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Online Casebook

Anderson, Monica & Jiang, Jingjing. “Teens, Social Media, and Technology 2018.” Pew

Research Center. 31 May 2018,


This article is by Monica Anderson and Jingjing Jiang, and it is almost entirely statistics.

I think the purpose of this article was to inform young people and parents of young

people how present social media is now, and how it can affect people. The writers seem

credible because they are just displaying and talking about numbers from a good


Cain, Jeff. “It's Time to Confront Student Mental Health Issues Associated with

Smartphones and Social Media.” American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education,

vol. 82 issue 7, Sept 2018, pp. 738-41. EBSCOHost,




This article was written by Jeff Cain and I believe it was written to inform teens and

parents about the dangers of social media and other online platforms. Cain seems

qualified because he is a professor at Kentucky but I do not know how much knowledge

he has on this topic. It does not seem biased though.

Ferguson, C.J. “Social Media, Societal Changes, and Mental Health: You Can Live Online

Wholesale.” In Encyclopedia of Mental Health Edition: Second Edition, Elsevier Inc.,

2016, pp. 179–183. EBSCOHost.




This article does a really good job in categorizing the separate problems of social media

and mental health. C.J. Ferguson uses a ton of references here so it seems like he really

did his work and the article seems valid. I think he wrote it for the same people as the


Guinta, Maggie. “Social Media and Adolescent Health.” Pediatric Nursing, vol. 44, no. 4,

Aug 2018, pp. 196-201. EBSCOHost,




Hurley, Katie. “ Social Media and Teens: How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers’ Mental

Health.” PSYCOM, PSYCOM, 7 March 2019,


Mir, Elina & Novas, Caroline. “Social Media and Adolescents’ and Young Adults’ Mental

Health.” National Center for Health Research. 2018.


Walton, Alice. “New Studies Show Just How Bad Social Media is for Mental Health.”

Forbes, Forbes, 16 Nov 2018,