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TC -12580 Truck-Mou nted

Coiled Tubing Unit


Operation and Maintenance Manual




Original Equipment Manufacturer



so# 230635-00 MKT# 2386924

Steutart & Stevenson Well Servicing Products

10750 Telge Road

Houston, Texas 77095



O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.


Chapter 1



The heavy-duty truck-mounted Stewaft & Stevenson Model TC-12580 Oilfield Coiled Tubing Unit (CTU) is designed for a variety of well servicing applications including (but not limited to) cleanout operations, paraffin removal, acid stimulation treatments, and work over operations. lts specialized down hole tools open up an even wider range of applications such as fishing, drilling, running packers, and cementing. The power unit for the TC-12580 is the truck chassis's Detroit Diesel Series 60 diesel engine.

The TC-12580 CTU is designed to handle the full range of coiled tubing sizes from .75" OD to 3.5" OD, and 5,000 m of 1 .25" coiled tubing strings. The TC-12580 will dellver efficient and durable service while maximizing safety during well servicing operations in ambient temperature ranges of 0 'C to 50 "C in severe oilfiled environments.


Features of the TC-12580 CTU:










A Series 800 injector head featuring Varia-BlockrM lll inserts for quick gripper block change

A wet-kit style power pack

A reel assembly with two point lift and pivoting systems

A control cabin assembly

A data acquisition system (with software)

A crane assembly

A stripper assembly


A hose reelwith hose racks and a hose kit



Chapter 1



O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.


The power unit of the TC-12580 is the truck's Detroit Diesel Series 60 diesel enging. This engine supplies power to the hydraulic pump system, which moves the CTU system through the PTO output drive.

General lnformation For assembty details, refer to the S&S drawingsin Chapter 4.


This new unique Stewart & Stevenson Series 800 injector head has the following patented features

and general specifications:




Height Weight Maximum Pull Force Hiqh (Workino) Load Cell Max Speed Chain Tvpe

Gooseneck (Flared)





6,800 lb (lncluding72" Gooseneck)

80,000 lb

Hydraulic +80,000 lb to

-35,000 lb

Up to 220'ftlmin Varia-Block lll

Two Piece Two Axial Piston, Variable Displacement

The top driveistatic brhke assembly consists of two variable disptacement, axial piston hydraulic motors, double reduction planetary gear reducers, and spring applied, pressure released, multi- disc prakes. These assemblies are flange-mounted to the injector body and drive the carburized drive sprockets and timing gears. These drive motors are protected by high-pressure filters with ieverse flow check valves. These filters include a 10 micron, stainless Steel element.

Hydraulic, load-holding, counterbalance valves are installed at the motor ports to hold the tubing (in and out of the hole) when the brakes are released.



O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.


The steel plate drive chain has full access side openings to enable easy removal of the drive chain

and tubing blocks. The Varia-Block lll drive chains and injector blocks

of 1" oD through 2.875" oD when fitted with the rerevant sized inserts.

may befitted fortubing sizes

The traction chains are designed to transmit a continuous force of not less than 80,000 lb in the

out-hole and 35,000 lb in the in-hole directions from a stalled position without marking the surface of the tubing. Slippage of the tubing relative to the gripper blocks will not occur at pulling iorce of 80,000 lb with the surface of the tubing and blocks in a diesel wet condition.

Connecting links allow for replacement of the two roller type drive chains and injector blocks

while the tubing remains in the injector. Separate connecting shafts connect the

tubing blocks to

each of the drive chains instead of the common single through shaft which causes adverse

stressing of the tubing blocks in the case of misalignment of the drive chains and coiled tubing.

Clearance between the tubing blocks, when fully retracted, allows for the passage of the various

tools that are normally used in coiled tubing strings. The feature also allows easier

insertion into the injector. The steeltubing blocks have offset tubing block mounted shaft centers

and a reduced tubing block pivot point to tubing roller centerline distance that results in a maximum space of llS" between the adjacent tubing blocks. These features reduce the shock impact loading on the tubing rollers and the coiled tubing when the injector is operational.





.A single skateiroller bearing assembly applies pressure to the back sides of both drive chains

for chain

The six hydraulic

traction. These roller assemblies are each compressed by a single hydraulic cylinder.

cylinders are plumbed in two sets of three hydraulic cylinders. lf the_hLdraulic

olq-qetean bqisolatedjram the other and traction maintained;n the

tr6rg Oiarneter from

have one pressure



Each hydraulic circuit has an accumulator to prevint variations in

varying the hydraulic pressure. Each control circuit is protected by a velocity fuse to prevent

loss of control due to hose failure. The two sets of three hydraulic

control at the panel since the six hydraulic cytinders operate at the same hydraulic pressure.


The number of rollers on each pair of roller assemblies increases from top to bottom to enable

the tubing to increase from the bottom to the top of the

injector. This patented feature causes the

tubing weight to be equalized along the length

the compressive force that is applied to

combined tubing stresses, created by the internal


tubing pressure, the compression force, and the

of the injector. This feature gives a greater tubing

injector than other types of tubing injector, enabling the S&S injector

than those other types of tubing injectors. This tubing traction system

force per unit tengtfr ot

to be shorter and lignter

drastically reduces the

tubing damage normally associated with excessive roller skate assembly hydraulic pressure.

The roller skate assemblies use large 2.375'diameter roller bearings.

bearings ensures that two rollers are in contact with each tubing block priorlo transition from

one block to the next. This feature prevents pivoting and clattering pass over the drive chain sprockets and reduces the stress on the

gripping of the tubing blocks. The tubing roller bearings are equipped with full

grease capacity and sealing capability, and use large rollers with increased load ratings.

Using these large roller

of the tubing blocks as they tubing caused by the

lip seals for greater




Chapter 1

O 2005 Stewarl-& Stevenson Services, lnc. CHAIN TENSIONING SYSTEM

Chain tensioning is achieved by a direct vertical movement of the bottom drive chain idler sprockets by two pairs of hydraulic cylinders powered by a single hydraulic circuit and backup accumulator. This feature gives a greater range of tensioning without reducing the drive chain

contact on the drive chain drive and idler sprockets and thus increases the life of the chains. TUBING GUIDE GOOSENECK

The gooseneck is a standard fold down 72" radiuswith steel roller straightener lower section and steel rollers on upper section. The gooseneck is in two pieces with additional top rollers,

heavy duty pins, and hinges. The tubing may remain in the injector during transporlation. AUTOMATIC BRAKE RELEASE WITH INJECTOR MOTOR PRESSURE

The injector head pivots on one side of the injector frame base, a dual +80,000 lb load cell sensor is installed on the other side of the injector. CHAIN OILER SYSTEM

acting -35,000 lb to

The injector is installed in an outer lift frame with steel skid base, drip pan, drain and drain fittings, access steps, guards, and a four-point lifting system with lifting slings.

A 4:1 pressure debooster for annulus pressure is installed on the base of the injector frame, with a hose connection to the stripper/packer. The injector is equipped with a bottom flange connection for use with the stripper/packer assembly.

The compression cylinder piping is made from stainless steel tubing to reduce the likelihood of a

control line rupture on location. Velocity fuses are provided in the control circuit lines to prevent loss of control in the event of line failure. Fuse reset valves are provided for each circuit.

All hydraulic connections on the injector are piped to a quick disconnect coupling panel, using bulkhead fittings installed at the bottom front side of the injector. All hoses will be supported by chain and hook arrangement so that hose connections do not catry a heavy load.




@ 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.


Chapter 1

The approximate physical dimensions of this reel are as follows:








Approximate Tubinq Capacities

5,000' o'f 1.25"

This reel assembly includes the following basic features:





A chain and boomer transport locking system

A 1 i5" bore circulating swivel rated at 10,000 psiworking pressure for sweet service installed inside the reel's 10 shaft

Two steel support frames built on the trailer frame to supporl the reel core. Each frame has a bearing box receiver to accept the S&S machined steel roller bearings mounted on the reel shaft.

Steel S&S main reel roller bearings designed for smooth operation and precise control. Each bearing is rated for 300,000 lb static load, which makes them idealfor use with high capacity tubing weights. The bearings'steel housing, which protects the bearings from contaminants, has two heavy duty pin holes to pin the reel in place on the trailer support frame.

An automatic levelwind assembly with hydraulic motor override installed on the reel assembly. This levelwind has a diamond lead screw that is driven in synchronization with the drum speed and rotation by a chain with sprocket and friction clutch arrange- ment powered from the reel main drive shaft. The backup hydraulic motor for spooler override purposes is connected to the diamond lead screw. /

An overcenter valve installed in circuit to prevent the levelwind assembly from collapsing in case of a hydraulic failure. (The level wind assembly may be hydraulically raised or lowered to suit payoff angle by two hydraulic cylinders.)

lnternal plumbing arrangement including a tubing connection from the quick stab swivelto


aninternal 2"x10,000psi plugvalveviaa2" Fig. 1502winghalf connectionratedat

'15,000 psi working pressure. From the plug valve, a 2" tee connects the coiled tubing

through a 90 elbow on one side and provides for ball and pig insertion on the opposite

side. The ball and pig inlet is blanked off with a Fig. 1502 blanking rated at 15,000 psi working pressure for sweet service.


half. All piping is

A thirleen gallon lubrication fluid inhibitor reservoir complete with pressure gauge, air inlet, and discharge metering valve, relief valve, and all necessary piping.


Chapter 1

O 2005 Stewar,t & Stevenson Services, lnc.

External plumbing arrangement consisting of an inlet manifold with 15,000

psi chicksan

with Fig. 1502 unions to connect to a FiE. 1502 tee connection on which are mounted two

1" x 2" x 1 5,000 psi plug valves with 2" Fig. 1502 connections. The tee and

plug valve

assemblies are securec to the skid frame assembly by clamps. A gauge connection with

a 4:1 debooster (for monitoring wellhead pressure) is installed on this manifold.

A 15,000 psi working

flowrate measurement.

pressure turbine flowmeter is installed in the external reel piping for

A radial piston hydraulic motor with

the reel via a chain and sprocket drive system.

integral planetary-type reduction gearbox that drives

A mechanical depth meter with a five-digit resettable type readout is installed on the vertical slide section of the levelwind mechanism.

A stuffing box for pipe lubrication installed on the depthometer assembly. REEL ASSEMBLY OPTIONS

Depending on the tubing diameter, the reel may hold

up to 30,00 O' (g,144 m)

of coiled tubing. To

enhance the performance of the reel, S&S offers severat options whicn include:





Mechanicaland/or Electricarrubing counters and Guides

High Pressure Piping and Swivels (Standard or HrS)

lnhibitor lnjection Systems

Levelwind HydraulicControlsystems

CTU reels are produced with any or all of these

Stevenson the flexibility to modify its standard reel

tions. For additional help with special requirementE contact your nearest S&S representative.

features. Also, this design allows Stewart &

assembly to acco*rlod"t"


The reel assemblies are provided in two basic designs: the internal and

Both layouts have a heavy-duty steeldrum assembly sized to accommodate specified

diameters and depth requirements. The reel shaft is designed for electric wireline applications.

externaldrive models.


Mountino Frame

The reel is supported by a heavy-duty steel

mounting frame assembly fabricated from square

between the horizontaliegs and the vertical reel

integrat pockets foifork lift,

tubing. The frame includes 0.5" steel gussets

support legs. The frame design features a drip pan,

and a two-point Iift arrangement for crane lifting applications.




O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.

Chapter 1

lnternal reel plumbing can include an internaltubing plug valve via a wing half connection rated up to 15,000 psi (102,369 kPa) working pressure (WP).Atee connects the plug valve to the reel shaft and provides for ball and pig insertion and is blanked off by a union half. The arrange- ment is well suited for electric wireline installations. The external arrangement consists of an inlet manifold with swivel assemblies, unions, and tee connections for two plug valves and connections rated up to 15,000 psi (102,369 kPa) WP. The tee and plug valve assembly is secured to the frame assembly by clamps. A circulating pressure debooster is mounted on external plumbing. A gauge connection with 4:1 protection is also installed.

I n h i bitor I n i ecti o n Svstem s ( Lu b ri catorl

Figure 1 .3 High-Pressure Piping and Swivels

Optional linkage is included for the use of a tubing lubricator. These are connected near the base

of the tubing guides and can be adjusted for different tubing sizes as necessary.

Levelwi nd Control Svstems

The levelwind assembly is installed on the reelassem- bly and incorporates a diamond lead screw that is synchronized with the drum rotation speed. The main reel drive shaft provides power through a chain, sprocket, and friction clutch arrangement. The diamond lead screw has a backup hydraulic motor provided for spooler override applications. Two hydrau- lic cylinders raise or lower the assembly to suit payoff angle. A stuffing box is provided to apply lubricanUinhibitor to the tubing. An overcenter valve circuit will prevent the levelwind from collapsing the


Mechanical and Electric Tubinq Counters and Guide


Figure 1.4 Levelwind Control Systems 1 - Tubing Counter 2 - Diamond Lead Screw

Tubing counter and guide assemblies provide totalizing depth counts. A mechanical assembly with six digit readout and reset is installed on the vertical slide section of the levelwind mecha- nism. This assembly can be equipped with an encoder for connection to a digital readout in the



Chapter 1


O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.

A fabricated control cabin is mounted on the truck chassis deck at the front of the unit directly behind the truck chassis cab. This control cabin is hydraulically elevated into its operating position to a suitable height from it's transport position to provide the CTU operator with a clear

view of the wellhead and operations over the tubing reel.

A counterbalance valve in the hydraulic circuit ensures that the cabin only moves down under hydraulic power. The control valve for the lift cylinders is located below the cabin on the side of

the chassis for easy access during job rig up.

The unit is fully operational from this control cabin via mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic

controls. Exceptions include the locally controlled cabin lift system and hose reel controls.

Standard equipment in the control cabin includes:








A 12VDC lighting system.

An air horn.

An adjustable operator's chair and rear fold down bench seat.

A hydraulically powered air conditioning system.

Two work lights (adjustable from cab).

An air driven pump that can be used to deliver 5,000 psito the stripper/packer in case of emergency. This pump can also have a handle instead and be used as a second manual backup pump.

A full control panelwith all gauges and controls. The panel is mounted on an engineered fabricated housing that incorporates the backup pump, hydraulic valves, interface, etc.

An S&S digital suitcase data acquisition system is also provided. The suitcase is complete with

all cabling and a sensor package for measuring CT depth, wellhead pressure, circulating pres- sure, circulating flowrate, injector speed, and tubing weight.

,', Along with the suitcase, there is a Pentium M laptop computer with data acquisition software and all necessary cables, and a portable ink jet color printer. Software installed on the laptop com- puter includes:




Stewart and Stevenson data acquisition software

Medco Fatigue Analysis for Coiled Tubing (FACT) software

Microsoft XP and Microsoft Office XP

O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.


Chapter 1

National Crane Series 638D 18 ton pedestal crane is installed at the rear

A hydraulically-powered

of the truck. The crane is equipped with rear mounted "A" type boxed slide outriggers, two part line block, a hydraulic capacity alert, a three section proportional hydraulic telescoping boom, a single rear-mounted stabilizer, a high performance planetary winch with 280' of 9116" diameter rotation resistant wire rope, and a remote valve control station with closed-centers valve bank for use with pressure compensated piston pumps.

The hydraulic capacity alert system is designed to stop all of the normal crane functions that might cause overload when the crane's maximum capacity is exceeded on the main boom.






General Specifications

Box construction pedestalwiturret mounted on shear type ball. Three section hydraulic proportional telescoping boom 16' retracted, 38' extended (horizontal reach).

High performance planetary winch rated at 10,000 lb Bare drum single line pull. 280' of 9116" diameter rotation resistant wire rope. Non-continuous 375o bV means of planetary qear, hydraulic drive unit. Hydraulic "A" frame out and down with a span of 19' extended, mounted at the rear of the trailer.

Crane Capacities

Crane capacities mav vary accordinq to loads and or boom attachments.


38,000 tb



23,000 Ib

10' radius

19,350 lb

16' radius

13,000 tb


7,600 lb


5,050 lb


A2.5625'side door loading stripper packer rated 10,000 psiworking pressure for HrS service is installed on to the injector head. This double acting, hydraulic pressure activated unit, sized for 1.25" tubing, is vented to prevent well fluids from contaminating the hydraulic fluids. The stripper packer is built with an anti-buckling guide and a removable split retainer.




Chapter 1

O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.


The unit's solid block BOP's are rated at 10,000 psi working pressure and 15,000 psi test pres- sure for HrS service. They are equipped with a pipe ram, a slip ram, a shear ram and a blind ram to suit the relevant tubing, and with standard ram equalization lines and an external indicator at all ram positions. The BOP is hydraulically operated by a valve bank with back-up power from a pressurized nitrogen accumulator. Allthe BOP's hydraulics are internal (no external hose as- semblies). Sized for 1.25" tubing, the BOP also has manual retract bonnets for ram change. There is a lift arrangement for lifting the BOP separately.



This is a two-section hose reel hydraulically powered through a chain-drive, speed-reducing arrangement with locally operated direction and speed control valves. lt is used to feed and retract the two injector power hoses and is equipped with high-pressure hydraulic hose swivels and quick disconnect couplings. One set of 125' (40 m) long injector drive hoses with quick

coupler assemblies rated at 5,000 psi.

Control Hose and Reels

BOfl injector, and stripper/packer control hoses are installed on figure eight racks.

The following hose assemblies are supplied on figure eight racks. Each assembly is equipped with quick coupler assemblies:





one setof125'(a0 m) injector control hoses.

One set of 125' (40 m) stripper/packer control hoses.

Four sets of 125' (40 m) BOP actuator hoses, one for each BOP ram assembly.

One set of 125' (40 m) injector load cell and wellhead pressure signal hoses.

Control hose assemblies are coated with Cordura type covering.

Stripper/packer control, injector load cell, and wellhead pressure hoses are installed in the same hose bundle with the injector control hose bundle.


2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.

Chapter 2

(t t





Check all operating fluids, such as engine oil, engine coolant, etc.


Grease all bearings and drivelines.


Check all connections. Make sure allfittings are tight, and that all hoses are connected properly. lf any leaks are found, repair immediately.



$ffi$'% M.



!!ffiffi:, iH'*ffi

Before using this equipment, any operator should carefully read the

operation instructions in this section, reviewthe safety summary and

conduct a preoperation safety inspection of the equipment.

lf the operator has ANY QUESTIONS about the safe use or mainte-




lnspection is important for the coiled tubing unit (CTU) hydraulic system prior to engaging the

hydraulics. lt cannot be guaranteed that the system will be in the same condition as it was prior

to transit.

1. Check to ensure that all of the hydraulic hoses to the injector head are connected. Use the hose/connector tag number for positive identification and reconnect if necessary. Visually inspect unit for hoses that may be leaking.

2. Use the hydraulic reservoir tank drain valve to remove water from the tank. lt

should be drained into a container untila clear moisture and solid contaminant-

free flow is.obtained.

Drain the accumulator bottle before checking the high mark on the reservoir. Do Not fill reservoir to the high mark with the accumulator bottle charged.

4. Check that the lube oil tank for injector head is filled with 30W crankcase oil. This tank is located at the bottom Ieft on the motor side of the injector

5. Check that the lube oil tank for tubing packing box is filled with a 5:1 diesel/oil mixture. The lube oil reservoir is located nearthe tubing reel,

Check the gearbox oil levelon the injector head. The oil level is checked by removing a plug on the upper-left side of the gearbox. After removing the plug, oil

Chapter 2


@ 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.

To check the oil level, open the oil plug on the upper-right hand side of the gear case. After removing the plug, oil should be present at the bottom of the plug hole. lf the oil level is below the hole, replace the plug and add 80-90W gear oil through the fill connection on top of the injector head enclosure.

8. Ensure BOP accumulator dump valve is in the closed position. The accumulator

should be precharged with dry nitrogen.

9. Change the flange on top of the wellhead to match the union box on the CTU BOP.


Engaging Hydraulics The following procedures are the recommended actions which should be

completed after the unit is spotted and prior to rigging the BOP and injector. These aetions will cause the hydraulic power system to come on-line.

1. On skid-mounted units, it is good practice to always connect the drain and return lines first during rig up and to disconnect last during rig down.

2. Connect the pneumatic hoses stored on the Cabin Skid to the appropriate connec- tions on the other skids.

3. Connect the hydraulic hoses stored on the Power Skid to the connections on the injector head and the CTU reel.

4. Check that the hydraulic reservoir tank fluid level is near the high level mark on the sight gauge. Fill with hydraulic fluid if necessary.

5. Check the hydraulic reservoir tank temperature at the thermometer mounted at the base of the sight gauge. A fin-fan cooler will maintain the hydraulic fluid temperature below 180'F (82.2'C) during normal operations.

NOTE: Under some conditions, a thermostatically controlled immersion

heater is mounted in the hydraulic reservoir to keep the hydraulic fluid free-flowing. This is an option and used primarily in arctic conditions.

6. Check the hydraulic filter bypass indicators on the low- and high-pressure filters. lf the

indicator is in the green, the filters are good. lf the indicator is in the red, the filters

require replacement. lf the filters are clogged, the hydraulic fluid is automatically bypassed around the filter.

7. Check the hydraulic filter bypass indicators on the injector filter. lf the indicator is in the green, the filter is good. lf the indicator is in the red, the filter requires replace-

ment. lf the filter is clogged, the hydraulic fluid is automatically bypassed around the

filter. To change the filter, the hydraulic system must be secured.


O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.

Chapter 2


Walk around the CTU inspecting all hydraulic hoses, connections, headers, filters, and any equipment for evidence of leaks. Correct any problems before proceeding.

A high-pressure hand pump in the control cabin provides backup power to the BOP rams, the stripper/packer, the injector chain traction system, and the injector chain tension system.


A high-pressure accumulator system with a volume capacity of 11 gal (41.6 L) is supplied and

installed to provide a backup hydraulic pressure to the hand pump system. This accumulator system is charged to 3000 psi. The accumulator is charged with dry nitrogen gasto 1500 psi and will reflect system pressure.


All hydraulic oil circuits include suction line filters with stainless steet, 100-mesh elements to

I \

remove particles. Elements are removable for inspection and cleaning. Filtration

of returning oil

flows from injector and reel circuits immediately prior to entering main hydraulic tank are carried out with the required filter assemblies. Filter size is not less than 10 microns. Filters are spin-on types. High-pressure filters are installed to protect injector motors and injector pump. All filters are fitted with a self-activating bypass valve and an indicator to show the relative state of fouling of the element.


The unit is fully operationalfrom the control panel via mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic con- trols. For better visibility, the control cabin can be raised.













f .-**


CICI080 ."


_ - *,1_t.
















Figure 2.1, Control Panel













H gD









Chapter 2

@ 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.

NOTE: The following sections describe the control panel by functional part. Panels shown are typical. Others are similar. For your particular control panel assembly layout, consult the drawings chapter, Control Panel, and Control Console drawings.

Figure 2.2, Engine Controls

Enqine Gauqes and lndicators (Refer to Figure 2.2)

1. Stop Engine Warning Light - lndicates that there is a serious fault in the engine and that the engine should be stopped immediately.

2. Check Engine Warning Light - lndicates that a maintenance or fault condition exists in the engine.

3. Fuel Level Gauge - Measures and displays the fuel level in the truck's fuel tanks.

O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.

Chapter 2






d oN ,/





Figure 2.3. Accessory Controls

Accessorv Gontrols (Refer to Figure 2.3)

-r r-lr:ll


1. Wiper Switch -Activates the controlcabin windshield wipers.

2. Horn Button - Sounds horn.

3. Hydraulic Temperature Gauge - Measures and displays the unit's hydraulic tempera-


4. Control Panel On/Off Switch - Activates the CTU control panel.

5. Work Lights On/Off Switch - Turns the exterior lights on and off.

6. Cabin Lights On/Off Switch - Turns the interior lights on and off.




Chapter 2

BOP Gontrols (Refer to Figure 2.4)

O 2005 Stewart & Stevenson Services, lnc.

1. Blind Ram Lever - Blind Ram control. Normally in the OPEN position. When closed, completely seals off the through bore. Gannot be closed with tubing or wireline in

this section of the BOP.

2. Gutter Ram Lever - Cutter Ram control. Normally in the OPEN position. When closed, cuts the tubing. Cutter blades should be inspected after each use.

3. Slip Ram Lever - Slip Ram control. Normally in the OPEN position. When closed,

rams grip tubing and prevent vertical movement.

4. Tube/Pipe Lever - Tubing and Pipe Ram control. Normally in the OPEN position.

When closed, rams form pressure seal around the annulus of the tubing.

5. Hand Pump OnlOff Switch - Used to actuate the 3000 psi hand pump on and off.

6. Push To Activate Button - Used to activate the hand pump to operate the BOP.