual propriate for the conspiracy count.
hurch, first as a member o our H -1B visa applications on behalf of for permission to list his company H owever, any sentence following
over 65 years at this juncture join the older community service weekly Bible Study Class and our as the employer for foreign workers conviction would be imposed by the
foreign workers in order to gain a
of the sunset of life in America. club, Rotary. In our city during Peace & Justice Ministry. I have competitive advantage over compet- even though Nanosemantics actually court after consideration of the U .S.
I am profoundly grateful as my those decades, the mayor and the been active there for a couple of intended to place the workers else- Sentencing G uidelines and the fed-
council members were all Jaycees or decades. With very active Catholics in firms.
overall journey was very good, where. F urther, defendants allegedly eral statute governing the imposition
Rotarians! We were the movers and friends who lived out their faith, I coached foreign workers and others, of a sentence, 18 U .S.C. § 3553.
ruit ul and ulfillin . shakers of the city. Due to busi- The H -1B visa program allows
was prodded to become a minister foreign workers to obtain temporary to respond to government inquiries in Assistant U .S. Attorney John Bostic
ness reasons, I found it imperative to in the Diocese Prison Ministry after a way that would prevent the govern- is prosecuting the case with the assis-
I know I am not a very rich man, transfer my Rotary membership in authoriz ation to live and work for
like many of my friends or clients, a decade in our Bible Study class. employers in the U nited States. In ment from discovering the fraud. tance of Tong Z hang. The prosecu-
City of F ountain Valley to the Rotary Looking back how it happened was In sum, the defendants all were tion is the result of an investigation
but I believe I have a very rich Club of Cerritos CA where was its order to secure an H -1B visa, an em-
and colorful life. F or that realiz a- also a “ miracle” in itself, as there ployer or other sponsor must submit charged with one count of conspiracy by U .S. Citiz enship and Immigration
Centennial President in 2005. It was is always a reason for every season. to commit visa fraud, in violation of Services and H SI.
tion that I have transformed my life that year that I was also introduced to an “ I-129” petition to the U nited
through sweat, tears and countless I never ever dreamed to be a Prison
one of the most trustworthy move-
Chula Vista is launch pad for AV and Drone researchers
trials into a much better life than Minister volunteer ministering to the
ment for the poor in the Philippines spiritual needs consisting of Bible
my own parents, as they also did called G awad Kalinga. G K’s noble
compared to their parents, I thank Study and communion services to
and bold ambition was to eradicate hundreds of inmates or prisoners in hula ista o ficials are includ- tory’ in which businesses can test, ified to co-author rant applications
my Creator for H is abundant bless- poverty in one generation. Since
ings and grace to a sinner like me. America! ing researchers in ongoing work deploy and refine their technolo ies with the city improving the likeli-
its inception there are now over After years of my Bible study and we are ex cited to keep growing hood of securing grant funding for
That is the same hope and prayer that 2,500 G K communities through- to boost the city’s growing Smart
my two children will also have the classmates inviting me to become a via public/private partnerships and projects in Chula Vista.
out the Philippines that were built prison minister like them, I never City innovation economy with the
opportunity and blessings from the innovative ventures.” The Request for Ex pressions of
for the deserving poor. As of this had any interest, until one day, announcement of a creative busi- Available facilities include the Interest complements the city’s
Lord to improve their lives compared writing, doz en G K villages in my ness solicitation. The city has is-
to ours, their parents. a fellow Rotarian leader from the undeveloped 375-acre university site ex isting participation in the San
home province are completed and Philippines called me and requested sued a Request for Ex pressions of where drone startups have already Diego Regional Proving G rounds for
It is also hoped that this chapter, as the newest one in my own bar-
a part of my legacy to them and their rio is being completed, which this to please visit her daughter who was Interest highlighting the numer- completed testing for more than a autonomous vehicles and the F ederal
own children to have a authentic incarcerated for allegedly murdering ous city-owned facilities available year. or autonomous vehicle firms, viation dministration-a filiated
writer spearheaded and been actively her husband, which she was eventu- the city is offering 17,000 square U AS Integrated Pilot Program.
glimpse of my own bitter-sweet jour- engaged. Personally witnessing to businesses and organiz ations
ally convicted for 30 years to life in feet of industrial space for vehicle Both programs give participants
ney from AnisCa to America with the transformation of the family state prison. I politely declined then
working on autonomous ve-
occasional homecoming visits to maintenance including crane and streamlined and ex pedited permitting
beneficiaries is uite rewardin and as I cannot just visit her without a hicles (AV) and unmanned aerial lifts. Chula Vista is the only city in processes as well as priority access
give back to my humble beginnings. addictive. After the International systems (U AS), more commonly
Although my boyhood environment “ badge” nor a special pass from the the U nited States with federal pilots to facilities.
Convention in Osaka, 5 American Sheriff’s Department! H owever, I known as drones. The solicita- for both AV and U AS industries, of- Other Chula Vista groundbreaking
was poor in terms of material or members of our Cerritos Rotary Club told my Rotarian friend that I could
educational achievements, what I tion invites the private sector to fering a collaborative ecosystem for developments li e the billion,
proceeded to the Philippines, where ask my Bible Study classmates who propose projects, partnerships engagement on both platforms of the 535-acre Bayfront Master Plan and
initially learned there carried me we actually saw the small house that were already prison ministers to visit
throughout my life. A profound les- our club donated. That visit with my and pilot programs using these future as testing continues. construction and the Millenia cam-
son, for instance, that was imbed- her daughter in the county jail. F our facilities. Researchers can be provided access pus – also will provide opportunities
fellow American Rotarians resulted of them were able to visit her within to the city s ra fic ana ement for Smart City deployments.
ded forever in my mind ever since is into about a doz en houses donated
that “ a laz y man’s garden is full of the same week! So the following “ Chula Vista is the only city in the Center which currently communi- “ We’ve kept this solicitation as
by Rotarian clubs in America. week, I relented to their invitation to cates to o the city s tra fic open-ended as possible because we
weeds.” That is quite obvious in the I was in this Rotary Club of Cer- nation with federal recognition for
farming world or in life’s physical ritos until I moved to a large and become a prison minister like them. both AV and U AS testing and valida- signals. The city also is upgrading want to encourage industry responses
quadrant. That early lesson also ap- more active Rotary Club of Newport After 3 months of going through the tion in a real-world environment,” do ens o tra fic intersections with to be creative and innovative,”
plies to the other necessary quadrants Irvine, where I was elected as its certification process re uired by the said Economic Development Direc- advanced control systems that can Crockett said.
Diocese of Orange and the Sheriff’s tor Eric Crockett. “ We offer a highly integrate with AVs. This real-time ac- While responses to the solicitation
Asian Journal
of productive life: social, mental or Y OU TH Director, who was tasked
spiritual quadrants. Department, I became a minister educated workforce and a city staff cess to emerging data and processes will be accepted on a rolling basis,
to form and organiz e the Rotaract and was able to visit and minister to is invaluable as technology startups proposers are encouraged to respond
Along the way, I also learned lots Club of the U niversity of Calif- that is ex perienced in working with
my friend’s daughter, among many industry to bring and established businesses grow their promptly to ensure the availability of
of life lessons primarily from two Irvine. This Rotaract Club is the other women prisoners who attended Firstinnovative projects
Asian Weekly Newspaper
AV in Southern
and U AS California & San Diego’s
capabilities. Most Widely
preferred Circulated
locations. Visit theAsian-Filipino
Smart New
main sources: men and women strongest and largest rotaract clubs in our classes. I have been doing this to life. We have built a ‘ collabora-
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City
Respondents also may be pre-qual- CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax
City page for more information. (619) 474-0373
that I respect and admire who I the Rotary District 5320 in Southern ministry now for almost ten years.
associate with more often, and the California.
hundreds of good books I have read. Matthew 25 admonition:
I was in this Newport Irvine Rotary Ad ve rt ise m e nt f or Bid s
Those outside the classroom gems lub until ounded the first lec-
that were implanted in me were “ F or I was hungry and you gave otice is hereby iven that the an ie o nified chool istrict, actin by and throu h its overnin board, will receive sealed bids or the
tronic based Rotary Club of G lobal me food, I was thirsty and you gave urnishin o all labor, materials, transportation, e uipment, and services or REM OVE AND REP LACE P LAYGROUND M ATTING AND
priceless. . Reading more than the Kalinga D-3780, in the Philippines
average F ilipino or American, in my in 2011, where I was its charter me drink, I was a stranger and you SURF ACING AT NINE ( 9) SCHOOL SITES ( AUDUBON, DAILARD, DOYLE, GARF IELD, HAM ILTON, HORTON, Z AM ORANO,
opinion, has also made me a more welcomed me,36 I was naked and A m and at ory sit e vi sit is sc h e d ule d f or 9: 00 a.m . on M ARCH 21, 2019 in ront o the main o fice o amorano lementary chool,
president. This G KeRotary has two you clothed me, I was sick and
proficient and prolific writer. ince a ship projects the completion o
asey treet, an ie o, . o. - - . GENERAL CONTRACTORS ARE HIGHLY
that college semester when I was you visited me, I was in prison and ENCOURAGED TO INVITE SUBCONTRACTORS TO SITE VISITS. All b id s m ust b e re c e ive d at or b e f ore 1: 00 p .m . on AP RIL 11, 2019,
the G K Laoac H ope Village # 2 in you came to me.” at the trate ic ourcin and ontracts epartment, ardinal ane, ld . , an ie o, , at which time bids will be publicly
singled out by our English professor my barrio and the bi-annual Medi- opened and read aloud. nder ublic ontract ode , the istrict has made a findin that the ollowin particular materials, products,
for my make-believe-story that he cal Mission to the Philippines in
thin s, or services are desi nated by specific brand or trade name in order to match other products in use on the particular public improvement
even believed, I was encouraged made me walking the talk and I either completed or in the course o completion Specification Section 11 68 00 Play Field Equipment and Structures.
partnership with Task F orce Inter- am ulfilled and very happy doin he project estimate is 600,000 - 675,000. his is not a project and does not re uire pre ualification. he istrict re uires that idders
to write more to hone my writing national composed of many doctors. it. This ministry is one of the most possess any o the ollowin classification s o ali ornia tate ontractors icense s , valid and in ood standin , at the time o bid openin
skills. RNs and nursing students, which we rewarding ex tra-curricular activities and contract award A, C-61 D-34. ll late bids shall be deemed non-responsive and not opened. ach bid shall be in accordance with all terms,
During my second year as a mem- started in 2018. conditions, plans, specifications and any other documents that comprise the bid pac a e. he id and ontract ocuments are available in three
ber of the F ountain Valley Jaycees, that I have done in my life. I thank ormats, hard copy, , or online rom lan ell. Hard copy bid documents are available at Crisp Imaging, 8375 Camino Santa Fe, Unit B,
----- all the good people around me and San Diego, CA 92121, phone number 858-535-0607, or a re undable payment o wo undred ollars per set s are available or
I surprised all my fellow Jaycees in “ F or where your treasure is, there a non-re undable char e o . ayments shall be made by chec payable to . the payment
my club and in the State (and even above all to my Creator who has or id and ontract ocuments is re undable, re unds will be processed by the istrict only i the id and ontract ocuments, includin all
will your heart be also.” (Matthew guided my journey ever since I can addendums, are returned intact and in ood order to risp ma in within ten days o the issuance o the inal id abulation. Online docu-
myself! ) When I won both F IRST 6:21) has become I believe my
PRIZ E in both “ Write U p” and remember. All these volunteer ac- ments are available for download on PlanWell through Crisp Imaging. Go to, click on PlanWell, Public Planroom, search
internal compass that has guided tivities and ministries are true service SDUSD (Questions? 949-285-3171). ll bids shall be submitted on bid orms urnished by the istrict in the bid pac a e be innin arch ,
“ Speak U p” state contests on the my life, especially when there were above self. F or me, Service to . id pac a es will not be a ed. SENATE BILL (SB) 854 REQUIREMENTS: ective uly , , no contractor or subcontractor
topic “ Why Y ou Became a Jaycee?” so many different choices and paths
may be listed on a bid proposal, or awarded a contract or a public wor s project awarded on or a ter pril , unless re istered with the
in the Calif Jaycees Convention in H umanity as the best work of life! epartment o ndustrial elations pursuant to abor ode . with limited e ceptions rom this re uirement or bid purposes only
to choose from. Looking back ---- 3 0 ------ under abor ode . a . his project is subject to compliance monitorin and en orcement by the . rime contractors must add the
Pasadena in 1980! As a son of a after over four decades in America, e istration umber or each o their listed subcontractors to the ubcontractors ist submit a certificate o re istration or their own
humble farmer in the promdi in the I never became obsessed or driven firm and those o their listed subcontractors upon re uest by the istrict. ailure o the biddin prime contractor to list their subcontractors
Philippines, I was elated and was mail ernie.delfin e istration umber on the ubcontractors ist at time o bid may result in rejection o their bid as non-responsive.
to be super rich, like some of my past Websites : e er to the ollowin ebsite or urther in ormation Public-Works PublicWorks.html P REVAILING W AGES: revail-
iven the a le s win s to y hi her employers or business clients. My
in my adopted county! (Soon I also growing up years from my barrio, in wa e re uirements apply to all public wor s projects and must be ollowed per rticle o the eneral onditions o this bid. DISABLED
VETERAN BUSINESS ENTERP RISE P ARTICIP ATION P ROGRAM ursuant to esolution n upport o ervice isabled eterans
started writing my “ The Metamor- AnisCa to America, the hardship, wned usinesses and isabled eteran usiness nterprises approved on ay , by the oard o ducation, the To: A
idder is re uired to satis y a minimum participation percenta e o at least three percent or this project. n compliance with this
phosis” for the California Asian challenges and the values that I have ro ram, the idder shall satis y all re uirements enumerated in the bid pac a e.
American News (now defunct) and accumulated provided enough re- ach bid must be submitted on the id orm provided in the bid pac a e and shall be accompanied by a satis actory bid security in the orm o
now the Asian Journal).
Call the Asian
either a bid bond e ecuted by the bidder and urety ompany, or a certified or cashier s chec in avor o the an ie o nified chool istrict,
siduals and enough solid foundation GE
Due to that rare award accorded that grounded me to live simply so
in an amount e ual to ten percent o their bid value. aid bid security shall be iven to uarantee that the idder will e ecute the contract

Journal at
as specified, within five wor in days o notification by the istrict. he istrict reserves the ri ht to reject any and all bids and to waive any
me in that Jaycee convention, I was others can simply live. irre ularities or in ormalities in any bids or in the biddin process. o bidder may withdraw his bid or a period o days a ter the date set Here
noticed and recogniz ed in our vibrant Although far from perfect, I never
619.474.0588 for
or the openin o bids. or in ormation re ardin biddin , please call - - . your c
F ountain Valley Jaycees where I danced with the mega wealthy and publica
was not only the smallest member
(dime among nickels) and the only
powerful peoples’ steps nor truly
enjoyed their company whenever
your advertising Journa
ndrea ara, . . it an d
Asian among giant WASPs (White the discussions were always about trate ic ourcin and ontracts ficer
Anglo Sax on Protestants) There was money and the trimmin s o financial trate ic ourcin and ontracts epartment - -
not even a black person nor H ispan- us for y
ad is te
to be p
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | April 12-18, 2019

Health & Wellness

Caregiving not as bad for your health as once Using aloe vera has multiple benefits
thought, study says by J eannette Sanchez , Baylor College
of M edicine | M ar 21, 2018
“ The enz ymes in it can also help
ex foliate the skin to make it smooth-
Aloe Vera can also be used on the
hair to treat dandruff by rubbing it
— given year. The value of the services over interpretin what they find, er, but if you are looking for some- into your hair and scalp.
provided by these family caregivers Roth says. Aloe Vera gel is typically used thing stronger I would recommend Chang says the best way to use
F or decades, articles in research is estimated at billion annually. Roth adds that the studies tended to when you get a little too much using a grainy ex foliator paired with Aloe Vera is to carefully cut open a
journals and the popular press In 1987, a study concluded that care- compare caregivers found in clinical sun and need some relief. H ow- a pure moisturiz er,” she said. plant’s leaf, scoop out the gel-like
alike have reported that being a givers of people with Alz heimer' s settings with other adults recruited Although Aloe Vera can help mois- insides and apply that to the affected
disease had decreased levels of cer- from senior centers, churches or oth- ever, an ex pert at Baylor College
family caregiver takes a toll on a of Medicine says Aloe Vera has turiz e, Chang said when overused, area. If you don’t have a plant at
tain immune molecules. Since then, er community organiz ations. " These it can dry out the skin. She says that home, Chang says that products
person' s health, boosting levels of other studies have suggested that people differ in many factors besides multiple benefits or your s in. the enz ymes in the plant act like an containing Aloe work just as well.
in ammation and wea enin the family caregivers have increased just who is a caregiver," Roth says. “ Aloe Vera has lots of uses,” ex foliator and any time you ex foli- Although a fresh plant is better to
function of the immune system. mortality and rates of psychiatric " Many of the so-called controls are said Kim Chang, aesthetician ate the skin too much it will begin to use, the benefit o usin products
Now, after analyz ing 30 papers on diseases, decreased immune func- healthy, socially active volunteers." with the Baylor Aesthetics become too oily or too dry depend- containing aloe is that the product
the levels o immune and in am- tion and life span, and slower wound Due to issues like this, 11 of the Studio. “ It contains antiox idants, ing on your skin type. will typically contain other ingredi-
matory molecules in caregivers, healing than other people. papers were given a " moderate" (in- nother benefit to loe era is ents that will help with what you are
After noticing statistical weak- stead of " low" or " minimal" ) ranking
enz ymes, Vitamins A and C, and
Johns H opkins researchers say the it is hi hly anti-in ammatory. t that it can help with future lines and trying to treat.
nesses in a handful of recent papers for potential bias. wrinkles. “ One popular question is, If you are looking to go the ex tra
link has been overstated and the on caregiving and immunity, Roth When the team combined the data can help treat burns, acne and dry can it help get rid of my wrinkles, mile, han says you can even find
association is ex tremely small. and his colleagues wanted to take into a meta-analysis, it found an skin.” and the simple answer is no. A big drinks that contain Aloe Vera. “ Some
Caregiver stress ex plains less than a fresh look at the more than three overall effect siz e of caregiving thing to differentiate is that it doesn’t people believe that Aloe Vera drinks
1 percent of the variability in im- decades of papers on these ideas. on biomarkers of 0.164 standard Chang added that when it comes to reverse your skin from aging , but might help support collagen in your
mune and in ammation biomar - They focused their search on papers deviation units. While the effect was acne, Aloe Vera works best on super- helps prevent you from getting skin which prevents the signs of ag-
ers, they report. Their new meta- about immune or in ammatory statistically si nificant, the research- ficial sur ace acne rather than cystic deeper wrinkles and lines,” Chang ing, but there has been little research
biomarkers -- molecules that can ers reported that the association was or deeper acne. added. to support this claim,” she said.
analysis was published March 10
be detected through a blood test generally weak and of questionable
in The G erontologist.
Benefits of adding vitamin C to your skin care routine
-- and combed through databases clinical si nificance. standard
o medical literature to find papers deviation unit of less than 0.20, Roth
" We' re not saying that family linking the chronic stress of family says, is generally thought to indicate
caregiving can' t be stressful, but caregiving and these biomarkers. a small effect siz e. by K aylee Dusang, Baylor Scholl of bance caused by unstable electrons Although it’s rare, Chang warns
there' s a notion that it' s so stressful After reviewing 132 full tex ts, they t s not that we didn t find any- M edicine | 4/ 3/ 2019 that attack healthy cells and change that some people may be sensitive
that it causes deteriorating health and narrowed the meta-analysis to 30 thing, but it' s a whisper of an effect, their structure, Chang ex plains. to vitamin C due to the acidic pH
increased mortality. This can lead to original, data-based papers. not nearly as large as what people Vitamin C has been praised for Ox idative stress mainly occurs when level. Chang recommends those with
fear of caregiving and a reluctance In all, the papers that Roth' s group have been led to believe," says Roth. its anti-aging and brightening the skin is ex posed to pollutants and sensitive skin can ease their way into
to care for loved ones in need," says studied spanned from 1987 to 2016 The team hopes its new look at the benefits, but studies have shown environmental aggressors, such as using vitamin C products to see how
first author avid oth, . ., h. ., the sun’s U V rays. When an anti- their skin reacts. “ U sing vitamin C
professor of medicine and director
and reported data on 86 biomarkers ex isting data helps encourage people that it also works as a sun-
from 1,848 caregivers and 3,640 to be more open to becoming care- damage protectant. Kim Chang, ox idant such as vitamin C is added every two days or every other day
of the Center on Aging and H ealth noncaregivers. When the researchers givers. The researchers also hope to the skin, it combats the ox idative before using it every day can help
at The Johns H opkins U niversity. a medical aesthetician at Baylor stress, slows the aging process and ease tolerability,” she said. “ If you
began reviewing the manuscripts, it helps medical professions move College of Medicine, said using
" We' re challenging that narrative as Roth says they immediately noticed away from the idea of caregivers as protects the skin. are ex periencing small pustules or a
being too ex aggerated." concerning trends -- for one, the vulnerable. L-ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, rash then discontinue immediately.
According to the National Alli- studies were quite small. Of the " Caregiving, if done right, can on the skin can protect you even “ Pollutants can attack and contrib- Although it’s not common, there are
ance for Caregiving, more than 34 30 studies, 16 had fewer than 50 actually be an e tremely beneficial, further from the sun. ute to DNA damage,” Chang said. some who can’t tolerate vitamin C.”
million people in the U .S. provide caregivers, with some having as few healthy activity that enhances your “ Studies have shown that us- “ Since vitamin C is an antiox idant, it
care for a chronically ill, disabled or as 11 or 14. " A lot of these are small life because you' re engaging in pro- helps fi ht a ainst that. Vitamin C can be purchased in
aged family member or friend in any ing sunscreen with Vitamin C
ex ploratory studies that can end up social behavior," Roth says. protects the skin from further many different forms of skin care,
The researchers are now conducting While there are several vitamin C such as in a serum, gel or cream.
photo damage caused by ultra- H owever, Chang recommends the
Vietnam he military confirmed that they a large population-based study with products to choose from, it is impor-
carefully matched controls and bio-
violet rays,” Chang said. “ This tant to use one that does not contain serum because the vitamin C in other
have been monitoring the presence information is important because
of hundreds of Chinese vessels near markers collected at multiple times many additives and has a pH level at products can be diluted by other
( C ont i nue d f r om page 1)
Pag-asa Island, believed to be part of in order to get even more detailed most people don’t know that you 3.5 and concentration level between ingredients and less concentrated.
While Vietnam does not engage in information on the connection -- or can protect your skin even further 10 and 20 percent. Chang ex plains ther benefits to addin vitamin
large-scale militariz ation of features China' s maritime militia.
lack thereof -- between caregiving than just sunscreen.” that vitamin C is highly unstable, so into a skincare routine include anti-

El Nido
like China, its upgrades on its feature and the immune system. it must be at an acidic level to effec- aging, lightening hyperpigmentation
lean toward monitoring areas in its S to r y S o u rc e : Chang ex plains that sunscreens tively absorb into the skin. caused by acne or sun damage, and
control. ( C ont i nue d f r om page 1) M a te r ia ls p ro v id e d b y J o h n s H o p k in s above SPF 50 do not offer greater “ There are many different kinds fi htin in ammation. han noted
The AMTI noted that H anoi' s fa- tinations including Conde Nast M e d ic in e . N o te : C o n te n t m a y b e e d ite d sun protection and that using an of vitamin C out there, but I recom- that it can also help the skin heal
cilities do not include structures that fo r s ty le a n d le n g th . antiox idant such as vitamin C will mend using it in the purest form post-ablative procedures, such as
could house attack aircraft. Traveler’s best island beaches
provide a more protective barrier. possible,” Chang said. “ The one I laser skin-resurfacing.
" Instead, H anoi’s upgrades seem “ Sunscreen can certainly protect the love has only three ingredients, and
geared toward ex panding its abil- skin from the sun’s U V rays,” Chang is made without fillers such as water, Vitamin C products should be
ity to monitor and patrol contested Red Bull event organiz ers said said. “ H owever, adding vitamin lanolin, petrolatum etc. If you’re applied morning and night with
waters and, especially in the case it picked the Philippine location ( C ont i nue d f r om page 5)
C into your skin care regimen can looking at your vitamin C at home sunscreen for the optimal protection.
of its pillbox and DK1 platforms, because of its 27-meter cliff, In the Song of Solomon 2:11-12 and it lists many other ingredients, it If it is in the form of a serum, Chang
protect you even further.”
improve living conditions and ensure its stunning clear water, and its for instance, it says, “ F or behold, won’t be as effective because it will said it should be applied immedi-
it can resupply by air if necessary," the winter is past, the rain is over not be stable enough to deliver into ately after cleansing before any other
beautiful scenery. and one. he owers appear on the
Lines and wrinkles can form on the
the AMTI said. skin due to ox idative stress, a distur- your skin.” products.
Meanwhile in the Philippines, hun- earth, the time of singing has come,
dreds of Chinese vessels have been
El Nido, Palawan’s Minolic is- and the voice of the turtledove is
stationed in areas near Pag-asa Island land with its towers of limestones heard in our land.”
and Kota Island in the West Philip- formation and small and big The beautiful verses in Ecclesiastes
pine Sea. lagoons, will be the stage for the 3:1-8 talks about a time for every-
The AMTI earlier reported that competition between 24 athletes, thing:
Chinese ships have been operating including wildcard competitor “ T h e re is a tim e fo r e v e r y th in g ,
in the area around the same time that F ilipino-Australian cliff diver a n d a s e a s o n fo r e v e r y a c tiv ity
the Philippine started upgrading its u n d e r th e h e a v e n s :
X antheia Pennisi. a tim e to b e b o r n a n d a tim e to
runway on Pag-asa Island last year.
d ie ,
a tim e to p la n t a n d a tim e to
u p ro o t,
a tim e to k ill a n d a tim e to h e a l,
a tim e to te a r d o w n a n d a tim e
Wanted Full Time Caregiver to b u ild ,
a tim e to w e e p a n d a tim e to

for a care home facility in Vista.

la u g h ,
a tim e to m o u r n a n d a tim e to
d a n ce,
Pakitawagan si Sherryl a tim e to s c a tte r s to n e s a n d a
tim e to g a th e r th e m ,
a tim e to e m b r a c e a n d a tim e to
at 1.714.600.5434 re fr a in fro m e m b r a c in g ,
a tim e to s e a rc h a n d a tim e to
g iv e u p ,
a tim e to k e e p a n d a tim e to
th ro w a w a y ,
a tim e to te a r a n d a tim e to
m en d ,
Work for the San Diego’s a tim e to b e s ile n t a n d a tim e to VA
sp ea k, Vendo
Top Home Care Agency! a tim e to lo v e a n d a tim e to h a te , r
a tim e fo r w a r a n d a tim e fo r
p e a c e .”
“ Ask the LORD for rain in the
Now Hiring springtime,” says Z echariah 10:1, “ It
is the LORD who sends the thunder-
Exerienced Caregivers storms. H e gives showers of rain to
all people, and plants o the field to
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts everyone.”
Spring is also a time for a personal
Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits makeover – new hairstyle, new
wardrobe, and all the new things that
brin out the best in us. e also find
Requirements new hobbies and new ways to relax
• 3 professional references and pamper ourselves, especially if

Office Hours
we have the means to do it.
• Proof of eligibility to work in the US Whatever rocks your boat, enjoy
this spring!
Call for an appointment Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call the Asian Journal
at 619.474.0588 Sat 9-3
La Jolla Apply Online! for your
858-842-1346 advertising needs. Em e rg e nc y Visit s W e lc om e
April 12-18, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 5

soon as winter is over, our instincts our nex t spring getaway. Now it’s or travel to someplace new, it’s the beautiful times of the year, the Bible
tell us to go outside. We go for a time to take advantage of the oppor- ideal time to do a thorough spring recogniz es that spring brings about a
bike ride around the neighborhood, tunity for renewal and reawakening cleaning of our home. After the feeling of rebirth that is an important
enjoy time in the backyard joyfully
watching our green plants turn bright
with owers. e catch the first ew
by enjoying the mild weather and
ex ploring new places with family
and friends.
Asian Journal
cold season, our homes need a good
airing and tidying up of things that
have accumulated and claimed up
aspect of Christianity. G od’s H oly
Word has many related verses dedi-
cated to the change of season and the
rays of the early morning sun as we First Asian Weekly Newspaper spaceinduring the winter
Southern months.
California symbolism
& San Diego’s it holds
Most Widely for believers.
Circulated Asian-Filipino New
revisit our favorite haunts and hiking Just in case we don’t have550anyEast 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
spots and et ready to e our limbs plans to ex plore the great outdoors Often considered one of the most ( C ont i nue d on page 4)
and invigorate our hearts.

oin outdoors definitely ives us Ad ve rt ise m e nt f or Bid s

a mood boost. Time spent outdoors

Spring is a New Lease on Life

and in green spaces lowers our stress otice is hereby iven that the an ie o nified chool istrict, actin by and throu h its overnin board, will receive sealed bids or the
levels and increases our stamina. urnishin o all labor, materials, transportation, e uipment, and services to P ROVIDE ASP HALT AND CONCRETE M AINTENANCE
Communing with nature gives us A m and at ory sit e vi sit is sc h e d ule d f or 8: 00 a.m . Ap ril 18, 2019 outside the main o fice o lairemont i h chool, te rive, an
si nificant mental and physical ie o, . pon ompletion, contractors will proceed to iley lternative chool, t. c erly rive, an ie o, . pon
By Z ena Sultana Babao a fresh start. This season, almost benefits. ter a winter o more time completion, all will proceed to hesterton ublic lementary chool, heatley treet, an ie o, . pon completion, all will
all of us have a spring in our steps spent indoors, the arrival of spring is proceed to ailard lementary chool, ibola oad, an ie o, . nd finally, upon completion, all will proceed to chool o
Spring is a great time to re- – alert, agile and upbeat – as we the perfect catalyst to re-engage our
reative and er ormin rts,
this project.
us rive, an ie o,
o. - - .
. ontractors must be present and si n in at all sites in order to bid on

new ourselves and gain a fresh spring into action to tackle a new nature-loving side. GENERAL CONTRACTORS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO INVITE SUBCONTRACTORS TO SITE VISITS.
perspective on li e. ith owers lease on life.
All b id s m ust b e re c e ive d at or b e f ore 1: 00 p .m . on M AY 15, 2019, at the trate ic ourcin and ontracts epartment,
ld . , an ie o, , at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.
ardinal ane,

blooming and everything coming Another great activity for spring is nder ublic ontract ode , the istrict has made a findin that the ollowin particular materials, products, thin s, or services are des-
to life, it’s easy to feel a change Spring is also a time to set our findin a per ect place to travel to at i nated by specific brand or trade name in order to match other products in use on the particular public improvement either completed or in the
sights on new horiz ons. Like a this beautiful time of the year. Dur- course o completion
and rebirth happening all around ing the short days and long nights of ll five school sites listed above
us. Spring always brings hope for ritual, there are some favorite ac- Specification Section 32 84 00 Planting Irrigation
tivities that we do every spring. As winter, we spent time planning for he project estimate is between 845,000 and 875,000. his is not a project and does not re uire pre ualification. he istrict re uires
that idders possess any o the ollowin classification s o ali ornia tate ontractors icense s , valid and in ood standin , at the time o
bid openin and contract award A or C-12.
ll late bids shall be deemed non-responsive and not opened. ach bid shall be in accordance with all terms, conditions, plans, specifications
and any other documents that comprise the bid pac a e. he id and ontract ocuments are available in three ormats, hard copy, , or
online rom lan ell. Hard copy bid documents are available at Crisp Imaging, 8375 Camino Santa Fe, Unit B, San Diego, CA 92121, phone
number 858-535-0607, or a re undable payment o wo undred ollars per set s are available or a non-re undable char e o .
ayments shall be made by chec payable to . the payment or id and ontract ocuments is
re undable, re unds will be processed by the istrict only i the id and ontract ocuments, includin all addendums, are returned intact and in
ood order to risp ma in within ten days o the issuance o the inal id abulation. Online documents are available for download on
PlanWell through Crisp Imaging. Go to, click on PlanWell, Public Planroom, search SDUSD (Questions? 949-285-3171).
ll bids shall be submitted on bid orms urnished by the istrict in the bid pac a e be innin pril , . id pac a es will not be a ed.
SENATE BILL (SB) 854 REQUIREMENTS: ective uly , , no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal, or awarded
a contract or a public wor s project awarded on or a ter pril , unless re istered with the epartment o ndustrial elations pursu-
ant to abor ode . with limited e ceptions rom this re uirement or bid purposes only under abor ode . a . his project is
subject to compliance monitorin and en orcement by the . rime contractors must add the e istration umber or each o their listed
subcontractors to the ubcontractors ist submit a certificate o re istration or their own firm and those o their listed subcontractors upon
re uest by the istrict. ailure o the biddin prime contractor to list their subcontractors e istration umber on the ubcontractors ist
at time o bid may result in rejection o their bid as non-responsive. e er to the ollowin ebsite or urther in ormation ov
ublic- or s ublic or s.html. P REVAILING W AGES: revailin wa e re uirements apply to all public wor s projects and must be ollowed
per rticle o the eneral onditions o this bid. DISABLED VETERAN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PARTICIPATION PROGRAM: Here
ursuant to esolution n upport o ervice isabled eterans wned usinesses and isabled eteran usiness nterprises
your c
approved on ay , by the oard o ducation, the idder is re uired to satis y a minimum participation percenta e o at least
three percent publica
or this project. n compliance with this ro ram, the idder shall satis y all re uirements enumerated in the bid pac a e.
ach bid must be submitted on the id orm provided in the bid pac a e and shall be accompanied by a satis actory bid security in the orm o
either a bid bond e ecuted by the bidder and urety ompany, or a certified or cashier s chec in avor o the an ie o nified chool istrict,
it an d

Asian Journal
in an amount e ual to ten percent o their bid value. aid bid security shall be iven to uarantee that the idder will e ecute the contract
as specified, within five correc
wor in days o notification by the istrict. he istrict reserves the ri ht to reject any and all bids and to waive any
irre ularities or in ormalities in any bids or in the biddin process. o bidder may withdraw his bid or a period o us for y days a ter the date set or
the openin o bids. or in ormation re ardin biddin , please call - - .
ad is te
ndrea First
ara, Asian
. . to New
Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino be p
trate ic ourcin and ontracts ficer - -
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
trate ic ourcin and ontracts epartment AJ-C
of the A
time. A
9 x2x
NO. C Z 19-0972-42
upon y
he an ie o nified chool istrict istrict is re uestin submission o invoice
pre ualification application re ualification pplication s , and Thank

statement o ualifications s
to ether, esponse s , rom ualified firms, partnerships, corporations, associations, persons, or pro essional or ani ations
ontractor s or irm s to per orm preliminary services and construction services or projects pursuant to a lease-leasebac Fax #
structure. ducation ode section
ontractors that intend to submit a esponse must


old a lass ontractors icense, which is current, valid, and in ood standin with the ali ornia ontractor s tate icense
oard and
aintain a ull-service o fice within seventy-five (75) miles of the District Buisness Center located at: 4100 Normal Street, San
Diego, CA 92103; and TO
re uali y throu h the istrict s pre ualification process, includin audited reviewed not accepted financials and
eet the minimum re uirements o ection upplemental re ualification ease easebac rojects. pleas
he istrict anticipates a minimum o projects rom roup and combined to be solicited throu h later e uest s or roposal
2240 E. PLAZA BLVD., SUITE P, s .
his re uest is not a ormal re uest or bids or an o er by the istrict to contract with any ontractor respondin to this e uest to
NATIONAL CITY, CA 91950 re uali y and or tatement o ualifications . he istrict intends to create two pools, roup and roup , o ualified
ontractors rom which proposals on certain projects will be solicited throu h later e uest s or roposal s . roup ool
is or projects at or below , , in estimated value, and roup ool is or projects at or above , , estimated value.
ontractors wishin to only be a part o roup must have completed a minimum o one - ublic or s construction
project s with a value between , , and , , .

PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557 ontractors wishin to only be a part o roup must have completed a minimum o one
project s with a minimum value o , , and a minimum o one -
- ublic or s ease- easebac
ublic or s construction project o , ,
or reater . ontractors wishin to be a part o both roups and must select the option to be considered or both roups and and ulfill
all the re uirements o roup . ontractors ailin to meet the re uirements o roup will automatically be placed in roup
provided they meet the minimum re uirements o roup .
re- onstruction ervices, i re uired, shall continue throu h completion o the desi n phase, includin construction documents
and approval. roject evelopment services shall continue throu h completion o construction and project closeout. n proj-
WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF ect may be a component o a lar er project. n such case, the ontractor shall wor with the istrict as necessary to urther develop
the project s and ensure proper coordination with other istrict projects.

OUR NEW OFFICE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR A mandatory pre-proposal conference will be held April 19, 2019 at 9:00 AM. ll participants are re uired to meet in ront o
trate ic ourcin and ontracts ardinal ane, uildin , an ie o, , . hone - - . he con er- Here
your c
MANILA SEAFOOD, ACCESSIBLE BY PUBLIC TRANS- ence is e pected to ta e appro imately one
roposal ineli ible. he
hour. ailure to attend or e treme tardiness and to si n in will render a ontractor s
pac a e is available via e-mail. o re uest a pac a e, please e-mail your re uest, includin your name, publica
address and telephone number to shley ains at amains ontact telephone number is - . Journal
PORTATION AND JUST OFF EXIT HIGHWAY 805. Completed Prequalification Package must be submitted at or before 2:00 PM. on April 26, 2019 via E-mail to Ashley Mains at it an d
Responses to the RFQ must be submitted at or before 2:00 PM. on May 15, 2019 and need to include us for y
3-ring binder: to be pu
IMMIGRATION AND CIVIL LITIGATION one (1) original and six (6) copies
RFP Response

Flash drive: AJ-C

RFP Response
One (1) electronic copy in PDF format with Bookmarks
PAROLE VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans In a Sealed Envelope:
of the A
Attachment No. 4 - GMP receive
Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016. Six (6) copies of each:
time. A
For details and information De live r to: San Diego Unified School District, 2351 Cardinal Lane, Building M, San Diego, CA 92123, Attn: Ashley Mains, Con-
tract Specialist. esponses submitted a ter the above stated date and time will not be accepted. lectronically transmitted roposals or
ers will not be considered. $_____
please call our office at (619) 259-6464 he istrict see s to promote employment and business opportunities or local residents and firms on all contracts as such opportunities
may occur and to the e tent le ally possible. ll ualified providers o services described in the , includin local entities and firms,
upon y
are encoura ed to submit their esponses. invoice
SENATE BILL (SB) 854 REQUIREMENTS: ective uly , , no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a proposal, or Thank
awarded a contract or a public wor s project awarded on or a ter pril , unless re istered with the epartment o ndustrial
elations pursuant to abor ode . with limited e ceptions rom this re uirement or proposal purposes only under abor
Fax #
ode . a . he later e uest s or roposal s throu h these two pools are subject to compliance monitorin and en-
orcement by the .
PREVAILING WAGES: revailin wa e re uirements apply to all public wor s projects and must be ollowed per rticle o the
eneral onditions o later e uest s or roposal s throu h these two pools.
ll rojects are subject to the Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA), which was adopted by the oard o ducation on uly ,
. he complete a reement is available or viewin and downloadin at https www.sandie ounified.or node .
isabled eterans wned usinesses and isabled eteran usiness nterprises approved on ay , by the pleas
oard o ducation, the proposer is re uired to satis y a minimum participation percenta e o at least three percent or later
e uest s or roposal s throu h these two pools. n compliance with this ro ram, the proposer shall satis y all re uirements
enumerated in the later e uest s or roposal s throu h these two pools.
he oard o ducation or the an ie o nified chool istrict reserves the ri ht to reject any and all submissions and to waive any ackn
irre ularities.

ndrea ara, .
trate ic ourcin and ontracts ficer - -
trate ic ourcin and ontracts epartment
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | April 12-18, 2019

Promised Land
Eva Marie could not protest. She
had enjoyed lux ury and stardom, and
would do anything so they would not
elude her grasp.

A Changed Man
rue enou h, her ne t movie, filled
with sex scenes, became a success.
She was acclaimed as the newest sex
symbol o films. housands o men-
ol oc ed to see her until competi-
tors, younger and prettier sex y stars,
started competing with her for their C h a p te r 3 2 o f " P ro m is e d L a n d " want to take out my wife and child). “ Okay,” Romy turned to her daugh-
b y S im e o n G . S ilv e r io , J r. It’s about time.” ter. “ Mula ngayon kakausapin na
attention. y her fi th movie, people “ Y es, it’s about time,” Ditas re- lang kita sa Tagalog (F rom now on I
got tired of her and stopped patron-
Destiny: Stardom The aroma of bacon coming peated the words to herself. But she will only speak to you in Tagalog).”
i in her films. harlie s visits to didn’t share her thoughts. he irl ashed her beauti ul smile.
her apartment also dwindled as he from the kitchen awoke Ditas. “ Don’t you have any appoint-
( C ont i nue d f r om page 1) “ discovered” another beautiful girl to It was early Saturday morning. ments?” she asked him instead. “ MU KH ANG NAG BAG O ANG
decided to do the same: it was what develop as the nex t sex symbol.
know. she was ex pected to do. Ever since her daughter, Mikaela, “ No, and if I have, I’ll cancel them. IH IP NG H ANG IN (The direction of
After only three years in the busi- came to her life, she had cut her F rom now on, you’re my priority.” the wind seems to have changed),”
“ Don’t ride on buses or jeepneys “ Let’s watch a movie that I made,” ness, Eva Marie’s popularity waned.
when you commute. Always take Charlie told her. working hours. She was now free Ditas felt uncomfortable. She was Mang Teban, Romy’s father, told
She could not get any more movie not used to having a pleasant conver- his wife, Aling Munda after they
a tax i until you can afford your They went downstairs and sat in offers until she was forced to do on weekends and worked only
front of the television set. Charlie an 8-hour shift, from eight in the sation with her husband. It was as if had finished brea ast. no ba an
own car.” personal appearances in private she was talking to a stranger, a nice pinakain ng malandi mong ma-
Eva Marie was ecstatic. She did put a cassette tape in the VCR, took parties to survive, just like in the mornin to five in the a ternoon.
two glasses from the cupboards, and kind-hearted stranger. She had nugang sa asawa niya at nagbago
not ex pect to ex perience such lux ury
and opened a bottle of wine. H e
bachelor party F rankie had arranged This way, she would have time run out of words to say. H er husband an ana mo hat did your irty
and comfort right way. She thought for Mario. Eventually, she suffered to attend to her daughter in the walked toward her and hugged her daughter-in-law feed to her husband
it would take a while to enjoy them. asked Eva Marie to sit beside him the same fate as that of her mother as
on the sofa as he handed her a glass evenings and on weekends. from behind. - your son seems to have changed)?”
Already, she did not regret her deci- a prostitute, albeit a highly paid one. “ I love you,” he told her. “ And Aling Munda remained quiet.
sion to sleep with Charlie Buendia in of wine. With a remote control, he “ I think I should go. This is not
played the tape. As they were view- She stood up and walked to- from now on I’m going to better “ Pati na ang apo mong anak ng
ex change for his promise of stardom. right,” Mario’s words broke Eva wards the door, leaving the little show it.” puta, makaka-agaw pa natin sa
“ A make-up artist will teach you ing the movie, Charlie took pains arie s ow o thou ht.
in ex plaining to her each scene, irl still sleepin on the oor. he Romy knew it would take a while pagmamahal ng anak mo (Even your
how to put make up on yourself. The two were alone inside the saw Romy cooking breakfast. H e for his wife to warm up to his new granddaughter who is a child of a
We will also provide you with nice especially the acting and direc- bedroom of the suite where the stag
tions required. Eva Marie got a full walked towards her, with a ladle in attitude and trust him. While she bitch will compete with us for the
clothes, which of course will be party was being held. his hand and kissed her on the lips. may not love him this time, he was affection of our son).”
charged to your account.” understanding on the mechanics “ No, stay. I’ll give you a good
of movie making. When the movie Ditas didn’t know how to react. She determined to earn her affections no “ Tumigil ka na nga diyan, Teban.
“ Thank you, sir, thank you very time, she promised. on t you find felt awkward, and confused. It was matter what. In due time, he knew Apo mo iyon, sarili mong laman
much,” Eva Marie gushed profusely. ended, Charlie led her upstairs. H e me attractive?”
removed her robe and then his. H e the first time omy showed a ec- she would love him in return. at dugo (Stop it, Teban. She’s your
“ Just call me Charlie. Y ou’re now At that moment, Mimi, Mario’s tion, aside from the loving words When they turned around, they saw randchild, your own esh and
my girlfriend, remember?” kissed her tenderly as Eva Marie bride-to-be, was having her own
tried to relax . At that point, Charlie he uttered last night. She tried to act Mikaela standing in front of them. blood)! ” Aling Munda snapped at
Although she already promised her bachelorette party at her home in normal. The little girl smiled. her husband.
body to the man, the word “ girl- Buendia was no longer a stranger to Tondo. She and her girlfriends were
her, as she let him take advantage “ What are you cooking?” she The old man was taken aback. Now
friend” was too strong. Nonetheless, playing “ truth or dare” and were also asked. DITAS WAS OVERWH ELMED he seemed to be alone in tormenting
she brushed the thought aside. of her body. It was a long night for having a good time. - AJ
both as Eva Marie paid Charlie for “ Bacon and eggs,” he said. “ I’ll WITH H APPINESS. She picked the his daughter-in-law and granddaugh-
In a week’s time, Eva Marie was (T o b e c o n tin u e d ) make pancakes and fried rice too.” girl up and kissed her. ter.
settled in her newly furnished apart- his promise. It was the beginning of E d i t o r ’s n o t e : T o r e a d t h e p r e v i o u s
Charlie’s nightly visits; eventually, “ Can I help?” she asked. “ Nagugutom ka na (Are you
ment. She told her mother she found c h a p te r s o f th is s to r y , v is it th e A s ia n “ No, just sit there and be my queen hungry)?” she slowly asked her in TH E TRIO, ROMY , DITAS AND
a job in Manila and would be staying they lived like husband and wife. Journal’s website at www.asianjo-
Whatever Charlie promised to her for the day. I am at your employ.” Tagalog. MIKAELA had a fun day at the San
with friends. Initially, she would re- u r n a lu s a .c o m . H ig h lig h t “ B o o k s Ditas didn’t realiz e her usually Romy walked towards them and Diego Z oo. Ditas did not realiz e
port for work at the movie studio to became a reality. She was in the sup- a n d P o e tr y ” . P u ll d o w n a n d c lic k
portin role in her first film and lead- belligerent husband could be that kissed their daughter. there was such a beautiful place and
get acting lessons. After a few days, “ASIAN JOURNAL BOOKS FOR animated towards her. She wanted “ H ambre usted (Are you hungry)?” animals so close to her home.
Charlie took her out to dinner so ing lady in her second. There was S A L E
much publicity on her so she could to tease him and tell him he was he asked in broken Spanish. “ Ang ganda nga pala talaga (It’s
they could get acquainted with each behaving corny, but she was still not The girl nodded. really beautiful),” she uttered.
other. When Charlie took her home, generate her own legion of fans. But
her movie did not do well in the box comfortable enough with his amo- “ See?” he turned to his wife. “ She “ Wait till you see the other amuse-
she noticed he was carrying a small rous demeanor. She set the table and won’t understand you if you speak to ments parks nearby like SeaWorld,
luggage with him. o fice. espite her beauty, her actin
left much to be desired. prepared to brew coffee. her in Tagalog.” San Diego Wild Animal Park,
“ These are some of my cloth- “ I’ll take you to San Diego Z oo “ But I want her to learn the lan- Legoland, Disneyland and U niversal
ing and other personal items,” he “ We have to do something; other-
wise, you won’t last in this busi- today,” Romy announced. guage,” she replied. “ We have to Studios,” Romy told her.
ex plained. Ditas was surprised. talk to her in Tagalog so she can F or Ditas, strolling in the park
She knew it would be the start of ness,” Charlie told her.
“ What else can I do?” she asked “ Why?” she asked. understand and speak it. That’s how while their daughter was holding
their physical relationship. “ Just because,” he answered. Mex ican parents teach their kids their hands in between them was
Charlie brought the luggage to him.
“ Y our nex t movie should include “ Whose birthday is it?” she again how to speak Spanish.” satisfactory enough.
the bedroom upstairs and put his asked. “ But how about in English?”
clothing in the closet. H e removed sex scenes. Y our beauty is not the
girl-nex t-door type. Y ou have a “ Nobody,” he replied. “ G usto ko “ She’ll learn it when she goes to “ DAAN MU NA TAY O SA COM-
his clothes and donned a robe. Eva lang ipasyal ang mag-ina ko (I just school.” MISSARY (Let’s pass by the com-
arie was uncom ortable at first but strong appeal on men.”
missary),” Romy told Ditas as they
reach. left the Z oo later in the afternoon.
required for a job like this. Order and pay
“ We can buy groceries.”
That’s how it all starts out. And
then, over time, things get arranged “ But I didn’t bring any grocery
My son and I did it. Y ep, we put on Le t t h e m inst all t h e t h ing
again and rearranged until you have money,” she said.
the old clothes, took the bathroom Romy smiled at her.
more-or-less apart and started in. We I’ve found out that it’s just not some sort of order worked out that
only your family knows. No one “ F rom now on, you won’t have
painted walls, refinished the cabi- that easy. They say it is but they
else might recogniz e this order but to spend your own money for our
nets, ex changed faucets and towel lie. They say they will call me back
it works for you so what the heck. grocery needs,” he told her. “ Just
racks, hey, we even did new electric with prices but they don’t. They say
And gradually, the things you use the keep your earnings to yourself and
switch plates. U nfortunately, we’re that someone will be over to give
least get pushed farther and farther use them to help your mother. I will
not stopping there. Nex t, we’re tack- me a reasonable bid to install. Not
away. F inally, all that stuff is out of also take care of all our household
ling another bathroom because we’re anywhere close to reasonable. I’m
sight and reach and you never think ex penses and give you an allowance
suckers for punishment. about to give up and that’s just to get
about it again. so you can have your own savings
a door. Believe me, it can get much
Y ou never think about it again, account.”
Th e m ad ne ss ne v e r st op s worse.
that is, until some sort of fool’s er- “ But what about you?”

So just do it already rand sends you searching through “ Don’t worry; I am done wasting
A few years ago some of our doors M ov ing on
the cabinets for something when money with those drinking clowns. I
needed help (replacement to be more am retired from that life, from being
Home-based R & R precise). In my entire life I’ve never
actually said those words before – at
I’m willing to bet that you have a
kitchen. And I’m willing to bet that
you should have asked your wife
or husband or it in the first place. such a louse. I will live up to my
And then you come face-to-face responsibilities as a husband and a
R & R does not mean rest and spills wiped off, well, you get the least not in the same sentence – but in this kitchen you have cabinets.
father. I will take good care of the
recreation. In my house it means idea. I’ve grown up and I need doors. And I’m also willing to bet that in with all the wonderful things you
own and don’t use – many of which two of you. This is a new beginning
repair and remodel. U nfortu- I had a bathroom that needed Well, I don’t need doors, I need to these cabinets, way in the back, there
you absolutely had to have because for all of us and it starts now.”
nately, it was now time for R & help. The kind of help that only a replace doors. And the doors I need are things that haven’t seen the light
when you saw it on late-night TV it “ Sobra naman iyon (That’s too
to replace are front doors. Ex cuse of day since you shoved them there.
R because cabinets can get funky power-sander, paint-stripper, new looked so good and would save you much , itas couldn t find the
me, entry doors. I started thinking about all the
looking after a few years. After paint brushes and paint can help. so much time, energy, and money. proper words to say without sound-
Replacing doors is not an easy things in the back of our cabinets the
a doz en or so, well, they simply Oh, and new sink and shower fau- Really want to save time, energy and ing like she agreed with Romy’s dep-
thing to do. It should be easy, you’d other day when, without thinking, I
recating assessment of his old self.
need help. Too many scratches, cets, new hardware, new blinds, think it would be easy, but no. It’s started looking for something. See, money? G o to bed.
“ I should have been doing that a
too may fin erprints, too many and all the other things that are not easy. At least it’s not easy when had I thought about it I would have And now you are staring at all those
things and wondering just what on lon time a o, when we first ot
you’re replacing a front door. G ood done the smart, the rational, thing
earth is back there, how long has it married,” Romy said.
grief - the choices are mind-bog- and simply put on shoes, get in the
lin . o want wood or fiber lass car, drive to a store, parked, found been there, does anyone in the fam-
ily even know it’s there, and what F ROM TH E COMMISSARY ,
Stained or painted? What kind of the item in the store, stand in line
should we do with it now that it’s Romy brought Ditas and Mikaela
hardware? What kind of windows if and pay, get back in the car, drive
come to light? F inally, you wonder to Chuck E. Cheese, a piz z a parlor
indeed I want windows in it? Do I home and finish. hat would have
if there is anyway to prevent this for kids, with games, rides, priz es,
want pre-hun or pre-finished been quicker than what I actually
from happening in the future. food and entertainment. It was the
I started out at H ome Depot but did.
first time itas and i aela had ever
apparently the three questions I had I simply started opening cabinet
Th e solut ion been in such a fun place and they
at the time went over their limit. doors and moving things around.
loved it.
We just never could connect. Then This was a big mistake, a very big
H a. There is no solution. Bath- “ H uwag kang masiyadong kumain
I went to Lowe’s; very helpful mistake. As I’m pawing through
rooms wear out. Kitchens wear out. anak, tataba ka (Don’t eat too much,
people there but they just didn’t have pots, pans, dishes, and things that I
Doors wear out (okay, and people child. Y ou’re get fat),” Ditas cau-
something close enough to what I have no idea what are, I start ask-
Writers: Msgr. Fernando Gutierrez, Virginia Ferrer, Zena Sultana-Babao, Dig-
wear out but let’s not go there), and tioned her daughter in Tagalog.
gong Divinagracia-Araneta, Ofelia Dirige PhD, Marjon L. Saulon, Contributors: wanted wanted pre-finished, o ing myself what we have in these
cabinets fill up. ind a wine lass Romy and Ditas were amused with
Ernie Delfin, Dr. Ed Gamboa, MD, Atty. Rogelio Karagdag Jr., Bill Labestre CPA fi ure. e t was uilders mpo- cabinets.
and deal with it. Welcome to my R their child who consumed half of the
rium, and that was going pretty well whole pie.
– even got the opening measured, Unload , p ut aw ay , f org e t & R.
“ Let her have it,” Romy said.
but getting someone to return a call They didn’t have to say it, but they
was di ficult and fi ured that i they When we moved in our house, we
knew Mikaela’s big appetite was the
couldn’t do that how well could they did the normal thing, we unpacked
result of her years of depravation
install a door? Now I’m headed to box es and put everything away. We
while growing up poor in Tijuana.
three door stores my fin ers are tried, as we were putting these things
“ In due time, she’ll get used to food
crossed. I think why I’m having a away, to place the stuff intelligently.
and won’t overeat,” Romy opined.
problem is that I’m making it too Y ou know, put the things you use
“ She better be,” Ditas said. “ Other-
easy for them. I want to: the most at levels and in areas where
wise she can’t be a movie star in the
you can access them easily. Coffee
Philippines if she’s fat.”
Pick out a door mugs and everyday glasses go low;
The couple laughed.
Pick out the glass wine glasses go higher. Well that’s a
ic out the finish bad ex ample but you get the idea. I
onfirm the measurements want a wine glass within very easy ( C ont i nue d on page 10 )
April 12-18, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 7

Time to transfer the title of your inherited properties

G ood news to individuals with value of the gross estate, a minimum G az ette on F ebruary 18, 2019.
property inheritance. Y ou can now estate amnesty tax of PH P5,000 shall
settle the estate tax es of your prop- be paid. Those who availed of the estate tax
erty inheritance and transfer the titles The availment of the estate tax amnesty and have fully complied
of your properties under your name amnesty shall be done for every with the conditions will be granted
at a much lower cost. stage of the transfer of the property. certain immunities and privileges
The most awaited Tax Amnesty bill This means that if the property is under the law.
was signed into law by President Ro- registered in the name of decedent(s) This is welcome news for tax pay-
drigo Duterte last 14 F ebruary 2019 prior to the last decedent or the so- ers, especially for the heirs. This
as Republic Act No. 11213 or the called multiple estates, the 6% tax will make it affordable for the heirs
Tax Amnesty Act. shall be imposed on the net estate to settle the estate tax es and transfer
Although some provisions were of every decedent. In other words, a the title of the properties under their
vetoed, the estate tax amnesty one-time settlement across multiple names.
provision was retained with minor estates is not allowed. The heirs will now be able to enjoy
changes. 3. Period of Availment and F iling the benefits o their property inheri-

Asian J
H ere are the salient provisions on Tax payers can avail of the estate tax tance and max imiz e the value of the
the estate tax amnesty: amnesty, within two (2) years from inherited real estate assets.
1. Coverage the effectivity of the implement- To know more about title transfer
The estate tax amnesty shall cover ing rules and regulationsFirst Asian Weeklyproperty,
(IRR), by of Newspaper inheritance, and other
in Southern California & San
the estate of decedents who died on filin an state a mnesty a title related concerns, you may reach
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91
or before 31 December 2017, with or Return and paying the tax in the us at:
without assessments duly issued. evenue istrict fice .
2. Rate and Basis which has jurisdiction over the last COM.PH
The estate tax amnesty tax rate is residence of the decedent.
6% of the decedent’s total net estate 4. Effectivity NOTICE TO BIDDERS
at the time of death, or 6% of the The Tax Amnesty Act shall take NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
decedent’s undeclared estate if an e ect fi teen days a ter its that the City of San Diego (City)
estate ta return was previously filed complete publication in the Of- is seeking to receive Electronic
with the BIR. ficial a ette or in at least one Bids for the below named Public
If the allowable deductions appli- newspaper of general circulation. It Works project.
cable at the time of death ex ceed the was published in the online ficial The solicitation, including plans
and specifications, may be ob-

PHL Singapore are the other cities that tained from the City’s website
will be featured in the series. at:
( C ont i nue d f r om page 1) Street F ood comes from the same Contractors intending to submit
to March this year. team that creaed the award winning a Bid must be prequalified.
he , however, clarified that documentary show, Chef’s Table, Please refer to the solicitation
the Balikatan ex ercise is not aimed which profiled some o the most for instructions.
at targeting any particular country. renowned chefs all over the world. Project Name: Morena Pump
It intends to equip the Philippines' t is set to premiere on et i on Station
armed forces and increase their in- April 26. – Project Number: K-19-1801-
teroperability with foreign allies. — DBB-3 Estimated Value: $
Dona Magsino/BAP, G MA News
Actress 76,000,000.00
Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting:

( C ont i nue d f r om page 1) 05/17/2019, at 10:00 A.M.
cacy.” Bid Open Date: 06/06/2019, at
2:00 P.M.
( C ont i nue d f r om page 1) A lay worker is a person who works License Requirement: A
in a religious organiz ation but is not
obscure dishes to the mainstream; a member of the clergy. U reta said
It is the policy of the City of
and Rubilyn Diko Manayon, who San Diego to encourage equal
then that the former actress has a opportunity in its Construc-
sells 18 different dishes – includ- F acebook page managed by volun- tion and Consultant contracts.
ing the most popular one, lumpia teers from a foundation she created. Bids or proposals from local
(spring rolls) – from her roadside Though the page is regularly up- firms, small, minority-owned,
carinderia. dated, it does not feature G utierrez ’ disabled, veteran-owned, and
The episode will also z oom in on present life and mainly shares posts women-owned businesses are
local delicacies such as the afore- about religion and environmental strongly encouraged. Contrac-
mentioned lechon Cebu and lumpia, advocacies. tors are encouraged to subcon-
The former actress also has a website, tract with and/or participate in
and also nilarang bakasi, a sour stew joint ventures with these firms.
made with reef eel, and tuslob-buwa, though it is not indicated when it was
last updated. In the webpage of her The City is committed to equal
a thick gravy made with sauteed advocacies, it states that “ she is a highly opportunity and will not dis-
onions, garlic, and pig brains. sought-after resource speaker and lec- criminate with regard to race,
Bangkok, Osaka, Delhi, Y ogyakar- turer for environmental education.” religion, color, ancestry, age,
ta, Chiayi, Seoul, H o Chi Minh, and During her acting days in the 1990s gender, disability, medical con-
and 2000s, G utierrez gained fame for dition or place of birth; and will
her role as Maria Clara in the TV show not do business with any firm
“ Noli Me Tangere,” and was part of the that discriminates on any basis.
John Lloyd Cruz teleserye “ Maging Sino Bids shall be received no later
Ka Man.” than the date and time noted
er talent shone in a ran e o films above at:
like “ Jose Riz al” and “ Sa Aking mga City of San Diego’s Electronic
Kamay.” H er last projects were 2010 TV Biding Site PlanetBids at:
shows. h t t p s : / / w w w. p l a n e t -
G utierrez used her platform to advocate
the environment and cultural heritage. cfm?CompanyID=17950
She was named one of Time maga- James Nagelvoort, Director
z ine’s “ Asian H eroes” in 2003 and was Department of Public Works
featured in one of its covers for her April 25, 2019
work for the cause of the environment. 4/26/19
In 2006, she created a foundation Alaga CNS-3241275#
LAH AT Inc. to promote sustainable ASIAN JOURNAL

Thoughts about the world today

A Lot Of Trouble Would Disappear nected,
If Only People Would Learn To you o away they find new
Talk To One Another devices...
Instead Of Talking About One * * *
Another ..... H uman Life Would Be Perfect If...
* * * Anger H ad A STOP Button
When People Walk Away F rom Mistakes H ad A REWIND Button
Y ou, Let Them G o. H ard Times H ad A F ORWARD
Y our Destiny Is Never Tied To Button And G ood Times A PAU SE
Anyone Who Leaves Y ou. Button ! !
It Doesn' t Mean They Are Bad * * *
People. Always Welcome Y our Problems,
It Just Means That Their Part In Because Problems G ives Y ou Dual
Y our Story Is Over.. ! Advice, F irstly, Y ou Can Know
* * * H ow To Solve Them, Secondly,
People nowadays are like Blue- Y ou Learn H ow To Avoid Them In
tooth, F uture, H ave F aith In G OD And
If you stay close they stay con- Y ourself… !

My H usband And I Divorced Over Tex t Messaging
Religious Differences. H e Thought H usband Sends The F ollowing
H e Was G od, And I Didn' t. Message To H is Wife
* * * My Love,
Why Were H urricanes U sually If Y ou' re Sleeping, Send Me Y our
Named After Women? Because Dreams. If Y ou' re Smiling, Send Me
When They Arrive, They' re Wet And Y our Smile. If Y ou' re Crying, Send
Wild, But When They G o, They Me Y our Tears. I Love Y ou.
Take Y our H ouse And Car.. Wife Tex ed Back : I' m In The Toi-
* * * let, What Should I Send Y ou?
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | April 12-18, 2019

Spiritual Life
For first time in US history, ‘nones’ are largest religious group
About a quarter of the popu- Center predicted that well over a think Satan is merely a symbol. (84% ) and " ex -Catholics" (81% ).
lation identifies as having no quarter of Americans would identify The fraction of the Catholic con-
G o d as " Nones" by 2050. stituency that a firmed the devil s That 2015 survey also found that
The decrease in religious commit- ex istence was smaller than that of more than half of Catholics support
by David Nussman • ChurchMilitant. ment among Americans is especially any other religious group. Belief in H oly Communion for those who live
com • April 9, 2019 notable among U .S. Catholics. the devil was almost as rare among together outside wedlock (61% ),
According to the Center for Applied Catholics as it was among those with H oly Communion for the divorced
DETROIT (ChurchMilitant. Research in the Apostolate (CARA), no reli ious a filiation . and civilly remarried (62% ), allow-
com) - According to new data, the raw number of adult self-iden- A Pew Research study conducted ing married priests (62% ) and female
A p r il 1 4 , P a s s io n /P a lm S u n d a y tified atholics in the nited tates in 2015 found that 76% of Catholics ordination (59% ).
those who have no religious faith peaked in 2010 at 59.1 million, then want the Church to approve of birth A little less than half of those
are now the largest religious
Filipinos Psyche During Holy Week
fell to 58.6 million in 2016. CARA control. This is only slightly lower surveyed (46% ) said they want the
group in the U nited States. also noted that there appeared to than among the groups that Pew Church to recogniz e same-sex rela-
be a decrease in Catholic baptisms identified as cultural atholics tionships as marriages.
J oke of the week: A youthful as- magic. F aith came to the Philip- An analysis of the G eneral and first ommunions, as well as an
sociate pastor was driving home his pines through the union of cross and Social Survey reveals that those increase in having children out of
Offering the Sacrifice
point to the youth group during his sword. We have kept the faith, but with no reli ious a filiation, also
talk. “ People waste many thousands often times it carries the residues of called " Nones," now account for In 2018, statistics widely referenced
o dollars on ornate co fins, ancy pre-Spanish religion: sacramentals 23.1% of the U .S. population — a online found that 13 years old is the
mausoleums and monuments to their are like anting-anting (amulets) and median age at which cradle Catho-
266% increase over the past 30 M e d it at ion:
dead bodies. Jesus was unconcerned saints are synonymous with anitos lics cease identifying as Catholic.
by death that he had to use a tomb (tribal gods). The F ilipinos’ sullenly years. Some young people stop calling
The words with which I entreated G od are these: Et e rnal F at h e r, I of f e r
that was borrowed from Joseph of fascination with death and closely themselves Catholic even as their
The " Nones" have now passed You t h e Bod y and Blood , Soul and Div init y of Your d e arly b e lov e d Son,
Arimathea. F rom the back of the tied with superstitious beliefs is parents continue bringing them to
Our Lord Je sus Ch rist f or our sins and t h ose of t h e w h ole w orld ; f or t h e
room a voice said, “ F ather, Jesus seen clearly on G ood F riday. H erbs Catholics (23% ) and Evangelicals Mass on Sundays and H oly Days.
sak e of His sorrow f ul P assion, h av e m e rc y on us (Diary, 475).
only needed it for three days.” are le t at the oot o the rucified (22.5% ). This came from a report by St.
Christ and after the “ Siete Palabras” Mary' s Press in Winona, Minnesota
The nex t morning, when I entered chapel, I heard these words interiorly:
Scriptures: F irst Reading: Isaiah (Seven Last Words) are picked up In a piece for the Daily Wire, titled " G oing. G oing. G one: The
Ev e ry t im e y ou e nt e r t h e c h ap e l, im m e d iat e ly re c it e t h e p ray e r w h ic h I
50: 4-7. By the time this Third by the faithful who believe that they Michael J. Knowles opines that the ynamics o isa filiation in oun
t aug h t y ou y e st e rd ay (Diary, 476).
Servant Song of Second Isaiah are sure remedies for all kinds of decline of religion in America will Catholics."
was written, the ex iles had been in sickness. A few uneducated F ilipinos lead to less happiness and more Michael Voris commented on these
M y P ray e r Re sp onse :
Babylon for two generations. The still believe that amulets could be mental health problems. statistics in a Vortex episode at the
ex iles had become accustomed to the possessed on G ood F riday. " As religiosity has declined, social time, saying, " And the maddening
Thank Y ou, Lord, for the prayer of the Chaplet of Mercy. It is “ living the
Babylonian pagan values and cul- ills have abounded," Knowles thing for faithful Catholics, grow-
ass, o erin the sacrifice o our ody and lood, oul and ivinity to
tures. They concluded that G od had “ Pakikiramay” (solidarity, espe- ar ues. early one in five merican ing fewer in numbers every passing
the F ather — for mercy on the whole world.
forgotten them in spite of the proph- cially in time of grief and death) adults suffers from anx iety disorders, year, is the current leadership in the
et’s continuous assurance that their motivates F ilipinos to endure strenu- which now constitute the most com- Church has done nothing to prevent
* The words of J esus appear in boldface type
ex ile would come to an end. Many ous religious services in spite of the mon mental illness in the country. this tragedy."
of them assumed their conquerors’ hot weather. This attitude is seen in One in six Americans takes antide- In October 2018, Pew Research -- Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987 Marian Fa-
values and worshiped their gods. the same way that Philippine mourn- pressant drugs, a 65% surge over just reported that about 13% of U .S. thers of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine Mercy Minutes
U ndeterred by the ex iles’ loss of ers spend sleepless nights with the 15 years." adults are former Catholics. Pew Re- w ith J e s u s : P r a y in g D a ily o n J e s u s ' W o rd s fro m th e D ia r y o f S t. F a u s tin a b y R e v . G e o rg e
search also noted, " Catholicism has W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010 Marian Press
hope and trust, the prophet, in con- grieving family. Knowles cites several studies
trast, knows from his heart that G od indicating that those who attend reli- ex perienced a greater net loss due
in the end would prove him right Overcome by “ hiya” (shame) ious services re ularly are si nifi- to religious switching than has any
in keeping his faith in H im. Second and feeling guilty and remorseful cantly happier than others. other religious tradition in the U .S." “The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
Reading: Philippians 2: 6-11. The for having offended the deceased Commenting on the growth of A statistical analysis by CARA especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
author stresses three movements that (Christ), F ilipinos atone for their sins the Nones, an April 1 article in published in August 2017 revealed
characteriz e Jesus’ crisis: entrance, throu h sacrifices and reconciliation, The Washington Post considered if that only two in sel -identified CHAPLET OF THE DIVINE MERCY
duration, and ex it. Christ’s pre-incar- such as hampas-du o a ellation Nones, who tend to vote Democrat, Catholics believe the devil is a real, Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
nate ex istence as Son of G od shows and crucifi ion . his is a in to the are acting as a " counterweight" to personal being. Looking at survey Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
his preparatory entrance to crisis. H e practice of feuding members of F ili- white Evangelicals, who tend to vote results from 2011, the analysis found
On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
voluntarily gave up this control and pino families burying the hatchet out Republican. that only 17% of Catholics believe was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
became a suffering servant who was of respect for the deceased. Though Back in 2015, the Pew Research Satan is real, while the other 83%
subjected to the power of evil (en- the mourners still keep their grudge Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul

Despite threat from Hollywood,

trance to crisis). Precisely, because against each other, peace is kept only and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
Christ’s was obedient until death, he during the funeral. Thus, for some the whole world.

Georgia passes Fetal

gained a new and sublime control F ilipinos, reconciliation with G od or
and was ex alted by his F ather (ex it church attendance is seasonal: during On the Hail Mary beads say:

Heartbeat Bill
and glory). G ospel: Luke 22: 14-23: H oly Week only. After that period,
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
56. Each of the four evangelists has sinning continues. on us and on the whole world.
different views of Jesus’ death. Mat- The alternating, ambivalent and
thew’s Passion narrative, the longest wrong interactions between faith by M ikaela M athews, ChristianHead- against the state. “ [ The legislation] In conclusion say three times:
and cultural values, among other would ban safe, legal abortion and
of the four, portrays the people as
responsible for Jesus’ death. Mark things, account why the spiritual, criminaliz e the most intimate deci- Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
presents a rejected and humiliated economic and political life of many Last week, lawmakers in G eor- sion women and couples make,” a have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Jesus who in the end was vindicated F ilipinos lacks progress and remains gia passed H .B. 481 – one of the statement from the group said.
by G od, the F ather. Luke uses the still destitute! The poverty in body most restrictive abortion bills in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution To those lost souls bound in mortal sin:
Passion as an occasion to showcase and spirit is so deep in the F ilipinos the country – despite threats from reports that the bill has iven fire to THIS IS YOUR HOUR OF MERCY!
divine forgiveness and compassion. that very few strive to go beyond H ollywood and the American the Democrats. “ Come 2020, this bill
John’s version of the Passion ex alts this impoverishment and reach for a will help elect more women,” said
Civil Liberties U nion (ACLU ). freshman state Sen. Sally H arrell,
To those enslaved by pornography,
esus as a royal fi ure whose throne more mature aith and unselfish rela-     Come to Me, the Image of God
tionship. It seems that F ilipinos have
The bill bans abortions after a an Atlanta Democrat. “ Vote yes for
is the Cross. To those who are committing adultery,
nothing to offer to G od ex cept their heartbeat is detected, which is this bill and we’re coming for your     Come to Me, the Faithful One
Reflection: It is that time of the poverty-stricken psyche, and they typically around the 6th week of seats because that’s how democracy To prostitutes, and those who use or sell them,
liturgical year when the G ospel pro- cannot rise above the suffering and pregnancy. works.”    Come to Me, your Beloved
claims the Passion of Jesus. To hear death of G ood F riday to celebrate a The bill does allow a few ex cep- To those engaging in unions outside the bounds of
the Passion proclaimed in churches transformed life of Easter! As Christian H eadlines previ- tions for women to abort, in cases marriage,
and parishes allows us to rightly But the F ilipinos cultural values can ously reported, H ollywood was not of a “ medically futile” pregnancy,     Come to Me, your Bridegroom
re ect on the su erin that esus en- also be a way to authentic growth supportive of the bill. “ [ H .B. 481] where the child will not be able to To those who worship the god of money,
dured for our salvation. But Luke in and progress, both as G od’s creatures would make G eorgia an inhospitable live after birth, and in cases of rape     Come to Me, without paying and without cost
his narration of the Passion intends and as a nation. Cultural values, place or those in the film industry or incest when a police report has To those in witchcraft or bound in the occult,
not just to present a suffering Jesus, enlightened by a mature faith that to work, including our members,” a been filed. eor ia i ht to i e,     Come to Me, the Living God
a pro-life group, could not sup- Jesus, I Trust in You!
but one who remains emphatic and is devoid of superstitious beliefs, statement from the Writer’s G uild of To those who have made covenant with Satan,
altruistic in spite of his own impend- can be one’s strengths and catalysts America ex plained. Nearly 50 TV port the bill with those ex ceptions.     Come to Me, the New Covenant
ing severe trials, suffering and death. for change. Cultural values, such as and film stars also si ned a letter G enevieve Wilson, a spokeswoman To those drowning in the abyss of alcohol and drugs,
Luke resonates with the second read- “ bahala na ang Diyos” (deep faith to the governor, threatening to no for G eorgia Right to Life, said to the     Come to Me, who am Living Waters
ing, i.e. that Christ, though Son of in G od), pagdadamayan (solidarity longer work in the state should the New Y ork Times, “ While H .B. 481 To those enslaved in hatred and unforgiveness,
G od, humbled himself and became with others) can overcome barriers bill pass. Several major movies and contains some strong personhood     Come to Me, the Fount of Mercy
one of us even to the point of death. of “ kanya-kanya” (refusal to share TV shows have been produced and components, such as declaring ba- To those who have taken the life of another,
In spite of his own trials, his concern one’s resources) and “ tayu-tayo” filmed in eor ia. bies in the womb natural persons, we     Come to Me, the Crucified One
for others’ salvation remained. H e (great division between the “ we” are very saddened that it also denies To those who are jealous and envious, and murder with words,
became emphatic with our hu- from the “ they” ) so that we can be “ We want to continue to support the equal justice and equal protection for     Come to Me, who am jealous for you
man condition and completely and more emphatic and lovingly inclu- wonderful people, businesses and subclasses of children in the womb.” To those who are enslaved by love of self,
directly assumed our conditions, sive. The F ilipinos cultural values communities we have come to love The debate surrounding this bill     Come to Me, who has laid down His life
motives and situations. H is altruistic can surely be our hope to be “ maka- in the Peach State,” the letter read, has been ex plosive. According to To those who once loved me, but have fallen away,
ministry reaches its pinnacle by his tao” (pro-person), maka-bayan (pro- as reported by the New Y ork Times. the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the     Come to Me, who refuses no soul….and I will blot out
death on the Cross. nation) and maka-Diyos (pro-G od). “ But we will not do so silently, and vote had “ the largest police pres- your offences, and forgive your transgressions. I will
What does G ood F riday have that A Blessed Easter! we will do everything in our power ence in recent memory” with bomb remove your sins, as far as the east is from the west.
makes many F ilipinos manifest their to move our industry to a safer state dogs searching the rooms before the
for women if H .B. 481 becomes hearings and police escorting Renee IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT,
destitute psyche and morose attrac- Quotation of the Week: Nothing
law.” U nterman, who shepherded the bill, I command the chains which hold you to be broken.
tion to suffering and death? Some great was ever done without much
to her car. I command every principality and power to release you.
theories say that the early F ilipinos’ enduring.
veneration o the dead re ects the H owever, lawmakers were not The New Y ork Times reported that
deterred. The bill passed 92 to 78, the bill is a continuation of several I OPEN MY SACRED HEART to you as a hiding place and refuge.
Spanish popular faith that is marked P o s ts c r ip t: T h e N o v e n a to th e states attempting to pass restric- I will refuse no soul who returns to Me trusting in My infinite Mercy and Love.
by a profound preoccupation with according to CNN. Women were
D iv in e M e rc y b e g in s o n G o o d previously allowed to abort up until tive abortion laws. Mississippi and THIS IS YOUR HOUR OF MERCY!
death and a religious fervor that
heavily focuses on the wounds and
F r id a y . C h e c k w ith y o u r p a r is h 20 weeks of their pregnancy. Kentucky have signed fetal heartbeat
sufferings of Christ. The Christ im- tha date and time for this awe- “ We have really taken great lengths measures into law; F lorida, Mis- RUN HOME TO ME, MY BELOVED, run home to Me, and I will embrace you
as a Father, clothe you as My child, and protect you like a Brother.
age that is popular among ordinary so m e n o ven a . to balance the legitimate interests of souri, Ohio, Tennessee and Tex as are
planning to do the same this year.  To the one in mortal sin,
F ilipinos portrays Jesus as suffering, women with the basic right to life
H owever, in Kentucky, Iowa and      Come to Me! Come, before the last few grains of Mercy fall through
humiliated, and sacrificed. or e - of the child,” Rep. Ed Setz ler said the hourglass of time… 
ample, a survey shows that in Cebu to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. North Dakota, the bills were stopped
City 43% of its residents prefer the This bill is a response, for some, to a in court. Source: The Now Word with Mark Mallett.
rucified hrist to the in avor New Y ork law that increased access Despite that abortion is legal
of the Santo Niñ o. A spirituality that to abortion earlier this year. “ We are because of the Supreme Court case
overemphasiz es suffering and death not like New Y ork or Virginia,” Sen- Roe v. Wade, these restrictive bills
are still becoming law. Abortion
Divine Mercy
over struggle and victory can easily
fall into superstitions and magi-
ate Science and Technology Chair-
woman Renee U nterman said. “ We opponents hope this allows them to #shrine
will not throw away children who “ land a new case before the Supreme in Encinitas, California
cal rites. Dying and death, similar
to other milestones in Philippine aren’t perfect because all children Court” to destroy or weaken Roe v.
life, such as marriage and birth, are are perfect in the eyes of G od.” Wade, according to the New Y ork A project of the Divine Mercy Hills

deeply cloaked in superstition and ACLU will pursue legal action Times. Be part of the story. Jesus, I Trust in You!
Foundation of Southern California, a
501(c)3 non-profit organization
April 12-18, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 9

Arts & Culture

A Glimpse of
Ilonggo History
by Dinggol Araneta
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times.
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism.

A Glimpse of Old Negros Island in T h e M a la y la n d in g a n d " H in ila w o d " in p h o to a re o il o n c a n v a s p a in tin g o f fa m e d

Ngayon (1)
Southwestern Philippines Ilonggo Artist Art Geroche. Ngayon ang pakiramdam ko ay puno ng pagkainis
dahil sa malakas ang ulan at panaho' y masungit
These Aeta’s, Eta' s, Agta’s or Ati' s Buglas island its present name " NE-
T H E "N E G R E N S E S " are short dark-skinned nomads with G ROS" due to the predominant pres- subalit dapat lamang pala ako' y magpasalamat
woolly kinky hair are the aborigines ence of these small group of people sapagkat damo' y nadidilig ng libre, walang bayad.
of the archipelago. they called Negroes or " Negritos" .
Two great waves of migration, Ngayo' y malungkot ako dahil sa ako' y walang pera
The Maragtas legend ex plained and resulted in the gradual near ex tinc-
the ancient Chinese Ming Dynasty tion of this ancient (F ilipino) ethnic at wala akong mapuntahan dahil walang panggasta
hronicle confirmed that the ten group due to inter-relationship and subalit aking naiisip mabuti na rin ito
(10) noble-bearing Malay Datus marriages with outsiders. nang ang kaunti kong kabuhayan ay natitipid ko.
from Bornay (Borneo), led by Shri During the middle part of the
Vijaya Sultanate Minister Datu Putih 1800s, many families joined the
bartered their gold and their jewelry ex odus of the more adventurous
Ngayo' y marami akong reklamo sa aking katawan
with local Ati Chieftain Marikudo members of prominent Ilonggos bakit ba iba ako sa maganda kong kaibigan
N e g r ito s o r n e g re n s e for the lowlands, plains and valleys from the City of Iloilo, such as; the subalit naisip ko dapat ako' y magpasalamat
of the island they called “ Aninipay" . Y ulo' s and the Y usay' s, the Lacson' s may buhay pa ako ngayon at malakas na malakas.
(By DinggolAranetaDivinagracia- The Malay settlers later renamed and the Locsin' s, the Lopez ' s and
IlonggoNationM ovement)
the area as Madja-as or paradise the Ledesma' s, the Montinola' s,
and they likewise, called the island Montilla' s and Montelibano' s, the Ngayon ako ay may tampo sa aking mga magulang
" Negrense" is the term used “ Panai” after their place of origin Villanueva' s and the Valencia' s, the dahil mga gusto ko nuo' y ' di nila naibigay
to distinguish a " tumandok" or near Lake Toba in the middle of the Jalandoni' s and the Javellana' s, the subalit ang nanaig sa akin ay ang pagmamahal
original inhabitant of Negros Indonesian Islands of Sumatra along Araneta' s, Benedicto’s, Magalona’s, dahil sa kanila binigyan nila ako ng buhay.
Island, which became even more the Malacca Strait in the Malay Salas' s, and de la Rama' s and others;
popular only during the tenure of Peninsula -- before they were forced who bringing along their own fami-
to sail and to settle at Kinabatangan lies, households, and subordinates Ngayo' y umiiyak ako dahil sa ako' y natinik
G overnor Daniel " Bitay" Lacson
in North Borneo. Today, we call the immigrated to the " New F rontier" , nitong halaman kong rosas na nasa aking paligid
because national and local media
whole island “ Panay” . the island of Negros, that eventually subalit ano kaya ngayon ang aking madarama
and all government agencies ag- became known as the land of " Sugar
gressively promoted it.” --ding- kung tinik na lamang at walang bulaklak na kasama.
After the barter trade, Marikudo, Barons" or Sugarlandia, " sa diin ang
gol.d~ ~ ~ his wife Maniwangtiwang, and fam- kuarta gina piko kag gina pala" .
ily together with most of their tribes- When the sugar industry started Copyright 2019 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
H owever, in most part of Negros men, resettled in the hinterlands to boom, the demand for tens of
Occidental, they still prefer to be A rare photo of Mount Kanlaon in and up to the high mountains of the thousands of sugar plantation work-
called simply “ Ilonggos” , until N e g ro s , w ith G u im a r a s is la n d a s v ie w e d island where they lived peacefully ers was filled by the industrious and Therefore, it is safe to conclude te r b e tw e e n th e a b o r ig in a l A e ta s a n d
from Iloilo City in Panay -courtesy of Ed- and undisturbed for centuries. While indigenous Ilonggos of Northwestern that " Negrenses" are G .I' s or truly th e S h r i V is a y a n s a s c o n ta in e d in
today. While those in the Negros g a r H . S is c a r. G enuine Ilonggos. th e M a r a g ta s ; a m y th th a t b e c a m e a
many other Aetas sailed to " Buglas" Aklan and Antique including the
Oriental area are often called lowly Aetas. F ootnote: le g e n d , a n d th e le g e n d th a t tu r n o u t
passing " H imal-os" now G uimaras
Cebuano’s, because of their com- Negros used to be called " Buglas" , Island where some stayed behind A great number of these migratory T h e N e g r ito s o f to d a y s till re ta in to b e th e tr u e h is to r y o f th e p ro u d
mon language and geographical an Aeta word which means " sud- near the area of " Bundolan" later sugar plantation workers known as the "Inati" language used by their a n d n o b le p e o p le o f th e o n c e u p o n a
prox imity to the island of Cebu. den cut-off" and in H iligaynon or in known as Bala-an Bukid. " Sacadas" had ultimately decided fo re fa th e r s fo r m a n y c e n tu r ie s , a n d time great "Ilonggo Nation". ~~~
Ilonggo language it means " Buklas" . It was the Spaniards who gave the to stay and settle permanently in re fe r to th e ir b ro w n b ro th e r s in th e ~~~~~~~~~~ oo0oo ~~~~~~~~~~
different parts of Negros island and lo w la n d s a s " M g a B is a y a " . A c le a r P o s te d b y d in g g o l a . d iv in a g r a c ia

Cardinal warns West will disappear naturally multiplied. manifestation of a historical encoun- a t 7 :5 9 P M

by Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Lim-

baugh Show | Apr 8, 2019 䌀䰀䔀䄀一 吀䔀䔀吀䠀 䄀一䐀 䠀䔀䄀䰀吀䠀夀 䜀唀䴀匀 䘀伀刀 䰀䤀䘀䔀℀
RU SH : Even while I am away,
I am never away. I always check
in, I always stay informed, I am
䰀漀漀欀椀渀最 昀漀爀 愀 挀愀爀椀渀最
always learning — and so it was
over the weekend. I was doing a
愀渀搀 昀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀 搀攀渀琀椀猀琀㼀
little bit of show prep. Actually,
it was F riday night. I was out
F riday. I ran across a fascinating
story. I don’t know how much
play this got. Y ou guys will have
to tell me. H ere’s the headline:
“ Vatican Cardinal Warns: ‘ West C a rd in a l R o b e r t S a r a h o f G u in e a , A fr ic a
Will Disappear’ Because of Mass U nion no longer protects the peoples more, as we head back to the phones.
Migration,” dot-dot-dot. Does this within it. It protects the banks.’ In I’m glad you waited. H ello.
ring a bell with anybody? a previous video interview, Sarah CALLER: Thank you so much,
warned that Europe had lost its roots Rush, for taking my call.
“ Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah and was dying because of fewer RU SH : Y eah.
warns that the ‘ West will disappear’ European natives having children.” CALLER: I wanted to… Y ou were
as a result of mass migration, adding This is the old birthrate-replace- tal in in your first hour about you
that ‘ Islam will invade the world’ ment level. In G ermany, their were talking about Cardinal Sarah
and ‘ completely change culture, birthrate replacement level is way and what he said about immigra-
anthropology, and moral vision.' ” below normal. That’s why Angela tion and how that’s affecting just the
This is a cardinal of the Catholic Merkel was happy to be importing West and the demise of the West is
Church, a colleague of Il Papa F ran- 800,000 migrants every year for her imminent.
cis — who doesn’t believe any of labor force. “ In recent interviews, RU SH : Right. Predominantly in
this, by the way. “ Sarah’s new book, [ Cardinal Sarah] has gone even fur- Europe is what he was concerned
Evening Draws Near and the Day is ther, noting that priests, bishops and about.
Nearly Over, is causing controversy cardinals within the Catholic Church CALLER: Right. So Cardinal Sarah
in Europe because it ex plicitly iden- have betrayed the teachings of is… There are a lot of Millennial
tifies uslim mi ration as a harbin- Christ by pursuing political activism. Catholics who are watching him
ger of [ Europe] ’s collapse.” Sarah’s comments put him at odds
with the Pope, who has relentlessly
carefully because he is becoming
a very powerful voice. H e doesn’t
䌀䄀䰀䰀 吀伀䐀䄀夀 ℀ ⠀㘀㄀㤀⤀㐀㜀㜀ⴀ 㔀㜀  켥 䐀爀匀洀椀氀攀刀砀⸀挀漀洀
By the way, Cardinal Sarah is promoted migration from African speak much, but when he does, it’s
black. I don’t know what African and Middle Eastern countries into very profound, and he has some very
nation he’s from, but he’s not white. Europe. interesting things to say about social- 䐀爀⸀ 䴀礀爀渀愀 䔀⸀ 䰀愀稀愀最愀Ⰰ 䐀⸀䴀⸀䐀⸀
“ According to the cardinal, it is ism, because he’s… Y ou said you
ᐧ䘀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀Ⰰ 䌀愀爀椀渀最 ᐧ䌀漀渀瘀攀渀椀攀渀琀
All right? Let me just… Whatever he
is, he’s not white. So he’s not some wrong to ‘ use the word of G od to weren’t sure where he’s from. H e’s
white supremacist as a cardinal in promote migration,’ and it is better from G uinea, and he has a very inter- ☀ 䬀渀漀眀氀攀搀最攀ⴀ 䠀漀甀爀猀 ☀
the Catholic Church saying this. H e to help people ourish in their cul- estin story about fi htin ar ist 愀戀氀攀 䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀 䰀漀挀愀琀椀漀渀
ture than to encourage them to come regimes in G uinea.
ᐧ䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀爀礀 眀椀琀栀 ᐧ匀愀琀甀爀搀愀礀
says, “ ‘ If the West continues in this
fatal way, there is a great risk that, to Europe.' ” Boy, this guy has hit the RU SH : Well, you know, it was
due to a lack of birth, [ the West] nail on the head. “ Sarah slammed very brave because the pope doesn’t 愀 䰀椀最栀琀 吀漀甀挀栀 䄀瀀瀀漀椀渀琀洀攀渀琀猀
ᐧ䌀愀爀椀渀最 匀琀愀û
will disappear,” he’s talking about mass migration as a ‘ new form of agree. The pope doesn’t agree with 䄀瘀愀椀氀愀戀氀攀
slavery’ because migrants end up anything Cardinal Sarah said, and
Western Civiliz ation, “ invaded by
foreigners, just as Rome has been ‘ without work or dignity.’ ‘ Is that he called out Islam in Europe as ᐧ䔀洀攀爀最攀渀挀椀攀猀
invaded by barbarians,’ said Sarah, what the church wants?’ he asked.” the primary enemy via all of this 圀攀氀挀漀洀攀℀ 䌀漀渀猀甀氀琀愀琀椀漀渀猀℀
adding, ‘ My country is predomi- But at the end, Cardinal Robert migration, and he said the West is
looking at not surviving because 䘀䄀䴀䤀䰀夀 켥 䌀伀匀䴀䔀吀䤀䌀 켥 伀刀吀䠀伀䐀伀一吀䤀䌀
nantly Muslim. I think I know what “ Sarah remained hopeful of the
reality I’m talking about.’ situation being reversed, asserting, their birthrate replacement levels are
‘ This is not the end of the world; the low. Y ou just… H e’s got a book, and 㤀㄀㐀 䔀⸀ 㠀琀栀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 匀甀椀琀攀 ㈀ 㠀Ⰰ 一愀琀椀漀渀愀氀 䌀椀琀礀Ⰰ 䌀䄀 㤀㄀㤀㔀 
“ The cardinal also blamed the Eu- church will rise,' ” do the right thing he says the Catholic Church can rise
ropean U nion for its ‘ desire to glo- as a church, and return and get back again and stop this and save it. But,
baliz e the world, ridding it of nations to basics. man, it was… I’m glad to hear…
with their distinctive characteristics,’ H e doesn’t say how or when that’s I’m short of time. I’m glad to hear
labeling the move ‘ sheer madness.' ” gonna happen, but that’s his hope. that Millennials have attached to this
H e writes, “ ‘ The Brussels Commis- guy, because clearly, he’s more in
sion thinks only about building a free BREAK TRANSCRIPT tune with what the church ought to
market in the service of the great be saying than what the pope himself
financial powers. he uropean RU SH : H ere is Megan in Balti- is saying.
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | April 12-18, 2019

As the Migrant Workers organize to resist “Duteriorating” Philippine economy

by J ackelyn M ariano, M alayaM ove- as Philippine national patrimonial

On April 6, over 350 F ilipino
assets are essentially marked as col-
lateral to be forfeited in the event of

Sway Americans, migrant workers, and a default. Others claim that the water
supporters gathered at a National crisis that justified this odious loan is
an artificial problem caused by water
by Rudy Liporada Summit for H uman Rights and systems privatiz ation.
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada Democracy in the Philippines. Saddling the Philippines in such
at ww.asianj The summit was convened by the debts encourages the administra-
Malaya Movement, a U .S.-based tion to continue the system of labor
grassroots coalition that is bring- ex port that has been implemented by
Of Pricks, Tattoos, Waivers, and ing attention to the grave human
rights situation under the admin-
the country since the 1970s, during
the time of the F erdinand Marcos

Revolutionary Government istration of President Rodrigo

Duterte. One of the main topics
dictatorship. H errera characteriz ed
F ilipino migrant workers as the
administration’s “ cash cows,” whose deportation, discrimination… ” and of the crisis, the migrant workers
of the summit was around the dire only value is to pay debts back with
As the Bamboos Sway pronouncements that became talk of economic situation in the Philip- other kinds of ex ploitation such as united to organiz e themselves to
the remittances they send back to the wage theft and hostile work environ- build righteous indignation from
By Rudy D. Liporada the town instead of the problems of pines and the impacts on the poor Philippines. In 2018 alone, migrant
the people. There he was lambast- ments. The panel highlighted the abroad against Duterte’s economy.
majority of the country. The Phil- F ilipino workers sent over U SD 30 case o over tra fic ed teachers t the conclusion o the first day
In his latest porno speech, Sala- ing Catholics to be craz y adoring ippines is receiving unprecedent- billion to the Philippines. in Tex as and their brewing campaign of the summit, the workers joined
mangkerong President Rodrigo their idiot G od, calling the Pope an
ed international attention, not just Migrant F ilipino workers face to ex pose the school district that the rest of the summit attendees at a
‘ Digong’ Duterte boasted that his idiot, saying that he was molested stressful and dehumaniz ing condi-
by a priest. H e took advantage of an for its vicious state-sanctioned recruited them. They also high- protest action in front of the Philip-
private part (PP or prick) is huge tions in their work abroad. In the lighted the case of Larry Nicholas, a pine Embassy in Washington, D.C.,
OF W by kissing her on the lips, said drug war, but also for its volatile U .S., H errera ex plained, “ Migrant
and always pointing to heaven. economic downturn. detained migrant F ilipino worker in where they confronted the Ambassa-
that he fin ered the private part o filipinos are especially impacted by
H e even gestured to unz ip his their maid. Seattle facing deportation. Despite dor to demand for Duterte’s resigna-
the issues o tra fic in , detention, these hardships and bearing the brunt tion. # # #
pants to show it if there are those Moreover, Digong had Sena- The new year ushered in an unem-
who doubt him. H e has gone
down to that level in the attempt,
tor Leila de Lima who had been
investigating his being connected
ployment rate of 9.8% , or about 4.5
million people out of the total popu- Secretary Nielsen orders CBP to surge more
personnel to southern border, increase number
presumably to divert attention, to the drug menace since his being lation of 110 million people. This
again, from the havocs he had Davao mayor, imprisoned. H e tried occurs in the contex t of President

of aliens returned to Mexico

to imprison again Senator Antonio Duterte’s erratic economic policies
wrought on the F ilipino people. which lar ely benefit orei n inves-
Trillanes by charging that the sena-
H is lewd tongue, to the glee of tor’s amnesty from his sedition case tors and local big business owners by
his remaining followers, wiggled was not technically appropriate. H e promising low interest rates and high Today, H omeland Security Sec- ments from within DH S and the in- tary if reassignments are planned to
in the attempt to draw away from had manipulated the Supreme Court profitability. he uterte adminis- retary Kirstjen M. Nielsen issued teragency. And we will require those ex ceed 2,000 personnel.
the recent massacre of 14 peas- to oust Chief Justice Maria Lourdes tration’s failed attempt to stimulate a memorandum to U .S. Customs seeking to enter the U nited States to
ants in e ros, the o fin increase Sereno, who blocked his ex ecutive the economy with foreign loans and and Border Protection (CBP) wait in Mex ico until an immigration Secretary Nielsen further directed
again of gas prices, and others orders as unconstitutional, so he public investments, has only ex acer- court as reviewed their claims.” CBP to immediately ex pand the
bated the conditions of the poor forc-
Commissioner Kevin McAleenan Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP),
including the Acierto and Bikoy could control the court.
H is biggest diversionary tactic to ing over 12 million F ilipino migrants outlining new steps the agency The Secretary ordered Commis- a DH S initiative to return aliens to
ex positions on Digong’s and his work around the world. An average must take to combat the growing sioner McAleenan to undertake Mex ico to wait during the pendency
look like he was serious about eradi-
family’s being leading princi- cating the drug problem was killing of 6,000 people leave the Philippines security and humanitarian crisis emergency surge operations and of their U .S. immigration proceed-
pals of the drug syndicate in the over 20,000 allege users, most everyday to work abroad. There are at the southern border. immediately increase its tempo- ings. The Secretary directed CBP
Philippines. ‘ nanlaban,’ ex trajudicially. H owever, 4.7 million F ilipinos in the U .S. rary reassignment of personnel and to return hundreds of additional
he set the drug lords like Peter Lim “ The crisis at our border is worsen- resources from across the agency to migrants per day above current rates
Instead, however, of being diverted, free. Now, he would not even inves- Migrant workers at the Malaya ing, and DH S will do everything in address the in u o mi rants. c- to Mex ico, consistent with U .S. law
netiz ens used the porno item to relate tigate Michael Y ang who Acierto and Movement summit gathered to its power to end it,” said Secretary cording to the directive, the CBP Of- and humanitarian obligations. This
the issues being appended to Digong. Bikoy named in their ex positions. H e discuss the economic crisis at a panel Nielsen. “ We will not stand idly by fice o ield perations shall accel- increase in returns shall include
F acebook was and still replete with even doubted a dog who sniffed drug entitled “ ‘ Duteriorating’ Philippine while Congress fails to act yet again, erate its planned reallocation of up to individuals apprehended or encoun-
lines like “ We are not interested to residues in a container of suspected Economy: The Impact on F ilipino so all options are on the table. We o ficers to order atrol ectors tered at or between POEs. Moreover,
see your ‘ pototoy’. We are interested drugs that were smuggled through Migrants & Workers.” Bernadette will immediately redeploy hundreds that are affected by the emergency. the agency is directed to plan for an
to see Paulo’s and Bong G o’s back” the ureau o ustoms. e fired but H errera, chairperson of Migrante of CBP personnel to the border to Moreover, CBP is directed to ex plore ex pansion of MPP beyond the loca-
– that is for the Dutertes to prove promoted to another agency the head U SA, a network of F ilipino migrant respond to this emergency. We will raising that target, is authoriz ed to tions in which it currently operates in
that they are not involved as the big- honcho of the Bureau after the clear workers, ex posed the administra- urgently pursue additional reinforce- ex ceed it, and shall notify the Secre- California and Tex as.
gest drug lords in the Philippines. “ fiasco. tion’s broken promises to their
Others said “ Don’t wag it, just sign F aced with criticism, he is doing all sector.
the waiver.” he can to silence the press like im- “ It’s clear that even before Duterte
prisoning Rappler CEO and Editor sat in o fice, there e isted a severe
After all, it has been reiterated time Maria Ressa, red-tagging and killing political and economic crisis that
and again to the Dutertes: President activist and advocate leaders – not urged the F ilipino people to search
Rodrigo “ Digong” Duterte, sign the even sparing priests and lawyers. for a candidate who could provide
waiver already; Paulo Duterte, show Of late, he again threatened to set solutions. Duterte took advantage of
your back already. Already… and the up a revolutionary government. the crisis by promising to improve
Dutertes could be ex onerated of all When the threat did not sit well as the conditions in the Philippines.
their alleged sins against the F ilipino it was questioned to be unconstitu- F ilipinos abroad placed their hopes
people. tional for, technically, he would be on Duterte’s promises to create jobs
One of “ Digong’s” promises that fi htin a ainst the state with him that pay enough to raise a family,
catapulted him to the presidency abdicating his position as president to end contractualiz ation, and to
is that he would eradicate the drug – and Vice-President Leny Robledo improve the economy and standard
problem of the Philippines in three to taking over as president and, hope- of living in the Philippines. These
six months or he will resign. Instead, fully, the military following their promises were to solve the problem
he has recently admitted, entering his constitutional mandate of protecting of chronic mass migration,” H errera
third-year term, that instead of the the constitution, he is now silent stated.
problem decreasing, it has spiked, about it – again. H errera critiqued the Duterte
and he has not yet resigned. So, while he admits that the Duter- administration’s watershed tax law
The recent Bikoy and Acierto ex po- tes have accumulated wealth over TRAIN (Tax Reform for Accelera-
sitions, true or not, lend to the truth the years, he says “ walang pakialam” tion and Inclusion), which lowered
that the reason for the non-eradica- the F ilipino people. Paolo, on the income tax es, yet imposed high
tion of the drug menace and its spike other hand said, refusing to show his ex cise tax es on basic industrial com-
is that Digong and his family are tattoo, “ Why don’t you have your modities, such as fuel, asphalts, and
involved in the drug syndicate, either own tattoos?” Y es, admittance but no kerosene, causing a strain on spend-
as principals or puppets of the princi- waivers and showing of backs. ing as the prices of basic food com-
pals. With this spike, he and his Thus, Duterte comes out with the modities dramatically increased in
family members’ bank account ac- latest diversionary discussion item price. The TRAIN law allocates 70%
cumulations have also spiked. In this – about his humongous prick that of its revenue to military spending,
regard, Senator Antonio Trillanes points to heaven. and Duterte’s controversial Build,
had long asked him to sign a waiver , have you heard o the fishin Build, Build infrastructure develop-
so his bank account(s) could be sport who told o the fish that ot ment program. The other 30% is al-
scrutiniz ed. away? H e boasted that it was a meter located to social ex penditures for the
H owever, instead of signing a long. F ilipino people, such as education,
waiver and Paolo showing his back, health, anti-hunger programs, social
Salamangkerong Digong made craz y Tsk. welfare, housing, and employment.
Essentially, H errera summariz ed, the
TRAIN law puts the burden of fund-
A Changed Man each other. They were still uncom-
fortable in hugging and kissing one
another; however, pretty soon, they
ing Duterte’s Build, Build, Build
program on the country’s citiz ens,
( C ont i nue d f r om page 6) who are already coping with a des-
“ LET’S TAKE TH E WEEK OF F ,” knew they would overcome the perate economic situation.
Romy told his wife on their way initial shyness like everybody else. n his first years in o fice, uterte
home. They would behave like uncondi- ex pressed openness to engage in
“ Why?” tional lovers, like real husband and bilateral trade agreements with other
“ So we can go to SeaWorld, wife. countries, ex panding the Philippines’
Legoland, Disneyland and U niversal F or her reversal of fortune, Ditas economic relationships beyond
Studios.” knew she only had G od to thank. their traditional partner, the U nited
“ Won’t that be too much?” She had prayed for a long time to her States. This increased trade ten-
“ No, we should have visited those patron saint, the Mother of Perpetual sions between the U .S. and China,
places a long time ago. Back when I H elp, for her husband to change his each of whom courted the president
was a jackass.” illicit ways. And her prayers were with attractive deals. F rom 2016 to
Ditas smiled. She was now getting finally answered. ith her dau hter , ficial evelopment ssis-
comfortable with her husband and sleeping on her lap as her husband tance from China to the Philippines
soon she knew she would be much was driving them home, Ditas could Increased by 24,200% , according to
closer to him. The Romy of the old not have asked for more. IBON International. In fact, China
was quickly becoming a thing of the That evening, as Mikaela slept on and the Philippines have signed 6 bi-
past. the oor, their matrimonial bed had lateral agreements last year, includ-
In the meantime, she had to over- finally become a pleasant place or ing one loan agreement amounting to
come her awkwardness towards him. Ditas to make love with her husband. PH P 3.6 billion to build an irrigation
They were starting all over again system from the Chico River to bring
in a new relationship. They were Call the Asian Journal water to communities in Kagayan
and Cagayan provinces. Critics
like teenagers who had just gotten
hitched. They were not yet used to
at 619.474.0588 for have characteri ed the finali ed
showing complete affection towards your advertising needs. loan agreement as an odious debt,
April 12-18, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 11

Festival – June 22 nual event in San Diego County, a given year. A community art
Raise a glass and taste finely- and one of the top five fairs in project, #MentalIllnessFeelsLike
crafted tequilas, vodkas, whis- the United States and Canada, , has been launched digitally,
keys and more at the Distilled drawing approximately 1.6 mil- and will be unveiled during the
Spirit and Cocktail Festival from lion visitors annually. For more Resource Fair on May 9. Please
noon-5 p.m. June 22. Imbibers information, visit visit
will be delighted with a vast for more information, and to
selection of 100+ spirits, mixers
Mental Health
participate in the community art
and craft cocktails. Check out project.
this year’s winners here. The fes-
tival will also feature VIP food
and cocktail pairings and a live
Resource Fair To make Oceanside residents

At Oceanside
more aware of free or low-cost
mixology competition. mental health resources available

Cheers To This! Buy Early And Save $10 Public Library

to them, over 20 local organi-
Early bird pricing is $25 for zations will be present at the
general admission and $120 for Mental Health Resource Fair.

On Wine, Beer And Spirit Festival Tickets

the VIP experience if purchased In observance of Mental Free mental health classes and
by April 6. Tickets are available Health Awareness Month this training will also be available,
at: May, the Oceanside Public Li- and will include Mental Health
1-3:30 p.m. or 4-6:30 p.m. Early Festival – June 14-16 brary will host a Mental Health Screening; Suicide Preven-
DEL MAR, Calif. (April 2, bird pricing for general admis- Pick your favorite tasting ses- ### Resource Fair, with the purpose tion Training (with Community
2019) – It’s time to uncork the sion is $57 and includes a souve- sion (or two!) for $10 off – $50 of raising awareness of local Health Improvement Partners);
savings to The Toast of the nir tasting glass with unlimited for general admission, $105 for About the 2019 San Diego mental health organizations and Gentle Yoga (with Enchanted
Coast, Distilled and the San Di- wine samplings. VIP tasting by April 6: sandi- County Fair destigmatizing mental illness. Elephant); and Coffee with a
ego International Beer Festival Get ready to skip down the This event will be held in the Cop, with members from the
at the San Diego County Fair, The VIP Winemakers’ Tastings yellow brick road to the most Civic Center Library Community Oceanside Police Department’s
presented by Albertsons|Vons. are from 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Each session offers three hours Oz-some Fair yet! The 2019 San Rooms and outside courtyard Psychiatric Emergency Response
or 2:30-6:30 p.m. for $105 if of unlimited sampling of hun- Diego County Fair, presented by on Thursday, May 9, from 2:00 Team (PERT) and Homeless
Hop to it and buy your tickets purchased by April 6. VIP access dreds of beers, including many Albertsons|Vons, will explore to 6:00 p.m. The Civic Center Outreach Team (HOT). Registra-
now through April 6 to save $10 includes general admission offer- from San Diego’s renowned craft the magical world inspired by Library Community Rooms are tion is required for classes and
on admission to taste your way ings in addition to early access brewing community. VIP tickets L. Frank Baum’s classic tale, located at 330 North Coast High- trainings. Please visit oceans-
through some of the world’s best to the VIP Winemakers’ Tast- will include extra perks such as “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” way, adjacent to the Library.
brews, wines and spirits at the ing Lounge which will feature food pairings by local brewery This year’s Fair, which runs May to register. For more informa-
Fair’s popular sampling festi- award-winning wine and food chefs from Ballast Point and 31-July 4 (closed on Mondays According to the National Alli- tion on Oceanside Public Library
vals! pairings. O’Brien’s Pub and a souvenir and Tuesdays in June), will ance on Mental Illness, approxi- programs and services, please
sampling glass. The Gold Medal give visitors the chance to leave mately one in five Americans visit the library’s website at
FESTIVALS TO MAKE The Toast of the Coast takes Beer Pairing Dinner on June the ordinary world behind the experiences a mental illness in (C o n tin u e d o n p a g e 1 2 )
YOUR SPIRITS SOAR place on National Rosé Day, so 13 ($78) will give beer lovers a minute they step into this Wizard
be sure to try a pink pour. What’s taste of the festival a day before of Oz wonderland. They’ll learn
The Toast of the Coast – June more, 20+ artisan cheeses will be opening and features a one-hour to channel their inner courage in Wanted Full Time Caregiver
8 available for tasting. Check out reception and four-course plated a whirlwind of exciting carnival
Treat your palate to pours from the 2019 Toast of the Coast com- dinner perfectly paired with gold rides, expand their brains by
around the globe at southern petition winners here. Tickets are medal award-winning beers from getting immersed in creative and for a care home facility in Vis-
California’s premier interna- available at: thetoastofthecoast. the San Diego International Beer educational exhibits and warm ta. Pakitawagan si Sherryl at
tional wine festival, The Toast com. Competition. their hearts by creating lasting 1.714.600.5434
of the Coast. Choose from two memories with their friends and
wine tasting sessions on June 8: San Diego International Beer Distilled Spirit and Cocktail family members. The San Diego
County Fair is the largest an-


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CHULA VISTA (760) 557-4873 Mama Cinia Rice & Noodles Gapo Resto & Karaoke Valerio’s Finest Bake Shop
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Parlor K & K Orient Valley (619) 477-6080 Leocynn’s Lumpia
2326 Proctor Valley Rd, Ste 103 665 N Broadway Manila Sunset Grille White Rabbit Food Truck 8360 Paradise Valley Rd, Ste C
Chula Vista, CA 91914 Escondido, CA 92025 9837 Mira Mesa Blvd Jollibee Food Trucks, Filipino Spring Valley, CA 91977
(619) 946-4878 (760) 796-4176 San Diego, CA 92126 1401 E Plaza Blvd National City, CA 91950 (619) 267-8210
(858) 578-6200 National City, CA 91950
JNC Pinoy Food Mart IMPERIAL BEACH (619) 474-0973 Zarlitos Family Restaurant Tacos Plus
943 Otay Lakes Rd, Ste D Nanay’s Best BBQ 505 E 8th St 8614 Troy St
Chula Vista, CA 91913 Tori Tori Tei 6715 Mira Mesa Blvd, Ste 103 Karihan Filipino Food National City, CA 91950 Spring Valley, CA 91977
(619) 421-1090 Food Stands, Filipino San Diego, CA 62126 2220 E Plaza Blvd, Ste B (619) 474-1144 (619) 303-0646
10 Evergreen Ave (858) 625-0827 National City, CA 91950
Jochi Resto Grill Imperial Beach, CA 91932 (619) 470-0783 NESTOR Tambayan Filipino Bbq and
289 E Orange Ave (619) 972-2988 R & B Filipino Cuisine Grill
Chula Vista, CA 91911 11257 Camino Ruiz Lisa’s Filipino Cuisine Dona’s Hawaiian & Filipino 8300 Paradise Valley Rd, Ste
(619) 426-7804 KEARNEY MESA San Diego, CA 92126 1210 E Plaza Blvd, Ste 410 Grill 110
(858) 695-8455 National City, CA 91950 1828 Coronado Ave Spring Valley, CA 91977
Jollibee Khan’s Cave Asian Tavern & (619) 477-8718 San Diego, CA 92154 (619) 512-1700
285 E Orange Ave, Ste 107 Grill Red Ribbon Bakeshop (619) 429-5778
Chula Vista, CA 91911 9350 Clairemont Mesa Blvd 8955 Mira Mesa Blvd Manila Sunset TO
(619) 426-2577 San Diego CA 92123 San Diego, CA 62126 925 E Plaza Blvd, Ste I Tay’s Sari-Sari and Bake Shop
(858) 279-9799 (858) 689-1443 National City, CA 91950 1840 Coronado Ave, Ste C
M’s Lunch Pails (619) 474-0421 San Diego, CA 92154 ADVERTISE,
Filipino, Specialty Food LA MESA NATIONAL CITY (619) 429-5957
2015 Birch Rd Ben’s Bar & Restaurant Pinoy Fiesta
Chula Vista, CA 91915 Banbu Sushi Bar & Grill Filipino, Karaoke 550 E 8th St, Ste 8 & 9 OTAY MESA CALL
8555 Fletcher Pkwy 1615 Sweetwater Rd National City, CA 91950
Max’s Restaurant - Chula Vista La Mesa, CA 91942 National City, CA 91950 (619) 434-6255 Mexipino Craft
2127 Olympic Pkwy, Ste 1001 (619) 589-0071 (619) 474-9811 Porky’s Lechon and Barbecue 1660 Broadway (619)
Chula Vista, CA 91915 1430 E Plaza Blvd, Ste E12 Otay Mesa, CA 91911
(619) 737-5913 National City, CA 91950
(619) 474-0062
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | April 12-18, 2019

Attorney General Becerra and Assembly-

public schools.
The CFCA has been an effec-

member Stone Announce Bill to Combat

tive tool that helps reveal, deter,
and punish those who defraud

California Tax Fraud and Protect Taxpay-

the government of public funds.
However, currently the CFCA
ers Passes Judiciary Committee
lacks provisions that enable
prosecutors to pursue claims or
statements regarding tax fraud. In
SACRAMENTO – California ful working California families an effort to close the tax gap and 91902 844 N Johnson Ave Wentworth Automotive
Attorney General Xavier Becerra holding the bag,” said Attorney address tax fraud, this legislation
and Assemblymember Mark El Cajon,CA 92020 7755 Othello Ave
General Becerra. “AB 1270 authorizes the California Attor-
Stone announced that AB 1270, would provide my office with ney General and local prosecut- Bonita Valley Auto Care (619) 916-4385 San Diego,CA 92111
legislation that seeks to strength- the necessary tools to protect our ing authorities to pursue tax fraud 3995 Bonita Road (858) 541-1044
en the California False Claims state’s programs and services cases. AB 1270 further incentiv-
Act (CFCA) has passed the Judi- against fraudulent actors. We plan
Bonita,CA 91902 92101
izes whistleblowers by providing
ciary Committee. The legislation, to hold individuals accountable more complete protections from (619) 475-1714 92115
authored by Assemblymember and combat tax fraud to protect discrimination and retaliation Griffin's Auto Repair
Stone and sponsored by Attorney the benefits of Californian’s pub- for reporting violations of the
General Becerra, strengthens the lic dollars.” Act and from civil liability for
91910 1542 State Street Bob Brown's Automo-
ability of the Office of the Attor- “AB 1270 ensures that Califor- sharing confidential documents to San Diego,CA 92101 tive
ney General and other California
prosecuting authorities to investi-
nia has the right tools to hold bad provide evidence of false claim. Bonita Point Auto Care (619) 320-4332 6250 University Ave
actors accountable,” said Assem-
gate fraudulent claims.
AB 1270 will provide false
blymember Stone. “Not only will
this bill increase protections for
Bill to Help Re- 1495 East H Street
Chula Vista,CA 91910 92104
San Diego,CA 92115
(619) 286-1022
claims whistleblowers with
greater protections from retali-
whistleblowers, it will ensure that
California taxpayers will not be
duce Landfill (619) 421-7600
ation for reporting fraud to the
government. Additionally, the bill
forced to cover the costs associ-
ated with those that deliberately
Waste at Fes- 91911
Texas St. Auto Clinic
2404 El Cajon Blvd
gives all prosecuting authorities
the ability to pursue tax fraud as
defraud the government.”
Over the past decade, Califor-
tivals Passes San Diego,CA 92104 John's Automotive
a false claim under the CFCA.
It will bolster California’s
nia has seen a rise in its annual
estimated tax gap, which is the
Assembly Chula Vista AutoCare (619) 297-0189
898 Broadway
6267 Riverdale St.
efforts to combat tax fraud by difference between total taxes
harnessing the CFCA to uncover owed and total taxes paid on
Legislation would allow reus- Chula Vista,CA 91911 92109 San Diego,CA 92120
and prosecute previously un- able containers and food ware (619) 585-8511 (619) 280-9315
time. That gap is estimated at
known cases of tax frau d across to be used at temporary events,
the state. It will also clarify
billions of dollars per year due
concerts, fairs, and restaurants Boulevard Automotive
to underpayment and fraud. This
false claims law to ensure that legislation aims to increase the 91977 737 Turquoise Street 92121
Sacramento, CA—Legislation
all attempts to cheat the govern- efforts to reduce and eventually
authored by Assemblymember
San Diego,,CA 92109
ment can be prosecuted and full close the gap, thereby providing
recovery obtained for all foresee- David Chiu (D-San Francisco) Asmar’s Auto Care (858) 488-7573 Lee Rollins Firestone
additional resources to Califor-
able harms. nia communities for essential
to allow the use of reusable food 8621 Troy St 5760 Miramar Rd
“When individuals cheat our ware at temporary food events
services such as fixing our roads,
like concerts or fairs passed the Spring Valley,CA 91977 92111 San Diego,CA 92121
tax system, they leave law- providing healthcare, and funding
Assembly today. Assembly Bill (619) 589-1188 Convoy Auto Repair (858) 457-3133
619 would also clarify existing 3909 Convoy Street
law to make it easier for consum-
WANTED: LIVE-IN CAREGIVER ers to bring their own reusable Performance Special- San Diego,CA 92111 Pacific Auto Service -
containers to restaurants for food ties (858) 560-9131 7451 Trade Street, # A
Job opportunity for a live-in caregiver service. 845 Grand Ave Miramar,CA USA 92121
at our 6-bed elderly facility in San Mar- “Having fun at a concert or
cos. Duties include basic housework festival does not have to result in Spring Valley,CA 91977 FTS Auto (858) 457-1977
and cooking. If you’re reliable and a sea of trash,” said Assembly- (619) 461-2682 3727 Convoy Street # A
member Chiu. “This bill gives
caring and want to find out more about event organizers the ability to
San Diego,CA USA 92123
this opportunity, call 619-252-2929. make greener choices and reduce 92020 92111 Aero Auto Repair - Z-
landfill waste.” (858) 279-7724 Whizz, Inc.
Despite valiant efforts by many
temporary event organizers to re- West El Cajon Automo- 9756 Aero Drive
duce waste, most single-use food tive & Transmission (858) 467-9999
and beverage containers used at
ASIAN JOURNAL these events end up in landfills
The original and first Asian Journal in America, where they do not decompose
it is the leading Filipino American newspaper and leach toxic chemicals creat-
in San Diego, California ing public health concerns.

While significant advancements ASIAN MARKETS IN SAN DIEGO

Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. have been made to create recy-
Publisher & Editor clable or compostable single-use
products, few single-use contain- CITY HEIGHTS Nijiya Market NATIONAL CITY
ers actually are fully recyclable
Genevieve Tagudin Silverio or compostable. Further, outside
3860 Convoy St, Ste 121
Associate Publisher & Managing Editor of a select few municipalities, Hoa Hing Market San Diego CHANDONG
most localities in California do 4149 University Ave (858) 268-3821 550 8th Street
Miles Beauchamp, Ph.D. not have the capacity to recycle San Diego National City
Associate Editor plastic food containers, and most (619) 280-2132 Tokyo Central (619) 477-7954
localities do not have composting 8111 Balboa Ave
programs. Minh Huong Supermarket San Diego NORMAL HEIGHTS
Writers: Zena Sultana-Babao; Ofelia Dirige, Ph.D.; Dinggol To solve this problem, fur- 4029 Euclid Ave (858) 384-0240
Araneta Divinagracia; Virginia Ferrer; Msgr. Fernando G. Guti- ther work can be done to create
San Diego North Park Produce
errez; Rudy Liporada; Marjon L. Saulon; and Marjorie Villareal greener single-use products or to
advance recycling and compost- (619) 281-5646 Zion Market 3551 El Cajon Blvd
Tran. Contributors: Ernie Delfin; Dr. Ed Gamboa; Atty. Rogelio 7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd San Diego
ing capabilities. However, the
Karagdag; and Bill Labestre, MBA. simpler solution is to not create Sin Lee Food San Diego (619) 516-3336
any waste to begin with by al- 4665 El Cajon Blvd (858) 268-3300
In Pursuit of Excellence: lowing event organizers to make San Diego ROLANDO
Eugenio “Ego” Osin, 1946-1994 greener choices and shifting (619) 521-2828 LINDA VISTA
consumer behavior. Vien Dong Supermarket
Joe Cabrera, 1924 - 1996
Soledad Bautista, 1917 - 2009 CHOLLAS VIEW Thuan Phat Supermarket 5382 University Ave
Current law prohibits the use
Dr. Rizalino “Riz” Oades, 1935 - 2009 of reusable food ware at tem- 6935 Linda Vista Rd San Diego
porary events. AB 619 would Muang Lao Market San Diego (619) 583-3838
The Asian Journal is a legally adjudicated newspaper remove this restrictive provision 4704 Market St (858) 565-0398
and give vendors at temporary San Diego World Food Market
of General Circulation in the State of California. It is au- events the option to serve food (619) 264-3091 MIDWAY 5245 El Cajon Blvd
thorized to print official legal notices of all types including and beverages in multi-use wash- San Diego
Liens, Fictitious Names, Change of Name, Abandonment, able containers. This gives food CLAIREMONT Barons Market (619) 265-9988
Estate Sales, Auctions, Public Offerings, Court Ordered and beverage vendors the abil-
4001 W Point Loma Blvd
publishing, etc. ity to save money, protect the
environment, respond to shifting 99 Ranch Market San Diego SAN DIEGO
The Asian Journal is also available in digital form. consumer preferences, and mar- 5950 Balboa Ave (619) 223-4397
Visit our website at ket their efforts to reduce waste. San Diego Miramar Cash & Carry
A multi-award winning newspaper, the Asian Journal (858) 300-8899 MIRA MESA 9252 Miramar Rd
is published weekly every Friday and distributed all over San Diego
San Diego County. Advertising deadline is every Wednes- Mental Health KEARNY MESA Hmart (858) 566-4819

Resource Fair
day at 5 p.m. prior to the publication date. For advertising 9440 Mira Mesa Blvd.
and subscription information, call (619) 474-0588 or send 99 Ranch Market San Diego Pancho Villa’s Farmer’s
an email message to The Asian
Journal is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts and
At Oceanside 7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego
(858) 577-0060 Market
3245 El Cajon Blvd
phtographs but welcomes submissions. Entire content is Public Library (858) 974-8899 Lucky Seafood
9326 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego
(619) 584-4595
copyrighted material by Asian Journal. Materials in this
(C o n tin u e d fro m p a g e 1 1 ) Marukai Market San Diego
publication may not be reproduced without specific per-
mission from the Asian Journal publisher. or Grocery (858) 586-7979 TO
call (760) 435-5600. 8151 Balboa Ave
San Diego Vinh Hung Supermarket ADVERTISE,
Office address: This project is supported in (858) 384-0248 10550 Camino Ruiz
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6 whole or in part by the U.S. In- San Diego 92126
National City, CA 91950 stitute of Museum and Library Mitsuwa Marketplace (858) 408-0480
Tel. (619) 474-0588 Services, under the provisions 4240 Kearny Mesa Rd
of the Library Services and (619) 474-0588
Email: Technology Act, administered San Diego
Website: by the California State Librar- (858) 569-6699
April 12-18, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 13

Bill Prohibiting Schools from

Withholding Student
Transcripts Moves Forward
future should not be held hostage
SACRAMENTO - California by their colleges; this measure
Attorney General Xavier Becerra preserves the idea that students
and Assemblymember Luz Rivas deserve the opportunity to suc-
(D-Arleta) have announced that ceed.”
their sponsored bill, Assembly
Bill 1313, passed the Committee Current educational policy al-
on Higher Education. lows schools to withhold tran-
scripts to collect debt. However,
The bill prohibits postsecond- California is beginning to move
ary schools from withholding away from this practice. Last
transcripts from students who year, California passed AB 1974,
owe the schools a debt. The which prohibits K-12 public
bill, which ensures that students and charter schools from with-
are not handcuffed in pursuing holding grades or transcripts
educational and career opportu- from students because they owe
nities by the practices of certain a debt. AB 1313 would extend
schools and colleges, will now this prohibition to postsecondary
be heard by the Assembly Ap- schools and also prevent them
propriations Committee. from conditioning the provision
of a transcript on the payment
“Students with debt are cur- of a debt. Postsecondary schools
rently in a Catch-22. They can’t would also be prohibited from
access their transcripts if they charging a higher fee or provid-
have school debt, which limits ing a less favorable treatment of
opportunities that would help a request for a transcript simply
them address the debt,” said because the student owes a debt.
Attorney General Becerra. “We
are grateful to Assemblymember This legislation was prompted
Rivas for introducing AB 1313 by investigations conducted by
to help protect students from un- the California Department of
fair debt collection practices. No Justice which unveiled instances
one should be denied a chance to where schools and colleges have
move forward simply because of threatened to withhold transcripts
their financial situation.” from students who owe, or are
alleged to owe, debt as a tactic to
“I am proud to author AB 1313 collect this money. In 2015, the
and take on this social justice for-profit Heald College col-
issue and I want to thank Attor- lapsed and forced many students
ney General Becerra for work- to transfer or find alternatives.
ing with me on this measure.
According to a 2016 survey However, the students were told
conducted by Los Angeles Com- they would be unable to obtain
munity College, data shows that transcripts needed to transfer to
of the 5,925 students surveyed, other schools until they paid off
19% of students are homeless, the debt allegedly owed to Heald.
55% are housing insecure, and As a result, many students were
62.7% of students are experienc- unable to transfer to another
ing food insecurity. school to complete their educa-
tion, and instead were left with
These are issues that students limited options. Withholding
across the state are grappling transcripts causes severe hard-
with and the students who accrue ships for students because a tran-
debt are often individuals who script is often required to secure
are already experiencing finan- a job, transfer or apply to another
cial difficulty,” said Assembly- school, or obtain certain licenses.
member Luz Rivas. “A student’s


Barrio Logan Minh Ky Restaurant Panda Inn Grantville Emerald Cuisine Midway District
4644 El Cajon Boulevard #101 506 Horton Plaza 3709 Convoy Street #101
Imperial Express City Heights , Downtown San Diego Mr. Spicy Kearny Mesa Mandarin China Restaurant
1879 Logan Avenue #B 6618 Mission Gorge Road , 4110 W. Point Loma Boulevard
Barrio Logan Clairemont East Village Grantville The Noble Chef Midway District
6159 Balboa Avenue
Carlsbad Little Sheep New Café Hillcrest Kearny Mesa Mira Mesa
4718 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard 901 E Street
Overseas Restaurant Clairemont East Village Great Wow/Trinitea Tea Facing East Noodle & Bar Dagong Asian Food Express
2820 Roosevelt Street 3865 Fifth Avenue 4647 Convoy Street #101C 6904 Miramar Road #106
Carlsbad Mandarin Wok Gen Lai Sen Hakka Seafood Res- Hillcrest , Tea Kearny Mesa Mira Mesa
4227 Balboa Avenue taurant
Chula Vista Clairemont 1065 12th Avenue Hong Kong Restaurant Golden City Restaurant Miramar
East Village 3871 Fourth Avenue 5375 Kearny Villa Road
Dragon Express / Pho Vietnam Ex- College Area Hillcrest , Kearny Mesa Chin’s Seafood & Grill
press J. Wok 9355 Kearny Mesa Road
678 E Street Lucky Star Seafood Restaurant and 744 Market Street Imperial Beach Jasmine Seafood Restaurant Miramar
Chula Vista Nightclub East Village , , Korean, Tea, 4609 Convoy Street, Suite A
3893 54th Street Thai Liu's Restaurant Kearny Mesa , Seafood Mission Hills
Leon's Cuisine College Area 1850 Coronado Avenue
1283 3rd Avenue Park Blvd Express Imperial Beach Liang’s Kitchen City Wok
Chula Vista Del Mar 1219 Market Street 4681 Convoy Street 718 W. Washington Street
East Village Kearny Mesa Kearny Mesa Mission Hills
Manna Restaurant Del Mar Rendezvous
600 F Street #C Del Mar Plaza, El Cajon Ba Ren Szechuan La Mesa Mission Valley
Chula Vista , 1555 Camino del Mar, Suite 102 4957 Diane Avenue
Del Mar Chen's Golden Palace Kearny Mesa Chopsticks Inn Restaurant P. F. Chang's China Bistro
P. F. Chang's China Bistro 530 N. 2nd Street ,, 8687 La Mesa Boulevard 7077 Friars Road
2015 Birch Road, #1401 Downtown San Diego El Cajon China Max La Mesa , Japanese, Thai Mission Valley
Chula Vista 4698 Convoy Street
China Too China Diamond Restaurant Kearny Mesa , Golden Wok Buffet National City
City Heights 916 Fifth Avenue 1265 Avocado Avenue, Suite 108 8342 Parkway Drive China Super Buffet
777 Noodle House Downtown San Diego El Cajon , Dumpling Inn & Shanghai Saloon La Mesa 3007 Highland Avenue
4686 University Avenue 4625 Convoy Street National City ,
City Heights Lucky Liu's Jasmine Bistro Kearny Mesa P. G. King Chinese Cuisine
332 J Street 315 Parkway Plaza 5575 Baltimore Drive, Suite 105-A North Park
Maxim's Seafood Restaurant Downtown San Diego , El Cajon Asian, , Imperial Mandarin La Mesa Peking Restaurant
4616 El Cajon Boulevard 3904 Convoy Street 2877 University Avenue
City Heights Kearny Mesa North Park
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | April 12-18, 2019

STAND “Speak to the world about

My Mercy ...
Let all mankind
recognize My
Unfathomable Mercy ...”
— Jesus to St. Faustina,
Diary 848


The Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit registered in the
State of California. Your donation is tax deductible according to the laws of the State of California.
April 12-18, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 15

The Del Mar National Horse Show opens with Western Week, featuring the spectacular ‘Night of the Horse’
VIP box es online at delmarnational. EQ International Real Estate featur- the distinct disciplines of Western, multiple traveling perpetual trophies
com. ing the Land Rover Ride and Drive Dressage and H unter/Jumper in and individual class trophies and rib-
U PCOMING DEL MAR NATION- at 6:45 p.m. May 4 world-class competitions. Now in bons, which attracts internationally-
AL H ORSE SH OW WEEKS: F OR MORE INF O: 858-792-4288; its 74th year, the Del Mar National acclaimed horses and riders year
Dressage Week, April 25-28 has earned international recogni- after year. The Del Mar National
featuring “ The Evening of Musical # # # tion as one of the most prestigious H orse Show is produced by the 22nd
F reestyles” at 7 p.m. April 27 About the Del Mar National H orse and historic events of its kind in the District Agricultural Association,
H unter/Jumper Week, April 30 Show nation. Nearly 1,500 horse and rider a State of California agency which
- ay eaturin the , ur - The three-week Del Mar National, teams compete to win , in owns and operates the Del Mar
side rand ri and the , happening April 16-May 5, show- cash and priz es. This is one of the F airgrounds. F ind more information
G rand Prix of Del Mar presented by cases equestrian events that includes few remaining horse shows offering at

3400 East 8th St. Ste 109, National City, CA 91950

Tel. 619-773-7800 - Work
619-919-4147 - CP
We sell :
1 . Porto Bak ery bak ed
goods and products
( cheese rolls, guava stru-
del, etc) - E very T hursday
or Friday
2. Filipino grocery item s
3 . Filipino food : m orcon,
relyenong bangus by order
4 . Frozen products: Pinoy
hotdogs, daing, tinapa
4 . Pinoy native delicacies:
puto bungbong, bibingk a
mu fin it lang a and
the Meet the Breeds Ex po, a fun
cream cheese; special
DEL MAR, Calif. (April 4, k apeng barak o
2019) – The 74th annual Del Mar interactive ex hibit open from 5-7
p.m. Whether you grew up in the 5 .Luisa and Son' s ensay-
National H orse Show kicks off its m ada
equestrian arena or have simply
three-week run on April 16 with dreamed about owning or riding a 6 . C upcak es from C up-
Western Week. The iconic horse horse, the Meet the Breeds Ex po cak es and C om pany
show brings together many of the offers a fun chance to sit in different . Cebu a ortuna o ia mongo and ot er a ors
most accomplished, athletic and types of saddles and get an up-close We also sell high q uality branded bags and m ak e up from Korea,
revered horse and rider teams to and personal view of different breeds shoes, accessories, etc.
compete for coveted trophies. of horses. We also have balik bayan box es to the Philippines
DEL MAR NATIONAL H ORSE We also have Lottery and scratch cards
“ Night of the H orse,” presented SH OW KICKS OF F WITH WEST- Rentals Available: C hairs, tables and baloons for parties available
by Mary’s Tack & F eed at 7 p.m. ERN WEEK We sell by tingi ( by piece) depending on availability
April 20, is the ex clamation point of WH EN: April 16-20 is Western
Western Week where spectators will Week; the Del Mar National contin- C om e and visit! Support your k ababayan!
be daz z led with daring feats during a ues through May 5
unique musical equestrian theatrical WH ERE: Del Mar F airgrounds
performance. - Del Mar Arena, 2260 Jimmy Du-
Each week of the Del Mar National rante Blvd., Del Mar
represents a distinct discipline – F EATU RED EVENT: Night of the
H orse, presented by Mary’s Tack &
3400 E 8th St Suite 107
Western (April 16-20), Dressage
(April 25-28) and H unter/Jumper F eed, 7 p.m. April 20 National CIty, CA 91950
(April 30 - May 5) – and closes with COST: Most events throughout the
a special Saturday evening event week are free for spectators. Satur-
highlighting that discipline. Nearly day evening events, including Night
1,500 horses from various countries of the H orse, require paid admission. Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588 for your
will compete in the three-week show Tickets are now available for both
or more than , in cash and reserved seating and gourmet dinner advertising needs.
priz es.
Much of the Del Mar National tel. 619-919-4147
National City, CA 91950

Dental Implant Centers

H orse Show is free for spectators. TM
The featured Saturday evening
events including “ Night of the
H orse,” require a paid admission,
and tickets are now available for
both reserved seating and gourmet DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
dinner VIP box es online at delmar-


anch ay, pril ou ll find

traditional Western riding techniques
such as trail skills and reining during
Western Week. Ranch Day features
ranch riding and the H ighpoint
H orse Award. Classes for the Ameri-
can Q uarter H orse Association, the

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

ational na e it ssociation,
the National Reining H orse Asso-
ciation and the acific oast orse
Show Association are featured along
with Circuit and H ighpoint Awards.
Traditional perpetual trophies, dating
❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
back to the 1960s, are awarded to Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
the winners, making the Del Mar
National H orse Show unique to most ❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
horse shows.
F eatured Event - Night of the
❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
H orse, April 20: This equestrian ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at
variety show features entertain-
ment that will daz z le the whole
family with daring feats and beauty
during this unique musical eques-
trian theatrical performance. Tomas
G arcilaz o, along with accomplished
horsemen, horsewomen and dancers, Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
will perform a dramatic act about the
Mex ican Revolution. Cowboys and
cowgirls will thrill the crowd with
their daring trick riding, trick roping
Fluent in Tagalog
and gun slinging. The California
Cowgirls and The Blue Shadows
Drill Team will present a 36-member Two convenient locations
fast and furious precision drill team.
G uests are encouraged to arrive
early to enjoy live music by Liq- ❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
uid Blue, dine at a variety of food
concessionaires, and shop among
vendors selling unique equestrian
merchandise including art, clothing,
866.469.7645 •
books, jewelry and more. Ex plore
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | April 12-18, 2019

Swimming with whale sharks around the world:
The correct way
Swimming with whale sharks is
IT’S TIME TO THINK ABOUT becoming an increasingly popular
tourist activity around the world.
ENERGY DIFFERENTLY. As more and more travelers seek
out this ex perience, the rise in
tour agencies offering whale
shark tours also increases to meet
the demand. U nfortunately, with
the sudden rise in popularity,
this often mean sustainable and
ethical practices are bypassed
in order to make a quick tourist
Whale shark tours that involve that is popular amongst tourists, but searching numerous articles, as well
feeding, touching or disturbing we would encourage you to read on as speaking with marine biology
the natural environment of these to hear about both ex periences be- ex perts in the Philippines, we dis-
majestic animals means that whale fore organiz ing your Philippines trip. covered that this activity was not in
shark populations around the world the best interest of the whale sharks
are suffering at the hands of tourists Donsol W h ale Sh ark in Cebu. If you are considering this
wanting to interact with them. activity we encoura e you to first
First hand experience submitted by read our article before booking.
F ortunately, for those looking at C h e re n e o f W a n d e r in g R e d h e a d
ethical whale shark ex periences, Donsol Bay is a small village on the W h ale Sh ark s M e x ic o
you’re in luck! All around the world island of Luz on where whale shark
there are many great companies ecotourism thrives. F ishermen who ust a ew o hours i ht rom the
working to support sustainable whale previously hunted whale sharks are U nited States, there are some great
shark ex cursions and interactions. now employed as spotters for tour- ethical opportunities to swim with
We’ve put out a call to some of our ists. U nlike other whale shark inter- whale sharks in Mex ico. Ecotourism
favorite responsible travel blog- actions, the whale sharks at Donsol in Mex ico has been on the rise, with
er riends to fill us in about their are not fed. They naturally migrate more and more companies prioritiz -
first hand e periences around the here from the months of December in animal wel are over profit. ith
world. All of these tours are strictly to May. To protect the whale sharks the continued support of sustainable
no touching, feeding or interacting only 30 boats are permitted on the travelers looking for ethical whale
with the whale sharks. So if you’re bay at one time, with a max imum of shark encounters, as well as other
looking for an ex perience, look no 6 people per boat, not including the animal interactions, this will con-
further! boat crew. The boat trips go out three tinue to help push the trend into the
times per day at 8:00am, 11:00am future. H ere are some top locations
W h at is a W h ale Sh ark and 2:00pm. for swimming with whale sharks in
Mex ico.
Before you consider swimming During the interaction, the spotter
with whale sharks it might be good sits on top of the boat looking for W h ale Sh ark s Canc un
to know what one is. A whale shark, whale sharks. As soon as they see
despite its name, it not actually a one, the guide encourages guests to First hand experience submitted by
whale, it’s a shark! If you’ve seen position themselves on the boat’s E r n e s t S h a h b a z ia n fro m T r ip A s tu te
a picture of whales sharks it might ed e while ettin snor els and fins
be hard to imagine you could swim ready. Once the boat is in the ideal We participated in a whale shark
with this scary looking shark. But position, slightly up current from the tour in Cancun, Mex ico, which was
don’t let the ‘ shark’ name put you shark, the guide yells for everyone an incredible responsible tourism
off, whale sharks pose no threat to to jump in. The current naturally ex perience. Our day trip was run by
humans and feed almost strictly on takes swimmers into the shark’s path EcoColors Tour, which has been op-
plankton. They are docile, shy ani- where they swim along with it for erating whale shark tours in Mex ico
mals that are safe to swim with. as long as possible. The other boats for over 18 years. They were one of
wait until one boat’s group is done the first tour operators to o er this
Whale sharks range in siz e, with before they try to obtain a good posi- ex cursion, and were well organiz ed
the average adult siz e being almost tion. This routine is repeated during and staffed.
ten meters long and weighing around the 3-hour tour as many times as a While we were being transported
nine tonne! Their mouth, one of the whale shark is spotted. to the harbor, the tour guides took
most impressive features, can span I booked with Donsol Ecotours. the time to educate the group on
almost 1.5m wide (5ft), containing They provided airport transfers and the whale shark and ex plained what
up to 350 rows of teeth that work to a choice of other activities in the re- makes them so special. We were
filter plan ton rom the water. gion. During the Donsol whale shark nervous as we loaded into the boats
Hi, I’m Whendell. What’s not to love about the tour I didn’t witness anyone disturb- and headed toward open water, but
Whale sharks are found closer to ing the whale sharks, but I still think we never questioned the integrity of
the equator, as they prefer warmer, there should be fewer people around the organiz ation or our tour guide.
tropical waters. With a lifespan the shark at one time. U nless you They ex pressed great respect for the
beauty of San Diego? We’re the envy of everyone. are a strong swimmer, you have to animals and made it clear that rules
of 70-100 years, these majestic
creatures truly are some of the most compete with others to see the whale and limits were in place to ensure
amaz ing animals you could encoun- shark clearly beneath the bubbles that future generations would have
Let’s keep it that way. But, it’s going to take all and splashing caused by frantically the opportunity to ex perience this
ter in the water. Their protection, and
the future survival of their species, ic in fins. hose who could stay adventure.
relies heavily on how we decide to with the shark longer had it all to We were particularly impressed that
of us to protect what we have. That’s why we’re themselves. the tour operators strictly adhered
interact with them.
to conservation rules and standards,
W h ale Sh ark s in t h e P h ilip p ine s As well as the sustainable efforts even when pressured by tourists
introducing new pricing plans that ask you to think being made at Donsol, the recent in the group. The tour operators
Swimming with whale sharks in the boom of whale shark tourism to insisted that sunscreen was not al-
Philippines is an activity on the rise! Donsol Bay has given the com- lowed on the boat due to its contami-
about when you use energy. If you can use less munity a welcome income and they nation of the water and particularly
As more and more tourists add the
Philippines to their list of ‘ must see now value the whale shark’s welfare plankton, the main food source for
countries’, whale shark tourism has more than ever. the whale sharks. They only allowed
between 4pm and 9pm, we can make better use of two people, plus one guide, in the
quickly become a top activity on any
Philippines travel itinerary. Oslob W h ale Sh ark water at a time. We were also told
to keep our distance from the whale
cleaner energy... and help keep San Diego beautiful. As more people look to swim with First hand experience and research sharks and that touching and feeding
whale sharks in the Philippines, the b y D o n ’t F o r g e t T o M o v e the animals was prohibited.
pressure is on local tour provid- If you’ve been following our blog, The tour also managed our ex -
It’s time to save. ers to ensure strict regulations are or if you came across the article pectations well. They told us that
enforced. While there are many separately, you’ll know that we there was a possibility that no whale
locations that offer this ex perience, wrote ex tensively about how unethi- sharks would be found since the
Donsol is the best place to swim cal the Oslob whale shark ex perience sharks are not baited. If that occurred
with whale sharks in the Philippines was. After initially considering the they said we would have the op-
without compromising their natural activity while in the Philippines, we portunity to snorkel at a nearby reef,
habitat. Oslob, Cebu is also a spot decided to do more research before though luckily, that was not the case
booking. U nfortunately, after re- on our tour.

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